Harry's Razors Review: Are They Really Quality and Affordable?

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Are you still wondering if Harry's Razors are stylish, affordable, and guarantee impressive shaves? Read our  Harry's Razors review and understand everything about this brand as well as refills with the value of the products among people.

From these experiences, most men worldwide started their grooming experience by using disposable single or double blades. And in fact, the blades were free at the gym. However, these razors have been leaving your skin with unattractive skin spots, if not issues like bleeding. But when Gillett came, everything changed, and we started having a good experience with the multi-razor blades.

The blades have developed since 1990 to bring more interesting facts and exciting innovations for many years. And due to the development of technology, we have now come to multiple alternative considerations on the market. There are well-designed, specifically curated razors with premium features. Though it has inspired many people and has perfect packaging, Harry's Razor is one of the brands you must consider.

Thus in this article, we will explore to understand what Harry Razors are, what the company offers you beyond, their best-selling razors, the promotions, and contact details,  and deducing from the customer feedback, we will be able to gauge and come to a conclusion if the brand is worth investment. Keep reading along with us as we kick off with the company background.

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Harry’s Razors Review

Harry is a brand that designs and provides men's razor blades with guaranteed comfort, affordability, and high-quality blades alongside their other specialties in haircare and skin care product packages. Though it is based in the USA, the firm was founded by Andy Katz Mayfield with a friend named Jeff Raider in July 2012.    The duo's design to create the brand fulfills the market gap in the high-quality razor blade for men.

The company even claims that they have a grooming solution for all men. We are here to get into that and find out if they offer what they promise. To an extent, the founders reported having a background in private equity. Tracing from the company's development, the two were not pleased with the overpriced razors on the market and never gave the customers value for their money as they were not friendly to people with sensitive skin.

Because of such reasons, these guys partnered to establish an all-need razor blade for all men, which is meticulously designed and affordable. Well, the company delivers the razors in the comfort of our home. The two also had issues waiting at the drugstore and wanted to unlock such problems with plastic cases and give you access to the perfect, high-quality blades.

The development of this brand has been tremendous, and they have been able to immensely offer what customers need on the market in the men's razor industry. In the employee's docket, these guys have been ranked to consist of over 600 employees, besides their designers, chemists, artisans, and engineers. That is how serious the brand is about the business.

The company also claims that they design their razors using high-quality materials or ingredients which aim to get you perfect results. In this review, we will venture into the best-selling razors. It is among the reasons why most customers love this company.

Most people forget to get the razor cartridge, but the company is here to constantly deliver on how often you need the razor blades with other care products. Before summing up the highlights of the company's background, we now also have the pros and cons to consider.

Harry’s Razors Pros:

Harry’s Razors Cons:

Why We Like Harry’s Razors

Harry's Razors offers you both one-time purchases as well as subscription-based plans. Either way is simple to purchase. In the subscription, customers can choose the razors included in the starter kit. You can go for the Winston Razor or opt for the Truman Razor. The working of Harry's Razors is simple as well. This is because the starter kit features the razor, 2. o ounce shave gel bottle, travel blade cover as well as cartridges.

The cost of the kit depends on the choice of the razor. On top of that, you can also select the refill option. The good news is that the first refill is shipped within 2 weeks after you get your starter kit. The company does not charge your card instantly. Once you choose the subscription, you can proceed with the shaving gel and how often you want to shave.

You have the option to amend the shipping frequency at any time. For instance, you can opt for the 25 to 7 days a week, which comes as a 2-month package, 2 to 4 days a week as a 3-month package, while one day per week gifts you a box of 5 months. Just take a few seconds to create an account and place an order. There are different razor types. You also need to understand where. This will help you in making choices online.

This is because each blade comes with a different pricing plan. The first one comes in as Harry's Blades. Each razor here features similar blades but is purchased differently. From their website, the brand terms it as a German5 blade razor. The blades have a flex hinge for a smooth shaving experience on the face. In comparison, the lubricating strip helps reduce the irritation and the precision trimmer.

These blades come with an autofill option at a discounted price. The second type is The Truman Razor. This is the original razor from this brand, and it is sleek, featuring rubberized handles that are rare to find. These textured patterns on the handle ensure a perfect grip and evade slipping.

