Vanity Planet Review: *Pros and Cons* Does It Really Work?

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Want to try out a more valuable skincare brand with an exfoliating feature on the market for the next purchase? Try out Vanity Planet and enjoy a massive collection of devices and products. Drastically improves your skin with these products.

While your current skincare products or brand might be effective and guarantee results quickly, you may wish to try a different approach from a different company. Unless you experience it, you cannot understand the efficiency of these brands and the ingredients they carry. We are here to guide you with prior knowledge before making the right decision.

We covered numerous skincare brands, but today, we will also present you with a unique lineup of skincare brands. Many brands claim to help you evaluate your natural beauty through a luxurious regimen, but not all achieve this goal. People have different takes on skincare products. Many indulge in devices, but a large proportion joins the industry because they believe skin care is the food for their soul.

Vanity Planet gives you a perfect starting point if you are new to this sector. If you want to know what this Company has for you, keep reading to the end. We will not highlight the best-selling products but also cover customer feedback, discounts, and online retailers and evaluate their value after going through the Company's history, as seen below.

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Vanity Planet Review

Vanity Planet is more of a cosmetic brand that believes in the fact that every person deserves flawless skin. This means the Company has many products and devices that feature LED mirrors, electric toothbrushes, and clearing wands that target your night and morning skincare activities before bedtime. The coma[ny became famous due to its unique facial cleansing kit, which is made to offer you a refreshing as well as rejuvenating skin appearance.

Vanity Planet is here for beauty lovers and has been featured on popular media outlets, not forgetting Vogue and Allure, and its impressive social media presence. Generally, Vanity Planet was established in 2016 by Alex Dastmalchi. Today, the Company has developed to become a boutique that offers high-end devices and skin care products that carry advanced ingredients and are more accessible from any location.

With its large collection of products, Vanity Planet has a solution for any skin condition. This firm has its headquarters in Orlando-Florida, but they offer products to customers worldwide. If you are a cult favorite, make Vanity Planet your home today.

They have high-quality skin care products ranging from anti-aging to facial cleansing brushes, presenting you with professional home spa-grade beauty products. These guys make your dream achievable as well as approachable. That is more about the mission, vision, and origin of the Vanity Planet brand. To expand more, we have a summary of the pros and cons to help you meditate and make suitable choices.



Why We Like Vanity Planet

Vanity Planet has many skincare products and devices curated to perform particular tasks. The brand does not stop on skincare but also includes makeup and body care products reputable in high-end salons because of the high-quality ingredients. In the beauty niche, the Company has high-end devices that effectively manage teeth and general oral care, such as hair and nail.

Their website has a skin reporter feature, which gives newbies a simple time to get started with the right product or device. Besides giving reason to love the brand, we will also feature some of the best-selling products and devices for you to select.

The Best-Selling Vanity Planet Products

The list is long, but to save time, we will only highlight a few of the products on the market. The rating considers the pricing, customer experience, and our approach. Vanity Planet has an impressive Facial Steamer Aira Ionic. This device aims to detoxify and cleanse your skin by healing the pores and improving circulation.

It has a careful stream steam which is luxurious, as well as comes with hydrating power to leave your skin feeling soft and clear. With simple steaming, your skin will be ready for the next beauty journey as it absorbs all impurities. The device is simple to use and available at a friendly price. Scale Body Analyzer Digital is another top-seller Vanity Planet device that can help monitor your healthy lifestyle and maintain what is needed.

This device relies on the BIA technology to analyze the statistics and composition of your body. It sends undetectable electricity through your body from a metal steel pad to scale your weight and other aspects like fat, water, muscle, and bone mass. This is efficient in achieving your weight goal. Next up is the Vanity Planet Fridge.

This fridge can take your skincare routine to another level with top-notch comforting power. This mini fridge comes with adjustable shelves to store all your everyday basics. If you want to preserve your products and ensure they retain clean ingredients, make them durable, refreshing, and comfortable with this stylish and simple fridge. We cannot forget the GOAT, Spin Brush Raedia Facial Cleansing.

