Impressions Vanity Mirror Review: Glamorous and Chic Beauty Stations for Every Enthusiast

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Do you want to illuminate your beauty routine with the Impressions Vanity Mirrors? Let us delve into the in-depth Hollywood-inspired brand, explore its best-selling products, and determine if it is a reliable firm in your makeup journey.

As a girl, one of the must-have tools in your beauty bag is the mirror. Well, this applies to narcissistic friends out there because a mirror is one vital tool that guides you to get ready with a simple and faster check to ensure that your face is beautiful and that your hairstyle with a general body is perfect to step out.

Mirrors are not only crucial to ladies, but also gentlemen find them as a must-have tool since they can easily catch food left in the teeth to avoid public embarrassment. For most people, it isn't effortless to go through the daily routine without a mirror.

Therefore, through our brand review series, we were impressed with the Impressions of Vanity Mirrors from the company's first impressions and collections. In this article, we will explore the company in detail, review the collections, learn from the testimonies, and determine if they offer discounts before evaluating whether they are worth the investment. Let us start with the history of the company.

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Impressions Vanity Mirror Review

Impressions Vanity is a brand that offers customers not just glamorous but also chic beauty stations. These stations range from luxurious chairs to functional chairs, as well as impressively lit mirrors. These contemporary as well as classic products or essential makeups have been appreciated by many customers from around the world, from home users to professional beauty enthusiasts.

From its reputation, Impressions Vanity has large followers on social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. Since it has been ranked as the favorite brand among bloggers online, it has been featured on famous media outlets like AAllure, Vogue, Pop Sugar, Buzzfeed, etc. Most media personalities have endorsed the brand because of its reputation and the effectiveness of its contemporary beauty essentials.

In terms of history, Impressions Vanity was founded in 2014 by the current CEO, Kevin Choi. It has gone through struggles and development to become one of the most famous vanity brands worldwide quickly. They have extended their reach, and these contemporary or classic beauty essentials are available in over 2oo retailers in countries such as the UK, the US, Canada as well and Australia.

Regardless of the level of proficiency or the preferences, a pro or a makeup novice in the beauty industry, the company has the Impression mirrors for you to elevate your beauty and perfect appearance. From their collection, you have access to fun home designs such as the Vanity Hello Kitty mirrors to the top-of-the-line Glow Pro mirror, and the likes of the Touch Pro LED makeup mirror or Glow Me Light, etc.

Today, the company has its headquarters based in Tustin, California. This is the exact location where they have their showroom. That is enough as far as history is concerned. In the next section, we are going to explore the best sellers, but before that, let us go through a highlight of the pros and cons of Impressions Vanity Mirror.

Impressions Vanity Mirror Pros:

Impressions Vanity Mirror Cons:

Why We Like Impressions Vanity Mirror

Impressions Vanity is a famous company with an extensive collection of Hollywood-inspired vanity mirrors and makeup ranging from touch LED makeup to the famous vanity ring lights. All these are designed to help you stay organized as well as safe for the individuals who treasure makeup products.

Through The collection, the company has a set of impressive and perfect setups intended to guarantee a customer's glamorous appearance. Many reasons make us rank the company. To help you make the right decision, we will highlight some of the best sellers under each category. Stay with us to the end.

The Best-Selling Impressions Vanity SlayStations

If you want to attain a professional makeup appearance, then the foundation in the makeup collection is the SlayStation. These include the collection of deep drawers featuring mirror tables excellently organized with brush mountains and typical brushes.

These are outfitted with the glamorous and traditional Hollywood-inspired styles of makeup mirrors. It would help if you were not struggling with how to get started with the collection. We are here, and in this section, we will give you the best-selling SlayStations to try and fit in the trend.

Starting our list is the SlayStation Plus Premium Mirrored Vanity Table. This is a real home accessory and makeup item. This elegant item is here to offer the much-needed beauty essentials in the respective places you need to find them. From The website, the tables are available in different shades, from white to black, rose gold, and silver.

It features an impressive glass tabletop with spacious drawers that are mirrored. You can place all your beauty items on this table for a stylish look. They also have crystal knob sparkles for the facades and sparkling light looks. Everything is fully assembled.

Second, in the category is SlayStation Pro Premium Mirrored Vanity Table. This is the big sister to the Slaystation Plus and ranks among the best sellers. It gives you, in fact, a spacious tabletop for the accessories. It also features mirrored facades as well as knobs with a light-catching facade for a luxurious feeling in your room.

