Freshly Picked Moccasins Review: Is It Safe for Your Baby to Wear?

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Freshly Picked is known for selling handmade moccasins for newborns and young children. They also made stylish sneakers and diaper bags. The convergence of excellence and utility is in their diaper bags.

You're constantly moving when you're a mother. With a Freshly Picked diaper bag backpack, you can deal with any situation while you're away from home. You can find whatever you're looking for in their hand-picked selection, whether you're looking for a conventional diaper bag, a purse, a fanny pack, or something else. Their unique and attractive plans are perfect for mothers who want to express themselves while carrying all the requirements.

Their baby moccasin shoes are hand-stitched in Utah and created to offer your child unrivaled support and style. These baby moccasins are made of premium leather and come in various adorable types that your child will appreciate, from the cute Mary Janes to the charming Oxfords. If you're a Disney or Harry Potter lover, be sure to check out their restricted collections too! Their goal is to create the most consolation possible.

Make putting your baby's shoes a little less complicated (and cuter). Each of their products is lovingly and meticulously put together by teams of local and international artisans, using only the best genuine Italian leather, suede, nylon, and vegetarian leather components. Every detail is addressed to ensure quality.

Soft soles are unique in that they let your child extend their toes and grip the ground like barefoot, which can help kids develop better balance and coordination as they age. Their vintage diaper bag has traveled! It can't be beaten, according to everything from national focus groups to the best-selling diaper bag at Nordstrom to the diaper bag that received the most funding on Kickstarter.

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Freshly Picked Moccasins Review

Freshly Picked was founded by Susan Peterson. In 2009, she could not find baby shoes that fit her son's foot. Because of that, she discovers a lack of cute baby shoes that will suit every baby. She bought leather and created shoes from it. That is when Freshly Picked was born. The Freshly Picked mission is to create fashionable and cute baby shoes that will fit every foot and help them through every step.

Susan believed soft soles are for babies since they still learn to walk. Soft soles allow babies to flex their ties, promoting better balance. Since Susan lives in Utah, it is also the birthplace of Freshly Picked. She always made sure that their products were made from high-quality leather. It is hand-stitched in Utah and designed to provide babies with support and style. They have a lot of available classes and collections, such as Disney or Harry Potter-inspired.

Susan ensures that her products are made to provide maximum comfort and make putting the shoes on the baby easier. Freshly Picked was created from personal experience. The creators understood the struggle and stress when starting a family. It is not about the products their child wears but the moments and memories they share when their children are still young.

Freshly Picked Moccasins Pros:

Freshly Picked Moccasins Cons:

Why Do We Like Freshly Picked Moccasins?

For a new mom, for a mom, or every parent, newborns are precious and need protection, care, and comfort. If you're looking for moccasins that would surely fit your baby's foot and are easier to wear, Freshly Picked has a lot to offer, and it's perfectly safe. Their products come in various styles and colors and will match every occasion. Freshly Picked moccasins have a starting price of $60.

These are easy to wear, handcrafted, and made with high-quality leather. If your baby is learning or practicing how to walk, then these moccasins are perfect for Freshly Picked made sure that they will help support the babies in their journey to walk. They have made an assurance that it will not wear off, and it is specially made for infants and toddlers who are learning.

The company also provides diaper bags for moms to carry their children's things easily. Their diaper bag avoids messes because it is spill-resistant and wipeable with interior and outer metal feet. They have also ensured that their bag is chic, stylish, and versatile. It is available for as low as $200. You can visit their "Moccs" section on their official website to see the varieties of moccasins they offer customers and users.

Under Moccs, you will find a sub-category of "soft sole." you can buy soft soles for as low as $50. They also have unique collaborations to match your style. They guarantee that every decision will suit every gender and personality. They also have " mini soles," a collection line ideal for your baby's playful side. It is made with rubber soles to prevent slipping, and to support outdoor runs, climbs, and walks.

It has a starting price of $60 per pair. Freshly Picked has also collaborated with Disney to support your child's imagination. Your child would want to practice walking upon seeing her favorite Disney character. Freshly Picked also offers sneakers for your babies to match their mom's personality with them. It will bring out your baby's personality. This brand managed to ensure they keep up with the current trend, so your child is always in style.

Customer Review

Freshly Picked has 900k followers on Instagram. There, you will find many reviews and comments on their products. Dads who are unsure what to buy for their newborns go to Freshly Picked and choose the shoes for their toddlers or infants. Many customers said their shoes are 100% worth the hype and vibe.

Eighty percent of buyers at claims that Freshly Picked is true to size. One of its customers said that she loves Freshly Picked moccasins. She has owned three pairs since her baby was still a few months old. The materials of the shoes are high quality, well-made and adorable. There are also a lot of good comments on Amazon.

Where To Buy Freshly Picked Moccasins?

You can buy them on

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Freshly Picked Moccasins Discount and Sales

The Freshly Picked brand offers sales and discounts all year round. They have given codes to gain a value of at least 20%. Your first order is 15% off if you sign up for email notifications. They also have a sale section on their official website.

Is Freshly Picked Moccasins Worth It?

Based on the customer review, Freshly Picked Moccasins are worth it. Customers state that the quality of style is exceptional. Freshly Picked stays true to its purpose and mission, which does not give moms a hard time finding shoes that will fit their baby's feet. For someone wealthy, these are affordable, and it is guaranteed to be made from high-quality leather.

Freshly Picked is now a multimillionaire company, and that is because of the products they produce. Its moccasins will surely match every outfit and are unisex. They also have frequent sales, and you can avail up to a 20% discount. Customers also prove that their shoes are comfortable. It is truly worth the price.


Q. What type of leather does Freshly Picked use?

Freshly Picked has pride in top-quality sourcing leather, and they use 100% genuine cow leather for all its moccasins.

Q. How to know my baby's size?

They have a size guide to see which size will fit your baby's feet, but they have recommended sizing down.

Q. How long does pre-order take to ship?

All pre-order timelines are specific to the kind of product purchased.

Q. How to clean my baby's moccasins?

Freshly Picked recommends using a damp cloth and a small amount of baby detergent. Use only baby detergent since it is gentle and has conditioners to prevent the moccasins from dying. It would help if you saturated the moccasins so the leather is light. Then soak the moccasins with the cleaning solution. Freshly Picked suggests that let the moccasins sit and dry, preferably on the skin.


Should you need further information and questions about their brand, they can be reached thru their official website, phone, and email.

25S 1800 W

Lindon, UT 84042


Freshly Picked is excellent, especially when you need shoes for your toddler. They have a lot to offer and guarantee quality, affordability, and comfort. Just visit their website and learn more products they offer.

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