Cub Cadet Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

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Do you want to replace your ineffective home garden tools or supplies? Here comes the top brand or manufacturer Cub Cadet. It claims to offer efficient and high-quality garden tools, but first, let us find out in this review.

Cub Cadet is one of a kind company that has been in operation for a long time. This lawn-care manufacturer firm understands the importance of always maintaining your garden clean and in good condition. When shopping for garden tools and supplies, it is always good that you should never settle for a company that only considers one side of the story.

Going the experience, Cub Cadet has been in operation for over 50 years, and because of such experience, they have established a strong reputation online. They are fighting to be listed among the famous names of garden lawn-care manufacturing companies.

You could be asking how the Cub Cadet is stocking up, and by the end of this review, you will be well-informed about all aspects of this company. If you are looking for Cub Cadet deals, keep reading to go the extra mile and learn what customers say about this brand.

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Cub Cadet Review

Cub Cadet is a company founded in 1960, and it has planted itself on the market as one of the best names and trusted in the lawn-care industry. The company has its headquarters in the Com hotbeds of great America, Ohio. It is one of the great suppliers of NASA astronauts. From the history and online data, the Cub Cadet falls under the MTD products as its parent firm.

This is recorded from 1981 when its original parent firm was folded, the International Harvesters. Even though the company initially advertised their lawn-care tools as field-honed, the boys acknowledged them as the worst destructive force in the world. This aimed to bring the company's perception as offering tools capable of standing the test of time.

From this, the firm has done well and achieved its goals in the market. We can give you a few things regarding the Cub Cadet company. This leads us to the highlights and comparison of the company's pros and cons section before going into details about their tools and lawn-care supplies.

Cub Cadet Pros:

Cub Cadet Cons:

Why We Like Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet in the manufacturing industry has established a reputation for their high quality and long-lasting yard equipment, lawnmowers, spare parts, and snowblowers. They not only manufacture but the company also distributes them to the relevant customer upon purchase. Cub Cadet accepts alternative payment plan financing options if you are in a pickle or operating under a fixed budget.

Therefore, besides that, we still love this company for many reasons. With its huge collection of garden tools, you may have difficulty making decisions. Since we are here to help you make a smart decision, we will still review some popular equipment, machines, and supplies to save time.

The Best-Selling Cub Cadet Riding Lawnmowers

If your compound has overgrown grass, you must find a way to help manage it. Thus, in this section, we will help you understand some of the best-selling lawnmowers from Cub Cadet company. However, remember the list is only valid during reviews, and it is entitled to changes in the future. This means always keep checking.

Otherwise, ranking up the list is Mini Riding Mower CC30H, perfect for tight lawns due to its smaller size. It gives every grass blade its preferred affection. Additionally, the equipment has a 344 CC engine w featuring a single-blade deck to dispose of the shedding sideway. You can use it to move a lawn size of one acre; hence not good for use in rugged and obstacles in a yard.

Here also comes an advanced option, XT Enduro Series XT1 LT42E, which takes 4 hours to recharge, and its battery life lasts 90 minutes working. It is the perfect choice for moving close to 2-acre land, and its battery produces 56-volt power from its 110v outlet. The mower is good if you don't want to rely on gas or fuel.

The famous Ultima Series ZT ZT1 46 precisely offers clipping because it features AeroForce Deck, and its steel frame makes it last longer while conquering all those unruly bluffs. The machine is powered using the 725 CC twin-cylinder engine. No more calling lawnmowers batmobile.

Adding up to the list is Ultima Series ZT ZT1 42E, and it can even plug into any outlet of 110 volts and features a zero-degree turning radius. It has a strong steel frame with a 20x8-8 rear wheel, and nothing can stop you from owning this machine. Among the machines, Electric Mini Riding Mower CC30E is the powerful and cute mower equipment from Cub Cadet. It is capable of mowing green turtle shells, banana peels, etc. With a button click, you can start mowing and slicing with your control. This equipment works well in confined spaces, flat and small areas.

This list is large, and some you will access from their website because of time. And these include the Cordless Lawn Mower SCP21E containing a versatile 3 in 1 side bag. Though it's a push mower, it is worth getting because it is an agile mower with a 60-volt battery capable of sustaining one hour of mowing half an acre.

The above mowing or garden tools are perfect for different occasions. The selection depends on your needs, the size of the lawn, and your budget. Otherwise, the equipment is meant to help people with a small lawn and a bumpy yard; if you're tired of pushing mowers, go for it or need a comfortable machine with more control, Cub Cadet has alternatives for you in their store. Achieve a decent grass patch with the above Cub Cadet riding mowers.

Customer Review

Our Cub Cadet review takes another direction to analyze the customer testimonials and help you decide on the perfect tool. This will involve an evaluation of the company's integrity, goodwill, and honesty in what they say on their website.

Therefore, there are multiple sites with customer reviews as well. But we will start with Amazon, where XT1 Enduro Series Kohler Hydrostatic equipment scores 2.6 stars after 21 global ratings. On The Lawn Review site, the author also reviews XT1 LT42 and LT46 from Cub Cadet, which is perfect for the Lawn tractors with a good cutting width. The author also goes through the factors such as their usability, comfort, transmissions, and other accessories.

Looking at the Products Review site, the customer also leaves mixed feedback. Although most of them are negative, this site still has positive reviews. for instance:-

"I've had a mower for 14 years, and it's still functioning smoothly! Of course, I've also taken good care of it. I changed the straps, the PTO, the PTO switch, and the fuel filter. Aside from that, the deck is in excellent condition, with no rust on the body or the deck itself. It has performed admirably, and I adore it."

