LilySilk Review: Should You Try This Affordable Luxury?

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Do you need environmentally friendly and high-quality fashion clothing online? You might have the right choice here. LilySilk is likely to offer what you need to keep reading our genuine review and find out everything you need to know about the fashion brand.

Development is not all about technology but also covers all spheres of life. With the latest advancements, many people online are impressed with new clothing, fashion, lifestyles, and many more things. However, we have spotted a growing demand where most consumers are looking for practical, high-quality, and environmental friends brands. Such products are not only eco-friendly but also unstainable, especially when it comes to clothing.

Among the polluters worldwide, fashion comes number 2, which produces 10% of the carbon emitted to the environment. Many producers are struggling to change the world by investing in sustainable products, which goes in hand with clothing. In our article today, we will be reviewing one of the reputable companies that guarantee you sustainable and eco-friendly clothing.

They have worked hard to ensure a small change on the proven solution to sustain our planet in terms of clothing. However, as they claim, are they a great option? We also asked, and you called to find out from this article.

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LilySilk Review

LilySilk is a company dedicated to offering not just lifestyle brands but also the direct to consumer fashion brands made from sustainable and natural materials. the company provides a massive collection of products for all genders and ages, which ranges from accessories and beddings to sleepwear. The company was founded in 2010 by the french silk industry veteran Lily Lin. Lily had a tough time after gauging how firsthand silk retailers exploited workers to create the wares.

After a long time of observation, Lily resolved to come up with a solution for producing ethically made and high-quality brands which only cost cheaply among the customers. Though the country is based in china, it's worldwide headquarter is in Nanjing, and they are fighting to reduce the high pollution of the fast fashion model manufacturing. They are now encouraged to use the free and water-efficient mulberry plant as the source material.

The brand is certified to be clean and free of toxins through a reputable body; OEKO-TEX. Because of its solid online reputation, the LilySilk brand has received a massive of over 251k Instagram followers. It has been in business for a long time. It is consistently growing to become a genuine brand globally, with multiple offices around the world and shipping centers located in the US, Asia, and Europe.

Though there is no clear information concerning how they make the brands, t=by they generalize the process by stating the use of skilled silk workers coupled with local charity from China. Ranging from dresses to t-shirts, sweaters, and skirts, the company also provides fashion brands with beautifully crafted and high-quality apparel for any use. In this review, we will cover everything with a general overview of all the products. If you are impressed, then this is the time we now want to start weaving into fine details. Let us begin with some of this brand's notable cons and pros.

LilySilk Pros:

LilySilk Cons:

Why We Like LilySilk

Customer Review

LilySilk brand has excellent reviews online. When you look at the best-selling products of this brand, you will realize that most people love the products and would recommend them to any person wishing to buy them. When you go to the official website, you can see that the website sources most of the reviews from Trustpilot. there are plenty ogf customer feedback opn trustpilot. This is one of the trusted sites when it comes to genuine reviews.

Counting from numbers, 77% of the 14032 reviews gave it 5 stars. Generally, the brand has a rating of 4.2 stars which is excellent. And from the reviews, even hostile, the customer services have responded to them, indicating that they are active and working on their downside 24/7. The review on Trustpilot is based on the bedroom furniture store.

Most fore reviews are based on the aspects like quality, shipping, color, packaging, items, services, and customer care. One of the clients complements the 24/7 customer support stating, " Thank you for your prompt reply and quick decision to settle my concern, Connie." Still, another verified customer sums up everything in one sentence making it clear what the brand offers to the customers "Quick delivery. The quality of the product is exceptional. That's exactly what I wanted. I needed the envelope to open."  

You can notice that most of the clients are proud of the high quality, great customer care support, and excellent delivery. Generally, Trustpilot has impressive customer reviews, with only 8% giving it 1 star, which can't dictate the overall consideration of the brand. You can even go deeper into the specific product and find out that the 22-momme seamless silk Duvet cover has a perfect score from over 80 reviews.

Most buyers are impressed with the incredible comfort and confirm that the products deserve value for the money. That aside, you can also take a closer look at the V Neck LilySilk silk camisole has an excellent score on the official website. The other site where LilySilk has received multiple customer reviews is amazon, with an overall rating of 4.4 stars, and 68% of the customers gave it 5 stars after 1227 reviews, indicating a tremendous global review.