You can easily display your cosmetics and accessories through their impressive 3 wide, soft-top drawers beneath the glass table top. It also has 2 storage units with five drawers for extra space for the arsenal of your beauty products. You can customize it with the preferred Glow Pro vanity mirror and frosted and clear bulbs.

The Best-Selling Impressions Vanity Chairs & Accessories

Impressions Vanity is one unique brand that features accessories designed with sporting plush velvet and vegan leather, classic and contemporary. These chairs are designed to complement gorgeous tables in the room. Therefore, we will explore the best-selling chairs as well as accessories to get ready to set up not only a professional room for the client but also ideal for a home beauty routine.

The leading chair on the site is Melissa Swivel Vanity Chair. It comes with cute seashell designs, which are elegantly charming and perfect in the white leatherette. If you have a white and gold-toned makeup room, this is an ideal addition and is available in pink shades. It has features like a 360-degree swivel seat that can adjust to match your height.

Second comes the Pearl Tufted Vanity Chair. This chair has a button-tufted backrest that is also cushioned, ready for the makeup session. They also have the simple-to-move wheelbase top roll in the room while you check your mirrors to justify the appearance. The chair, like the first one, has a 360-degree swivel and adjustable height. Get your preferred shade from pink to gray, black and white.

Alana Swivel Vanity Chair comes next on the list and has a luxurious velvet cover. This chair exudes traditional Hollywood glamor. It is an excellent addition to the makeup room, which features a vintage theme. Compared to other chairs, this also has a 360-degree swivel with an adjustable height lever. It is then outfitted using the sturdy wheelbase.

On their website, you will also see the likes of Foldable Professional Makeup Artist's Chair. This chair gives you that pro look with ideal skills. It is designed using lightweight aluminum and packed for emergency or complete treatment.

The last option we rank as a customer favorite is the Diamond Collection Acrylic Makeup Brush Holder. This is the accessory that features the diamond style knob in the presence of the acrylic makeup organizer; you can hold the makeup products anywhere. It is designed using high-end clear acrylic with flip open top for easy accessibility. The style comes with the 3 compartments at an affordable price.

Customer Review

For this Impressions Vanity Mirror review to be complete, we also had to research multiple customer feedbacks and testimonies. Indeed, there is plenty of positive feedback.

From their official website, the Royale Influence Vanity mirror scores 4.9 stars rating from the 8 reviews. Many customers praise the company for its high quality and perfect lighting. for instance:-

"What a lovely mirror!!" It's straightforward, vibrant & tidy. It's even better than I thought; I adore how the logo remains lit up. You may easily disconnect any light if you don't like it. "The ultimate nightlight."

Trustpilot still features a 1.8-star rating based on the 53 reviews, and this indicates a poor reputation here, but 15% of the customers are extremely satisfied. The same feedback of a 2.1 rating deduced from 5 global ratings is seen on Amazon. Fortunately, 16% compliments the brand for the best services and products.

Likewise, Sweety High has a detailed blog with an author who gets honest feedback based on the real experience from products through to the impressive verdict. When you head to Walmart, still the Hollywood Glow XL Vanity Mirror has 51 reviews leaving it with the 4.8 stars, and this is encouraging.

From 395 reviews, Yelp also indicates a rating of 2.9 stars, but with Ulta Beauty, we saw an attractive rating of 3.4 stars based on 127 reviews. Combining the above praises with the BBB rating of F grade, we always side with the positive side. Many customers have shown absolute satisfaction.

Where to Buy Impressions Vanity Mirror

As a dedicated customer, you need not worry about where to purchase Impressions Vanity Mirror and other accessories. In fact, from the review, you can navigate through the official website and place an order.

You will have an extensive collection of beauty items and lucrative deals here. If you are based in the US, visit them in their physical store in California. From the information, we have also seen that their items are also available in multiple online retailers. among these stores includes:-

Is Impressions Vanity Mirror Worth It?

Most readers wonder if the Impressions Vanity Mirror is worth the investment. But from our point of view and research, we have noted that the products from the company gathered multiple five-star ratings online. We cannot question the quality of their Slaystations items and drawers, but we complement the professional designs, beautiful appearance, and high-quality materials, making them last long.

However, the Impressions Vanity Mirror and accessories cost you an expensive budget; compared with the above qualities, the products are worth the price tag. When you can afford to spend on these items, you will never be disappointed. No customer online has ever complained about an item from this brand indeed. On top of the tables, the company also gives you access to an extensive collection of affordable chairs with other beauty accessories.

In the collection, you will also be able to purchase numerous styles of beauty mirrors with different sizes, as well as pricing. Regardless of the budget, the company gives you something superior for the makeup routine lighting. Most customers have complimented the buying experience and their top-notch customer support team.

