Fawn Design Diaper Bag Review: Why Moms Love It?

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Do you think Fawn Design Diaper Bag is typical of a normal brand? There is something you don't know about this company. Besides the famous stylish mom's favorite backpacks, read this Fawn Design Diaper Bag review and learn more about this brand and updated store collection.

For many ladies, especially those with children leaving their homes without a bag is challenging on the way. Emergencies come at any time, and when it gets you unprepared, then be ready for the plague. That is not only limited to the ladies, but generally, the travelers always have something on their way, which ranges from snacks to other outfits as wella s wipes.

Ladies without such emergency preparation are losing their sanity as a mother. Mothers value diaper bags and have taken them as essentials for a long time. Therefore, multiple firms offer relatively high-quality and affordable backpacks in different designs. If you have been in such a situation, you have encountered Fawn Design Diaper Bags.

In this article, we will review this brand and go deeper to evaluate the manufacturing material, the discounts, and some of the best-selling diaper bags on their website and then consider the brand based on customer feedback. There is no need to test when there are previous customers who have had their experience with this brand. Let us start with the company overview before entering the details and customer experience.

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Fawn Design Diaper Bag Review

Fawn Design is a company that was established to help parents by offering high-quality diaper bags to make these new parents look more stylish. In these accessories, the brand ensures that nothing is compromised in terms of functionality. While they have seeable accessories and numerous grow carriers or diaper bags, the company is still developing to attain its goal.

These guys ensure customers have something unique each season in the collection. Historically, Fawn Design was established by Jenny Wecker. This person has a mission to at least one day launch a fascinating diaper bag to the market, which appears gorgeous and aims to serve their mission. She has been an inspiration since when she was young.

By then, she engaged in activities such as learning how to sew with the help of her mother, from where she was also involved in self-drive projects using her sewing machine at home. Using childhood skills, The founder started manufacturing diaper bags featuring a modern and trendy shape, backpack straps, and half-round zipper tops. In manufacturing, she used simple-to-clean faux leather rather than real leather to remain animal friendly.

While still in the development stage, the founder Jenny, introduced the gold hardware detail to the current market; the feature has made these diaper bags extremely famous among friends. With time, Jenny got many orders to make more diaper bags. Out of the increased demand in 2014, she established the Fawn Design brand.

The brand has introduced seven main Fawn Design bags on the market but with numerous accessories. Their demand is so high that there are too many to keep track of, which means these bags are not hand-made by the founder at first. For now, the bags are made and transported to various stores from China through polyurethane faux leather. The materials do not have any lead, BPA or PVC.

Because of its strong reputation and unique diaper bags, the brand has been featured in the People and Forbes popular publications, indicating it is rising into the market with a storm. They have a huge audience base on social media platforms featuring awesome lifestyle photos highlighting outfits that inspire customers.

But the question remains, does Fawn Design deliver what they promise from their website? Stay put; we are now going into details and accessing the collection. For now, we have also highlighted the general pros and cons of the brand. Make a comparison before moving to the next step.

Fawn Design Diaper Bag Pros:

Fawn Design Diaper Bag Cons:

Why We Like Fawn Design Diaper Bag

You can quickly notice multiple changes by comparing the current and old Fawn Design Diaper Bags. The development over time has made many customers fall in love with this brand, and mothers are becoming more modern than ever. The bags are impressive; sometimes, they can work for a specific purpose. It features gold hardware, which makes it appear gorgeous.

The bags are designed using vegan faux leather. Unless mentioned, the bags also contain synthetic material. In general, diaper bags do not contain harmful materials such as PVCs, lead, or BPA. They are not waterproof but water resistant, and you must remember this before submerging the diaper bag in water. Since the whole diaper bags are made with vegan faux leather, interior and outside, you can clean, buy wiping or dampen your bag.

However, when wiping, always utilize non-alcoholic liquid and never put them in a  washing machine for many reasons. In the Fawn Design Diaper Bag package, you will also get the portable changing pad which acts as a clutch. But it's effective in wiping diaper bags and a few plastics.

Looking at the advertisement criteria, this brand targets first-time mothers worldwide through old parents who can still obtain diaper bags. If you are searching for a versatile and inconspicuous, Fawn Design Diaper Bag is here for you. The bags are simple and mobile to travel with.

The Best-Selling Fawn Design Diaper Bags

There are multiple products that Fawn Design offers. Among the target products, today are diaper bags. Thus, under this section, we will highlight some of the best-selling products you can count on while kick-starting your parenting roles as a new or old mother in town.

The Original Diaper Bag leads our line. The bag contains everything that a kid finds on a playdate after lessons. It features six interior walls and exterior packets for you. It also includes an interchangeable messenger strap, top grab handle,  and detachable backpack straps.

All the above features give it a stylish appearance. In most cases, this bag is often called a backpack, but it is finished using gold information and premium pebbled vegan leather. It is always in size 13 by 15 by 8 inches, and you can select from five unique colors, each of which has its pricing point.

