Innovo Review: Does It Really Ease Your Embarrassment?

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Suffering from bladder weakness and unable to select the best solution from multiple options on the market? When typical pads do not work, try out the solution with the Innovo high-quality devices to treat the leakage. Find out more in the below review article.

Bladder weakness is a serious problem and mostly affects women. If you are a victim, then understand that this is not your choice either. It is not fun. Taking care of your pelvic floor is something very important in the first place. What a woman goes through during pregnancy is a lot and comes with many issues.

Therefore, this challenge affects women's and men's experiences. Try to find the solution when you cough or laugh and notice some leakage. Though some people recommended pelvic floor exercises, that is not enough. However, we thank innovation, specifically the Innovo brand, for their perfect equipment.

There are many other alternatives, but in this review, we will only focus on Innovo, what they offer, how to use the devices, where and how to purchase, and find out what customers have to say about their experience using the products. Stay tuned to the end as we start with the overview of the company.

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Innovo Review

Innovo is one of a kind brand that has come to save women and a few men experiencing leakage due to bladder weaknesses. The company was founded by Martin Kelly, who made the firm's first appearance in 2016 in Europe. The founder identified this market gap and started working on finding a solution.

Therefore, Innovo today offers a high-quality device capable of preventing bladder leakage while simultaneously letting customers work on exercising the pelvic muscles. Though modern technology was first spotted in Europe, the founder has now expanded to the U as well as the middle east countries.

Innovo device involves pairs of shorts and comes with multipath technology to facilitate your Kegel exercises which also features the perfect spray company. This also comes in a handy starter kit. Because of the impact, it has brought on people, the brand has a huge customer base, and millions of people around the world are served by its brand. Suppose it is still expanding.

However, you need to note that even though the company was launched in Europe, its products are clinically approved to be effective and are designed and made in facilities in the US. The founder understands that leaking is possible to anybody regardless of gender and age, and this review will proceed shame-free. Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with the Innovo devices.

The company has now also been featured in famous magazines like the Parade, First for Women, and US Weekly. Most people online and these magazines recommend these devices for their effectiveness in helping women with leakage issues. It has helped many regain happiness and self-control among friends and families.

In the rest of the Innovo reviews, we will major into customer feedback, go through the best-selling products and promotions, and then find out if the brand is worth the money. If you are looking for pros and cons, here you go.

Innovo Pros:

Innovo Cons:

Why We Like Innovo

The Innovo devices are FDA approved as effective and safe for use. Their functionality is not attributed to magic because it involves the combination of science and convenience that makes the brand famous among people. The company also claims, and we have attested, that they typically supplement your leakage within a 12 weeks journey as long as you have 30 minutes session and at least 5 days every week.

On this journey, you need to start with the starter kit with all you need, including the extra spray replacement bottles and supplement shots. We will go through this in the next section. Generally, the working of these Innovo devices is simple.

This is a perfect choice when you want to exercise and boost your pelvic muscle strength. In the package, you will get access to the spray bottle, which acts as a sensor, a remote for sending the impulse, and a manual with guidelines as well as a pair of shorts.

The kit guarantees customers an invasive treatment they can work out anytime they are comfortable. The combo is good and lasts for 12 weeks on your leak-free journey. You can pay one time or go with the affirm alternative method through installment.

The Best Selling Innovative Supplement Shorts

When you prefer keeping the laundry at its minimum, you would have extra pairs of shots to add to your starter kit package. The company offers supplement shorts to give you peace though they are the same shorts in the kit. And most reviews online recommend selecting the supplement short size for measuring your hip. You can access the sizing on the Innovo website, giving you more options for the shorts. The company also has bike shorts perfect for pairing with any top and sweatshirt.

The Best-Selling Innovo Replacement Bottle

The spray normally offers a barrier between the sensor and skin and prepares your body to receive the electric pulse. And as they recommend, every bottle should only be used for not more than 3 months. Therefore, you can get these spray replacement bottles when you are past 12 weeks but still, wish to proceed with the leak-healing journey. They are available in 250ml, costing you about $20.

Using these Innovo products is very simple. The kit has a guidelines manual with five basic steps where have to spray the sensor on the shorts, slip inside, attach the remote then, make sure you have adjusted the pulse level, be in a comfortable position, and keep the shorts on for at least 30 minutes while you perform the 180 kegels. This should be done at least 5 days weekly to see the results. There are a lot of things we like about the brand.

Customer Review

This brand is a no-brainer when it comes to the Innovo customers' feedback. But also, you need to verify this fact. This is why we have compiled a list of the sites from which you can access the customer rating and compliment our stand. Generally, this company gets glowing customer feedback.

We will start with the official website,, and from here, the company generally gets a 4.5-star rating after 477 reviews. Most of the customers' reviews come from US and Canada-based clients. Among the happy customers, randomly, one of them sums up the review by saying:

"They work effectively! It tried to take some time to find the right fit for me. Presently that I have fully adjustable pads, I am very delighted! The Innovo products are truly effective. I could tell they were working even with the ill-fitting shorts!"

Though this company gets poor reviews from Amazon, out of the 12 global ratings, the pelvic floor exercise shorts gets 2 stars. No worries, you also need to find out what Trustpilot says about these products. About the whooping 1623 reviews on the Trustpilot, Innovo devices score a great rating of 3.9 stars.

This rate shows that most customers are happy with the package they get, and the results are amazing based on the timeframe. Most compliments praised the customer support, refreshing feelings, the results, and the simplicity of the devices. The statement below speaks a lot:

"The shorts are fantastic; they are greatly assisting me. They can be a little unpleasant at times, and making a stand is the best way to use them. I feel so much more secure about leakage, and I've only been wearing them for a couple weeks, so I'm confident I'll be perfectly safe in a couple more. Thank you remarkably much!"