This cleansing product efficiently cleans all the skin dirt, pores, and acne, leaving your skin softer and supple. Through their manageable speed, they can exfoliate the skin and feature ergonomic non-slip handles, which are also water resistant, hence perfect even in the bathroom. It keeps you hygienic through its ventilated case and has four unique head choices based on your preferences.

Second last on our list, here comes Vanity Planet Mirror. This is a perfect alternative to most mirrors on the market. Whether you're looking for a simpler and lightweight mobile mirror, try this option for travel cases. It is made with LED though simple design compatible and portable. It comes with a micro-USB port, if not an LED ring light, which allows you to fold it while traveling.

Then lastly, we would like to sum up with Microderm Wand Exfora. This home-microdermabrasion system can clean impurities and exfoliate your skin, acting as clocking pores. Still, it can manage acne, inflammation, blackheads, etc.; it also plays a vital part in promoting collagen circulation and improvement. Many things accompany this kit, targeting to leave your skin glowing.

Therefore, if you do not like visiting your neighbor alone, try out the Vanity Planet products and devices without breaking the bank. Invest in these ritual products that can manage different skin and hair conditions to create and bring about luxurious feelings at home.

Customer Review

The Vanity Planet review took a different approach and wanted to see how the customers felt. Through their testimonies online, you can make an informed decision. There is amazing feedback online, and our research starts with the official website Currently, there are 59 product reviews and 628 site reviews. From product reviews, the Company scores about 4.5 stars, and a client express stating:-

" It tightens the pores plus fine lines!" I was blown away by how smooth my face appeared with just one application! I will definitely incorporate this into my weekly skin care regimen!!"

The Facial cleansing brush on Amazon also scores 4.4 stars after getting about 3243 global reviews which is a great step in building a reputation. Heading to their Facebook page, the Company has 2.8 stars with 425 reviews. Most customers here are related to the support team, the quality of the makeup as well as the attractive return policy.

Byrdie sums up everything with a 4.7 stars rating, and the blog editor praises the products for rejuvenating the skin. Focusing on the Aira Ionic facial Steamer gave the author the perfect experience, soft skin, and a radiant appearance.

The same positive reviews are available on PureWow, and the blog states that the products from this Company are game changers in the industry for all beauty and skincare routines. The overall impression is amazing and leaves you feeling fresh. Best Buy also presents amazing feedback; 145 reviews give the Company a 4.6 stars rating. A customer that purchased the facial cleansing system concluded:-

" I purchased this on discount and I love it. It comes strongly recommended by me. It does not have a plug, only a USB cord to charge the power source. No issue, I have numerous USB ports."

Trustpilot speaks volumes when you are searching for customer feedback. There are 8771 reviews, and the Company registered 3.3 stars. While it looks average, it stands to impress, especially the 59% 5 stars stats.

Therefore, if you are having difficulty deciding, there is more positive feedback than criticism online. This is a no-brainer and the perfect cosmetic brand to give a try.

Where to Buy Vanity Planet

If you are convinced with the Vanity Planet products and want to try them, the next thing you should be looking for is where to purchase them. Well, there are numerous options to get started with. But the choice depends on your preference and availability of what exactly you want to get delivered.

The first place to order and enjoy the real shopping experience is their official website, Online information indicates that the Company partnered with online retailers to offer you the products. As a guiding approach, we have gathered a few of them:-

Is Vanity Planet Worth It?

If you do not want to spend much on salon services and want to try out the rituals products, then Vanity Planet gives you a whole solution for skin care products and devices. Well, the sacred part of your skin is the beauty regimen that must be impressive and fun.

Therefore, if you have been searching for a product and device that guarantees instant results and efficiency, never look further. Vanity Planet has a strong reputation, and based on the online reviews, the brand is highly rated not just for customer feedback but also on their social media handles. They have partnered with popular online retailers, which has made their products and devices more accessible around the world.

It is safe to conclude that Vanity Planet is worth breaking your bank for. The Company is legit, gives you what you need, and enjoys the value for your money. The firm also has a large collection of devices as well as skincare products in top-select form. It has become an ideal brand with the best self-skincare ritual solution to take you to the top-notch experience in the industry while you create your home salon excitement.

