Where Can I Use My Amazon Gift Card in 2023? (A Complete Guide)

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Amazon Gift Cards are easy to give and make it more convenient for your recipient to choose something they want. You can use Amazon Gift Cards for millions of items on Amazon and certain physical products sold by third-party merchants. The recipient can spend their gift card balance on a broad range of products at Amazon or certain physical products from third-party sellers that accept Amazon payments.

With millions of people using this card every month, you need to know about the places where you can spend your Amazon gift cards in 2023. Use this list to make sure you don't miss out on anything. The Amazon Gift Card has become one of the most popular gift cards. The Amazon Gift Card can purchase items from any seller on Amazon, making it an extremely flexible option for Christmas gifts and birthday presents.

The Amazon Gift Card is also a great way to save money when shopping at Amazon. You can use the card to make your purchase and then use the balance toward a later purchase on the site. However, many people wonder where they can use their Amazon Gift Cards in 2023. It is a valid question since many other places you can shop online accept gift cards as payment options.

This guide will explore some of these alternatives and how they compare with using an Amazon Gift Card.

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Can I Use Amazon Gift Card for Amazon Basics?

You can use an Amazon gift card to pay for an Amazon Basics purchase. You can add your gift card balance to your account and use it during checkout.

There are many great gifts available through Amazon Basics. This section includes bestselling items such as wireless chargers and smart plugs.

Can I Use My Amazon Gift Card for Amazon Marketplace?

An Amazon gift card is a universal gift card that customers can use on the Amazon Marketplace, which is the platform where third-party sellers sell their products. You can use your Amazon gift card in these third-party seller stores.

If you want to purchase a product from one of these sellers, go to the store's page and add it to your cart.

Can I Use My Amazon Gift Card for Amazon Prime?

Yes, you can use your Amazon Gift Card for Amazon Prime. Gift cards are a great way to give a thoughtful and easy gift to use. If you're giving an Amazon Prime membership as a gift, you can use your gift card to pay the membership fee.

The gift card will be applied directly to your account, so there's no need to enter any payment information. Ensure that your card has enough funds for the membership fee before checking out.

Can I Use My Amazon Gift Card for Kindle?

Kindle is an e-reader that allows you to access a library of books, magazines, and newspapers through Amazon's website. You can also use the Kindle app on your smartphone or tablet to read these materials.

You can use your gift card to buy ebooks, audiobooks, and other digital content on the Kindle Store, or you can use it to buy physical books and magazines from the Kindle Store.

Can I Use My Amazon Gift Card for Audible?

Audible is a subsidiary of Amazon, but it only accepts debit and credit cards for subscription payments. No, you can't use your Amazon Gift Card for Audible. Audible only accepts debit and credit cards, not gift cards.

You can purchase Kindle books with an Amazon gift card, but you'll have to buy a subscription separately for Audible.

Can I Use Amazon Gift Cards for Buying Other Gift Cards?

Unfortunately, you cannot use Amazon Gift Card to purchase other Gift Cards. You can only use your Amazon Gift Card credit to buy eligible products on the Amazon website. Amazon does not offer a way for you to redeem your Amazon Gift Card for cash or gift cards from other merchants.

Can I Use Amazon Gift Card at Whole Foods?

You cannot use Amazon gift cards to pay for your groceries at Whole Foods. Whole Foods is one of the few mass retailers that does not accept Amazon gift cards as payment, but they sell them in-store. You can find them near the checkouts and in the customer service areas of all Whole Foods locations.

Can I Use 2 Amazon Gift Cards At the Same Time?

If your order total exceeds the value of your gift card, you'll be prompted to add a second gift card as a payment method. However, keep in mind that if your cart total exceeds the amount on one of your combined gift cards, then you won't be able to complete checkout until you add more funds or instead use a credit card.

Can I Use Amazon Gift Cards At Gas Stations?

Amazon gift cards are not accepted at gas stations or other merchants requiring cash payment. It includes grocery stores and restaurants (you can't pay with Amazon gift cards at restaurants either). You can't use Amazon gift cards to buy anything from other websites, either—they are only good on the site you purchased from.

Are Amazon Gift Cards and Amazon Cash the Same?

Amazon Cash is a new service that allows you to load money onto your Amazon account by cash at participating retailers. You get a barcode or a verified phone number attached to your Amazon account, and then you can use that barcode or phone number to add money to your Amazon balance at the checkout. The money you add will be available right away, so it's like using an Amazon gift card, but without waiting for it in the mail first.

Amazon gift cards work much like regular gift cards: You give them away as gifts, and whoever gets them can spend them in any way they want on Amazon. The difference between an Amazon gift card and an Amazon cash card is that you get the money right away with an Amazon cash card—you don't have to wait until someone uses it to pay for something on their account.


If you're a frequent shopper on Amazon, you know how handy it can be to have an Amazon gift card. With one of these handy cards, you can pay for anything from books to electronics and even groceries. However, You can't use your gift card to purchase products from Whole Foods.

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