Second is The Mini, which functions the same as the Original Diaper bag; however, it goes beyond to highlight its cuteness and compactness. The diaper bag features a half-round zipper at the top, allowing you to open it wide. Though small in size, 10 by 11 by 5 inches, you can still work as a messenger as well as a backpack. They are available at stores, and customers can choose from 5 unique colors.

Following next on the list is The Changing Clutch. This is an alternative for people that do not need a diaper bag. This clutch is also made using vegan faux leather, and you can easily wash it using water and wiping the dirt. It has a leather-changing mat alongside the case, making changing your child much faster, simpler, and even anywhere.

No more worries; the 11 by 7.5 inches size is enough to hold all the essentials. On the market, you can select from 4 different shades: elegant brown, sleek black, dove grey, and pretty blush.

The second last is The Phone Bag. When you have a toddler, managing other things or performing other tasks becomes hard. Thus, other than diaper bags carrying all the nappies, here comes The Phone Bag, which is capable of helping carry the phone by flipping in the matte faux leather designer bag.

You can also store your credit cards using the interior slots to stay safe and adjustable messenger traps to sling your bag on the shoulder. It features a magnetic closure, ensuring the bag is always closed and secure. The Phone Bag measures 4.3 by 1 by 7.25 inches.

The last bag from Fwn Design is The Stroller Hooks. This is one of the unique accessories capable of keeping kids on the move; hence you can easily manage your diapers without challenges. The Stroller Hooks are made using premium vegan leather blended with velcro.

That combination makes wiping a very simple presence of the gold hook, and embossed F.D. matches the gold hardware decor found on the diaper bags. The available colors are grey, blush, and black. Choose today and become a modern mother with the above diapers, bags, and accessories.

Customer Review

While we started by looking at the company overview and highlighting some of the best-selling Fawn Design Diaper bags, we also wanted to complement the claim through the customer's comments. This perspective will give you a clearer image of the brand and whether it's worth your money. Thus, we spend time searching for the customers' feedback online and in the long run, we found multiple sources.

Their official website fawndesign.com has numerous ratings. For this case, we had to consider The Original Diaper bag, which not only had discounts but people praised multiple aspects, including the afterpay services. Many clients are amazed at these bags; thus, out of 289 customer reviews, the bag has scored 4.8 stars. This is excellent and indicates the customer's satisfaction level. One client left a comment stating:-

"I adore the original brown diaper bag!" It has everything you need for the baby and yourself and is very easy to transport. Furthermore, it's quite simple to clean! Overall, it's the ideal diaper bag or even an ordinary carry-on!"

Also, the Designer bag(Stone Gay) on Amazon scores 2.7 stars after ten global ratings. This translates that these customers were averagely satisfied with the purchase. The review is mixed, highlighting a few drawbacks. Going to The Rose Mama site, the blog editor analyzes the brand to prove if the brand's diaper bags are worth the price tag. The author considered the Fawn Design Mini bag and praised the storage capacity, material, affordable pricing, and material used in making these durable bags.

Still, on the High Low Baby website, the blog also studies why the brand has become so popular through its diaper bags. The blog praises the backpack's stylish nature, making it look more like a purse and wider storage. Move Mama Move site sums up everything after analyzing the brand in detail, comparing the pros and cons, then coming up with a summary or conclusion saying:-

"Buy! Purchasing this bag met my need to get an innovative purse. It's fashionable and functional, as I wear it everywhere we go. I even take it with me when I run errands without Chulengo because it is lightweight, stylish, and spacious. It's worth the expensive price tag considering it's held up so well and is functional. "

PN Mag also reviews the company in detail and highlights some major discounts or rewards they offer customers. Leave that alone and go the extra mile to study the review on The Coastal Oak. The author compares the Fawn Design with the Freshly Picked Diaper bags. The author had a hard time differentiating the two as all are amazing, with equal quality and multiple styles to select from. With time, you can go through the review on Arinsolangethome.com.

Generally, Fawn Design Diaper bags are the day's talk for a moving or traveling mother. Most online ratings from multiple sites recommend the brand for its unique styles and long-lasting quality diaper bags.

Where to Buy Fawn Design Diaper Bag

Numerous online retailers offer Fawn Design Diaper Bags and other accessories. However, most importantly, the reliable place to order the bags is directly from the official website fawndesign.com. On the site, you can enjoy multiple promotions and discounted prices as we are about to see lucrative deals. The research also noted the retail partners below selling the Fawn Design Diaper Bag and other products. Some of these are:-

However, confirm the valid warranty based on your location before purchasing these products. Otherwise, you can buy the products from the above sites.

Is Fawn Design Diaper Bag Worth It?

This far, you may still be wondering if Fawn Design Diaper Bag is worth your money. That is well, and we are here to confirm that the brand is worth more than the attention and your time. If you want to become a modern mother and always travel prepared, Fawn Design Diaper Bag is a no-brainer brand with easy-on-the-eye products.

