Top 10 Largest Companies in the World of 2023

Ronald M. Bieber

Many around the world are fascinated by rich and successful companies. And rightly so, the prestige of power and longevity in business is very much respected.

There may be some surprises about the largest and richest companies. For example, it was a company from Saudi Arabia that had a bigger presence on the list of top 10 largest and richest companies in the world.

What makes a company the richest or biggest? There are some companies that will surprise you for being either the largest or richest in the world.

Many may assume Apple is the biggest and richest or perhaps Walmart in the USA? Or has Microsoft or Google been able to grow bigger and become richer.  Or better yet if Tesla is the leader all around.

Some surprises show up for the biggest and richest companies. For instance, you have representation from countries like Saudi Arabia and China. Why? Because Saudi Arabia and its government controlled oil and gas entity called Aramco is in essence the third largest company in the world.

In general, some of the biggest companies like Apple are diverse, well funded and strong. Also, some companies were working and investing with design, manufacture, and smartphones. But, some companies even just go forward with one product like personal computer sales, tablets, accessories, and related services.

In conclusion, what is being measured is the size and net profits. In the past, Apple was at one time the world’s largest company in 2022. Today, in terms of the top 10, the top five were some of the world’s most recognizable and biggest companies like Saudi Aramco, Microsoft, Google’s parent company Alphabet, and Amazon.

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1. Apple, Inc.

Apple Inc. was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and a variety of innovators and funders like Steve Wozniak. The aim of the technology company has been big and successful for years because of innovation.

Apple is one of the few world’s only $3 trillion plus companies.  Apple has had a lot of recent success due to shares increasing for the iPhone. All in all, Apple sells consumer electronics like smartphones, tablets, and computers. So, they are making money in various facets of the tech, communications, and electronics industry.

Apple is and has been one of the richest and biggest  companies in the world because of everything it does. For instance, Apple also has released things on their  platform for music, film, and more. Apple even has portals that are profitable through internet sales and developmental application software.

Apple is unquestionably a tech giant  and innovator. Apple started with iPhones and Mac laptops and now builds various products like iPod tablets, Smartwatches, and various accessories.

Eventually, it was Apple that broke a record. Apple became one of the initial publicly traded companies in the world to create and garner a 2 Trillion market cap share in 2020.

2. Aramco:

Aramco is a massive company. Also, Aramco is one of the richest companies in the world as well. It hits on both sides as a powerful company. Even if Saudi Arabia has just 1 top 100 company, Aramco is still the third-largest share of the top 100’s total market cap value in total.

In past statistics of profit and riches, Saudi Aramco has netted an amount of $2.332 Trillion market as of data from 2022.

It is currently the world’s most valuable company based on market capitalization. This Saudi Arabian national petroleum or gas company operates globally as the second-largest proven crude oil company with 270 billion barrel reserves.

In recent years, Saudi Aramco, government-owned, was not on the top of the list. Even if they are also considered one of the largest corporations having around 70,000 employees in its headquarters, it was the first $2 trillion company globally. Also, it is ranking first in the list at present.

Aramco would be considered perhaps the biggest oil producer in the world.  Aramco  overall has subsidiaries in these countries like the United States, United Arab Emirates, China, Japan, Russia, and many more. Aramco provides a lot in terms of services. As well, Aramco is a strong and beneficial support to Saudi Arabia because of its gas and natural resources. Lastly,  Aramco also boosts and persists in being the economy leader because its government owns 98.5% of the stocks and market share.

3. JPMorgan Chase & Co.

JP Morgan  is a financial holding company that is big and rich overall. JPMorgan offers financial and investment banking services as its main function.  JPMorgan leads the way in investment banking and financial services. For instance, JPMorgan works with consumers and small business, commercial banking, financial transactions processing and asset management in general.

JPMorgan Chase has been a top performer as a larger and profitable company. All in all, JPMorgan has managed to  hold on as a leader and on to its spot as United State’s largest public company even some years. In summary, the large bank has been a top performing and historic company.

