Top 10 Wholesale Liquidation companies in The USA (2022)

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Wholesale liquidators are crucial for small businesses and companies going out of business. Liquidators need these companies to buy and then sell a variety of products.

Companies that specialize as wholesalers will sell return items, overstocks, and as well salvage merchandise from the brick and mortar stores. Eventually, these companies will liquidate the inventory and lower their prices. Researching Liquidation Pallets can be a little more confusing than you realize. For example, a pallet of wholesale goods needs to sell stuff either online or in a store.

All in all, a liquidation pallet is a grouping of products, which a store or retailer would sell at a reduced price or discount because they can’t sell the product anymore. Finding the best seller and business source is half the battle. Look and read about more about the best places to buy liquidation pallets. In terms of usage, wholesale pallets are what would best be described as surplus closet merchandise. Lastly, closet liquidation products in certain categories such as anything from homeware to electronics are doable. Read more and discover the ideal places to get your liquidation pallets.

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What are Wholesale Liquidation Companies

By definition, a liquidator can be a person or entity like a company that liquidates assets. For example, the assets or goods or merchandise is sold on the open market for cash or other commerce exchanges. A store or commerce site needs a liquidator company to dispose of their assets. Because of various reasons like an upcoming bankruptcy or something else, companies need a liquidation company. The liquidation companies have the assets of failing businesses, which are then sold at lower pieces to the public.

Top 10 Wholesale Liquidation Companies

1. 888 Lots:

Popular option and very reputable. Many consider 888 Lots to be the best surplus and liquidation stores. This is a great place to work with for shipping and high quality products at a premium. For example, 888 Lots is a different liquidation platform, which offers B2B liquidation. The thing about 888 Lots is that it is very popular. Why? Because whether you are working with a large retail outlet or just as a seller this wholesaler liquidation place is perfect.

888Lots is a good option with enthusiastic users and sellers. In general, 888Lots has been active in the wholesale business for longer than many wholesalers. 888Lots has wonderful efficiency and proven results. 888 Lots focuses as a company on clothes, electronics, auto parts, books, baby products, home and office improvements products, and more. In regards to shipping, all domestic and as well international shipping is customizable to your needs. All in all, there is an extensive array of various clients that come from smaller stores or businesses and more.

2. BlueLots Liquidation:

Our second on the list is BlueLots, which is a B2B platform. Overall, this company is the type of liquidation pallet source that is better for anyone seeking affordable and economical prices. Moreover, Bluelots is great for small business owners and individual sellers. BlueLots is able to offer simple, direct and convenient  sourcing to purchase and sell variable items. What this includes is as well items such as overstocked and recycled products.

All in all, this stuff would be from some of the bigger retailer giants and suppliers for wholesale. In general, shipping does not include Hawaii and Alaska, which is restrictive for any American seller. This is a very limited functionality for even domestic shippers. The variety of items features consumer electronics, apparel, home decorations, health, and beauty, homecare, and much more. There are claims that the products are high quality and authentic. Moreover, the products are listed with variable conditions and features for customer customizations.

3. Merchandize Liquidators:

If you are looking for a quality wholesale liquidator then look no further. Merchandize Liquidators is a popular company for buying liquidation pallets. More importantly, it gets good reviews across the board from users. Merchandize  specializes in buying overstock products from some select stores. For example, Merchandize works on getting merchandise from Macy's, Sears, CVS and other major stores to other markets.

Merchandize Liquidators manages to sell both well known and brand and as well non-brand items. Moreover, Merchandize does offer a lot of different products that offer options for resellers. In general, expect Merchandize for products like cosmetics, clothing, toys, electronics, and furniture. You will surely have a lot of options, but nothing is guaranteed wholesale.

Also,. many variable products from Merchandize that are included in the pallets can be of various quality. In summary, reduced and affordable pricing of some pallets are possible. So, you can expect more if previous sellers had stock or merchandise issues. There will be no shortage of goods overall and options with Merchandize. Lastly, you can get truckloads at a very inexpensive price and rate. Expect mixed lots as well. In general, great customer service and feedback overall.

4. Quicklotz:

Quick Lotz has its own benefits and market for selling liquidation merchandise in larger amounts. For example, you can get shipments in by truckloads even. With Quicklotz, expect container loads as well pallets and even smaller lots. Products like kitchen stuff, housewares, electronics of course, home decor, and even appliances. But, the variety of products is a key for Quicklotz overall. But, you can also take advantage of brand name items as well superstore items within a pallet.

The quality is high and varied and more than usually worthy. Quicklotz rates well because you will more than likely receive quality products, which would be carefully and dutifully picked to be part of your pallet. Moreover, auctions start at lower prices and shipping costs are more affordable than first realized. You can also pick up products without having to deal with shipping as well.