These devices, alongside high-quality products, offer salon services as they aim to cover the numerous needs of different customers simultaneously. Lastly, Vanity Planet gives you a good approach to help customers save on budget. There are multiple discounts and lucrative deals to try. If you have been searching for reliable skin care investments with affordable prices, efficiency, and a luxurious shopping experience, Vanity Planet is worth all these under one roof. Give them a try today or your next ritual skin care products purchase.

Vanity Planet Discounts

So many promotional services are going on the Vanity Planet website. Thus, try out the active offers to save on a budget. This research went into detail and now presents you with some lucrative deals. First, when you sign up for the sms updates, you can enjoy this 20% off on the next purchase. And when you order products from the store using the promo code WPSPRING, you get 15% off, a spring sales offer.

Equally, you can sign up for the mailing list or newsletter and then get a chance to capitalize on the 15% off the first order. Other discounts accompany you when you purchase in bulk; you can have a lot. Head to their sales section and choose from the frequent sales offers on the site. When you refer a friend, you can earn $10, which you can use to purchase the products.

There are many approaches to save more on orders. This also includes the reward program. You get points to redeem later and cut down on the budget. You can find out more from the newsletter or on the updates by following their social media platforms.

Vanity Planet Contact

To this far, before we conclude, we wish you enjoyed our review and gathered something vital. But if you are still concerned and need someone to address the Vanity Planet products, we have you covered. We went the extra mile to analyze different methods to connect the technical team. You can write them a mail and address it to hello @

We never came across a phone number for urgent support, but we were able to access the online contact form, which you can as well count on. On top of that, we engaged with the team on social media platforms to seek clarification on a few matters. Hence, follow them on their Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter for more updates, frequent sales, and deals, and have your concerns sorted in a few.


Q. Who is the founder of the Vanity Planet brand?

As per the current information, the Company is founded, operated, and owned by Alex Dastmalchi, the founder.

Q. Does Vanity Planet have worldwide shipping services?

If you are interested in Vanity Planet products and want to know whether they can ship to your destination, then we are here to clarify. The Company is committed to customer satisfaction and currently offers international shipping.

However, the shipment excludes a few locations: the European Union, Russia, Venezuela, and China. Othwresiee, the charges or shipping fee is accessible at the checkout, which wholly depends on the weight as well as the destination. The international order is estimated to take at least 15 working days, and you must pay extra duties or taxes.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Vanity Planet company?

Well, Vanity Planet promises to offer standard shipping services to customers. The processing time is estimated to be between 2 to 3 working days. And all orders based in the US are estimated to take at least 4 to 7 working days to arrive. However, the Company calculates the shipping costs considering the weight, destination, etc. The chart ranges from orders below $20 cost $6, orders from $20 to $20 charge $7, etc., but orders totaling above $100 will cost you a shipping charge of $10.

Q. Does Vanity Planet company have a favorable return policy?

You can modify or cancel if you realize that the Company failed to deliver your order before processing. All shoppers have one-hour validity to amend the order. Still, if you receive an order and don't seem impressed if it comes with issues, you have 30 days to return them to the store.

This is all domestic orders as well as international. Still, when the brand gets your return request from 31 up to 60 days from the date of purchase, they will evaluate the return but only qualify for the store credit. Beyond the duration, everything is considered a final sale and non-refundable. If you want to initiate the return process, use the portal account, and you will need to have an order number to send the request.

Once approved, the Company sends you the prepaid return shipping label, which is free. Note that the original shipping cost is not refundable here, and all the refunds are done through the same payment method, which takes 10 to 15 days from the date they received your returned package. And immediately after they process the return, they notify you. On top of that, all the Vanity Planet products have a one-year warranty covering the manufacturing defects and allowing you to replace upto two max in a year.


Vanity Planet stands out because of its high-quality beauty devices and products to add to your home beauty routine. If you want to get softer skin in the shortest time possible, make Vanity Planet your friend. Vanity Planet has numerous positive reviews not because of the guaranteed healthy glow but because of its impressive shipping and return policy. Feel relaxed and heal all the blackheads through your favorite brand. Give it a try and achieve your ritual beauty dream at home.

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