How to Check Amazon Gift Card Balance Without Redeeming

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Have you ever wondered how much money is still on an Amazon gift card after receiving one? Perhaps you are afraid to use it until you know how much it will cost. Fortunately, you don't need to redeem your Amazon gift card in order to check its balance.

Gift cards from Amazon are a popular option because they let the recipient select products from a wide range of options. But, not being aware of the remaining balance on the card before making a purchase can be annoying. Amazon, fortunately, offers a straightforward fix for this issue.

You can check the balance on your Amazon gift card without having to redeem it by following the instructions in this article. These simple instructions will help you avoid any potential disappointment or inconvenience by ensuring that you have the right information before making any purchases. Let us now explore the process of checking the balance on your Amazon gift card without any hassles.

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How do you view Amazon gift card balances without redeeming them?

The procedures that are listed below must be followed in order to check the balance on the gift card:

1. Through the Amazon app

You can use your smartphone to check the balance on your gift card if you are using the Amazon app:

Step 1: To begin, make sure your Amazon app is up to date. Then, after logging in, navigate to the "Your Account" section. Tapping on the three-line icon will bring up the option from the left menu bar.

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the list of items and tap the gift card option. You can choose to add balance. Tap it to be prompted to enter your gift card's claim code.

Step 3: Upon entering your claim code, you will be forwarded to the subsequent window where the remaining balance of your gift card will appear. Before adding that to your account, you must now confirm the message. Cancellation is possible before redemption; once redeemed, this task cannot be undone.

Note: Depending on the nation in which you reside, the configurations or orientation might differ slightly. You can use this in any country, and the procedure is nearly the same otherwise.

2. Online on Amazon

If you are using a PC, go to to see the balance on your Amazon gift card.

(Note: Depending on the nation, replace with either .ae

Just adhere to the detailed instructions below:

Step 1: If it is an gift card, first go to and use your login information to log in. Choose "Your Account" from the list using the dropdown menu now.

Step 2: Following that, you'll be presented with the option to buy "Gift cards," which you must choose in order to proceed.

Step 3: There are now two options that you can choose from. One involves redeeming a gift card, and the other has to do with your balance. Tap or click the "Redeem a Gift Card" button to view the balance on your gift card.

Step 4: You will now be prompted to enter the gift card claim code in the following window. Input the claim code—dash excluded—and select "Apply to your balance."

Step 5: The gift card amount will now appear when you click the "Check" button.

(Amazon, however, temporarily turned off this feature. Instead, consider this substitute)

It should be noted that the gift card is going to be credited to your account once you validate that claim code.

How do you check the Amazon gift card balance with the serial number?

These are alternative ways to view the balance on an Amazon Gift Card without using the card:

1. Gift Card Balance Page

To begin with, go to the "Gift Card" section of the Amazon website (, log into the account you created, and browse the store.

You can select the "Check Gift Card Balance" option there. To view your balance without redeeming it, enter your gift card number and click "Check."

2. Amazon customer service

You can also give your gift card number to Amazon customer service when you call them at +1-888-280-4331 instead. Without redeeming it, they are going to verify the balance for you.

3. Check via Email Confirmation

If your gift card arrived via email, you can also locate the "Check your balance" link by opening the original email. The balance of your gift card can then be seen by clicking this link without having to redeem it.

4. During the checkout process

Put things in your Amazon cart first, then check out. Choose "Use a gift card" at checkout and provide the number from your gift card. When the balance is not redeemed, it will be shown.

5. At an Amazon Physical Store

First, stop by an Amazon Go, Amazon Books, or Amazon 4-star store. Without using your gift card, ask a store employee to assist you in checking its balance.

How To Check If Amazon Gift Card Has Been Redeemed:

You will need to verify whether or not your Amazon gift card has been redeemed individually.

You must first attempt to redeem it; if you are unable to do so, you can be positive that the card has been previously used.

How to Use It:

Step 1: You must first visit, which is Amazon's official website.

Step 2: After that, you must enter your Amazon login information to access your account.

Step 3: You must then select Your Account.

Step 4: After that, you must select the Account option.

Step 5: The Gift Cards option box will be visible. Hit the button.

Step 6: Gift cards associated with your Amazon account will be displayed.

Step 7: The gift card must be clicked in order to redeem the tag.

Step 8: Next, enter the code from your gift card and check to see if it is redeemed.

Step 9: The money will be credited to your account if the card hasn't been redeemed.

How To Fix If Amazon Gift Card Is Not Working:

You might want to try this:

Resolving the Gift Card Claim Code Issue:

Your GC may already be in use, or the claim code you are entering may be incorrect if it isn't working.

When you scratched the claim code to unlock the GC claim code, did you injure it?

Next, you must provide Amazon with the 16-digit serial number found on the front of the actual gift card.

A representative from Amazon will get in touch with you shortly to resolve your issue and request any additional information that may be required.

The only person who can assist you will be Amazon; otherwise, there will be no possibility of getting your gift card back.

What should you use your Amazon gift card for?

It'll be time to manage your money when you have redeemed your Amazon gift card and found out how much is left on it.

Simply linking your debit card to your account can be risky since you could easily end up spending more than you have. For this reason, obtaining a gift card is a great idea.

The best three things you can spend your Amazon gift card on that you might not have considered are listed below. Amazon has a vast product selection, which can be overwhelming at times.

These are a few items that can be bought with an Amazon gift card. However, check the value of your Amazon gift card first.

Final Thoughts

You can quickly check the balance on your Amazon gift card without needing to redeem it by following these easy steps. This enables you to monitor your finances and make appropriate plans for your next purchases. You can easily access the necessary information by using the Amazon website, mobile app, customer service, or the special Balance Check page.

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