20 Best Data Center Companies 2023 (Features & Countries Compared)

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Looking for the best datacenter infrastructure for your business need? Choosing the best datacenter company will go a long way but this does not come easy. To help you out, we have assembled below some of the best data center companies in the world you can use.

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Overview of Best Data Center Companies

20 Best Data Center Companies

Data Center Company Features Locations Suitable for
Equinix Overall best data center company Global All types of businesses
Digital Realty Best alternative to Equinix Global All types of businesses
NTT Communications Company with disaster-resistant data centers Global Businesses with critical data
CyrusOne Data centers with long-term stability and strategic advantage at scale Global Large-scale businesses
KDDI/Telehouse Biggest data center company for recovery and security Global Businesses with critical data
China Telecom China's largest data center provider China All types of businesses in China
GDS Holdings A large-scale data center in China China All types of businesses in China
Cyxtera Technologies Data centers with extensible platforms, built with an API-first approach Global Tech-focused businesses
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Leading company in cloud computing Global Cloud-based businesses
Microsoft Azure Data centers with a focus on green energy Global Cloud-based businesses
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Data centers powered by renewable energy Global Cloud-based businesses
Alibaba Cloud Largest cloud service provider in China China All types of businesses in China
Oracle Cloud Good alternative to AWS Global Cloud-based businesses
IBM Cloud Company with data centers built for local access and low latency Global Businesses with critical data
Verizon World's largest communication corporation Global Large-scale businesses
Iron Mountain Great company to protect and store private business information Global Businesses with critical data
Flexential Company with great colocation hosting services US Small and medium-sized businesses
CoreSite Colocation data centers with great security US Large-scale businesses
Stream Data Centers Good data centers for Fortune 100 companies US Large-scale businesses
Quality Technology Services (QTS) Data Centers Company with secure and compliant infrastructure Global All types of businesses


In recent years, social media platforms, e-commerce websites, and many other websites have generated quintillions of bytes of data each day. By merely using these digital resources, these data have also been found to contribute to the online success of numerous businesses. Because of this, IT is witnessing a significant move toward data-centric architecture and hybrid IT as data becomes increasingly important to the business goal.

We can therefore conclude that, as of right now, no business can achieve greater success without the aid of data centers. The main reason for this is that not every operator in the computer data storage sector has the ability to build their own data centers. While large corporations can control their technology in order to get the best possible services, small and medium-sized businesses cannot.

For these businesses, the data centers have a lot to offer. In 2022, around 15 of the biggest colocation providers in the world had more than half of these 8,000 aggregated data repositories, with 33% of the data centers being in the US. So let's look at the list of some of the most significant data centers around the world that you should be aware of.

1. Equinix — Overall Best Data Center Companies

With 248 data centers spread across 27 countries and five continents, Equinix is a top global provider of colocation data centers. With its headquarters in Redwood City, California, in the United States, Equinix was founded in 1998. Equinix is currently the best and largest provider of data center colocation services worldwide. This company holds 13% of the market share overall.

Equinix runs network-dense data centers, with its facilities acting as significant hubs for connectivity and the Internet. Equinix's infrastructure is built with the highest standards of security and operational dependability to safeguard your data. Additionally, they give clients the chance to use their services for round-the-clock, on-site operational support for remote management, installation, and troubleshooting of the client's data center equipment. As a result, it still leads the sector.

2. Digital Realty — Best Alternative to Equinix

Digital Realty is the next provider of data centers on this list. It is also a California-based corporation that holds roughly 11% of the market share for the sector, just behind Equinix. This company has more than 300 physical data centers spread across more than 25 nations. One of the oldest companies in the colocation industry is Digital Realty.

It can lease a single, larger tenant a whole building, or a data hall along with some basic cooling and electricity infrastructure. To lessen their impact on the environment, they are also dedicated to promoting environmental efficiency through sustainable design. Also, to maximize energy utilization and give customers better performance. With a wide range of security technologies, systems, and best practices, Digital Realty satisfies the demanding security needs of more than 2300 public and private companies.

3. NTT Communications — Company with Disaster-resistant Data Centers.

NTT Communications is regarded as one of the biggest data center companies in the world. It was established in Tokyo, Japan, in 1999. It is actually the third-largest provider of data center colocation services globally, with a roughly 6% global market share. The corporation had well over 140 data centers as of 2017, with over 74 of them located in Japan alone.