You can also learn more about what customers say about the devices on Indeed-3.3 stars, Tripadvisor, where it gets 3 stars, on 92three30, on SlummySinglemummy site as well as SourceForge. But on the Verified Reviews, the company scores 8.8 out of 10. The 5-star customers had this to say:

"It took some time to get my fit just right. Now that I have fully adjustable pads, I am very glad! The Innovo products are truly effective. I could tell they were working even with the ill-fitting shorts! I wholeheartedly recommend them!"

In summary, the above customer feedback shows many customers recommended the brand for bladder weakness issues. Most of these positive reviews made me thrilled with the Innovo products.

Where to Buy Innovo

If you have made up your mind to purchase an Innovo device and resolve your bladder weakness issues, you must search for the perfect store to deliver your pieces. From our research, the first place to get the devices and other tools is their official website at

However, these Innovo devices are also available in stores found on online retailers. Our research indicated that you purchase from:-

Is Innovo Worth It?

Most people have reported that they usually achieve the normal condition with Innovo; therefore, based on numerous positive feedback online, we should be happy to state that Innovo products are worth your money, time, and resources. When you need to help heal the leakages and attain the required pelvic muscle form, then Innovo devices are what you need. The company offers you a huge collection of products and devices targeting to help women and men with weak bladder.

Hence, Innovo has everything to avoid all the uncomfortable life you have been living and avoid frequent running to the washroom. Fix the problem today with these devices; if you settle for this brand, it's worth it all.

The company also guarantees a feeling of being comfortable and carefree while you carry out your daily routine. You can attain a long-term solution within only 12 weeks. This alone indicates that Innovo devices are worth the investment. While the cost is expensive, the result is assured, and the success rate is so high.

You can also find peace using the brand 30 days risk-free guaranteed results; hence items come with a favorable return policy. Never waste time, as your health is more important than money.

Innovo Discounts

Just like other brands we have previously reviewed, Innovo reviews will not be complete without looking at the discounts part of it. We went through the website and covered a good number of lucrative deals.

For instance, when you sign up on their website, you are guaranteed to receive up to $100 on your first order. The company still has the Affirm financing option, which is perfect when operating on a fixed budget.

A referral program is another thing worth mentioning. So, when you refer a friend, you give them  $100 off on their first orders when they sign up, and on your side, you also get to enjoy the $50 gift card for your next purchase. The research also spotted a promo code STOPLEAK that guarantees you $100 off on the starter kit.

It is always good to follow up on all the deals and promotions once launched. This is because they will help you save a lot of money. Thus, subscribe to their newsletter and stay ahead of other passive members.

Innovo Contact

To his far, everything has been interesting. But wait, do you have any issue that has not been handled in the above review? If so, then the company has different means you can contact them. We have done everything for you. Channel your question through calls at 833-891-6369 or send them an email address However, the support team is only available Monday to Wednesday from 8 am to 7 pm, Thursday from 8 am to 9 pm, and Friday from 8:30 am to 9 pm EST.

The Innovo team and marketing staff are available on social media. Thus, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, etc., and engage with them as they answer all your concerns. The team is available anytime.


Q: Are Innovo devices effective in handling Prolapse challenges?

First, bladder prolapse is simply the leakage and weakness that the bladder shows because of the trauma one goes through during the hormone change and birth or rather heavy lifting exertion. But because the Innovo devices are targeted at ensuring your pelvic floor muscles are strengthened, the devices are thus effective in handling bladder prolapse, symptoms, and discomfort.

Q: Do Medical doctors approve of Innovo products?

From the data online and reviews, the items are not only proven by the medical doctors, but again customers highly recommend them. And on its homepage, Innoo states that 98% of doctors and 90% of users recommend the products. Of all the users, 87% reported the leak healing within 12 weeks, indicating how effective Innovo products are.

Q: How much do Innovo products cost?

While there are many products that Innovo offers customers, their starter kit goes for $450, which takes 12 weeks. However, they also state that customers can reuse the equipment as they want when they purchase the additional pairs, which will cost $150. Still, an extra spray bottle will cost you another $20.

Q: Are Innovo devices effective for everyone?

Bladder Weakens mainly affects women, especially during their pregnancy or menopause. For the best solution, limited options offer affordable devices other than Innovo. These products are backed by science and are simple to use when you have bladder weakness issues. When you have such problems, this product is meant for you.

Q: Where does the Innovo brand ship its products to?

This is one of the brands on the market that guarantees customers fast orders and tracked offers. Therefore, the company ensures that all orders are within 5 business days maximum. They deliver their orders through famous firms like USPS and FedEx.

Other than locality, the company ships its products across Europe, the Middle East, and the US. Besides the free standard or ground shipping, customers can also opt for the fast options available at the checkout point, which costs you another fee. Thus, shipping charges are based on your location.

Q: Can I return the Innovo product to their store?

If you find out that the Innovo products are not working or are ineffective, you can return them to the stores. The company offers you 30 days to return the order as a risk-free trial. So, when the product is not 100% pleasing to you, you can return it for exchange.

To initiate the return process, contact the support team alongside the tracking code to get the refund. But understand that the customer is responsible for the return shipping costs.


Though some people claim the scientific evidence is not pleasing enough, Innovo products effectively handle bladder weakness issues among women and other targeted users. In the above review, we have exhausted everything basic on the brand, from the company overview to the bestselling products, where to purchase them, discounts to the customers' feedback.

Heal the frequent leak and gain confidence while socializing with people. Enjoy these amazing discounts, favorable shipping, and 30 days free trial period.

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