How To Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance In 2022 (Can Amazon gift card balance be transferred?)

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Amazon gift cards have become one of the most prevalent ways people send gifts to friends and family. However, many wonder what to do with the card if they don’t want to redeem it. Is there a way to transfer the gift card balance to another account? Keep reading to find out.

Customers can redeem Amazon gift cards and purchase millions of goods and services available on

The gift cards are available for purchase in physical or digital form and come with a pre-loaded amount of money. The convenience and adaptability of gift cards have made them popular. But what do you do if you do not want to redeem your Amazon gift card? You may be wondering if you can transfer the balance to your bank or PayPal account.

Unfortunately, that is not an option. Amazon has imposed restrictions on what you can and cannot do with gift cards. In this blog post, you will learn the restrictions imposed on the gift card and alternative ways to get rid of the card if you do not want to redeem it.

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Can I Transfer My Amazon Gift Card Balance To Someone Else?

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer the gift card balance to someone else after the claim code has been redeemed and entered into an Amazon account. If you want to give your gift card to someone else, you must do so before redeeming the card. Fortunately, that's easy. If you have received an e-gift card, you can simply forward the email to the person you’d love to gift the card to. On the other hand, if you have a physical card, you may transfer the amount to someone else by mailing the card to them before it has been activated.

Can Amazon Gift Cards Be Returned After Purchase?

Unfortunately, you cannot return an Amazon gift card after purchasing it. If you do not want the gift card, you could sell it to someone else. Amazon will not replace gift cards reported stolen or lost.

What Are The Restrictions On Amazon Gift Cards?

If you are looking for ways to get rid of your Amazon gift card, Amazon prohibits you from doing the following.

If you engage in the abovementioned activities, Amazon may prevent you from claiming or redeeming your gift card. Amazon may also take further action on your account, which may result in losing your card without a refund.

How Long Do Amazon Gift Cards Last?

Amazon gift cards have different expiry dates depending on where the card was purchased. For most people, however, the card is valid for up to 10 years after it has been purchased. This will give you ample time to hold on to the card and figure out what to do with it. If you are unsure of your card's expiration date, you can find the information in Gift Cards > Terms and Conditions.

How To Get Rid Of An Amazon Gift Card

As mentioned before, Amazon does not allow you to return or transfer an Amazon gift card. If you don’t know what to do with the card, you could try the following options.

Amazon gives you access to millions of products that you can purchase using a gift card. You should look through your preferred products; perhaps you'll come across something wonderful to purchase. Your gift card balance can also be used to purchase an Amazon Prime and Video membership. With Amazon Prime, you will enjoy benefits such as Prime Shipping and free one-day delivery.

As was previously explained, an Amazon gift card that has already been purchased cannot be returned. The only way to recoup your money is by selling the card. It is important to note that Amazon prohibits customers from reselling their gift cards. Nevertheless, there are countless sites on the internet buying gift cards for cash. You should look for one that is trustworthy and reputable. Once you have found a site, you will need to mail them the card. Other sites, however, make it easy for you. They’ll provide you with an area to put in the card’s code.

They will issue the payment once they have verified the balance. Try websites like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Craigslist if you're looking for a quick way to sell your gift card. Be cautious not to divulge the card's code. Reddit is another well-liked marketplace for selling gift cards. There, you’ll find the dedicated subreddit, Gift Card Exchange (GCX), which is dedicated to getting rid of gift cards that you do not want. You may also exchange a gift card for another of the same value. You should always exercise caution when selling your gift card on an internet marketplace since fraudsters could try to steal the contents of your card.

Another technique is to purchase something from Amazon and then sell it to someone else. You might offer the item for sale online through sites like eBay.

Bottom Line

As of 2022, you cannot transfer your Amazon gift card balance to another account. If you transfer the amount to another person, you must do it before redeeming the card online. If the card was an e-gift card, forwarding the card will enable the recipient of the email to use the card. On the other hand, if the card was a physical one, you could simply mail the card to the new owner. Gift cards cannot be returned once they have been purchased. Therefore, the only way to make money from them is to resell them.

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