Is Amazon Coming to New Zealand? (Everything Explained!)

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New Zealand is one of the most popular locations for Amazon to set up shop. We've heard rumors that it could open its doors by 2022, and we're sure you have too. However, before you start getting excited, many questions are still to be answered. This guide will take you through everything you need to know about if, when, and where Amazon will be launching here in New Zealand.

On the heels of speculation that Amazon might be coming to New Zealand, we thought we'd look at what it all means.

It is a big deal because Amazon has already established itself as one of the key players in the e-commerce world. If they come to New Zealand, it will be a significant opportunity for local businesses and consumers alike. But many questions remain: Why is Amazon coming? What would they bring to the country? And what will be next for those who want to sell on Amazon?

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Is Amazon Coming to New Zealand?

According to the New Zealand Herald, Amazon will start selling its products through a New Zealand-based website. While there is currently no word of whether Amazon will open warehouse locations in NZ, New Zealanders will now be able to buy millions of products from, enabling a faster and cheaper delivery instead of ordering from

Where Will Amazon New Zealand Ship From?

It is important to note that at this time, Amazon New Zealand will ship from Australia to New Zealand, which is presently the most local shipping location in New Zealand.

The decision of whether or not Amazon will set up shipping warehouses in New Zealand is still being worked out, but there is no confirmation at this point.

Is Amazon Currently Hiring for New Zealand Locations?

At this time, Amazon does not have any warehouses in New Zealand. However, they do have job openings for New Zealand residents to expand their business and reach more customers in the region. Currently, these positions are available only in Auckland and Wellington.

Amazon Job Categories Available for New Zealanders

The following positions are currently available:

Amazon Shipping Times in New Zealand

Shipping times from Australia to New Zealand will vary depending on the location and region you are shipping to.

According to's shipping information, New Zealand is considered a non-regional shipping location. Therefore it may take between 3-5 business days for non-Prime member packages to arrive in New Zealand. For Prime members in New Zealand, packages from Australia should arrive within 2-4 business days.

Amazon Australia guarantees easy returns for New Zealand customers. Most packages will come with a pre-paid postage label so that packages being sent back can be scheduled for an at-home pick-up. Customers may also return their Amazon packages to a nearby DHL location.

Amazon New Zealand Shipping Costs

For standard shipping, the price falls around A$2.99. Customers in areas such as Auckland and Christchurch have access to expedited delivery, priced at A$6.99.

The prices for Amazon New Zealand shipping depend on the size of your order, the delivery method you choose, and whether you are a Prime member.

If I Live in New Zealand, Can I Order from Amazon US?

You can use Amazon's Global Store, which means you'll have access to Prime shipping and more. For Prime members, international shipping will take between 4-6 business days. For non-Prime members, shipping will usually take 7-10 business days. Unfortunately, purchasing from Amazon Global can be expensive when shipping costs are added.

Though international shipping may be cheaper than domestic shipping if you are a Prime member, non-Prime members will have to pay higher shipping costs when ordering from the Global Store.

Unfortunately, international shipping is not cheap—but it's still worth it! For example, if you are ordering a product that costs $10 and has a 10 kg weight limit, then the price for Priority Shipping from the US to New Zealand would be $16.99 plus $11.75 per kg—a total of $30.74! If you're an Amazon Prime member, your total cost for Priority Shipping would be $13 plus $8.75 per kg—a total of just over $22!

Types of Businesses that Will Be Allowed to Sell on Amazon New Zealand

Amazon New Zealand has opened its doors to small businesses, allowing them to sell their products through the platform.

It includes companies such as Serious Food Co., The Herb Farm, and Bella Honey. The new service is open to all registered businesses in New Zealand, even those with no physical presence in the country.

In addition to purchasing regular Amazon products such as clothes, books, technology, and other items. Businesses such as Serious Food Co., The Herb Farm, and Bella Honey currently sell from Amazon to New Zealanders, leaving other small businesses to follow suit.

Will All Products on Amazon Australia Be Available on Amazon New Zealand?

Unfortunately, some Amazon products are not available to be sold in New Zealand. It is because third-party sellers and other businesses associated with Amazon still retain their stock and only use Amazon as a means to sell their products. Therefore, if the third-party seller is not willing to ship to New Zealand, the products will not be available.

Currently, Amazon is not targeting New Zealand customers specifically, so its distribution model is still primarily focused on pleasing Australian customers.

Is Amazon Prime Video Available in New Zealand?

Amazon Prime Video is available in New Zealand. Customers can sign up for a one-week free trial of Prime Video, and afterward, the streaming service costs AU$8 per month.

Amazon Prime Video users in New Zealand have access to a wide selection of movies and TV shows, including the award-winning series Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle and popular shows like The Tick, The Man in the High Castle, American Gods, and more.

Is Amazon Audible Australia Available in New Zealand?

Amazon Audible Australia is now available in New Zealand. Audible members in New Zealand can now enjoy listening to over 400,000 titles on Audible Australia. Customers can try Audible for 30 days for free. After that, the service costs A$16.45 per month.

To sign up for Audible from New Zealand, customers can do the following:

Step 1: Sign up or sign in to your Amazon account from

Step 2: Click on the side menu and slide down to Audible Australia.

Step 3: Sign up for a 30-day free trial, where you'll be granted one free Audible credit.

Step 4: Download Audible to your mobile device.

Are Amazon Kindle and Kindle Self-Publishing Available to New Zealand Customers?

Having access to Amazon's vast library of eBooks is a dream for any book lover, and now it's even easier for New Zealanders. They can also subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, providing access to over 1 million books. The subscription fee for New Zealand and Australian customers is A$13.99, with a free trial that lasts 30 days.

Since 2013, Kindle Direct Publishing has also been available on and is now available to New Zealand customers. To use Kindle Direct Publishing, New Zealanders can scroll to the bottom of the homepage and tap "Independently Publish With Us."

They can make a publisher's account by logging into their regular Amazon account or creating a new one. Customers using Amazon's publishing platform will receive up to 70% royalties and can publish in either eBook or paperback format.

Is Amazon Associate Available for New Zealanders?

Amazon Associate is available for New Zealanders. Amazon Australia grants access to the Amazon Associates program to anyone who has access to ads and affiliate programs. It will allow customers to display Amazon ads on websites with a .nz web address. To take advantage of this program, customers must have an account on

Does Amazon Australia Offer Discounts and Deals to New Zealand Customers?

Amazon Australia offers several deals and discounts to New Zealand customers. New Zealanders can take advantage of Deal of the Day, Lightning Deals, and Savings & Sales in the Home, Books, Electronics, Toys & Games, Computers, Video Games, and Home Improvement departments. The Fashion department currently doesn't offer these deals.

Bottom Line

We have seen that Amazon Australia has a lot of potential. The New Zealand government will not let this opportunity pass, and it will soon lift the ban on Amazon. We also know that Amazon's entry into New Zealand will be beneficial for the country and its residents, as they will be able to enjoy the same benefits as US customers. So, in 2022, you'll be able to buy products from Amazon Australia without having to wait.

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