Hudson Jeans Review: Premium, Long-lasting, and Eco-friendly Denim Jeans

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Curious to locate high-quality, durable, and sustainable denim jeans online? Try the Hudson Jeans and stop looking further for your next jeans purchase store. Here is an analysis of the Hudson Jeans brand exploring the material, styles, and collection sizing. Let us find out if the company is worth your investment based on your body size.

Regardless of the dress code, one thing for sure is that you cherish looking awesome and cool before your friends and at work. Thus, besides the official dress code, which we have covered in the previous review articles, there are still people who look cool as well as casual with denim jeans. Infact, such people, including you, would recommend that we seek not simply a typical pair of jeans but purchase high-quality premium jeans with guaranteed durability.

If you are based in the US, then you are lucky that multiple firms since the time Memorial have been offering denim jeans to the market. But out of these brands, very few have created their online reputation. Hudson Jeans is among the few that stand out from the market for offering the household, catering, and jeans industry. So, our focus today is on jeans which the company serves a large population.

If you are looking for American-inspired denim jeans perfect for any person, size, and fit, find out what Hudson Jeans has for you. Before going into details, we would like to introduce to you what Hudson Jeans is, its founders, and its history in summary.

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Hudson Jeans Review

Hudson Jeans is an American fashion brand offering denim jeans unique in sizes and fittings, targeting men, children, and women alongside other accessories. This effortless cool brand was established by Peter Kim in 2002. The company stood out on the market as the leader through its popular premium denim clothing line. Though it dates back to the classic mid-century cools, the company aims to deliver canvas approach denim with a large identity and establish a huge connection with society through online stores.

Though with a long history, the brand has an impressive online reputation and has been featured on numerous social media outlets Like Elle and InStyle, to mention a few. The actor Renee is among the few celebrity Juices that have helped in modeling in marketing the brand to people around the world. They have also established a large presence on social media accounts around its firm foothold, specifically in the denim jeans market.

Besides that, Hudson Jeans also supports charitable organizations in the non-profit firms, mostly based in native Los Angeles. Some of these organizations are the Poverty Relief program one voice as well as Poetry and Literacy Organization Get Lit.

While Centric Bank has acquired the brand, it is still run by CEO Kim. The centric brand is named the leading lifestyle brand collection with the licensing agreement, which includes the lines of Robert Graham, Calvin Klein and Joe's Jeans, Under Armour, etc. The list continues and shows how influential the brand collective is to the current market.

The above is simply the background concerning the Hudson Jeans. This is the time to explore premium denim jeans and understand their best-selling jeans for men, women, and children. However, before that, we have collected a few pros and cons about this company in which we have evaluated the experience and customer feedback. Here is a recap of the pros and cons.



Why We Like Hudson Jeans

Hudson Jeans is a famous fashion brand specializing in clothing for men and women. What makes us even love it more is that their denim jeans feature sustainable, durable, and high-quality materials in different sizes, designs, and styles. The company has raised a high-profile fanbase and is recognized by many socialites or icons worldwide. If not for the pricing, the products would be out of the reach of ordinary people on the market.

To break down even more for you, we would take a different direction and evaluate a few of the best-selling Hudson Jeans for men as well as women. This way, you will easily locate and understand what you want and are going for on the platform, alongside what to expect upon delivery.

The Best-Selling Hudson Jeans for Women

In the Hudson Jeans collection, women's denim jeans take the lead. These range from boyfriend jeans to bootcut, skinny, straight, and many more. There are numerous designs for women. so we are here to help you unzip everything. So here are some of the best-selling Hudson Jeans women's clothing.

The first is Krista Low-Rise Super Skinny Jean, which experts use to attain otherworldly comfort. If you prefer skinny fitting, this will offer you hip-hugging glory in the long run. The jeans are inspired by Italian stretch denim that sculpts and moves with the body. You can purchase jeans in back and dark indigo, and we highly encourage you to size up while purchasing because of the tight fitting.