They include disaster resistance among the various features that come with their data centers. In other words, they have data centers in locations with a low risk of natural disasters. The adaptability of NTT Communications' data center services is another outstanding feature. All aspects of business, including operations and equipment, are simply customizable. Additionally, they provide their clients with access to a low-latency, high-capacity network connecting the data centers.

4. CyrusOne — Data Centers with Long-term Stability and Strategic Advantage at Scale.

CyrusOne, which was founded in 2001, is still a global leader in the data center industry. After NTT Communications, it moves up to the fourth place with a 3% overall market share. They operate more than 50 data centers, mostly in major markets in Europe and America, and they are largely a wholesale data center operator.

Their data centers are created with long-term stability to partner with and support companies at scale. This organization has its data centers designed to offer maximum flexibility, regardless of the scale you as a business want. Businesses can have excellent colocation with robust connectivity from CyrusOne. However, CyrusOne is moving more quickly toward its goal of having a climate-neutral data center enterprise by 2030.

5. KDDI / Telehouse — Biggest data center company for recovery and security.

KDDI/Telehouse is a fantastic data center company that manages over 45 data centers with a combined floor area of over 560,000 square meters across more than 10 countries. In essence, the company is a combination of two businesses. KDDI, founded in Tokyo in 1984, and Telehouse, founded in London in 1988, respectively. This business accounts for 2% of the market, making it a significant player in the sector.

Four core services are provided in total by KDDI/Telehouse. First, are managed services that include onsite cabling services, system monitoring, and hardware upgrades. Second, are their colocation services, which include such things as building and operating on-site data centers, metered power solutions, and disaster recovery. The third is cloud services. It includes data processing, security, and storage. Lastly, there is connectivity. This includes inter-site connectivity and ISPs, just to mention a few.

6. China Telecom — China's largest data center provider

Another significant operator with data centers is China Telecom. It also happens to be one of China's largest providers of data center services. It was established fairly early in 2002. It's interesting to note that China Telecom has over 456 data centers spread across just 10 nations. This implies that this Chinese data center company happens to have the highest number of data centers in the world, even though they have not covered up to 15 countries.

You can receive easy, high-quality services everywhere in the world from China Telecom's skilled IDC service professionals. IDC is able to offer secure, dependable, and stable services and solutions to customers worldwide thanks to the stability of its global network and one-stop service platform.

7. GDS Holdings  — A Large-Scale Data Center in China

Another top supplier of high-performance data centers in China is GDS Holdings. Particularly, this organization is one of the biggest operators of carrier-neutral data centers in the country. One of the few locations offering a chance for the technology that is reshaping China is its infrastructure. There are at least 100 data centers run by this company.

These "Tier III+" data centers are twice as big and have twice as much power as the typical Chinese data center. Their data centers are sizable, extremely dependable, and highly effective buildings. The fact that this business has a 692,866-square-meter data center property is one of the reasons they are regarded as one of the biggest. GDS offers data center services outside of Hong Kong and the People's Republic of China in locations like Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

8. Cyxtera Technologies — Data centers with extensible platforms, built with an API-first approach.

Founded in 2017, Cyxtera Technologies is a provider of retail colocation. More recent data demonstrates how it has expanded to run over 60 data centers in roughly nine nations. This company provides a full range of bare metal, space, power, interconnections, and remote management options. Interconnection refers to Cyxtera's worldwide data center footprint, which supports a variety of connectivity choices and is a key component of this company's data center service.

Their enterprise-grade bare metal solution provides speed and scale comparable to the cloud while maintaining the control, efficiency, and security of infrastructure built to industry standards. Additionally, their facilities offer great performance, security, and dependability. They are an excellent option for a tech company in the twenty-first century because their data centers are also constructed using an API-first strategy.

9. Amazon Web Service (AWS) — A Leading Company in Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services is a branch of the leading e-commerce giant Amazon. Since its founding in 2006, it has grown to manage more than 116 data centers globally. One of the greatest data center providers in recent years, Amazon Web Services Inc., is prepared to assist firms in a variety of industries, notably with the development of technology in numerous fields, including business and society.

One may claim that AWS was the forerunner of cloud computing. The infrastructure layer in this company's data centers includes things like backup power equipment, HVAC equipment, and fire suppression equipment. Data analytics, application integration, augmented reality and virtual reality, blockchain, developer tools, and many other fundamental services are all available through AWS.

