KEH Camera Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth Buying?

Carl M. Peterson

Does KEH offer cameras that live up to the hype, or does their pricing beat the used camera gear on the market? KEH is an outstanding online retailer of second-hand cameras and accessories. Find out more in this KEH review article.

Having the Camera or accessories you want to resale becomes a hassle. The same applies to when you want to purchase a used camera or equipment. This is because there are many online retailers to select from; hence hard to select which is legit and offers favorable pricing. Therefore, we will take you through the KEH Camera reviews in the review series to help you make an informed decision.

It can be selling or buying pre-owned camera equipment that is worth your struggle. Most photography enthusiasts are constantly looking for the latest gear, from tripods to digital cameras online. Read our article op end and find out if the KEH marketplace is worth your saving and time.

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KEH Camera Review

KEH is an online marketplace where sellers sell cameras and photography equipment. From their inventory, buyers can access equipment such as digital cameras., tripods,  lenses, and film cameras from different brands. Besides, if you are a customer, you can also feel your second-hand Camera and related equipment and access the platform's repair services.

The marketplace has vital, huge customers based on Instagram and social media accounts regarding their reselling camera equipment. Going back, KEH Camera was founded in 1979 by King Grant, who was obsessed with photography since he was a kid. The founder used to take pictures of the family while on a trip and then process them at home. In the 1970s, Grant sold the consumer finance business.

After that, he wanted a side hobby while searching for his subsequent work. He then decided to collect cameras as his side hustle. This was after realizing that the first Camera he owned, the Retina 3C, had become collectible. This boosted his inspiration, and he started to go into the camera stores and find the potential trade-in specifically targeting Leicas, early cameras, etc.

Upon collecting these cameras, Grant then used to sell them in the Shutterbug magazine, and the business grew till he began selling the products to over 400 people. With a profitable business, the founder turned this hobby into a full-time job selling cameras, which resulted in the establishment of the KEH Camera. Today, the firm is headquartered in Georgia.

Besides customers, Grant was also pleased to see the business thrive and take over the second-hand camera market, show success and improve photography skills among the customers.

Therefore, whenever you feel like you want either to sell, buy, or repair and are curious about the company, keep reading our KEH camera reviews and find out if the company is worth it and meets your needs. The customer rating is vital here in making decisions, thus paying attention.

KEH Camera Pros:

KEH Camera Cons:

Why We Like KEH Camera?

KEH Camera is one of the outstanding marketplaces for all your Camera and related equipment needs. If you want to access a vast collection of photography equipment or Camera, then KEH Camera is a perfect place. Regardless of what you are after, such as the DIY portraits or the unique photography tool for a special event, KEH Camera has you in your pocket.

The company sells slightly used film cameras, digital cameras, tripods, lenses, video mounts, gears, lighting accessories, etc. From their website, we noted some of their favorite products.

The Best-Selling Keh Camera Products

There are many KEH Camera best-selling products. This section will review our picks and help you gauge and make the right decision. The first on the list is the Sony Alpha a6000 which proves that a quality camera is not all about the large size or bulky nature. This Camera is an APS-C Sensor mirrorless interchangeable lens camera that guarantees you autofocus function and fast shooting.

This Camera can also shoot still images with high resolution, maintaining up to 11 frames per second, and produces resolutions ranging from 1060i60, 1080p24, and 1080p60. In most cases, these cameras are sold out. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is the next best-selling Camera on the platform.

Perfect for the individual that is deep into photography and comes with multiple features; among them is a 30.4 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, capable of taking 4K motion JPEG video and has an iso range of 100 to 32000 with the capability to expand upto 102400. The Camera also has built-in WIFI and NFC connectivity, hence compatible with file transfer. It has 3 pricing options: bargain, excellent and excellent plus.

Canon AE-1 is suitable for photography enthusiasts and those who have a passion for the profession because this comes with a deep appreciation of vintage. Although released in 1981, it was just the updated version of the famed AE-1. It also shared the same features, but this one included the motor drive MA as well as the interchangeable focusing screen.

There are many features which you can refer to the site for more detail. Pentax K1000 is one of a kind, solid, and reliable Camera on the marketplace. Though a dependable model, it only has a manual function; hence good for beginners to learn. Its unique feature is the Pentax K1000, which makes it reliable. Other than different camera modes, the marketplace also sells other accessories.