Collin Mid-Rise Skinny Jean features a nice waistline and al; so it contains innovative stretch denim that ensures that customers keep their shape regardless of how they move. These Jeans are available in 6 unique washes, and you can select from the contrast stretching, classic five-pocket design, or zipper fly. The size starts from 23 to 34, costing you only 205 bucks.

Beth Mid-Rise Baby Bootcut Jean is also the best-selling Hudson Jeans for women. These jeans survive the winter season but are perfect bootcut jeans. These women's jeans come in 5 unique washes, but all feature 92% cotton; hence, they are super soft on your skin. With the stretch fabrics, it hugs your thigh as well as calves, while at the bottom, it expands to a gentle flare to give you max comfort.

Nico Mid-Rise Super Skinny Jean is another denim jean specifically designed for women that look nice in skinny jeans. These jeans are available in black and dark indigo shades, but all feel comfortable at the waistline while hugging at the ankle to bring out the beautiful silhouette. Though it keeps the shape, the signature makes it stretch while on your body.

The second last is Barbara High-Rise Super Skinny Ankle Jean, which features a nice, skinny crop. The fittings move with customers featuring the super high waist designed to tuck everything. It also has an attractive curve found at the ankle point; hence you can purchase from the 12 washes in store for glittering white to the lies to the beautiful black denim jeans. However, styles differ based on appearance, from lived-in to loved, crisp, and super sharp.

Lastly, we have Amelia Mid-Rise Short. This short is not that short but has a Bermuda short length if you understand the environment and has a cut-off slightly above the knee alongside the fitted sporting silhouette to highlight the contours on the user's body. The shorts come in 4 washes, from prom blue to black shade, but styles differ. The denim jeans are countless.

The Best-Selling Hudson Jeans for Men

Hudson Jeans brand does not forsake meaning when it comes to the denim jeans fashion. Though it pays much attention to the ladies, they also have something for men in the store. There are multiple jeans men can love, and in this section, we will only highlight two best-selling jeans.

The first one is Blake Slim Straight Jean. These jeans fit more than classic straight jeans. This is because the jeans have slimmer hips alongside thighs but slightly tapered bottoms for gaining extra definition without more attention to the calves. These denim jeans are flexible and soft for comfort without sags. As we are talking, these jeans are in high demand on the market and hence very expensive, but they are available in 6 unique shades.

The second and last is Byron Straight Leg, Jean. These is classic denim jeans made with quality in mind. When put on, the jeans make you appear in a 90s vibe but relaxed fashion, though featuring a trim fit. They also have a straight arrow hip as well as a mid-rise waist. You can select these jeans in 3 shades, from blue collar to more faded. Office ready and crisper.

The jeans are also on sale in high demand and worth mentioning among the best-selling Hudson jeans for men. The target market is wide, as the selection is also extensive but available at an affordable price.

Customer Review

Hudson Jeans is a force to reckon with when designing and selling denim jeans. Most people who have purchased it are satisfied and happy at all costs. Some people have complimented the high-quality materials, durable jeans, perfect fittings, and above all, the commitment of the brand to sustainability and engaging in giving back to society. We cannot complain about Hudson Jeans.

Therefore, in the research, we were able to spot multiple external sites that have shown excellent customer ratings on this brand's jeans. On Amazon, Hudson Jeans Men's Harper Straight Leg Jean in Athletics has rated 3.9 stars after 14 global reviews. 40% of these customers left 5 stars, while no one gave it a 1-star rating.

On Zappos, Hudson Jeans has a 4.5-star rating with 9 reviews. The average rating is based on the style and comforts these jeans guarantee customers. One of the pleased customers recently left a comment stating:-

 "These are without a doubt my most cherished pair of jeans. They look amazing on, and the incredibly slim leg and wash make my short legs appear longer. They have retained their shape admirably and are really comfortable. My only gripe is the length, but it is not the mistake of the jeans. genuinely no stranger to high-quality denim, and these are the greatest. Because of the stretch, it's snug but not unpleasant."