10. Microsoft Azure — Data centers with a focus on green energy.

Microsoft is another top provider of data centers, providing businesses with cloud-based services, top-notch cloud backup services, and the best cloud storage services. Microsoft operates a number of highly secure data center locations all over the world. They build a network of distributed data centers that can accommodate thousands of internet services. Microsoft maintains a network of over 60 locations and over 200 data centers.

It is Amazon Web Services' main competitor, whose market share for cloud-based services is three times larger than its. This internationally distributed infrastructure was created with sustainability in mind in order to protect data residency, bring applications closer to consumers, and provide clients with a wide range of compliance and resilience options. This company's use of green energy as the foundation for all of its data center operations is excellent.

11. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) — Data Centers Powered by Renewable Energy.

Another tech giant with data centers all over the world is Google. In 2008, Google launched the Google Cloud Platform and began to meet the demands of numerous organizations in the cloud-based data center sector. Like Microsoft Azure and AWS, they are pioneering businesses when it comes to cloud-based data centers. It is especially the third largest cloud-based data center company, compared to the other two we previously covered.

GCP now has 112 availability zones and 37 data centers spread over different geographical areas. Google is committed to tackling climate change. This is the rationale behind their efforts to run their data centers entirely on clean and renewable energy. As a result of not using conventional electrical energy sources, Google Cloud produces no carbon emissions.

12. Alibaba Cloud — Largest Cloud Service Provider in China

Another provider of cloud-based data center solutions, Alibaba Cloud, is ranked as the fourth-largest cloud service provider worldwide. The firm is the leading cloud vendor in Asia Pacific and the top cloud service provider in China. At the moment, Alibaba Cloud runs data centers in 86 availability zones and 28 locations throughout the world. Cloud services from Alibaba Cloud are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis.

These services include big-data processing, anti-DDoS defense, elastic computing, data storage and security, and content delivery networks (CDN). With the help of this CDN, which is a distributed network constructed on top of a carrier network, you can speed up access to your web-based applications and reduce Internet traffic. This managed data center provider also provides BGP backbone network lines that offer superior national coverage.

13. Oracle Cloud — Good Alternative to AWS

Oracle, a major player in the field of IT, is best known for its database service. As such, this company made its entry into the cloud-based data center industry in 2016 when it purchased Netsuite. Oracle Cloud has since continued to offer services from 41 public cloud regions in 22 countries.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is considered the fifth-largest cloud service provider globally, just after Alibaba Cloud. Oracle Autonomous Database, MySQL HeatWave, Java, and Oracle Middleware are some of the core products and platforms supported by Oracle Cloud's data centers.

The Oracle Cloud's data centers service the company's cloud regions, core products, and platforms, including Java, MySQL HeatWave, Oracle Autonomous Database, and Oracle Middleware. In case of a broad electrical outage, the data centers of this corporation also use backup generators and redundant power sources.

14. IBM Cloud — Company with Data centers built for local access and low latency.

In today's world of digital computing, International Business Machines (IBM) cloud has developed into one of the leading providers of data center solutions. As of the third quarter of 2022, IBM Cloud only accounts for 2% of the global cloud market. The data centers of this organization are designed for local access, minimal latency, and certified security.

Additionally, IBM Cloud gives you a variety of options for where and how to operate your workloads and data. They have been specifically created for data, are AI-ready, and are completely secure. IBM Cloud now operates over 36 data centers throughout nine regions. The infrastructure for this company is constructed in accordance with regulations.

15. Verizon — World's largest communication cooperation

Data center solutions are also provided by Verizon, one of the top communication companies worldwide. With data centers located all over the world and the greatest high-capacity connectivity alternatives. Verizon Partner Solutions offers colocation as a fantastic choice for any business that requires more data center capabilities or space while still decreasing IT expenditures as part of a broader portfolio of IT solutions.

For businesses where having absolute trust in system uptime, availability, and network performance is a key priority, a colocation is an ideal option. Enterprise-level assistance is used to supply these services. Redundancy, backup, and disaster recovery services are already included in these data centers. Verizon however, sold Equinix a portfolio of 29 data centers in 2016. But as of 2022, they have been given permission to build a 210,000-square-foot data center in Southlake, Texas.