Next is Sitejabber, and out of 111 reviews, the brand has an excellent rating and 3.2 stars, which means most of the clients are satisfied with the services based on value, shipping, quality, and return policy aspects. One of the clients complements the brand 'I am totally spoiled by this silk sheet. These are extremely soft and cozy, and they feel wonderful against your skin. I adore these sheets and bought a second set to use while the first was washed.

I'm not going back to my 400 thread count cotton sheets anytime soon. 'I'm madly in love with these sheets.' Generally, the brand has excellent customer reviews on significant sites, including Honest Brand Reviews, clothed up, insider, Amazon, and the Strategist, which ranks the LilySilk pillow case so high.

Where to Buy LilySilk

other than the official LilySilk website on the ales section, there are other online stores where you can buy the LilySilk brands. among the major stores with a wide selection of products are as listed below:-

Is LilySilk Worth It?

Based on various customer reviews and the quality of the products LilySilk offers, you can tell something special about the brand. From the reviews, the brand does not lose professionalism. For instance, they respond to every feedback on Trustpilot and attend to the needs as soon as the staff connects with the customer within 24 hours. Though the brand has simple clothing and apparel products, they are not just gorgeous but also of high quality.

Most of the customers online have complemented the luxurious feeling the silk gives them, which we can attest to from different products. Again, the pricing point of the company is exceptionally reasonable when you compare it with the quality of the product on the market. To sum up, the company manufactures its products from natural materials hence sustainable and environmentally friendly yet lasting longer than other clothing apparel in the stores.

Coupling the above facts with the free shipping on orders above $50 and 60 days return policy which guarantees frequent sales, we can confidently conclude that the LilySilk brand is worth it all, and you can repeat it.

LilySilk Discounts

Besides the affordable pricing, the brand still allows customers to save through multiple discounts. First, on the next purchase, they offer 10% off as long as you have signed up for the text alerts from the website. They also have a referred friend on the site where they guarantee you and your friend $20 off on the next order you make. This is advantageous and a win-win for both.

The most significant discounts lie in the reward program offered by the company, where customers earn points which can accumulate to get a discount on the order. That is, when you reach 500 points, you are guaranteed $5. you can access such discounts when you sign up for the account and then unlock the perk, which also increases to a different level as time goes to the higher tiers based on the annual expenses on the site.

The level on this discount group ranges from the Green. When you spend 0 to $299 annually, you receive 800 points for the birthday bonus, access to early sales, and points. It upgrades to silver then gold to have exclusive advantages like free shipping on all the orders, special purchases, and improved point calculations. Again, you can keep checking the site. They might offer the coupon code anytime, which in most cases comes often. Enjoy multiple discounts for the next purchase on LilySilk products.

LilySilk Contact

you might be having a question and wondering where to start or how you can contact the LilySilk company. Well, they offer different methods to contact the customer support staff. Based on the live chat on their website, they also have a phone number to call them directly through +1909-861-1680. That is not all. They also have email addresses and still guarantee a response within 24 hours at For the above phone and chat support, the staff are available from Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm PST.


Q. Where are LilySilk products made from?

All the LilySilk brands and apparel are manufactured in china based on the research and the above article. And they proceed to specify that the products are made using the Mullberry tree materials, which are sustainable. However, the headquarter is in Nanjing but has stores distributed across Asia, the US, and Europe for shipping.

Q. What does MM or Momme stand for when you refer to silk?

Mm or memme, in this case, means the density. So, the higher the MM quantity, the denser the fabric products.

Q. What size does LilySilk have on the market?

The brand offers a wide range of sizes. However, considering the men's and women's products or clothing ranges from XXS to XXL. But about the bedding, you can select from the twin to the California king size.

Q. Does LilySilk have a physical store?

Based on the online information, the brand does not have a physical store. Instead, they have multiple online platforms. But still, they ship across the world with a favorable and efficient return policy.

Q. Is LilySilk priced competitively for the silk?

In short, the answer is yes, but the price of pillowcases is somehow competitive while the products have a high value. But the rest of the products are priced based on market demand. They have cheaper products on the market, all of which guarantee sustainability and high quality.


lilySilk company is a brand offering clothing products and accessories around the world. The products are affordable but still sustainable and environmentally friendly. Based on the customer reviews and quality of the products, the brand is worth trying. It has multiple compliments from different sites online due to its advanced fabric innovation skills. It is one click away to place an order today.

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