The Denim Blog has also reviewed the High Rise Skinny Jeans in the soundcheck. The jeans impressed the author and complimented the company for being transparent with what they claim on their website. Nordstromrack also has amazing customer feedback, and each targets particular Hudson Jeans, which we can never complain about. Everything here is praised all the way.

Moving to the Katie Did What website, the author also lists some other top picks: top shots under $100, Madewell under $100, and Good American, which is best of the best. The author hunted only the best jeans and clearly gave her experience. You can all the happiness expressed in a summary statement:-

 " I've found the best jeans and am sharing my in-depth reviews! You'll see photos of me donning them to see how they appear on a real person, personal thoughts on fit/style, and which ones are my top selections! Because jeans are my most-worn item of apparel and convenience is essential!"

SiteJabber also presents a rating of 3.4 stars after 22 reviews; Hudson has indicated good shspiup[ping policy, return, and value, but likely, people were not impressed by the value for their money and quality.

Summing up with the ShopBob site, there is numerous feedback, and each pair of jeans scores different ratings. The fittings are on top, and the material is awesome, as expected. For instance, Krista Metallic Super Skinny Jeans has 5 stars rating, and a customer left feedback complementing "-

 " Silver jeans are all the rage, and these are still in stock and for sale! They are the ideal mid-silver metallic - not as foily or coated as the JBrand ones, and will work nicely for day or evening because they remain more subtle. They have the excellent Hudson flex and fitting."

 Hudson Jeans are worth the purchase. Customers have indicated a big interest through numerous compliments online with few setbacks. People appreciate the jeans' great size fitting, sustainability, high quality, durability, and stretching nature, making them comfortable.

Where to Buy Hudson Jeans

There are many sites where you can purchase Hudson Jeans and all sorts of denim for men, women, and children. However, we recommend their official website, This is where you will have a huge collection of high-quality, durable denim jeans directly from the manufacturer.

However, we also noted that these jeans are available through online retail stores for international customers. Besides their brick and mortar store, there are also products in the retails such as:-

Related Amazon Store You Maybe Like,  

Is Hudson Jeans Worth It?

If you love denim jeans, we highly recommend the Hudson jeans for your next purchase. This fashion brand is worth your money for many reasons. These jeans have built their reputation as the softest jeans, making customers feel comfortable in the US and internationally. The jeans are accessible worldwide since the brand has partnered with online retail stores to deliver the clothing.

You can also shrink these jeans using the hottest settings on the washing machine and attain extra shrinkage by leaving them on the dryer. This is a go-to brand if you love premium-level versions of jeans for a classic appearance in your daily routine. Though the denim is simple, it is by all the way stylish and designed using high-quality denim, which guarantees you strategic stretch. Thus, these Hudson's jeans are not only comfortable but still flattering at the same time.

The jeans still fall in the investment piece category based on their pricing. They are made to last long, and coupling this with their resilient design makes the brand worth checking out. The jeans adapt to all body shapes and type easily, and we term them worth the price tag on the market.

The price tag says all about the Hudson jeans' superior quality materials, design, and style. Never shimmy your way on the market when you need super-soft denim jeans; make Hudson jeans the perfect alternative for the next purchase.

Hudson Jeans Discounts

Hudson Jeans is not an exceptional fashion brand, and just like other companies we have reviewed, Hudson Jeans also offers customers many lucrative deals. We had to explore the site and develop the latest discounts or promotions, which are vital for customers.

So, the company gives customers free standard shipping when they place an order that adds up to 150 bucks and above. When you sign up and still place an order totaling to$150 or above, you qualify for 20% off on the first order. What amazed us is that they accept installment payments as an alternative payment method through Klarna.

