Is It Hard To Get A Job At Amazon in 2022? (What Should You Know?)

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Are you looking forward to applying for a job at Amazon? The company is one of the most prominent employers in the United States. This is primarily due to its substantial presence in the e-commerce industry. So, how easy is it to get a job at Amazon? We were wondering the same; the following is what we uncovered. 

As Amazon routinely has hundreds of open positions, obtaining employment within the corporation is not as challenging as you anticipate. If working at a fulfillment center appeals to you, you may simply apply online and go through a quick recruiting process. You shouldn't have any trouble getting a job if you're over 18 years old and can pass a background check. Typically, higher-paying jobs require extra qualifications, such as a bachelor's degree. However, it is more difficult to get one of these positions since they are more competitive.

Curious about Amazon’s hiring process? This article is for you.

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Is It Hard to Get A Job At Amazon in 2022?

Relatively speaking, finding a job at Amazon is relatively easy, as there are plenty of open positions at any given time. And during the pandemic, their hiring process seems very streamlined and gives you less hassle, you just need to apply online and go through a quick hiring process, but a background check and age requirement (at least 18 years old) are required.

How Many Jobs Does Amazon Offer?

Amazon is not only a major employer in the United States but also in countries worldwide. It consistently has hundreds of job vacancies available, offering various career pathways for people to explore. The following are some of the job-related fields you can apply to at Amazon:

Remember that hourly-paying jobs, such as retail or warehouses, are often easier to secure. Hourly paying jobs require fewer qualifications than top corporate positions, which often require years of experience in the relevant industry.

What Qualifications Are Necessary For Employment At Amazon?

Entry-level hourly worker occupations typically pay $15 per hour in hourly wages. Before a candidate can be hired as an hourly employee at Amazon, they must satisfy the following primary requirements.

Even though these are Amazon's minimal employment requirements, senior corporate and customer service positions require additional years of relevant experience. At most companies, including Amazon, obtaining a senior-level salaried position is far more difficult due to the additional qualifications required.

If you are interested in a salaried career at Amazon's corporate offices, you should expect a more rigorous hiring process with competition and vetting. Leadership and product management positions are frequently among the company's most desired and lucrative job opportunities.

If you are aspiring for a corporate leadership position, you will need to meet the following requirements:

To better understand the requirements needed, visit Amazon's official website. You can then utilize the information to select the right job to apply to.

How to Submit A Job Application to Amazon

Ready to apply for your dream job at Amazon? Follow the guide below:

Depending on the position, the application process is conducted online and may take between 20 and 40 minutes to complete. You should be aware that you do not need to submit a resume if you are applying for an hourly position.

Constantly check your email for updates regarding a potential in-person or telephone interview with the human resources department. For urgently needed roles, the hiring procedure could take up to a week.


Amazon is always seeking new employees and has many vacant roles ranging from entry-level work to positions higher in the corporate hierarchy. If you are 18 years old, have a high school diploma, and can pass a background check, you stand a good chance of getting an hourly job at Amazon.

However, you will require some prior experience and other credentials, such as an advanced degree or certification, if you seek a higher-level position. To check available Amazon job openings, visit Amazon's official website. Please review the requirements to see whether you qualify for a position you're interested in before applying.

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