Does Tesco Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

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Over the years, Amazon gift cards have made it more and more convenient for Amazon's customers to shop.  You may be wondering if you can get an Amazon gift card at Tesco, now let's take a look!

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Does Tesco Sell Amazon Gift Cards Now?

Yes, they do. With over 4000 stores, Tesco is the largest retailer in the UK. Tesco mainly retails groceries, but its product portfolio includes clothing, home appliances, beverages, and financial services. Given that Amazon is a dominant player in the retail market in the UK, there is a massive demand for people who want to buy Amazon gift cards to send to their friends, families, or even co-workers. If you are looking forward to buying Amazon gift cards at Tesco, you can get them next to the cash registers.

You can also check in the aisles next to the other gift cards. Tesco sells Amazon gift cards in most of their stores, and therefore there is a high chance you will get them at your local Tesco store. Often, Tesco sells Amazon gift cards from £20 to £100. If you are curious about the Amazon gift cards sold at Tesco and other stores in the UK, please read on.

What is Amazon Gift Card?

An Amazon gift card is a card that is preloaded with a set amount of money and can later be redeemed on Amazon and used to pay for anything bought. Amazon gift cards sold at Tesco are available in denominations of  £20 to  £100at participating stores. However, if you want a more specific amount, you can get a variable denomination card loaded with a specific amount.

There are four types of Amazon gift cards. The first is the Amazon eGift Card. The card is preloaded with a set amount of money and then sent to the recipient via email. The second type is the “Print At Home” Amazon gift card. The card is sent as a pdf and can be further customized. The third type is the standard physical gift card sent to the recipient by mail. The buyer can choose from various designs when using that card. Finally, there is the “Anytime Greeting Card.” The card is loaded after being bought and then sent to the recipient.

Which UK Shops Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

If you are looking for stores other than Tesco where you can buy Amazon gift cards in the UK, the following is a list of stores where you should look.

 What Gift Cards Does Tesco Sell?

Apart from the Amazon gift cards, Tesco sells gift cards from other brands of diverse sectors such as fashion, entertainment, and homeware. You can also get Tesco’s eGift card, which can be used to make purchases in Tesco physical stores but not on their website. The following are some of the other brands whose gift cards can be purchased from Tesco.

How To Buy Gift Cards At Tesco?

The process of buying gift cards at Tesco is straightforward. You can purchase gift cards from physical stores or online stores. If you are buying gift cards from the physical stores, all you have to do is look for the gift cards in the store. Since the gift cards come in fixed denominations, you can buy multiple cards to get the amount you need. After picking up all the cards you want, take them to the cashier to get the cards registered.

If you consider buying gift cards from the online store, you first have to visit Once you land on the page, you can select an eGift card from various brands such as  Airbnb, App Store & Itunes, Costa Coffee, e.t.c. Next, choose the amount you want to be loaded on the card. You can also add a custom message and animation that will be shown to the recipient once they get the card. Tesco will then send or email the recipient a link to the online gift card.

How Much Do Gift Cards Cost At Tesco?

The price of the gift card purchased at Tesco depends on the card's value. Say the card's value is £25, then all you will have to pay for the card is £25. There is no additional cost on the card’s value. If you are buying an eGift card, then the card's price will be the amount of money loaded on the card. Most cards can be loaded with £5 to £150.

Are There Amazon Gift Card Scams To Watch Out For?

There are scammers out there that use manipulative tactics to scam people using Amazon gift cards. A common way they do this is by asking for payments for a product through gift cards. Once the victim has bought the gift card and given the scammers the claim code, the scammers disappear. Amazon has taken note of this issue and has listed some common ways through which people might get scammed using Amazon gift cards or other gift cards sold by Amazon on their official website.

If you think you have fallen victim to a scam, you are encouraged to contact Amazon's Customer Protection Review team.


You can purchase Amazon gift cards at Tesco. The gift cards come in dominations of £20 to £100. The price of the gift cards is no more than the card’s value. Tesco also sells gift cards from other brands other than Amazon. Examples of such brands include Primark, Spotify, Costa Coffee, and One4All. Tesco also sells eGift cards, which customers can use to make purchases in their physical stores.

Other stores other than Tesco that sell Amazon’s gift cards in the UK include Superdrug, Spar, Morrisons, and Nisa. You must take note of online scammers who will tell you to make payments of purchases using gift cards. If you think you have fallen victim to a scam, you should contact Amazon.

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