They offer sleep vegan leather diaper bags and ensure they are more than shiny gold hardware. If you are searching online for a purse, check through the Fawn Design collection for a nappy sack on the website. In summary, Fawn Design Diaper Bag is worth the investment. Even though there are a few drawbacks, benefits outshine them based on multiple positive customer reviews online.

In contrast, some customers have highlighted the cons complaining of the unfavorable return policy as well as the quality of bags. This is also a concern, but we pray the brand is improving those challenges to offer 100% customer satisfaction.

While they are expensive regarding customer ratings online, the company is worth it and gives you a stunning look. Therefore, upon fixing one to two things raised by customers online, the Fawn Design Diaper Bag is worth checking out, for they are sustainable and vegan. Give it a try today.

Fawn Design Diaper Bag Discounts

As a routine to our brand reviews, we also go into detail to determine if a brand has any lucrative deals for our customers. Therefore, Fawn Design, though during the time of writing this review, had limited discounts and promotions, at least there is something one can capitalize on it. Fawn Design currently has two primary means to save on your budget.

First of all, you can sign up for the Fawn Design newsletter and all the latest updates or mailing lists to get a chance to scoop a 10% off on the next purchase. Otherwise, the brand guarantees all customers free shipping services on all domestic orders, which surpasses the threshold of 50 bucks and above. In the research, we could not spot any promo code from this brand.

Thus, keep an eye on or subscribe to the updates, follow them on the social media platform and stay updated with everything, including all the lucrative deals on the go.

Fawn Design Diaper Bag Contact

If you have any questions concerning Fawn Design and its products, you must be looking for ways to contact the company. Either way, we still got you covered. Any clarification on the Fawn Design diaper bags can be addressed to the relevant brand customer support team in multiple ways.

Though on the website, the company has highlighted the email at hello@fawndesign.com as the only way to contact the team, we also went the extra mile.

Before that, remember that the team can only reply from Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm MST. Still, we identified their social media accounts for convenient access. Thus, reach out to them through their Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. accounts and engage with them anytime.


Q. Which city is the Fawn Design brand located in?

Cole founded the brand alongside Jenny, dating back to when the two lived in Utah. However, based on the current information, this company has its offices located in Arizona.

Q. Where are Fawn Design manufacturing facilities situated?

From The data in the above Fawn Design reviews, we have seen that these Diapers are specifically manufactured in factories or facilities based in China before shipping to other warehouses around the world. The brand goes beyond by clarifying that these Diaper bags are made with the help of mothers as well as women in general.

Q. Are these Fawn Design diaper bags Cruelty-free or Vegan?

The conclusive answer here is definitely yes. This is because, in the manufacturing process, the brand relies on Faux leather as the material. This material is vegan and cruelty-free, thus safe for humans and the environment.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Fawn Design Company?

The shipping service relies on your location. While the brand claims to offer international services, our research has not been able to locate any shipping charges on their website. Rather, we know that the costs differ, and the main factor playing a role here is the taxes and other customs charges linked to the destination country. However, if you place a domestic order surpassing the $50 and above threshold, you qualify for free shipping.

The firm takes about 1 to 2 business days to process your order before dispatch. They state that domestic orders take about 7 days to deliver domestic orders. The company estimates about 30 days for international orders to deliver to the specifically mentioned destination. Before dispatch, the brand sends customers the confirmation email alongside the tracking code. Thus, you can easily follow the transit of your order up t eh final destination.

Q. What is the return policy of Fawn Design Company?

Unfortunately, the company considers international and gift orders from their official stores as final sales. However, when it comes to domestic orders, customers have a return window of 30 days to test the diaper bags before the brand marks them as final. This window is applicable from the date of purchase. Also, for the orders to be considered valid for the refund, the products must be returned alongside the original confirmation mail and in their original condition, unused.

The website claims the company has the right to deny your return or refund if they realize the returned products do not meet the expected requirements. Returning the products is simple. You can start initiating the process by emailing them at hello@fawndesign.com within 30 days to get the return authorization number before proceeding. Once the request has been authorized, the firm sends you the label and return slip.

You can wrap the products using protective plastic and return them to the official store. Also, note that the company deducts the return shipping cost and restocking charges from the refunded money. When the warehouse through which you returned the products verifies and assesses the return, the company takes 3 to 5 business days to refund your money to the original account. You will get confirmation via your email.


Fawn Design offers high-quality diaper bags made using faux leather. The company has been able to establish a strong reputation on the market for being not only vegan but also sustainable and cruelty-free. There are multiple diaper bags with unique styles which are worth the money. If you are searching for diaper bags to transition your kid at an affordable price, try the Fawn Design and enjoy your adventure worldwide without issues. In the above Fawn Design diaper bags review, we have explored the company overview, gone into some of the best-selling diaper bags and highlighted the multiple customer reviews, which have been vital in evaluating whether this brand is worth attention. Besides the cute appearance, these diaper bags have made everything convenient and simple. This review recommends the bags as our top pick in the favorite list.

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