JuJuBe Diaper Bags Review: Combining Elegance and Practicality in Parenting Essentials

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Does JuJuBe Diaper bags feature advanced properties to make them worth that expensive price tag? To get the relevant answer to such a concern, read our JuJuBe Diaper Bags review to the end. Here comes an honest experience to guide you through investing.

Customers from around the world are struggling. If you are among these individuals and wish to upgrade the genetic difference to get something ideal; and practical, then you must be having a hard time locating one honest brand from multiple. There are different rated diaper bags on the market, but other people have different preferences.

While choosing between different brands, it is also advisable to consider the quality over the pricing tags as well as the extensive collection to select from. Over the years, we have done many brand reviews on diaper bags, but today, we will feature one and only famous JuJuBe Diaper Bags. The company promises unique styles and different patterns; we need to find out if all these meet your needs and if the style saves mamas out there.

Therefore, in this JuJuBe Diaper Bags review, we will start with the brand itself and how it evolved to the market, their best selling Diaper bags, the promotional services, connect and sum up with the customer feedback to give us a highlight whether the company is worth your attention. Without wasting time, let us get started with the company background.

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JuJuBe Diaper Bags Review

JuJuBe is a company that specializes in offering diaper bags alongside the accessories to the market. They have an extensive collection of bags ranging from duffels to cross bodies and totes, as well as backpacks to cover all your routine and baby needs while you carry out your chores. The firm has recorded international success, and because of its reputation, they have been mentioned in popular publications such as U.S.

Weekly Parenting, Healthline, The New York Times, etc. Most editors are enthusiasts of these spacious and stylish diaper bags online; hence, they have managed to be endorsed by the famous Disney, hello Kitty, etc. JuJuBe was founded by Kristin Hunziker and Joe Croft in 2005.

From the website, the brand praises the founders stating that they are veterans in the industry, not only for the outdoor but also for the apparel and action sports industry, etc. also, from their expertise, the two decided to birth it out and design the baby brand products the world. Today, JuJuBe is here to offer parents solutions that are eco-conscious, stylish, durable, and versatile diaper bags.

It has elegant diaper bags, which are still spacious. Though it is based in Irvine-California, the company raises the bar by getting you what you deserve as a parent through their impressive baby bags. The bags are designed using antimicrobial and anti-stain material featuring memory foam changing pads. The whole collection is machine washable, which presents planets with convenience.

Through Their mission to help and support parents, they have partnered with the media franchise to ensure their bags are lively in different locations worldwide. In the collection, JuJuBe offers you more than diaper bags. They also give you access to the Be Charged Slotted Card Case, making it sell beyond your expectations. The brand has an impressive audience base on its social media accounts, which is terrific. Before going into the best sellers, here is a bird eye comparison between the pros and cons of JuJuBe company.

JuJuBe Diaper Bags Pros:

JuJuBe Diaper Bags Cons:

Why We Like JuJuBe Diaper Bags

The brand review can be rated as doo-doo if it does not detail some of the best-selling products. We have seen that these JuJuBe Diaper Bags are ideal for drumroll parents. That is the parent with kids in specific.

They are designed to help Tote-bag moms around the world as well as backpack dads. The company gives you access to multiple styles featuring different unique prints. Therefore, if you are a duffel buddy, the JuJuBe superstar is here for you. Otherwise, we will head to the best-selling classic products and bags under each category, from diaper bags to changing pads.

The Best-Selling JuJuBe Diaper Bags

There are many diaper backs here to try out. The collection ranges from the duffel to the tote, backpack, and hybrids. These bags come in different styles, allowing you to wear them in various approaches and make your baby comfortable to fit your lifestyle. The best-selling diaper bags here are outlined below. JuJuBe B.F.F. Diaper Bag: The Monarch leads our list, and besides being sleek in design, it is also versatile with black prints.

It features 12 pockets, memory foam changing pads, adjustable as well as detachable straps, and is spacious. You can carry the bag as a backpack, tote bag, or messenger. On the block prints, there is a gold zipper, and its interior is treated using silver so that it becomes resistant to bacteria, and the exterior remains strain resistant. Coming second is Diaper Bag – The First Lady.