16. Iron Mountain — Great Company to Protect and Store Private Business Information.

This is an American-based company established in 1951. Customers can create specialized, long-lasting, carrier-neutral, and cloud-neutral data solutions using Iron Mountain Data Centers' extensive colocation platform. Information management, document management solutions, colocation, data centers, business process management, and data protection are some of the unique offerings offered by this company.

Iron Mountain supports businesses' sustainability objectives by assisting them to efficiently and securely extract value and intelligence from their physically and digitally stored assets. From one data center unit to a completely dedicated data center, they provide several types of data centers.

They are equipped with the resources, services, and commercially viable solutions to fulfill the changing demands of data centers. Currently, Iron Mountain manages roughly 21 data centers totaling 3.7 million square feet spread across Europe, Asia, and the United States.

17. Flexential — Company with Great Colocation Hosting Services.

Data center firm Flexential only conducts business in the United States. It is a retail colocation provider that manages more than 39 data centers with a combined area of more than 3 million square feet. Flexential has you covered for deployments ranging from one cabinet to several megawatts.

Superior network performance, interconnection, and deployment flexibility can be provided to customers by this company's facilities throughout the 39 data centers in 19 well-connected national data center marketplaces.

The interconnection solutions offered by Flexential assist clients in resolving issues with network latency and traffic, inconsistent performance, unpredictable outcomes, and security holes. Additionally, this business provides crucial disaster recovery solutions that encourage a company's resiliency. Flexential also offers an excellent colocation hosting service.

18. CoreSite —  Colocation data centers with great security

Data center services are provided by the American business CoreSite. This company was founded in 2001, and as of right now, it manages 28 highly networked data centers spread across several US cities like Boston, Chicago, Miami, Denver, and Virginia. This data center company's primary service is colocation. What this means is that Coresite leases its space to businesses searching for various colocation services, like cloud and network providers.

These colocation data center, which is affordable, gives these firms the chance to interact with other organizations. Additionally, they enable simple access to all of the main cloud onramps for direct connectivity. With annual compliance validation processes like SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, and HIPAA, these data centers are extremely dependable and secure.

19. Stream Data Centers — Good Data Centers for Fortune 100 Companies

Similar to Flexential, Stream Data Centers is a managed data center business that only conducts business within the United States. This 1999-founded company assures that 90% of the Fortune 100 customers rent space from it in exchange for its top-notch data center services. Their whole network and public cloud provider connectivity are carrier-neutral and low-latency in all of their data center sites.

Stream has so far purchased and built more than 2.5 million square feet of data center space around the country. The services offered by this organization include colocation service, data center leasing, and data center development, to name a few. Streams are also useful in creating scalable data center designs that keep up with ever-advancing technological innovations.

20. Quality Technology Services (QTS) Data Centers — Company with Secure and Compliant Infrastructure.

Another important provider of data center solutions in this sector is QTS. Over 63 secure data centers totaling more than 9 million square feet are owned and managed by QTS throughout North America and Europe. These include wholesale data centers as well as retail colocation spaces with various tenants. QTS provides reliable connections and compliant data center infrastructure.

Through its API-driven customer portal, this company's services also have immediate access to DCIM data. The fact that QTS data center technology is designed for scalable enterprise solutions is another fantastic benefit. Therefore, QTS Data Centers provides businesses with all the tools they need to support their business requirements without sacrificing security, scalability, or connectivity, regardless of how their data center needs change. They have data centers that are actually as secure as you could ask for.


Q. What are the biggest data center company?

When considering the biggest data center company, there are two factors to consider. First, by the number of data centers, China Telecom has over 456 data centers spread across just 10 countries. For cloud-based data centers, Microsoft Azure runs over 200 data centers. The second factor is the landmass. Some of the data center companies that are big based on landmass include Iron Mountain and Flexential, with 3.7 million square feet and 3 million square feet, respectively.

Q. What are the best cloud-based data center company?

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and Google Cloud Platform, to mention a few, are some of the best cloud-based data centers in the world of cloud computing. These data centers have a big impact on how digital technology develops in the twenty-first century. The top businesses that power the world make use of these companies. Interestingly, some businesses for obvious reasons will prefer to make of any of these even though they have what it takes to have theirs in-house.


It is quite obvious that the recent technological developments cannot do much without introducing data centers into the equation. As such, we have examined some of the best data center service providers in the industry that you should know about most especially if you are a company that needs colocation providers to scale your business. We hope that this article has what you need to make a decision on which data center company to rent from.

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