Nice Laundry Review: Customizable Men's Underwear & Socks for Every Style

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Do you want to revamp your wardrobe with unique, customizable socks and underwear to highlight your personality and style for the upcoming occasion? Try out our trending Nice Laundry brand for all your needs. Here is what you opt to know about the company.

Socks and underwear are the few fashion accessories you need to care about. Regardless Of age, these are vital to your life and fashion reputation. While preparing for a date or special event, you must be loaded with trendy fashion and complete it with the ideal socks and other accessories. However, the problem arises when you consider selecting your fashion accessories.

More minor details about the accessories in fashion have a huge impact and differences. Thus, here comes the Nice Laundry brand, and the company has been famous for its innovative methods for socks and underwear.

Those style-conscious users have had their attention grabbed under this roof. Please read our article for an in-depth review; we will explore all angles of this brand, from the discounts to the best-selling products and contacts, where to purchase, and customer testimonials. Let us find out if this is hype on the market.

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Nice Laundry Review

Nice Laundry is a company that focuses on designing men's underwear as well as socks. These fashion accessories are also offered an option to customize, which fits every customer's personality and style preference. In the collection, you can access the buildable Box, personalized gifts, and many more products to suit your needs under one roof. This review will give you everything you need to make the right decision.

Therefore, Ricky Choi established Nice Laundry in collaboration with his friend Phil Moldavski in 2013. The duos were never impressed with what they had as underwear and socks browsers, and this alone inspired them to find something better. Because of the increased demand, these two ventured into the mission to offer customers alternative affordable, personalized, and notable fashion accessories that never sacrifice the item's quality.

The company utilizes the 4-way nylon stretch mesh through the underwear designs alongside the MicroModalTM to attain the much-needed anti-odor and comfort. While the socks collection, the company relies on MicrolastTM, a special manufacturing technology that offers more give and does not sacrifice the tightness due to the shrinking. In the socks collection, customers have three options while ordering.

There are pre-build packs, subscriptions, and build box packages. Besides the above packs, there is also an option to purchase individual products from their store. Talking of customization, the firm gives customers an alternative to customize their socks and underwear with the design of preference and monograms. The company also offers customers a prepaid shipping label.

This means a lot to the environmentally conscious customers to send their old items to the company for recycling to make new products. This company operates considering three significant goals. Customization suits your occasion, affordability for all people to update their fashion accessories drawers, quality with the trademarked process for comfort & anti-odor features, and sustainability.

When you purchase, you also help the environment. Therefore, we would also like to present you with highlights on the pros and cons to expect when committing to this company. These are derived from experience and testimonies.

Nice Laundry Pros:

Nice Laundry Cons:

Why We Like Nice Laundry

For all the underwear, loungewear, and socks needs, Nice Laundry has everything in place. The brand allows you to customize your purchase or pack if not sets. On top of the free US shipping on all orders, they also engage in the recycling program through which the company remains sustainable. To save time, we have gathered a few of the best-selling products under each category for you to give a try without regrets.

The Best-Selling Nice Laundry Socks Set Or Box

Their socks collection is so vast, and thus, we will only highlight the customer favorite from the site. The leading form at our end is the Monogram Sock Box. This socks box is simple and only comes at an affordable price for you to give the brand a trial. They have a monogram which does not cost you extra bucks. In the Box, they come with numerous socks to select from and feature 5 unique styles, from patterned to cushioned, comfortable, and dress socks. In comparison, monograms are available in three sections: classic, diamond, and varsity, where you can buy in 3 or six pairs.

The second in this category is Personal Edition Socks. This sock is in a personal edition and features 3 pairs with different styles, from the seasonal to the cubes, patterns, classic, etc. All these come in different shades. These pairs are also subject to monogram customization using diamond, varsity, and classic options.

Besides the above socks option, the company allows you to build your Box or get the pre-built packs. While building your Box, you will have the Build Your Box Socks available in their boxes of different sizes, from small to medium to large. Each Box is affordable due to the bundle purchase. Select your preferred socks from the patterned to the comfortable, cushioned, and dress. The small Box has 6 pairs, while the large carries 18 pairs.

