Companies Owned by Walmart Vs Companies Owned by Amazon

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This article will shed light on the various companies, both large and small, owned by Walmart and Amazon. You might be surprised to find out your favorite local store is affiliated with one of them. 

Walmart is a big name in the American retail business. And it’s still expanding its reach and empire. Acquisitions are the new currency most of the giant retail corporations like Walmart and Amazon are using to expand. For instance, Walmart recently acquired together with other competitor brands. Similarly, Amazon has also been on a spree of acquisitions.

In this post, we will discuss some of the companies, big and small, that are currently owned by Walmart. We will do the same for Amazon. If you stick with me through to the end, you will be surprised to learn that your favorite local store is actually an affiliate of either Walmart or Amazon.

Both Walmart and Amazon started small, but now they are two of the biggest retailers in the world. In Arkansas, Sam Walton launched the first Walmart. The store’s success lead to the launch of more outlets throughout the United States.

Jeff Bezos owns Amazon, which began as a bookstore. After a series of mergers and purchases that began in the late 1990s, it now runs several well-known subsidiaries. In 2017, the company spent $13 billion to buy Whole Foods. Which is probably the company's most well-known purchase to date.

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Companies Owned by Walmart

To begin with, does Walmart own any other companies? The simple answer to this question is yes. Here are some popular and successful companies owned by Walmart:


In 1999, the Superstore purchased the British supermarket chain Asda. It's the second-largest UK retailer with over 500 outlets. Walmart-owned Asda is valued at $18 billion.

Sam's Club

In 2009, the retail giant bought the 1983-founded company. The world's largest membership-only warehouse club with 600 US locations. It has over 145,000 staff members and valued at $57 billion.

Seiyu Group 

It’s a Japanese outlet that introduced Walmart to Japan. They acquired 50.9% of Seiyu in 2002. Its 400 Japanese outlets are valued at $13 billion. It sells clothes, gadgets, and groceries.


Flipkart is a 2007 Indian e-commerce portal that sold books and electronics. The company bought 77% of Flipkart for $16 billion in 2018. The company has over 100 million users and is now valued at $24 billion.


Despite its odd name, Moosejaw is a popular gear store and outdoor clothing outlet that Walmart bought for $51 million in 2017. The 1992-founded corporation has approximately 250 US locations. It sells hiking, camping, and skiwear.


In 2017, the supermarket bought Bonobos, a $1 billion men's clothing retailer. men's clothing Since it was launched in 2007, it has dominated men’s online cloths business. It sells at Nordstrom and over 30 US retailers. NBA All-Star Jimmy Butler briefly served as the national spokesperson.


Eloquii sells plus-size apparel for ladies. Walmart acquired it in 2017 to enter the $21 billion plus-size clothes market. The company now has approximately 50 US and Canadian outlets.


With over 10 million products, Hayneedle is easy to search for online. Walmart bought it for $90 million in 2018. One of the largest online home products sellers, the company was initially started in 2002.


ModCloth sells vintage-inspired and independent apparel online. Walmart bought it in 2017 for an undisclosed amount. The $100 million corporation has almost one million registered users.


Shoebuy has been selling shoes, apparel, and accessories online since 1999. Walmart paid $70 million in 2006. Over 1,200 brands supply over 1 million goods. It ships worldwide and guarantees 100% satisfaction.

Other companies

More than two million products from more than 200,000 artists are available on and These days, Vudu goes up against services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The absolute bare minimum; valued at around $200 million. With more than 350 locations, Aspect, Bompreco, and Massmart make up the third-largest supermarket network in South Africa. In addition to Amigo Supermarkets, there is also Yihaodian and Parcel, which together are valued at over $100 million and have over a million subscribers.

Why Did Walmart Acquire So Many Companies?

Walmart has gone on an acquisition binge in recent years, snatching up everything from online marketplaces to traditional supermarket chains. However, the question remains as to why Walmart has been on such a buying spree.

To begin, the retailing behemoth is exploring opportunities outside of traditional stores. And second, the business hopes to enter new markets. Also, Walmart is on the lookout for innovative tools that will help it stay ahead of the competition.

Companies Owned by Amazon

Amazon is an online retailer offering doorstep delivery of various products, including books, office supplies, and everyday necessities. Its cheap rates and convenient subscription delivery service have also helped many buyers escape financial strain. Listed below are some of, Inc.'s most successful subsidiary businesses:

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is a retail business with stores all over the world. It sells organic food without any added flavors, colors, or preservatives. There are more than 500 stores in the US, Canada, and the UK. In 2017, Amazon paid about $13 billion to buy Whole Foods Market.

Amazon Web Services

The cloud computing online applications use AWS server farms for distributed computing processing and software tools. According to Synergy Group, AWS holds 33% of the cloud infrastructure market in 2021 Q4, followed by Microsoft Azure (21%) and Google Cloud (10%).

Twitch Interactive

Twitch streams esports, real-life feeds, and other creative content. Justin. Tv's prominent video game genre became Twitch Interactive in 2011. Three years later, Amazon bought it for $970 million. Amazon became a major player in video games and immersive technology, two lucrative areas that are changing online consumer behavior. Subscriptions, bits, advertising, and merchandising fund Twitch.


Souq was founded in 2005 by Ronaldo Mouchawar. Souq, the largest Middle Eastern marketplace, sells millions of consumer electronics, healthcare products, fashion, and home furnishings.

In March 2017, Amazon paid $580 million in cash for Souq. The acquisition aided Amazon's rise to worldwide eCommerce dominance. With only 2% of Middle Eastern consumers purchasing online, the company was able to enter a new and emerging industry.


Zoox, owned by Amazon, makes robot taxis for transportation-as-a-service (Maas). The company was started by Arthur Levison's son, Jesse, and an Australian designer, Tim Kentley-Klay. For $1.2 billion, Zoox joined Amazon in June 2020. Amazon bought it to go up against Google's Waymo project for driverless cars.


Audible was founded in 1997 by Don Katz. Users could download and save audiobooks from the official website using the same-named portable media player. In 2003, Apple iTunes only sold Audible audiobooks. Amazon paid $300 million for Audible in 2008, adding over 80,000 audiobooks, newspapers, and magazines to its vast online collection.


Jamie Siminoff founded the home automation company Ring in 2013. Its primary products are security cameras and WiFi-powered intelligent doorbells. In 2018, Amazon paid $1 billion for Ring.

Other companies

Goodreads, Amazon Web Services, Kiva Systems (now Amazon Robotics),, IMDb, Shopbop, TeachStreet, and Zappos are also Amazon subsidiaries. 

What's the Future for Amazon?

Amazon, as everyone can see, is unstoppable. Prime may soon offer same-day delivery for groceries, medicines, and other items. It is arguable if this benefits e-commerce; however, Amazon will remain in business and keep growing.


Amazon and Walmart are worldwide retailers. They both run several subsidiaries that have enabled the growth of the companies. Both of the merchants are here to stay.

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