The brand also has multiple discounts for children, men, and women's denim jeans in the sales section. The discounts start at 32% to 40% but are available on exclusive jeans alone. Use Code GETITNOW at checkout and enjoy upto 75% off on sales.

While carrying out research, we were also able to locate filter options on the site which give you all the latest discounts and deals. Therefore, subscribe or follow these guys on their social media platforms to receive all the updates and deals on time immediately after they launch on the site.

Hudson Jeans Contact

The above Hudson Jeans review might have evaluated only some of what you want to know. Therefore, if you have issues and need urgent support as the Hudson Jeans brand is concerned, you can immediately contact the support team for guidance. We also highlighted different methods to contact the Hudson Jeans support team for this need.

Fortunately, we were able to collect many methods. Starting with the phone call at (844) 477-4464 or +1 323-645-1718. You can also send them a mail to the address The official website has a popup contact form you can fill in and send back to the team requesting support. The next option is the text messaging services sent through (213) 401-9598; this is only operation from 6 am to 8 pm pst. You can also subscribe for the sms updates by sending the word support to 21487, which is operational from 7 am to 6 pm PT time from Monday through Sunday.

We also had to go the extra mile and devise another unique means. Thus, if you are a fan of social media, contact the marketing team of +1 323-645-1718 brand through their Twitter handle, Facebook page, or Instagram anytime.


Q. Where are Hudson denim jeans manufactured?

The company mentioned that all its jeans are manufactured in Mexico and the US. This was after the class-action lawsuit case, which was filed in 2015, claiming the brand for giving misleading labels, claiming that the jeans were made in the US. The case rested on the settlement that the brand agreed to comply with the needs based on its marketing proposal.

Q. Do Hudson denim jeans fit true or run small?

In most cases, as complimented by many customers online, their jeans mostly fit true to size. However, the brand insists that customers size up when purchasing their jeans, especially women purchasing the skinny jeans style. Hudson has published their sizing chart on the website is a vital feature for identifying the perfect fit size for you.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Hudson Jeans brand?

This company only offers to ship to orders based in the US. Any order totaling $150 and above qualifies for free standard shipping. Standards delivery takes about 5 to 7 business days to deliver. However, when your order falls below the threshold, group shipping will cost you a fixed shipping charge, subject to your location.

Expedited shipping offers two options: overnight and 2-day delivery. The shipping charges vary depending on the location of the customer, the quantity of the item as well as the size of the package. Thus, you can find the final cost at the checkout.

Immediately after the company dispatches your order, you can use your postal account to trace the package and how it processes in transit.

Q. What is the return policy of the Hudson Jeans brand?

Hudson Brand also has a favorable return policy. They give customers 30 days from the date of purchase to evaluate the items, and if it does not meet their expectations, they can either seek an exchange or request a refund. However, to be regarded as eligible for a return, the item must remain in its original condition, unwashed and unworn. You also must attach the proof of purchase as well as tags to get the refund or exchange. Initiating the return process is simple as long as you are at their postal address.

Unfortunately, the customer incurs $7 on the returned items, which the company deducts as a restocking charge from the refund. Still, the final sale items and all the products purchased through substantial discounts are not liable for the return, exchange, and refund cases.

Therefore, only items that customers purchase from the US region through the official store qualify for return and exchange. Those who buy through the retail partners are also highly advised to be returned through the same channel. Thus, the retailer's shipping, return, and exchange policy applies here.


While Hudson Jeans are expensive, they are undeniably the best, high quality, sustainable, and most durable denim jeans on the market, with perfect fitting sizes for all people of all ages. Hudson is a popular fashion brand for exceptional denim jeans on the market today. The brand has received positive customer feedback praising the favorable shipping policy, lucrative deals, responsive customer support, and the option to select between the full-length,  super skinny feel and high-rise jeans from their website.

In the above review, we have also seen that Hudson jeans are comfortable, soft, and super stretchy, guaranteeing a casual appearance fitting any body shape. This is a fashion brand for timeless denim jeans.

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