How to Return an Amazon Gift without the Giver Knowing? (A Full Guide)

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No holiday is complete without surprises, including gifts and unexpected occurrences. Occasionally, a loved one may present you with an unwanted Amazon gift. If you wish to discreetly return such a gift, we have you covered with this helpful guide.

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How to Return an Amazon Gift without the Giver Knowing?

In order to discreetly return an unwanted gift to Amazon, without the giver's knowledge, follow these steps: locate the 17-digit order ID number on the packing slip, submit an Amazon returns request, print the return label, and ship the item back to Amazon. Please note that refunds may take up to 25 days to process, and the sender will not receive any notifications.

Find Your Gift On Amazon

If you want to anonymously return a gift on Amazon, the first step is to locate the gift on the website. Simply enter the 17-digit order number printed on the packing slip for the gift item you wish to return. If you can't find it, there's still a chance: Get in touch with Amazon so that they can locate your shipment using details such as the tracking number and sender's name.

Choose the gift you wish to return, enter the total number of products, and pick your reason for returning from the dropdown menu. In the event that you purchased your item from a third party, you will need to submit a return request; the seller may want further information or seek an explanation before accepting the return.

Choose An Amazon Return Shipping Method

After you fill out the details, Amazon will email you a return label and authorization that you can print. Determine the return shipping method and how you would want to receive your return label. Please note that each return has its own return label; do not mix products from different orders or deliveries into one box. You may use the link to send the gift back at a later time. Alternatively, you can return the gift at a later time by following the link's instructions. Products, including those received as gifts, can be returned to Amazon within 30 days.

The next step to do is to print out a return label. Follow the directions on Amazon's Return Center page to achieve this. This step is optional, as some returns may not require printing. If you do not have access to a printer at this time, Amazon will send you a link to your label through email. You may either print it out or have someone else do it. When you have your return label in hand, you will need to attach it to the package before sending it back to Amazon. The return address is listed on the Return or Replace Items page.

Send the Item Back To Amazon By Packing It Up 

Place your gift and the return authorization inside your package now. Label the outside box and ensure the item is returned unused and with all its original packaging and accessories. And you are ready to send it back. If you want to return an item of clothing, ensure it is clean and hasn't been worn.

When your return is received, your money will be refunded to you in the form of an Amazon gift card, which will be automatically added to your account. Depending on the mode of payment used, it may take a few days for the refund to show up in your account.

When Will You Get Your Refund?

After Amazon receives your returned item, they will provide you with a credit that may be used on Amazon. Always keep in mind that returned items must be in the same condition as when they were acquired, including all packaging and accessories. Your gift return may also be affected if it is determined that the gift was opened and used or damaged. After Amazon processes your return (which might take up to 25 days), you'll get an Amazon gift card for the amount of the returned gift.

Does Kohl's Accept Amazon Gifts Returns?

You can return gifts to Kohl's as long as they are in their original packaging. If you do not have the original packaging, contact the customer service department and request a refund for your gift card. When returning any Amazon purchase from Kohl's, you must have the original receipt, including those bought using Alexa or Fire TV devices. You may check if this option is available at your local Kohl's store through the Amazon Return Center, as not all stores provide it.

Does The Gift-Giver Know If You Return A Gift On Amazon?

The gift-giver is unaware of whether or not you have returned the gift card. Amazon won't inform them, but they can check your account history to determine whether you've already done so. If you get a gift from someone who has never purchased from Amazon before, or if it has been more than two months since they last made a purchase on their account, the giver cannot determine whether or not you still have the gift until they write an email asking about its status. Moreover, they may have to wait some time for a response.

Bottom Line

This article explains how to return an Amazon gift card without the recipient knowing. Returning an Amazon gift is a simple procedure. The only requirements are the order number and original packaging. You may always request a refund from Amazon by contacting them directly. However, there is an alternative that may work better. You may be able to return the item using an online form or by mail. Thus, you will have no communication with the original sender of the gift card.

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