And on the Consumer Affairs website, our review came across numerous pieces of feedback. After combining all these, the company scores 3.9 stars after 668 ratings. Thus, only some people mention the drawbacks, such as mower slipping, warranty issues, etc., but many customers are generally happy with the mowers. Here is more evidence if you want:-

"The mower is ideal for my brother's business and me; we've been using it daily for nearly two years. There have been some issues with the mower. As a result, we must fire it up with starting fluid, but if you keep it in good condition, it will continue to serve you. It will do an excellent job if you use it as frequently as I do to keep the blades sharp. The Lawnmower has improved my stripes and made me ten times better at striping lawns; the stripes are beautiful and simple to apply. Thank you very much!"

There is also an excellent review of the Home Depot website and likewise on the Road Trains, where the author concentrates on features such as power and drive, cutting deck, operational extras, serviceability, and useability and then, in the end, evaluates the strength and weaknesses of the company.

That was well said. Cub Cadet remains an excellent choice for high quality, durability, and efficiency, as well as comfortable mowers for your lawn. Although a few customers highlighted a few challenges, the customer support team addressed them.

Where to Buy Cub Cadet

In this review, we have numerous stores where you can easily order the Cub Cadet tools and supplies. But first of all, their official store is a perfect place, to begin with, and they enjoy numerous deals and quality or genuine tools in the store.

That is Besides the above store, we also noted other online retailers. Here, you can use the store locator feature on the web page to access the nearby store based on location. Otherwise, here's a list of the few assessed retailers with Cut Cadet products:

Does Cub Cadet sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Cub Cadet stores on Amazon.

Is Cub Cadet Worth It?

Of all the Lawn -care brands online, Cub Cadet is one of the unique companies that guarantees customers a favorable shipping policy and 14 days return window on the products. However, customers are entitled to the return shipping cost at all times. Besides that, these guys manufacture their garden tools from the local area, hence offering society jobs and using local materials.

Therefore, their technical experts ensure the tools are comfortable and powerful for outdoor activities. With numerous positive feedback online, some customers have complimented the lucrative deals like free shipping and discounts on their efficient equipment. If you want a high-powered lawn mower that relies on gas, we guarantee that Cub Cadet is worth checking out.

From the research, we are pleased to conclude that Cub Cadet garden tools are perfect and fit within your budget. Thus, they are worth your time check out and your money to ride and have a happy mowing as you wish.

Cub Cadet Discounts

As one of the garden tool manufacturing companies, Cub Cadet is very kind and has customers at heart. For this reason, they offer many lucrative deals to save money if you are their customer. First, the company ensures they have a financing option on most of the tools from their store. For they have numerous products with their particular pricing, you can review them to understand the financing option below each.

The important thing is the promotions they give you. When researching this company, we realized that the company is offering a $500 rebate for the current first responders under the equine club and other special cases like the military staff.

However, this only applies to the particular pro products in the inventory. They also give 15% off if you are a member of the national association of landscape professionals when you purchase. Lastly, all landscapers can enjoy the 20% off discounts with the fleet discount plans on their web page. There are numerous deals, but to have full access, subscribe to their newsletters for constant updates.

Cub Cadet Contact

You can contact the Cub Cadet using numerous methods. The above reviews have not answered all your questions but need clarification. Their support team can attend to you immediately if you want to. Therefore, if you are a phone talker, call them at (877) 428 2349. This number is operational from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 5 pm EDT.

You can count on other means if that is not your preferred method. This includes using the live chat feature. Visit their website and access this button for swift communication. The chat is also available from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 7 pm EDT. Go the extra mile and contact them on their social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. the team is readily available anytime to address all your concerns. They also share their latest deals on these handles to help you save.


Q. Who is the current owner of Cub Cadet company?

From the current information and based on the details found in the above reviews, the company is currently operated by the MTD products from its parent company. Therefore, it is MTD products from the Cub Cadet company.

Q. Where are Cub Cadet manufacturing plants situated?

First, MTD products own the Cub Cadet brand. And from the history and current information we got online, all their Cub Cadet garden equipment or tools are manufactured in facilities based in Ohio. Or rather, they are manufactured in the Ohio warehouse.

Q. Where does the Cub Cadet ship their tools to?

First, the company outlines that if you are a customer based outside the U territories or the continental US, you must call the support team at 1-800-782-2700 before placing your order. However, all the orders delivered within aUS region take 3 to 5 business days to arrive. But if your order is urgent, you use the expedited shipping option, which is a bit pricey.

For instance, if your total order falls within $14.99, then you will pay a shipping fee of $5; if it's between $15 to $29.99, the shipping charge is $8; from $30 to $44.99, it costs you $9 while orders above $45 are shipped for free. Still, the company has the LessThan Truckload as an alternative shipping or delivery option if your order is big. For this care, your shipment will take about 7 business days maximum for delivery.

The shipping option also has a related charge: an order below $500 costs you $29, while an order above $2000 costs customers a delivery fee of $119. refers to their website for more charges if need be. Otherwise, the above charges and shipping only apply to US-based orders. The charge and shipping method highly depend on your region for international customers.

Q. Does Cub Cadet offer a return policy?

There is good news here: Cub Cadet gives all customers 14 days as the return period on all their newly purchased tools or garden supplies. However, for the order to be marked eligible, the products must be kept in their original condition, unused and new as always. But remember that all the return shipping costs are passed over to the customers.


In the above reviews, we have covered the Cub Cadet company, from the historical perspective to the best-selling products, its shipping and return options, and evaluate its worth based on numerous positive customer feedbacks.

The company has been in the industry for a long time and can be a perfect option for people with bumpy yards, small lawns, and people who want comfort and control instead of pushing old movers. The company aims to give customers happy mowing with high-quality, long-lasting garden tools that stand the test of time.

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