If you go for the pre-built package, you will get Pre-built Packs. This pack has a core as well as basic styles. If you prefer the everyday classic, this is the package for you. You will get the no-show extra low in the package, Tech varsity crew, Exec, and Darkhorse.

On top of the one-time or package purchase, Nice Laundry also has a monthly subscritp[ion plan from their website. The plan is to carry socks and underwear if you want one. Therefore, anytime you need a variety of socks monthly, Nice Laundry gives you a perfect alternative that is ideal for gifts or a treat for someone. From the collection, there are plans like the sock of the month, quarterly subscription, gift subscription, and lastly, you can opt for the Annual socks drawer subscription, each of which costs differently.

Subscription is the best move because you will have discounted prices and more saving optionsIf you are based in the US, all subscriptions are shipped at no cost, and you can cancel the plan anytime.

The Best-Selling Nice Laundry Underwear

The Nice Laundry collection extends to cover underwear. In the above section, we have focused on the socks; here comes the underwear. You will find slim-fit boxers, boxer briefs, and even lounge shorts. In this section, we will only highlight some of the two best sellers from their site.

The first is Pocket Lounge Short and comes containing the 4-way nylon stretch mesh, which gives you added coziness. It is ideal when lounging in your house. There is also a MicroModalTM liner that offers the max comfort and anti-odor protection. You can use it as a boxer, in other words. This 6 inches inseam features customized styles, variety, or classics.

The second and last category is Boxer Briefs, as always well known for its breathability nature featuring the odor-resistant, perfect for daily routine. The boxer has a horizontal fly and hence does not ride up. They are designed using the custom blend of the siro-spin micro modal. These are longer inseams, about 7 inches, to give you extra coverage. They also have the slim fit boxer in this category, though made using stretch Pima cotton. It is hence capable of fitting inside the slimmest pants of a man.

The above is part of the best-selling socks and underwear as well as lounges. Give them a try and refer to their website for more details about colorful socks sizing, athletic and no-show socks sizing, and underwear sizes.

Customer Review

Customers say so many things about this brand, Nice Laundry. And to bring out a clear picture, we will venture into the testimonies found online and explore and analyze them properly to help you make an informed decision.

Because of the number of external sites, we will start with the official website, In this place, we have multiple feedbacks and praises highlighting many features and giving you what to expect from this company. Though Trustpilot has a poor rating of 2.3 stars with only 17 reviews, there are still 23% that extremely recommend the brand for this reason. for instance:-

"Incredible product with prompt shipment." For business, I purchased monogrammed socks for my son. They were of great quality & came in attractive packaging. The monogram was beautifully crafted. Wonderful surprise!"

Again on Esquire, there is a detailed blog where the editor tastes the honest experience and explains why he fell in love with shorts for this company from the try-on section. He praises the length, which is perfect, and comfort, and appreciates the lining. NY Mag is another site with a real experienced user. The blog editors initially were loungewear aphobic before finding these all-season and house-tailored shorts to upgrade heh fashion to another level.

The next site up is the Gentlemen Standard, and here, the company gets a 3.4 stars rating, reduced from 32 votes. This author focuses solely on Hosiery. In your free time, you can also go through the detailed Reddit that praises these socks as high quality and affordable. The Nice Laundry Knoji ideal ratings and aspects considered. These aspects include the e-commerce rating, discounts, payment options, popularity, and many more features.

The company has expanded and now ranks among the solid ones in the industry. We also recommend ordering apparel from our end.

Where to Buy Nice Laundry

Nice Laundry is an easily accessible product. Therefore, if you have decided to purchase these underwear or socks, navigate to their friendly website at and place an order. You can explore multiple styles, subscriptions as well and patterns of design.

Does Nice Laundry sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Nice Laundry stores on Amazon.

Is Nice Laundry Worth It?

Nice Laundry is a brand that is worth investment when it comes to the fashion accessories such as socks and underwear. Besides having an extensive blend of the comfortable, sustainability, and styles, the company focuses on offering customizable loungewear, socks, and underwear. All these are entitled to free US standard shipping and many other promotions, as we are about to see.