This resembles the Monarch but comes with a unique print. This bag is classic featuring white and black stripes with a gold zipper. It spreads the classy kate spade vibe to the world. Whichever suits you, you can use the bag as a backpack, tote, or messenger, and it also has 12 pockets, a spill-resistant exterior, and bacterial resistant interior. This real magic is machine washable. Diaper Bag – Queen of the Nile is also among the best-selling bags under this category and is flexible to be sure as a tote, backpack, or messenger.

Featuring a matte gold zipper, the bag is a black and white chevron. It is designed with high-quality material that resists any spill and bacteria. It contains memory foam changing pads, numerous pockets, and crumb drains. JuJuBe Be Right Back Legacy, or The Dutchess, is a  perfect backpack that is black print, though it has white spots. Their interior lining feature beige while the exterior zippers are gold, making it simple style and classic.

It has many bacteria and strain-resistant features and padded shoulder straps to give ergonomic comfort. Above all, it is machine washable. Lastly, we have JuJuBe Be Right Back – Geo on the list. This backpack resembles The Dutchess in everything but has multiple 0' pockets. It has a black and white patterned shade and shape resembling the chevron though square., circle, diamond, and rectangle styles to select from.

The Best-Selling JuJuBe Changing Pads

The accessories under this category make the parents' lifestyle simple and easy to manage for their babies while performing other duties. We have highlighted one of the best-selling and innovative changing pads for you to give a try. JuJuBe Changing Pad – Navy Dutchess is among the essential accessories to have. It brings extra pizazz, which comes in terms of the white as well as navy polka dot design.

It is designed using soft memory foam, and its interior is bacterial-resistant. This changing pad is reusable as well as machine washable in the arsenal you have. JuJuBe has shown many unique features compared to many competitors. It is thus worth checking out the site and navigation for the collection while you plan for the next purchase.

Customer Review

Before shopping for these real baby accessories and parenting equipment, you must be fully satisfied with what is in the collection. Therefore, the JuJuBe diaper bag review takes a different approach and here explores customer feedback. We have gathered multiple external sites with diverse and mixed reviews, and here is the analyzed feedback.

On their official website jujube.com, there is a detailed blog that reviews the diaper bags, which was analyzed on the mom blog society, and the author praises the products hence ranked as gorgeous among the alternative brands. When you navigate on the Experienced Mommy, the editor also seeks to understand the brand and highlights numerous styles of these diaper bags, which in the end, compliment the outstanding company. The quality was incredible, and the author mentioned the crumb drain as the favorite. The quality and popularity of these bags score 4 stars.

Chick Advisor also features multiple feedbacks, and these are based on the aspects like quality, effectiveness, and value for your money. Generally, the brand scores 4.5 stars and is 4 rated exceptional. One customer left a comment praising the firm:-

"The B.F.F. is a great size, especially for families with multiple children." I take this bag with me when I fly because it's effortless to arrange on the inside with all the pockets and sections. There are numerous styles to select from. They are expensive, but customer service is excellent (in my experience), and they last a long time. Besides a few scratches on the hardware, mine exhibits no signs of wear after three years. They are machine washable as well as antibacterial. I wholeheartedly endorse it!"

On Amazon,  the B.F.F. backpack diaper bag scores 4.1 stars obtained from the 63 global ratings. The customers are impressed with what they received from this marketplace and recommend purchasing. Gear Lab Baby still presents a detailed review of the brand. The author is amazed at this thoughtful bag for their stylish nature, heavy, high-end, expensive, and multifunctional. The rating on the site is based on ease of use, style, quality, and storage capacity.

Then lastly, we have Maman Loups Den, which explores the features and experience of buying these diaper bags highlighting their images for visual presentation. With the Little Day Out  site, the review gives you a reason to smile with these diaper bags on your routine.

Therefore, from our research and experience shopping on the site, mainly the testimonies are positive, and customers are overwhelmed. The functionality, spacious nature as well as high-end quality are perfect.

Where to Buy JuJuBe Diaper Bags

If you are a potential customer and decided to purchase JuJuBe Diaper Bags, do not worry, we have you covered with this. Therefore, JuJuBe Diaper Bags are available with an extensive selection on the official website jujube.com.

However, our research has also managed to prove that these JuJuBe Diaper Bags are available through in-store or online retailers from the US, Canada, etc. among these retailers include though not limited to:-

There are many retailers online that offer JuJuBe Diaper Bags and accessories. And you can quickly locate these stores from their website using the store locator feature.