Among them is Canon EF-S 18-55mm, Lens, a general-purpose lens with standard zooming power for the Canon EOS DSLR and comes with APS-C-sized sensors. It also has the canon optical IS system. They also have the famous Sony 16-55mm Lens, flexible zoom-oriented lenses capable of transitioning even from a wide angle up to the portrait-length.

If you look keenly from the investor, Adorama Flashpoint Tripod also falls under the favorite product alongside Hasselblad Autofocus and Billingham 335 Camera Bag made with tan canvas material.

Customer Review

The next thing to give you a bigger picture is diving into online customer reviews. This is also our routine to guide you in making the decision. There are numerous reviews online for and against the KEH Camera equipment and accessories. Based on the responses, most of the feedback is positive reviews. For instance, at the official website, the author analyzes the best gears and lists the tips and selection criteria.

Since we are not limited to the official website, I also decided to check out the external sites. First of all, it is the Trustpilot. The brand scores awesomely here. After 2980 reviews, it scored 4.7 stars, which translates to excellent. This means the customers are happy with the KEH Camera and accessories from their inventory. 86% of the customers give it 5 stars while only 2% critics the product.

Though few concerns, here is what one verified purchaser has to say about the brand based on experience in summary:-

"The lens was in fine condition, and I received it within three days. It was early enough that I could even get some practice prior to the specific shoot I had requested. I wouldn't know the difference between this lens and a new one. Neither the lens nor the exterior have any scratches or marks. I'm very pleased and will place another order!"

Next up is the Sitejabber. Likewise, the brand scores excellently. It has 4.8 stars and 69888 reviews on the site. Customers are delighted with the products considering their shipping, quality, value for their money, and massive collection. One of the happy customers expresses feelings after purchase saying:

"Purchasing is simple. I enjoy going to my local camera store, but their pre-owned Nikon lens collection always sells out quickly. The one I got from KEH was described as ex status, which was correct. It was shipped quickly and arrived in about a week. The package was bubble wrapped as if it were a dozen eggs. I'll definitely keep KEH shipments in mind as I buy more used gear and expand my lens collection."

There are plenty of reviews on Yelp, and you can find feedback from the Photography Talk site. On Yelp, the brand gets 3.5 stars rating after 281 reviews. Though old, there are also good reviews on the DPReview site. On the famous Travel Freak site, there are also good reviews of the brand as the author compares the pros and cons of the history of the brand and how customers are satisfied to conclude. This is stated:

"It makes no difference whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro. If you've had your eye on a mirrorless camera or zoom lens, check out KEH Camera—they might have exactly what you're looking for in stock!"

If the BBB report is not connecting, which we presume you know what it means to have such a rating, then watch out for this Youtube review on the brand to fully understand it. Most reviews online are positive from different platforms. This indicates the brand offers what the customer expects and sometimes goes beyond to provide the repair service.

Where to Buy KEH Camera?

If you wish to purchase the KEH Camera or camera equipment, we recommend visiting their official website at Here, you will get guaranteed products with warranty and repair options available on the site. Otherwise, from our research, we also realized that there are KEH cameras in online retail stores, such as eBay.

Does KEH Camera sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found KEH Camera stores on Amazon.

Is KEH Camera Worth It?

If you want the latest equipment and digital Camera, then KEH Camera has all you need, from the lightly used to the all-time second-hand Camera and camera equipment. From the website, the company has all types of brands customers can select from. They range from brands such as Leica and Sony to canon. Most of the products in their inventory come with multiple options based on your budget.

This means you can get anything with your budget in the library if it is Camera related. Also, in our reviews, we discovered a little red flag from this brand. From The BBB report, the company is reported to have some challenges with customer support, as well as many reports of receiving faulty equipment.

However, when you purchase a product with no issues related to the above disadvantages, you are good to go and get this perfect offer with lucrative deals.

They also guarantee you 14 days full refund and a favorable return policy. This marketplace does not only sell, but still, customers can sell their slightly used cameras and equipment or models and get some cash. Who would not wish to go for the camera equipment and access to the repair under the same roof? The site is simple and easy to navigate, and selling or buying is painless and straightforward.