It has a weighted core to give you extra control with sharp objects. They are available in different shades. The last type you will get is The Winston Razor. The best but most expensive razor from this brand. The differences come in terms of their handles. Winston features a high-quality handle design using polished chrome and a rubberized grip.

The Best-Selling Harry's Shave Set

This company definitely gives customers the option to order their shaving equipment while in a set. This is recommended, especially when you want to gift someone while saving on a budget. The perfect kit and best-selling on the site include:

The Truman set is here to stay, and this set prevents customers with the option to select matching shades of the handle. In the set, you will get 3 expertly designed razor cartridges, a blade travel cover, and shave cream or foaming gel, depending on your preference.

Wiston Set is expensive and gives you lucrative discounts as well. It also features some products that are 3-blade cartridges, forming gel or instead cream gel, and then blade travel cover. The shave cream is more expensive than the foaming gel.

The Best-Selling Harry's Blades & Shave Gel

The company also gives customers extra products in their collection. Besides the sets, you can purchase separate products from your comfort. And among the best-selling products here are Harry’s Shave Gel. This gel is made to help give skin protection while guaranteeing you a  smooth shave. The presence of hyaluronic acid blended with aloe gives you an impressive soothing foam. They are PETA-approved and toxin-free. You can buy the gel in different sizes.

There is also this famous Harry's Essentials Travel Kit. This is an additional kit on top of the toiletry bag. The affordable kit features the Truman razor, a travel cover, and a travel-size travel gel. However, the package does not feature the essential razor blade.

Besides shaving products, the company also features Harry's Razors Accessories & Skincare products. The company covers essential bathing products, which the conditioning carries the body, face, and bar soap or wash. Still, there are limited products under skincare or hair care. The body wash with the bar soap lets you choose a scent such as fig, stone, or Shiso.

Each comes with a general vibe. The face wash uses volcanic rock and a mixture of mint alongside the eucalyptus. You can customize the razor stand with the popular blades to keep it straight as well as dry for durability.

Customer Review

Harry's Razors review also wanted to know what customers say about their experience using these men's grooming products. As a routine for our brand review, we set sites for the research and decided to sample out multiple sites with honest customer feedback.

Trustpilot is leading in this section with 18886 customer reviews for a 4.5 stars rating. It has an excellent reputation on the Internet. 85% of the customers are extremely happy with the razor and other products. The customer support team is fantastic, the pricing is affordable, and the collection is extensive. If you need proof, one verified customer statement:-

"A portion of my order disappeared but was quickly replaced." Fantastic customer service and an excellent product; this will not be my last purchase. Harry's staying in my restroom."

Observer site also features a detailed blog where the editors tried the dollar shave club alongside Gillette, and the experience was terrific. The same real experience is seen on the Insider, and from the results, the author concludes that the brand is worth the purchase and ranks among the grooming hype on the market. Besides being affordable, they are a young startup on the market and easily accessible.

Consumer Affairs has 355 reviews which give us a rating of 3.3 stars, and though average, it is promising with many people who love different features of this brand. The feedback here provides us with a reason to give it a try. Heading to the Expert Reviews site, the author compares the pros and cons of the brand and, in the end, provides the company with a rating of 4.0 stars because the company gives you a perfect way of shaving.

Then still, here comes Byrdie, which presents a 4.0-star rating on the products. The company has been able to upgrade the shaving experience of many customers. The bottom line compliments the company saying:-

"Harry's The Winston razor offers a soft and pleasant shave for all kinds of skin, as well as any premium product in its segment with replacement cartridges at a less expensive price point than the rivals from Gillette."

The same rating is also found on Things Testing. The platform features 119 reviews, and overall, the customer gives the company 4.26 ratings, which is excellent. Amazon also concludes the review with the 4.2 stars on their popular 2 razors blades-Forest Green, which is arrived at after considering 208 global ratings. Razorist also seeks to know if the company is good. In the full review, the author gives the final verdict recommending the brand for their high-quality razor and other skin or hair care products.

We would never resist recommending this brand for all men's razors and other grooming products. It is worth the purchase and long-time hype in the industry.