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Is JuJuBe Diaper Bag Worth It?

We are delighted to conclude that JuJuBe Diaper Bag is worth the investment. This is an honest stand after getting real experience and accessing the testimonies online. We accept that the JuJuBe Diaper Bag is much more expensive than alternative products, and there is no doubt about it. Their bags are made with high-end materials that justify the pricing.

Thus, it gives you value for your money not just because the Diaper bags are comfortable but also durable and versatile. On top of that, JuJuBe Diaper Bag is designed to feature a multifunctional nature, a stylish focus, and spacious in reality. These bags are also available through frequent sales at a reduced price. And from their website, the company has been proven successful and often holds multiple promotional offers and other lucrative deals to save on expenses.

Go for these bags while they are less bank breakable or affordable. We rest assured that JuJuBe Diaper Bag is here to make your dream come true with its impressive diaper bag styles. The brand is worth everything, more accessible,  and has a top-notch customer support team.

JuJuBe Diaper Bags Discounts

While shopping online, there are many ways to save on your expenditure. Many brands give you promotional services and discounted pricing on their sites. The same also applies when ordering the JuJuBe Diaper Bags. The good news here rests on the US-based customer that when you purchase products that add up to $125 and above, the company gives you free SmartPost shipping.

There are also numerous gifts for the loved one at discounted prices. A few of the products still have a warranty, and when purchasing, always look at the information. You can sign up for the mailing list as well as the newsletter to get updates, special offers, and lucrative deals in the future.

Currently, the company has an all-star reward running on the site. If you are military personnel, there is a 20% discount. Follow their social media accounts for promotions, deals, and more. Capitalize on the ALL-stars reward plan and get gift cards and exclusive product deals.

JuJuBe Diaper Bags Contact

Do you still have a pending query about JuJuBe Diaper Bags specifically? You can connect with the JuJuBe company in many ways and resolve your issue. The staff is available on reputable social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Connect with them, follow the accounts, and get all the updates at your comfort. If not, we would refer you to try their phone support at 877-258-5823. If that is not enough, fill in the contact form on their website, and once you submit it, the team will contact you anytime for a reply.

The last option is to curate and send them a mail addressing your concerns through customerservice@ju-ju-be.com. However, you must note that the customer's service hours are fixed from Monday to Friday, starting at 8 am through 8 pm PST time zone. Ask, and the team will address your concern shortly.


Q. Where is JuJuBe headquartered?

In the above review, we have found that the JuJuBe brand is headquartered in Irvine, California, in the U.S.A.

Q. Where are JuJuBe manufacturing plants situated?

Although the information here is not 100% sure, the company is not among the few who overshare their manufacturing of bags information. But one thing is certain; the company is headquartered in Irvine, California. Many sources claim that JuJuBe products are designed or manufactured in China.

Q. The JuJuBe shipping policy

The information on the website clarifies that customers in the U.S. enjoy the free shipping service with the order surpassing the threshold of $75 though this changes with time. However, orders falling below this are subject to shipping charges of $5. However, the company offers expedited shipping but does not mention the charges on the website. Sure, this also varies based on the destination.

Generally, the JuJuBe has many shipping methods. Among them is the U.P.S. ground standard, which takes 24 to 48 hours to process before shipping. On the 2nd day, the orders are delivered within 2 working days. The next day as the name suggests, delivers the next working day. Immediately after the company ships, they send you the confirmation alongside the tracking code to trace your order in transit.

Q. What is the return policy of the JuJuBe brand?

Like other brands, JuJuBe also gives customers a return window of 30 days to return their products to the store. This is from the date you receive the package. However, there are conditions it must meet to be eligible for return.

That is, the product must be unused and still in the new state as well as packaging. However, these guys understand how they can access the condition and grant you a refund. Here, customers must incur the cost of return shipping. And when your order surpasses $250, it is subjected to the 15% restocking fee deducted from the refund.


JuJuBe is a fashion brand offering high-end diaper bags and customer cans selected from over 20 unique styles and 20 themed collections. Regardless of your preference, JuJuBe has you covered. The company is here to save you as a parent and manage your precious time.

We have exhausted everything from the brand overview to the best-selling testimonials,  discounts, and reliable places to purchase. If you want the highest-rated diaper bags at an affordable price and with different designs, guaranteed comfort, and versatility, look further than the JuJuBe brand.

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