In general, JPMorgan is a leading global financial services firm. Assets in total are around  $2.6 trillion and operations worldwide in total. What separates JPMorgan is the rich history. Why? Their history stretched over  200 years.

In terms of performance, JPMorgan total stock return has soared a lot while it increases per share year after year. JPMorgan has even outpaced and managed to hold around 52% of the total return of the S&P 500 in some periods.

4. China Construction Bank Corp.

China has a lot of big banks and this bank is by far the most impressive in size and assets. This bank is involved with a wide range of financial services that feature corporate and personal customers. China Construction Bank corporation was founded and established in 1954. The bank is headquartered in Beijing, China.

All in all, is one of the "big four" banks in China with a market Value of $181 billion

As well, China Construction Bank has sales of $202 billion and profits of over 5 trillion.

In 2015, this bank was the second largest bank in the world in terms of market capitalization.

This Chinese bank operates in the following markets. For example, it works within corporate banking, personal banking, and treasury.

This type of Banking function offers an array of financial products and services to corporations. Moreover, it includes government agencies and financial institutions.

A lot of wealth and increasing assets is that this bank offers corporate loans, trade financing, and deposits. One of the biggest things for growth for this bank is wealth management services.

5. Microsoft

In terms of size and profits, Microsoft is a winner. This corporation is an American multinational technology company that was founded in 1975. The company has grown since the initial early days with Bill Gates.

Today, Microsoft excels in selling a wide range of consumer and enterprise software. As well, it includes hardware, services, and consumer electronics.

At one point in time, Microsoft surpassed and was growing beyond Apple. Microsoft has been one of the world's richest and biggest companies. Because it is a valuable publicly traded company, which yields a lot of interest.

Microsoft had a market share and value reached $2.49 trillion going head to head with Apple. In summary, since Microsoft’s has developed itself across various technologies, it has thrived. Microsoft is a one of a kind company that innovates and emphasizes the core aspects of growth and diversification. It works within security, access management, computers, software, email, and even into cloud security.

6. Google (Alphabet Company)

In today’s market, Google is a well known power player in tech. If we look closer, Google's parent company Alphabet is the true market leader for being one of the largest and richest companies. Alphabet, which Google is part of,  has a market capitalization larger than Apple's.  All in all, Google is clearly the most valuable company in the world. The net worth of the company is nearly $520 billion in USD.

Alphabet and its big well known company, Google, has a $1.455 Trillion Market cap. This is massive. In general, Alphabet ranked 4th as the most valuable company globally, so it performs well overall in comparison to every company yearly.

Historically, Alphabet is an American multinational company founded only in 1998. In the beginning, Google's success  can be attributed to its founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The innovation was very clear from the start. Google when it started and developed and grew by the late 1990s took a young internet and changed everything. The world wide web of the 1990s was soon to be dominated by ranking search results according to their popularity as designed by Google.

Google grows without a doubt despite challenges in the tech industry. Today, Google has 135,000 employees. In terms of the future, Google is leading in the search engine segment, and it dominates in tech and web services.

7. Amazon, Inc or Incorporated works within the industries of online retail shopping services overall. Amazon by far is the biggest and most successful e-commerce marketplaces in the world.

Amazon has become one of the biggest and richest companies in the world because it is "The Everything Store." How? Because you can buy nearly anything you can think or want on Amazon. Amazon is a big money maker to clearly become one of the largest companies in the world because of the vast product selection. A huge plus for this company is that Amazon is a customer-centric business model.

The rise of Amazon recently has been immense. Amazon has innovated and given this company great financial results. It was only in 2018, Amazon had become the world's second public company ever to be valued in total at $1 trillion. This is a great landmark for any company.