Nice Laundry has been ranked as the winner of the most innovative underwear and offers simple but best gifts with access to the new office class essentials. These accessories are designed for doing everything. The Nice Laundry firm is dedicated to utilizing premium, recycled, and sustainable materials where the result is visually appealing as well as durable.

Besides the single-item purchase, there is a subscription plan where you can often refresh the program collection for trendy and fresh items. However, few customers have complained of high pricing points; these accessories are worth the price considering their quality and features. Eco-conscious practices and design alone make the company worth the investment.

Nice Laundry Discounts

Nice Laundry has multiple running promotions and discounts on its products. First, the company offers free shipping if you are based in the US. All orders also come with a  prepaid shipping label for the old items to be recycled.

As can be seen, the brand also offers customers these products at discounted pricing, which varies. Besides subscribing to get more promotions and access to the latest offers and updates, the company also gives you the free tech varsity socks 2 pack for an order that adds up to $150 and above; unlock this offer with promo code 2PACK.

Nice Laundry Contact

You may have a pending question about Nice Laundry or its products. In this case, you can skip to the FAQ section or contact the team.  One of the reliable ways to reach out to the team is by sending a mail to

Still, when you visit their website, they have a contact us icon, which makes it simple to reach out to the available team. If the above option doesn't seem reasonable or you are a social media enthusiast, engage with the team through their  Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter anytime.


Q. Is Nice Laundry a sustainable brand?

The above article shows that the company remains sustainable and is committed to this goal. They utilize eco-friendly materials as well as engage in a recycling program for not only underwear but also old socks.

Q. Can a customer customize their subscription box from Nice Laundry?

Definitely, Nice Laundry offers customization options. Through their subscription plan, you can select your preferred pattern, quantities, and types to include in your monthly box delivery at any time.

Q. Does Nice Laundry ship worldwide?

From their shipping policy, it is clear that the company has an international shipping service, but they are still expanding their reach around the world and going beyond the US region. Keep checking if the services are available in your country.

Q. Is the Nice Laundry recycling program effective?

The company has one of the most influential and outstanding recycling programs. They offer customers a free label to return their old socks and underwear to the company for recycling. This reduces the waste in our surroundings, reducing the impacts.

Q. Nice Laundry shipping policy

The company has free standard shipping services for US-based customers on all orders. This standard shipping takes about 3 to 7 working days to arrive. However, the company takes 1 to 2 business days to process your order before transit. All orders are final and are not entitled to cancellation or editing. All the estimates on the delivery time are not guaranteed. The company also offers other shipping methods.

At the checkout, you will be able to see. Some of these include expedited shipping, which gets prioritized with custom processing. The shipping charges here are fixed and nonrefundable. The company also offers international shipping, and Canada-based customers can use the USPS first class, where the delivery time is expected to be 3 to 4 weeks. This depends on the location and speed of the transit. This company does not offer product visibility once it leaves its warehouse.

Q. The Nice Laundry return policy

Nice Laundry has a favorable return policy, but for your item to be eligible for the refund, it must be in its original packaging and remain unworn or unwashed. You have 30 days from the delivery date to return your product to the company. When your return does not pass through their inspection, the company does not accept it and will send them back to you.

When your order is placed under the free gift promotions, return them as the gift item. Otherwise, all the embroidered as well as monograms are treated as the final ales in this case. The customer incurs the return shipping charges, and those gift warpings and return charges are not subjected to the refund.


Nice Laundry company has an extensive collection of basic daily essentials, which range from comfortable and high-quality underwear to long-lasting socks. The company focuses on sustainability, design, and quality through its manufacturing and selling routine. Nice Laundry has a perfect collection to elevate your undergarment game. Though the Box or subscription is expensive, they are durable, comfortable, guaranteed a variety of styles, and eco-conscious hence worth investment. From the company's background to its bestselling undergarment, and testimonies, the company remains outstanding and positively impacts the general appearance and confidence with your undergarment needs.

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