20 Best Data Analytics Companies in World (2023)

Justin Shin

Are you an enterprise looking for Data Analytics Companies to help you gather the necessary data you need for your business? Below are the top 20 Data Analytics Companies you can trust to help with that.

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Overview of Best Data Analytics Companies

Best 20 Data Analytics Companies

Here's a comparison table of the 20 Analytics Companies based on their unique offerings and countries:

No. Analytics Company Unique Offerings Country
1 Accenture Analytics Overall best data analytics company due to comprehensive services, global presence, and expertise. Global (Ireland)
2 ITechArt Best for tech-based data analytics, specializing in custom software development and data engineering. Belarus
3 DataToBiz Best for precise decision-making support, helping companies make data-driven decisions. India
4 SAP Best for cloud-based data analytics services and solutions, focusing on ERP software. Germany
5 Absolut Data Best for AI analytic services, providing advanced analytics and AI-driven solutions. USA
6 Dataforest Best for multipurpose companies, offering data analytics, data engineering, and data science. Ukraine
7 NEX Softsys Best for IoT integration, providing analytics services for connected devices and IoT data. India
8 Capgemini Best for business reinvention strategies, helping companies transform their operations. France
9 Tableau Best for general workspaces, providing easy-to-use data visualization and analytics tools. USA
10 Sisence Best with simplified interface, making it easy for users to analyze and visualize data. USA
11 LightIT Global Best for small and medium businesses, offering custom data analytics solutions at an affordable cost. Ukraine
12 Deloitte Best multinational data analytics company, providing a wide range of services across industries. Global (USA)
13 LatentView Analytics Best with predictive analytics solutions, helping businesses forecast future trends. USA
14 Teradata Best multi-cloud-based data analytics company, offering flexible and scalable solutions. USA
15 Oracle Best with machine learning software integrated into their data analytics tools. USA
16 Rudder Analytics Best for building business domain expertise through data-driven insights. India
17 MU Sigma Best with zero AI, focusing on traditional data analytics methods. USA (India)
18 Cognizant Best for modernizing data platforms, helping businesses leverage data more effectively. USA
19 Clustox Best for enterprise solutions, providing custom data analytics services tailored to large organizations. Pakistan
20 Sigma Data Systems Best for advanced data service, including data analytics, data science, and data engineering. India

Data Analytics is the next big deal and a crucial reality for business. Information is the life-wire of any organization. So, most companies collect data all frequently. And these data are often in their raw form. However, to get this right and make it a productive tool in your business setup calls for the collection and organizing of these raw data appropriately.

This is where Data Analytics comes in. Data Analytics is the process of analyzing raw data and extracting them to form meaningful information that will be of use to your business advantage. This in turn will boost your foresight as a company to make a good and informed decision. Knowing they data analytics companies interpret data; therefore, they serve as the business intelligence that solves the problems of every company.

Data Analytics usually answers the question of where you are as a business, where you have been, and where you should go. These questions are integral to be put in place rightly for any commercial organization that wants to succeed. Now, how does one go about this Data Analytics will be what’s next on your mind. In this article, we will outline and describe some of the top companies offering Data Analytics services.

1. Accenture Analytics — Overall Best Data Analytics Company

Coming first in line is Accenture Analytics. This data analytic company is one of the Fortune 500 companies globally rated. When it comes to its capability of helping you and your organization with the data you need, you are assured of the best result. Their credibility has been a mind-blowing haven and has been in existence for over 15 years now. In comparison to other companies on the list, they have successfully pulled through over 270 projects and still counting.

The company is one of the largest among many. And has spread its wing across more than 120 countries. Accenture keeps up to advance technology and evolves as the world of tech grows. Hence, they are the best leading Data Analytics with machine learning and AI, which enable easy and fast data collection and organization to assist your business.

2. iTechArt — Best Data Analytics Company for Tech-Based Data

Just like Accenture, iTechArt has become one resounding Data Analytics that has been helping businesses meet their goals for more than 15 years. They primarily focus on the analyzing and structuring of Tech-based data for tech-based businesses. Irrespective of what your business communicates, they are sure to build on the little you can offer to toss you far.

They have set up a solid team of engineers that will see to it that they shape your company to have the desired information to aid smart decision-making. If your company seeks anything tech, iTechArt is the best pick, as their company expertise revolves around all things tech. Be it software development data, web development, mobile development, blockchain, cloud service, startup tech, AI, and IoT, to mention a few; this company is up to the task.

