Indochino Suits Review: Is This Custom Suit Worth Buying?

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Indochino Suits can be the most elegant suit a man can wear. They have created a popular alternative to ready-to-wear apparel by bringing luxury made-to-measure involvement coordination to the customer. 

Most men like to wear suits on every formal occasion to look cleaner and elegant. They wear suits that they prefer to be more specific to the style they want. At Indochino Suits, we can find a variety of exquisite suits that could bring us more handsome. You look good in love, and your suit ought to do too.

It allows you to help you and your groomsmen in finding the ideal suits that fit perfectly. When you wear a suit that flatters your figure and draws attention to your best features, people take notice. They use your measurements and calculations to create perfectly fitting outfits that transform how you look and feel.

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Indochino Suits Review

Indochino was founded with the idea that you shouldn't spend a fortune on a custom closet. They have created a popular alternative to ready-to-wear apparel by bringing luxury made-to-measure involvement coordination to the customer. This strategy has allowed Indochino to grow into the largest custom clothing manufacturer in the world. To create personalized suits, shirts, chinos, coats, and jackets, customers put themselves in the shoes of an innovator.

Lapels, pockets, buttons, linings, and monograms are just a few of the endless customization options available to them. They can choose from hundreds of textures. These apparel items are then produced to their exact measurements and sent directly to their door within three weeks for an excellent fit, hassle-free.

Thanks to their extensive multi-channel involvement, customers may easily arrange their personalized apparel online or in person at one of our more than 50 showrooms across North America. With offices in Dalian, China, and a happy head office in Vancouver, Canada, they employ over 600 people.

Indochino Suits Pros:

Indochino Suits Cons:

Why Do We Like Indochino Suits?

The suit was created from a durable cotton-spandex blend that seems ideal for everyone, including mystery shoppers, salespeople, and cyclists. It may be a utilitarian dream. It's all manageable in this suit. This outfit is thoughtfully manufactured from high-quality materials in addition to being tailored to your unique calculations and decisions.

All their suit jackets are either unstructured with a smaller canvas or partially canvassed (for greater flexibility and shape) (for breathability and loose fit). Additionally, each coat features fully canvassed lapels, bullhorn buttons, light bear cushions, and tall, high-quality collar felts. Classic, flexible and dependable - the Hemsworth is your tried-and-true dark suit. This solid-colored number in unadulterated premium fleece stands up to anything the day-by-day hustle tosses at you.

Indochino suits are built with the best quality components and keen development in addition to being custom-made to your interesting estimations and details. With their luxurious Super 150s wool textures, you can transform any event into something extraordinary. The finest suit in your wardrobe provides coziness, a delicate quality, and that certain edge that makes people take notice.

Everyone should wear a suit to keep up with the fast pace of life. The Howell Traveler Light Gray Suit provides unmatched comfort while allowing you to throw it in your luggage and pull it out wrinkle-free for your meeting the next day, thanks to its nanomaterial innovation and added spandex.

Customer Review

Joe reported that everything went very well! The engagement was fantastic! They took his estimates and helped him with the choosing process while engaging in amazing conversation the entire time. Without a doubt, I recommend it to others! According to Arryn Goods' testimony, they offer fantastic service. The time took longer than expected despite having made an arrangement, yet he didn't feel rushed.

He believes that his outfit will turn out better than expected because his outfit was tailored to his preferences. He had a fitting and a suit made. In taking his estimates and offering advice on how to induce, the professionals were quite skilled and accommodating. The best fit and personalized in the manner that he preferred.

James, a client, stated. Scott Wilson recommended Johnny because he made the process of suit purchasing enjoyable. He was incredibly skilled and did not consider him while making decisions based on various approaches. Johnny valued his supposition because of his intelligence. Since Johnny made the experience so wonderful, he would heartily recommend shopping at Indochino again and has already informed his father to get his follower to go there. Shi Hua Feng had to have a remarkable encounter.

He needed a suit for a forthcoming event. He kept buying off the rack and having it somewhat more custom fit. He booked a deal for the Yorkdale neighborhood. Jordan greeted him as soon as he walked inside the business. Fantastic man who was genuinely sympathetic and helped him from start to finish. From choosing the textures to making estimates, he was nothing but accommodating and thoughtful. He would recommend the showroom experience since it is excellent. He might never go back to off-the-rack, depending on how it fits.

Where to Buy Indochino Suits?

To buy high-quality suits from Indochino, click and look for suits!

Does Indochino Suits sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Indochino Suits stores on Amazon.

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Discounts and Sales

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Are Indochino Suits Worth It?

They increased the textural weight and softened the hand feels for a subtle homage to the past that resulted in modern wear. Each suit also has bullhorn buttons, light bear cushions, thoroughly canvassed lapels, and tall, premium collar felts. In addition to being tailored to your specific dimensions and preferences, Indochino suits are made with premium materials and careful craftsmanship.

All of our suit coats have a half-canvas construction for increased flexibility and a more recognizable shape for your body. It is made from a durable cotton-spandex material suitable for all users, including cyclists, salespeople, and mystery shoppers. Everything is controllable in this garment. This outfit is not only made individually for you based on your calculations and choices, but it is also expertly made from high-quality materials.


Please contact the INDOCHINO Customer Experience team if you have any queries or issues regarding your reorder. Their email is

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I cancel my order?

INDOCHINO apparel is created using the purchaser's unique body measurements and customization preferences. After a purchase, generation on the arrangement immediately begins, and we cannot accept any modifications to orders, including customizations, estimates, and texture preferences.

Relatively recently, when finishing your order on the checkout page, it is excellent if you are sure to review the adjustments and texture selections made, so the item is exactly how you want it to be when delivered. If it's not too difficult, take after this update if you want to make estimation changes to your current profile: Buy Now, Update Measurements Later. Once a purchase has been made with INDOCHINO, no cancellations can be actioned on order.

Q. I just made a purchase. Can the customizations be changed?

We advise you to double-check your texture selection, estimations, and customizations before submitting your purchase because we won't be able to change it once it is in production. If you want more time to consider your options, we advise buying your suit but delaying personalization until you're sure. For up to 14 days, Indochino will hold your order while adjustments are made.

Q. How safe is my transaction? Do you have a record of my credit card information?

To guarantee the complete security of your credit card and personal information, Indochino takes numerous proactive measures. Indochino does not retain complete credit card information on file.


Everything is doable in this suit. This costume is made with care from high-quality fabrics and is personalized to your specific calculations and decisions. Their suit jackets are all unstructured with a smaller canvas or partially canvassed (for increased flexibility and shape) (for breathability and loose fit). If you want to have an elegant suit, Indochino is best for you, bringing you the quality you deserve.

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