Buying a Gift on Amazon (All You Need to Know!)

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for a loved one? Look no further than Amazon! From electronics and home goods to toys and books, you'll find something for everyone on your list. 

With the holidays right around the corner, you're probably buying a lot of presents online — or thinking about doing so. While gift-giving is pretty much a dead tradition that should be left to the history books, Amazon makes it easier than ever to buy gifts for people you may or may not actually like.

Whether you want to buy a gift for your wife, husband, child, or even yourself - Amazon will have it. But with so many options available how do you make the right decision? Read on for more information!

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Buying a Gift on Amazon

The Amazon gift feature allows you to place an order and specify it as a gift. The areas of gift selection include wedding gifts, birthdays, holidays, and customs. With these features, you can turn your order into a special gift to your loved one. By adding a friend on a family member to the Gift List, you can always select for them a Wish gift.

You can always share the gift list on social media or through emails. As a registered customer, Amazon's gift service allows you to order and send a gift. When ordering as a guest, you can choose where you want Amazon to send the gift by placing the product in your shopping cart.

How to Make an Amazon Gift Purchase?

When sending an order as a gift, you follow the process below.

Step 1: On your product detail page, select Add to Cart.

Step 2: Check if the order contains a gift box by scrolling down to Order Contains a Gift Box.

Step 3: The go-to Proceed to Check Out.

Step 4: Click Add Gift Options. In this section, you can include the gift message. You can also mend the gift message if the order is outside the delivery process.

Step 5: The go-to Save Gift Options. The gift options will always be subject to change as long as the gift order is outside the shipping process. You can change the gift options by going to Your Order and the select View or Edit Order.

By sending a product as a gift, it allows you to;

After placing the order, the packing slip will show information like name, shipping address, and any gift message. If you intend the gifts for different recipients, Amazon allows you to enter different messages. If the sent gift is wrong upon delivery, the recipient will use the packing slip to return the item to Amazon. When the gift is wrapped, the packing slip will arrive in an envelope: “Do Not Spoil the Surprise.”

What Does Amazon Gift Message Look Like?

Amazon's gift messages are a simple way to let the recipient know why you're sending them a gift. They're also easy to personalize your estate, which can be especially helpful if you buy for someone who has everything. They're easy to create and can be customized to fit any occasion. Here's how to make an Amazon gift message:

They're placed inside the product page hence customers can easily.

Sending a Gift To Someone on Amazon Without Knowing Their Address

Amazon allows you to use their phone number or email address to send someone a gift. The process is below:

Once the gift order is processed, the recipient will receive an email or text with your personalized message and the gift. They then accept the gift and initiate the delivery process. Amazon also allows the recipient to exchange the gift with a gift card.

Amazon Gift Wraps

Most items on Amazon are offered with gift wraps. The gift wraps can inform of a box, gift wrap, a bag appropriate for the item, A decorative ribbon, and a printed card with the gift message. Amazon displays the gift wrap price after entering the shipping address. The gifts will be delivered in their original packaging. However, if you don’t want this, you can select Ship in the Amazon Box, so the contents of the offerings are not revealed. The box option is free of charge.

Return Policy for Amazon Gifts

When the recipient receives the gift and declines it, or the delivered gift is damaged, Amazon allows for its return. To return the gift, use the Gift Return Center and return the product. The recipient can contact Amazon Customer care for clarification if the order number is missing.

Buying a Gift on Amazon for Someone in Another Country

Amazon has a feature that allows you to purchase a gift for someone in another country. The feature only works if the item is available in the delivery country. Amazon uses its fulfillment centers to ensure that the gifts are available. You place your gift order as usual and choose the country of delivery.


Buying gifts for birthdays and holidays is even easier for those with a Prime membership. You can now purchase everything from the latest tech toys to kitchen appliances to clothing, shoes, and accessories for all your gift-giving needs on

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