The brand also has numerous positive customer ratings online. This speaks volumes. Therefore, if you have the budget or want a slightly used camera or equipment as well as camera repair service under one roof, then KEH Camera is worth a try. Create an account and enjoy offers.

KEH Camera Discounts

First, I would say that KEH Camera offers customers attractive deals. Therefore, from the starting point, when you sign up for the account, you are entitled to enjoy a 5% discount. There are plenty of sales outlets where loyal customers enjoy discounted prices but only for a particular brand. Keep checking on the latest deals. KEH camera also offers a 5% discount for students due to the collaboration with the student Beans.

From the research, we have never encountered the promo code online. But, there is free shipping when you make orders totaling $49 and above, and there is 180 days warranty on their products. The best way to get updated with the latest deals is to subscribe to the KEH Camera newsletter.

KEH Camera Contact

You can contact the brand for clarification if your question is not addressed in our KEH camera reviews. Therefore, these guys offer many means through which you can get them. First, they have a chat tab on their website, which you can reach out to them anytime for a swift response. Also, they have an online contact form in which you fill in all your concerns and share them with the staff in the forum, to which they guarantee to respond.

Besides the above, they have also listed their phone number for any inquiry. That is 1-800 342 5534, while the international phone number for consultation is 1 - 770-333-4200 The guys have also provided the fax address for consultation in case of any issue, which is 1-844-364-1570, which is operational from Monday through Friday from 9 am to 9 pm, while Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm ET.

Their mailing address is  5080 Highlands Pkwy SE, Suite B Smyrna GA, 30082. The other alternative to contact the team is through the social media account. They are available on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow them and get updated with all you need about this brand.


Q. What does the term KEH stand for?

From the above reviews and online data, the term KEH on KEH camera is an acronym where the first K stands for the name of the two children of the brand founder. That is, K Stand for King, e stands for Elenor, while H is Hugh.

Q. Who is the Owner of the KEH camera company?

The Owner and the founder of KEH Camera are King Grant, who founded the company in 1979.

Q. Is KEH camera a legit company?

From their platform, the site is secured and safe; customer feedback speaks volumes and clearly shows that the company is a legit business and trusted by many people, especially those in the photography field.

Q. Where is KEH Camera situated?

KEH Camera is located in the US, where its headquarters is in Georgia.

Q. Does KEH Camera firm tax customers?

The company makes it clear that extra charges, which include duties and other related fees and additional details, are buyers' expenses.

Q. Does KEH ship its products to Canada?

The company is based in the US but offers international shipping options. From the data, the countries included in global Canada fall among them. Among the excluded countries is India.

Q. What is the shipping policy of KEH company?

KEH has a shipping policy, but the conditions and other charges depend on the options customers select from their website. For instance, ground shipping times are 1-3 business days; second-day airships are the same business day and are received by 2 pm as long as you place an order before 2 pm; next day air, you receive the item by 2 pm EST and Saturday delivery you receive the order by 2 pm since the item is processed Friday and ship same business day.

While international FedEx, as well as USP, delivers from 1 to 3 business days, and lastly, the main order takes 1 to 2 weeks. However, shipping remains in operation from Monday through Friday. For US-based customers who place orders from $ 49 and above, there is free shipping through the international threshold starting from $50. Sometimes it depends on your location or not the package weight.

Q. What is the return policy for KEH cameras?

If the delivered order is not pleasing, all customers have 14 days to return the products for a full refund. The other option you have is to exchange the item. However, some products are exempt from the return policy, including personalized products, films, and drones.

Therefore, immediately you want to return a product, reach out to the customer support team to get the merchandise refunded or exchanged upon authorization. Also, note that any used item that costs $2000 and above deducts 20% as the restocking charges—full access details on the return policy from their website.


If you have been searching for a second-hand or slightly used digital and all versions of the Camera from different brands and equipment will fail, your next stop is the KEH camera. This is a perfect marketplace where you can buy and sell your stock to make money.

This far, you have a rough idea about the KEH brand and what it has to offer customers. The company has scored multiple positive reviews online, praising its simple selling, buying, and accessibility for repairing services under one roof. Read professional user feedback before purchasing the products.

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