3. DataToBiz — Best Data Analytics Company for Precise Decision Making

This company offers both predictive and descriptive analytics. As such, it is cost-effective, gives precise info, minimizes risk, and boosts business ROI. The unique value of DataToBiz is that it has versatile attributions. Thus, it caters to both small, medium, and large enterprises. Also, its preciseness and suitability when it comes to analyzing and organizing data make several businesses want to have a taste of its services.

Additionally, since, DataToBiz is a company that offers predictive data analytics, you can easily make decisions and set future goals for your organization. Companies like eCommerce, Tech, and Health amongst others have outsourced their data troubles to this company. Hence, why it is multipurpose compared to iTechArt. The services DataToBiz renders constitute both consultation and implementation. This in turn has made them set up an experienced team with great functionality.

4. SAP — Best Data Analytics Company for Cloud-Based Data

SAP is another Data Analytics company that is top-ranked. With the increase in new business creation, data analytics has become an asset many businesses need to upscale. However, companies like SAP highly prioritize outsourcing this job.  They are known to foster a business to its highest height. So long as you strive to thrive in the end, they will strive with you and even go the extra mile if that’s what it takes.

This company is best known for its cloud-based data analytics, among other services it provides. It has Datasphere, which is a new way to provide cloud data solutions to businesses across the world. If your business data needs to have anything to do with cloud migration, data, and cloud management, SAP is recommended.

5. Absolut Data — Best Data Analytics Company with AI Analytic Services

Absolut Data, unlike SAP, revolves majorly around artificial intelligence. With how the world of AI is growing fast, some companies are trying to keep up with this advancement. Absolute Data is one of these companies that use AI to analyze, organize and build data for business enterprises. This company's AI is powered by NAVIK, a well-known leading AI platform.

The data analytics experts help businesses and clients to identify, quantify, maximize, balance, and predict what, when, and how the business will grow in terms of future ROI and risk. With the data collected and analyzed correctly, making future decisions comes easy when you try to know which purchasing journey to abide by and which prospects to turn into customers. As a result, every dollar let out on marketing will be spent smartly to add up to the business and not otherwise.

6. Dataforest — Best Data Analytics Company for Multipurpose Companies

Dataforest mostly focuses its activities on the use of automation software. But what connects the dots here is that the data analytics company has well-experienced experts in data engineering that solves data issues regardless of your company’s need. The data often provided by this Dataforest company team has been carefully justified by the complexity the business might face and other challenges that will arise.

The customers' reviews send a good message as they are data-driven to help make the right decision and take the right steps. The company brings you value by extracting and organizing data that will help you in sales, inventory, process management, and more. Interestingly, they don’t focus on a precise company; diversity is key, which thus why they are multipurpose, like DataToBiz, in terms of the businesses they cater to.

7. NEX Softsys — Best Data Analytics Company for IoT Integration

NEX Softsys is yet another data analytics company that helps businesses reach their epic. They help strategically build on data collection to grow your business. This growth will aid your company in making a positive impacting decision within your company, enlighten your employees and even you as a person. What makes NEX Softsys different from others described so far is the ability to extract data that can integrate the Internet of Things (IoT).

The difference this make is that this data integrated with IoT is built up from several devices to enhance processes involved in running the business. The credibility of this data analytics company has been seen in big enterprises and startups, among others. Therefore, if you have been struggling with upscaling your business to upsurge your revenue, trying out NEX Softsys will be a good start.

8. Capgemini — Best Data Analytics Company for Business Reinvention Strategies

It’s not a new word to restate how data has become an enterprise asset. It is important in a business's growth, just like the fund you put in. The essentiality is not to be underestimated, as understanding the insight is very vital. As a company offering services of data analytics, what Capgemini does that set it aside from other data analytics companies is it helps reinvent your laydown or previous strategies to be more suitable and enterprising.

This in turn is carried out to double or even triple the existing ROI. Now, instead of you struggling with how to catch up on the distinct value of your company by setting up board meetings to address how to go about re-strategizing, simply outsource to Capgemini. They will help you reinvent based on the idea you desire to accelerate your business.

9. Tableau — Best Data Analytics Company for General Work Space

Tableau is one of the best data analytics companies in the world today. This is not just stated, but looking at previous and current inventions, they are growing as a company. What is amazing about choosing this company to handle anything that has to do with data is that it empowers your teams with real-time data to help connect with your prospective customers.