As it stands, Apple has the third highest in total market valuation in the United States. It only ranks behind Apple and Microsoft. Clearly, Amazon does well. Because Amazon is an online giant with great reach. Moreover,  its revenue in total and sales at one point reached $386 billion. The rise of Amazon is indeed big as the net profit had doubled to nearly $21 billion.

In summary, Amazon represents 49% of the American e-commerce market and it grows larger every year.  Lastly, business growth for Amazon is driven by a platform where entrepreneurs can make a lot of money selling products online.

8. Agricultural Bank of China

This Chinese giant is a bank that is more related to services and international finance. Agricultural bank works within the provision or affairs of international commercial banking. Agricultural Bank of China works as well within financial services.

Agricultural Bank of China has a function to offer banking services. This bank generates a total revenue of 657.96 billion yuan or about $100.24 billion in total. This bank would be considered one of China's four big State owned lenders.

This bank has seen its revenue and growth get bigger and bigger.  The net profit for this bank is a big deal why it is in this list for the largest and richest companies. According to bank reports, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has given this bank a lot of support. MOreover, the overall worth of the bank has come from deposits, loans,currency trading, bank guarantees, and other services. In general, Agricultural Bank of China offers services to various lenders, enterprises, and other clients overall.

In summary, the profits of the Agricultural Bank of China have grown solidly. For example, in being one of the richest and largest companies, this bank has grown rapidly from 2012 to 2022. In 2022, the Agricultural Bank of China had generated a total profit of around 259 billion yuan.

9. Toyota Motor

Japan has an addition of being one of the largest and richest companies in the world. Toyota Motor Corporation in general offers a lot in the automotive industry.

Toyota has become one of the richest companies because of what it offers as a company. All in all, Toyota is operating and running the gamut from Automotive, Financial Services, and more. For Toyota, the Automotive part of this company is very profitable and wide ranging. Why? Because Toyota designs, manufactures, assembles and sells passenger cars and various autos. You are able to get minivans, trucks, and various vehicle parts as well as accessories, which have made Toyota very rich and large.

In general, in terms of profits, the revenue for Toyota has reached $281.7 billion. In total assets, Toyota has raked in about $552.5 billion, and profits of $28.2 billion. The power of Toyota is built on its reputation and overall power as being a reliable and sturdy car manufacturer.

In general, Toyota is the world’s largest car company. This is unparalleled and moreover Toyota continues to thrive. In general, Toyota has grossed $245 billion in revenue for the fiscal year 2021 and more in 2022. Toyota Motor Corp.  generates revenue through three primary operations: automotive, financial services, and other business, including the manufacturing of non-automotive machines and various other activities.

In conclusion, Toyota manages to retain and stay as one of the richest and largest companies in the world for various reasons. Toyota excels in being the manufacturing leader and seller of motor vehicles and parts.

10. Bank of America

Bank of America Corp. is an American bank and financial holding company. The roots of Bank of America and its history dates to 1904. Today it is one of the biggest banks in the USA. In its infancy, Bank of America and its founder Amadeo Peter Giannini had initially opened the Bank of Italy in San Francisco.

By some time, Bank of America changed to become more part of the USA and not Italy in Europe.  Also, of note, Bank of America developed the first bank credit card, which is called the BankAmeriCard, in 1958. This bank has been a staple in many regions especially in California so growth is a given and as well profitability.

As of the last several years, there are three banks in the USA that stand the test of time for being the richest and largest companies or banks. In 2022, J.P. Morgan Chase was the bank leader, but Bank of America was close in profits and size. In terms of being the commercial bank with the highest revenue in the United States, Bank of America came close.  Bank of America along with Wells Fargo are growing.

Bank of America is a driver and force for residential banking and as well business.  In total, expected overall strong growth and profitability is expected year to year. Bank of America like Wells Fargo and JP Morgan are drivers in personal and commercial banking. Bank of America is one of the largest banks in terms of total assets in the United States as of last year.

Bank of America which works within the provision and area of banking and nonbank financial services overall. This bank continues to grow as one of the richest and largest companies in the world.

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