Where to Buy Harry’s Razors

There are many sites where you can purchase Harry's Razors and accessories. But for this case, we recommend you try the official store at harrys.com. At this point, you will have the whole collection of Harry's Razors and accessories. But when you take your time and search this brand, you will also get their products designed for men grooming listed under different chains. The research we performed indicated that Harry's Razors are available through online retail like:-

Is Harry’s Razors Worth It?

Accessibility and high-quality blades are what is selling this brand. Actually, Harry’s Razor is worth the wait, and if you are still wondering about its efficacy, we are here to settle everything. Though the company does not have customer ratings directly on the site,  we have researched and analyzed multiple external testimonies.

While they are not all positive, most customers are satisfied with the purchase and experience of using these razors. Among the complaints are the nature of the blades which causes injuries because of their rough designs. Still, few customers have highlighted that their razors fly firm during lousy shaving. Otherwise, the brand gives you multiple discounts and lucrative deals to save on your budget.

The company is simple, with a perfect customer support team available. They have also established a robust reputation online. The razors are designed to help men achieve the ideal grooming experience. Harry's Razor is worth attention to if you want to upgrade your grooming routine. Consider this brand for your next purchase.

Harry’s Razors Discounts

Looking for Harry's Razors discounts and promotions? Well, this is the right place. The company, just like the competitors, focuses on offering customers methods to save on the budget while coming for more. The company gives 1% of the profits to non-profit activities in society targeting men's health care. They also have gift cards for loyal customers, which you can redeem anytime or purchase the products.

Many customers have praised the brand for allowing them to save on bundle purchases. Still, when a customer joins the core membership can easily enjoy multiple deals. These include free engraving services, saving 10% off on all orders, discounted shipping, early access to the products, and special offers.

There is also a chance to partner with the brand and earn cash. When you sign up for the account or newsletter, the company guarantees you 10% off on the first orders. While writing this review, we never accessed any active promo code on the site. Hopefully, there will be more in the future.

Harry’s Razors Contact

You might still have a pending question about the Harry's Razors review or the brand in general. Therefore, many methods exist to contact the company's technical support team. The review might be limited, so we have featured this section. Therefore, the first approach is calling the team through their official phone at 888-212-6855, which they guarantee will be available from 10 am through 6 pm EST time zone.

In contrast, you can also mail them a message using help@harrys.com. This method gets you access to the team anytime, but the reply is promised within 24 hours. The research went beyond and found that Harry's Razors support and marketing team are active on social media accounts. Reach out and follow them on the Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Q. Can I cancel my Harry's Razors subscription?

The website has different subscriptions, but the Shave subscription plan is simple and easy to cancel. Head to the details through your profile, then select the cancel plan opinion from the menu. This button is at the bottom left of the corner of your screen. Still, customers can cancel the subscription plan by heading to the profile page. The subscription doesn't lock you in the program for a specific period. This means the brand does not impose any penalty for any action you take on your account.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Harry's Razors company?

From the above review, the brand clarifies that they do not have a specific period of the month on which they ship their packages to the customer. This means the company ships your order instantly and at any time as long as you place the order. But according to the subscription plans, they give you the delivery based on the range of 2, 3, to 5 months increments.

This begins the time you place your purchase order. Still, the company guarantees customers free shipping when their order surpasses the threshold of $15. But for orders below the point, the company charges you a fixed shipping cost of $3. Unfortunately, the company currently offers to ship to the selected regions: Canada, the US, and the UK.

But we are sure they are expanding their reach and might be available in your region soon. The shipping duration is dependent on the shipping method you selected. These are the expedited economy and Ground. But, generally, orders reach the destination approximately between 1 to 8 working days starting from the time you purchase the plan.

Q. What is the return policy of Harry’s Razors?

This review shows that Harry's Razors have a pretty impressive and simple return policy. The return process is straightforward. The customer has up to 30 days from the date of purchase to return the package to the store and get a full refund. The brand does not mention any specific exceptions here. And this implies that the company gives customers a satisfaction guarantee. Customers are not satisfied with the package; they return to the store.


Harry is a dedicated brand offering customers efficient products designed to give you an impressive shaving experience and guaranteed comfort. In the collection, the company also features skincare products besides razors. Many alternative brands are online, but the choice depends on your preference.

Otherwise, we have covered the brand overview, their best-selling grooming products, and testimonies and narrowed it down to give you discounts and many more to make the firm reputable. Enjoy the attractive shipping and return policy.

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