Also, unlike NEX Softsys, it is general, meaning it automates insights for everyone from anywhere. It helps people in business and other workspaces to understand how to use data to solve problems. However, because they are more data-driven, businesses of all sizes trust Tableau. Since they are analytics for everyone, they help integrate platforms, create ease in data utilization, and build an unraveled community that is united by data.

10. Sisence — Best Data Analytics Company with Simplified Interface

Sisence is a data analytics company built based on three data solutions. Compared to others, it is a single platform with room for customization. The three data analytics here are Sisense Fusion Embed, Sisense Infusion Apps, and Sisense Fusion Analytics. The data analyzes API and the actionable insights needed to infuse an app.

Customization can be by code or no code at all. What this tells you is that, you can connect, analyze, and explore with or without codes to detect powerful insights. Sisense is so simplified that the infusion of data is done in any form you desire. This makes the data analytics company more flexible and scalable. Hence, it aids modernized cloud solutions.

11. LightIT Global — Best Data Analytics Company for Small and Medium Businesses

This data analytics company has been in existence for over 14 years. As a software development company offering, their data analytics services focus on both small and medium businesses. This in turn, is the key strength. Data collected and analyzed can have several use cases like web development, IT consulting, Business analysis, and many more.

Unlike DataToBiz, that are using both descriptive and predictive data analytics, the data provided here are predictive. Meaning that it is future base. The data will be organized based on what the company will look like in the future, the business trends, and as well as market value. What you will come to like about Light IT is the capability of understanding customers' needs and building up data that will suit their behavioral patterns. This data can also be used for digital systems setup.

12. Deloitte — Best Multinational Data Analytics Company

Deloitte is one of the best data analytics companies of its kind. The data can be analyzed in either descriptive, prescriptive, or predictive. The way Deloitte function is by combining humans with machines. Leading businesses across the world outsource to them because of how they achieve their result swiftly. It has customers across the world, thus, why it is multinational. It offers AI to aid data transformation.

Its use cases have gone wide, and its presence is in more than 170 countries. Aside from being a data analytics company, it can as well offer technological management services, digital transformation, business strategy and growth, and more. Interestingly, all these activities get down on a goal, which is to enable an organization or business to create profound insights and effective decision-making.

13. LatentView Analytics — Best Data Analytics Company with Predictive Analytics Solutions

LatentView data analytics is a leading company with over 16 years of experience globally. This company helps businesses to be successful in their struggle with a competitive environment. How they tell their stories regarding what they offer is different. After knowing what the business wants, they try every possible best to equip your business team with the right tool.

Groom them with the right expertise and insights. With this, the improvement cuts across market initiatives and accelerates operational optimization. All these are done to enable them to have critical insight and recommendations. Also, it helps to get data-driven decision-making to boost business growth. This increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. In comparison with Deloitte, LatentView focuses on predictive data analytics.

14. Teradata — Best Multi-Cloud Based Data Analytics Company

Contrasting LatentView, which focuses on predictive data, is Teradata. This company offers both prescriptive and predictive data analytics and also high-level modeling. They are seen to be a critical insight into your business operations. Teradata as a company has several benefits to pull in customers and keep the processes moving. The major activities are cloud-based, like cloud analysis, cloud sharing, cloud deployment options, and other automotive data options.

Therefore, why this company is best for multi-cloud data situations. As a company, they have built a solid ground to be one of the best. You get the expert insight you need to choose the right cloud database management system. If your company is all cloud products, try Teradata, as they have been named the best data analytics leader for 20 years in a row. Isn’t this captivating?

15. Oracle — Best Data Analytics Company with Machine Learning Software

Oracle has been in existence for so long. So, it’s not a new name in this data industry. This AI company is mostly recognized for its contribution to the world of machine learning software. As such, when it comes to data analytics, it is as well a company that made it to the list. They have impressive team strength and render several IT services.

As a result, they are one of the largest data analytics companies worldwide. What sets Oracle as a data analytics company from others is the capability to have its data analytics software cater to any business need. What you will appreciate about their analytics software is that it uses machine learning to build data for several companies, organizations, or businesses, be it small-scale or large.

16. Rudder Analytics — Best Data Analytics Company for Building Business Domain

Are you looking for ways to collect data to build a business domain? Then you are in the right place. Rudder Analytics is a data analytics company best known for anything business at large. Be it industries, business intelligence, and as well domain. As described by the above heading, Rudder Analytics will help you extract and organize data of suiting value to build your business domain strength and improve your efficiency.