5. American Merchandise Liquidators (AMLINC):

Started in 1992, this company is a wholesale supplier that serves many functions. Expect various things from customer returns, closeouts, and overstock merchandise. You will be able to get products from quality department stores, manufacturers, and various importers. All in all, American Merchandise Liquidators specializes in ready-to-ship products.

So, that means AMLINC deals with closeouts, overstocks and customer returns. This company specializes in merchandise, homeware, tools, furniture, sporting goods, and many other products in general. In terms of shipping, you are able to get direct shipping directly. Moreover, online customization and functionality is ranked well with AMLINC.

It is possible to register quickly and with ease on the AMLINC website. Also, you can customize exactly what you want to purchase to increase your business flow. American Merchandise Liquidators ranks well overall and is popular. In general, this is a reputable worldwide company that generates millions of dollars in discounted merchandise.

6. Genco Marketplace:

Genco Marketplace is a trustworthy and established selection for any reseller or future seller. Genco is ideal in terms of usage for liquidation pallets. Historically, Genco is a subsidiary of the FedEx Supply Chain. Genco separates itself from the pack with a multi-pronged approach that benefits retailers and manufacturers. In the end, Genco maximizes recovery value for written off inventory. In general, Genco is a wholesaler of retail returns, so it is able to manage sales and customer service issues for a multitude and myriad of needs.

Moreover, Genco is known for dealing mainly with closeouts, refurbished products, and a variety of liquidated merchandise. With Genco, expect to find liquidated products from bigger retailers. In conclusion, you can use Genco as an eBay seller or as a general seller or store. In summary, Genco has around or more than 15,000 wholesale pallets available. Genco was established in 1992 and has a formidable reputation for being reliable and functional.

7. BStock:

Bstock is different from the other liquidation companies as it is more focused on technology. The company has history and origins in California. In essence, BStock has an extensive and wide range of liquidated merchandise. For a variety of reasons, BStock claims and offers that they are a technology driven online marketplace. Their tech forward approach is brought to benefit all bulk purchases of liquidated goods and products. As well, BStock utilizes a software platform. BStock’s platform or software can track your order, as well as search for the best deals. 

Access to a dedicated and helpful service team helps the reseller and users. They can also help you analyze your potential savings and profits before you’ve even made a purchase. They say that they have processed over 100,000 options, and they promise that their inventory will always be comprehensive and extensive. BStock claims that you can shop thousands of liquidation auctions. Moreover, there are various and thousands of product categories with a variety of sizes and conditions.

8. MidTenn Wholesale

Another unlikely option is based in a fast growing region of the USA. Tennessee may not be on many people's radars but it offers a lot of affordability. MidTenn offers truckloads, pallets, smaller lots, and single SKUs. Volume discount is trusted and overall quality makes this a reasonable and reliable alternative for products. In terms of reverse logistics,  MidTenn maintains and has strong relationships with retailers. MidTenn started as an eBay seller, but today they focus on bigger volumes and goals with customers.

MidTenn is selling to clients wholesale merchandise by the truckload that are value oriented and higher quality despite the lower price. Moreover, customer service is stressed with MidTenn and they do have positive feedback. In conclusion, MidTenn offers their clients a customized and confidential approach to buying merchandise. A private and intimate relationship means that discounts being offered are preferred for regular customers. Lastly , the integrity of the brands they offer extends to aid their clients with furniture, sporting goods, retail store goods and other general merchandise.

9. Continental Wholesale:

Continental Wholesale is top notch. This company is able to accomplish more than the typical liquidator overall. Because Continental Wholesale is able to sell merchandise to retail stores and more. What does this mean? This company offers a flexible way to sell to sellers like flea markets, small independent shops, and even dollar stores. In general, Continental Wholesale is often sued by auctioneers, thrift stores, pawnshops, and more. 

From various perspectives, Continental gives you the flexibility to do very much what you can in terms of selling to anyone quickly. Continental Wholesale is able to work within a variety of industries so you are able to do More and select more within product categories and merchandise variability. For instance, you can work within areas like cookware, clothing, appliances, furniture and house items, electronics, garden, and as well sporting goods.

In conclusion, do expect affordable and manageable deals with reasonable price expectations. In the end, you will be able to enjoy liquidation pallets affordably for most all kinds of different merchandise in one truckload.

10. Direct Liquidation:

At times some companies have better reviews but has mixed reviews. Always make sure to review any and all feedback that relates to your product needs. Moreover, These types of liquidators will sell products that are ready to use and of course much more available in certain markets. The wholesale marketplace features products that have an incredible variety overall. The problems of any liquidation company can not be overlooked. In general, the biggest thing to look for is that some products may be considered lower quality.

Also, you need to make sure you know what items you would buy in a pallet. All in all, you do have a great chance to buy smaller loads of products ready to sell. Expect, however, a premium or more expensive charge for the benefit of buying their lower priced and discounted inventory. If you are willing to be patient there are a range of good quality products your customers are looking for available at Direct Liquidation.

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