Please keep your eyes open when ordering more oversized items because they might be shipped through different firms, which might be costly. Additionally, some mirror vanities come with a 5-year warranty and a guaranteed impressive return policy. If the item does not meet your expectations, you can replace it or seek a refund for the damage claims. To this far, we recommend Impressions Vanity Mirror as a brand worth investment to upgrade your beauty surroundings and routine.

Impressions Vanity Mirror Discounts

This review also wanted to find out if Impressions Vanity Mirror offers customers lucrative deals and discounts to save on their budget. Indeed,  just like other brands, the company currently has multiple approaches to gift the customer. For instance, active black Friday sales are going on, which offer you the option to save up to 70% off and guarantee to enjoy free shipping on the Slaystations.

They are offering black Friday gifts for only $25 and less. For the customer operating under a fixed budget, you can also count on their easy financing option with the pay later method. You can also build your own Glan station through multiple discounted pricing and sales of up to 77% off. This is available under the sales section. For domestic orders, they are offering free shipping on the next purchase.

One can become a retailer and enjoy these warranties from the brand as well. On a lighter note, you can join the team, get special offers, and enjoy the free giveaways and many one-time lifetime deals on the website. For new customers, consider subscribing to the mailing list and get 210% off on the first order with their coupon code sent to your email. Keep checking the site to get all the latest updates for future offers.

Impressions Vanity Mirror Contact

Well, so far, when you need clarification or extra information concerning our Impressions Vanity Mirror review or the company, you can contact the Impressions Vanity support team. We thus took time to evaluate the possible method to contact these guys., From the findings, customers can contact the team using the live chat icon from the website. This is the easiest, most efficient, and faster option.

Otherwise, you can also give them a call through the number (844) 881-0790. Besides that, write them an email and send it to the address at Still, we noted that these technical support teams are also active on social media platforms. Hence, follow them on their Facebook page, Instagram, or X(Twitter) handle and engage with them for updates and clarification about their items.


Q. Where is Impressions Vanity headquartered?

From the above article, we have learned that the Impressions vanity main store is situated in Tustin-California. Still, they claim their stores are also found in places like Melrose Avenue based in LA.

Q. Shipping policy of Impressions Vanity brand

The company offers not only domestic but also international shipping services. As long as you place your order before 2 pm PST time, these guys will process the same day. From the policy section, it will take about 5 to 7 working days to process your order before dispatching. This applies to both the US-based and orders sent to Canada. Other than the standard option, the company also has expedited shipping services. You can get more about this by giving them a call.

They also clarify that if your order contains oversized items, they will not be able to ship to areas such as Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii. In addition, in the case of large items, the company ships using freight carriers, which are subjected to curbside delivery. This implies that the customers must be available to help in uploading the items from the freight truck and carrying them to their homes.

The company insists that you need some people to help you from uploading to carrying and assembling these items once you understand the instructions. To an extent, you must also remember that these freight trucks are sometimes tractor-trailers that cannot turn down side roads.

Thus, you might arrange such delivery to any closest main destination. Therefore, in case you wish to get your item delivered to your home, then you must incur additional charges. Note that the drivers are never involved in carrying your item or unpacking it in whichever situation.

Q. What is the return policy of Impressions Vanity Company?

The company has a very strict and short return window. Upon delivery, the customer has 2 days to contact the team for any return issues when the items are damaged. But you have 30 days to return it to the store when your item does not have any defects and remains in its original condition. Items must also meet some of the few conditions for the return to be triumphant.

First, it must be in its new condition and sealed with original packages. The package must also feature the accessories and attach the proof of purchase as retained. In case of the return, the company states that they will give you a partial refund when the item is not in its original condition or, instead, some pieces are missing. Still, you must incur the return shipping charges.

Your order will still be subjected to the restocking fee of 15 to 20% deducted from the refund. You can initiate the refund or exchange with simple steps. Start by contacting the support team and get the return authorization number. Then, it was processed by shipping the order to the address Impression Vanity Returns Dept, 1402 Morgan Cir., Tustin, CA, 92780, and then waiting for the next notification.


Impressions Vanity is a famous beauty brand that blends functionality with style. The company has become the favorite choice for makeup enthusiasts. In the above review article, we have covered the company's history, highlighted the pros and cons, and explored some of the best-selling items and accessories. Most customers have praised the brand's dedication, top-notch performance, and aesthetics. The Impressions Vanity Mirror is a company worth investment and ready to take your beauty routine and Vanity space to the next level.

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