The data collected is also meant to foster your grounds on the major trends in whatever business you choose, should in case you want to advance it. There is something called data 360 in the Rudder Analytics platform, which makes sure the appropriate technical analysis and structure are met to utilize this data and bring out your company's fullest potential. Business intelligence tool is another advantage to help you lead, expertise, and thrive.

17. MU Sigma — Best Data Analytics Company with Zero AI

In the world of AI today, what is the most trending news is how artificial intelligence is built to work like humans. And because of this, many companies tend to inculcate the tool in their workspace. MU Sigma analytics is distinct from the others above. It makes humans the final and control system of their data. Even though any tool will be involved, the core priority is who allows its usage, thus why it is seen to work without AI.

The expertise of the team that makes up MU Sigma is to make sure the right decision is taken at the right time through the use of data analytics. They work with clients spans at all levels to support and accelerate the decision stack. Making the right decision that will affect your business positively is the goal here.

18. Cognizant — Best Data Analytics Company for Modernizing Data Platforms

Cognizant is an AI-driven company, just like Absolut Data. They are known to be a platform where data are being modernized. Every business has its ups and downs, and when you find yourself in a situation where the business you set up has so much downside which results in it affects your ROI. This is something to take a quick stand on because, in every business, performance is achieved with the power of data.

And this is something Cognizant is built for.  With their latest AI strength, they will modernize data for your company to aid actionable decisions that will result in good outcomes. Cognizant credibility was given recognition to be among the best data analytics companies in 2022.

19. Clustox — Best Data Analytics Company for Enterprise Solutions

Clustox is a data analytics company that deals with technologically oriented data. Be you a startup or an organization that has been in business for quite some time; your enterprise solutions are the priority. They design, develop, and deploy custom software for technological based enterprises that seek to have an improvement in their business.

Clustox as a company has received several awards for being top-rated in most of the services they render. Their country of location includes the US, UK, Canada, Pakistan, and Australia. Just as they are a big deal in helping the larger firm grow, so do they contribute to the success of smaller businesses. In terms of the services, they are diverse in different business lines and organizations. However, due to their team’s technological expertise, data is available to uplift each business.

20. Sigma Data Systems — Best Data Analytics Company for Advanced Data Service

Sigma Data Systems is one of many data analytics companies rendering several advanced data services. The data service they offer starts with digital analytics, which will allow you to analyze digital data from various sources like websites to be used for actionable business data. Advanced analytics is another data service rendered to help businesses make better decisions.

Data service is also used to examine complex data and build up excess reports from it to make a smart decision. There are many services involved when you let Sigma Data oversee your data problems. What you will come to appreciate with this company is that their business intelligence services will assist you in yielding east consultation, data visualization, and testing. Testing is truly a plus because, with it, you can understand the quality of data you have been provided.


Q. Which Industry Has the Most Demand for Data Analytics?

Since data has become a very valuable asset, many industries and businesses have a huge demand for it. In fact, what you should understand is that any company that wishes to grow widely needs data. If they don’t, they are as good as being deaf and dumb.

However, acquiring these data is where data analytics comes in. They help in extracting and organizing data you will need to manage your business both in present and future focus. The industry that has the most demand for data analytics include finance, healthcare, retail, eCommerce, automation, digital marketing, cyber security, cryptocurrency, and professional services, to mention a few.

Q. Is Coding Part of Data Analytics?

Coding is not a priority in data analytics. You can be a data analyst without having the knowledge or knowing how to code. But what you should keep in mind is that acquiring the skill is going to be a plus. Coding as a skill is something exhausting though very profitable.

And if as an individual who is into data analytics and you as well know how to code, companies will value you more than you just being a data analyst. So, do not limit yourself simply because coding is not a priority in data analytics. Be sure to learn and upscale your skills from 1 to 2 and even more.

Q. Which Business Industry Hires and Needs Data Analytics More?

The business industry that hires and needs data analytics more is the financial industry. Though other businesses need them as well, it is more resounding in finance. Others include business intelligence companies currently having the most-posted job for data analytics in US and UK companies like Amazon and Netflix.

These two companies use data largely. They use data analytics coupled with machine learning tools to build up data that will be predictive for them in current and future use. With this, more sales and smart decisions are taken with ease.


As more businesses are built daily, and those in the market evolve, there is a crucial need for data. however, gathering these data can be discouraging if you don’t know how to find your way around data extraction and organization. Hence, where data analytics comes in. In this article, we have come up with the top 20 data analytics companies that you can use to help boost the present state of your business. Go for anyone on the above list and experience the changes you have been struggling with as a company.

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