Target Diaper Return Policy (Something You Should Know!)

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Find out about Target's diaper return policy, including guidelines and restrictions, to ensure a hassle-free return process and customer satisfaction.

When it comes to finding the best baby essentials, Target doesn't just stand a chance. It is your one-stop shop where you can find all sorts of baby necessities like diapers and wipes, among other baby essentials. The store is popular for its lenient diaper return policy that every new parent in town would like to hear.

Target's diaper return policy allows you to return unopened diapers within 90 days of buying them for a full refund. If the diapers have turned out to be small or no longer work for your baby, you can return them within 90 days of purchase. It is an excellent deal for any parent looking to save some bucks on diapers.

This may explain why Target consistently ranks as one of the top diaper retailers. Are there exceptions to Target's diaper return policy? And what is Target's diaper return process like? Here is all you need to know about Target's diaper return policy.

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Target Diaper Return Policy

Target's diaper return policy is similar to other items retailed at the store, but the diapers have some exceptions to the general policy. Here is what the policy states;

Why Target Will Not Accept Opened Diapers?

Most Target stores will not accept opened diapers as returns for various reasons, which include;

Even though Target's diaper policy states that they will not accept opened diapers, there is an exception:

How to Return Diapers at Target?

When it comes to returning items, Target makes it a breeze. You can return anything you don't want or need at any Target store provided you can prove your purchase, and it's within the 90 days since you purchased it. Here's how to go about it:

If you purchased the diapers through the Target app or from, here is how to return your purchase;

Step 1: Open the Target app or log in to your online Target account.

Step 2: Choose Purchases on the app and Orders on

Step 3: Navigate to the order you intend to return and select it.

Step 4: Select return an item.

Step 5: Choose to either return by mail or Return to the store.

Step 6: If you select to Return by mail;

Step 7: Choose the package(diaper) you want to return and select the reason for returning it.

Step 8: Choose either 'Refund item or Replace item' and choose your shipping address.

Step 9: Click Submit and print the shipping label.

Step 10: Stick the label outside your package and drop it off at approved UPS stations.

Step 11: But if you select to return to store option, you will be sent a return barcode. When visiting any Target outlets, you will need the barcode to return the package.

Diaper Exchange at Target

Target's return policy allows you to exchange diapers for different sizes or other items. However, you must observe all the terms and conditions of Target diaper return policy. Thus, if you ordered the wrong size diapers at Target, you can return them and exchange them for the correct size.

The exchanges will depend on the availability of what you want in the store. You can cancel your order and get a refund if it is unavailable. The refund can only be done if you have proof of purchase from Target. Therefore, it would be best to get your exchange done as soon as you realize you need to exchange the diapers.

Amazon Diaper Exchange

Amazon allows you to return unopened diapers to receive a full refund or an exchange, provided it's within 90 days of delivery. However, Amazon does not accept returns on disposable diapers unless they are of incorrect size, defective or incorrect order.

Note: Amazon will only accept the exchange of the diapers if returned within the return window.


Target has a lenient diaper return policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 90 days of purchase. Target will accept the return and issue a full refund or exchange it for another size or style.

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