How To Buy Amazon Mystery Box [Step Guide]

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Amazon Mystery boxes have random assorted items of beauty, electronics, toys, accessories, equipment, etc. Always check reviews, seller reputation, price, return policy, and product description before making a purchase.

If you love surprises, then getting the Amazon mystery box is suitable for you. Have you ever stumbled upon YouTubers unboxing Amazon mystery boxes and wondered how they purchased them? Look no further; we will provide an overview of how to buy the Amazon Mystery boxes.

Getting the mystery boxes is not a walk in the park. You need to search for products with something like “mystery box” in the title. There are also some considerations to make.

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What is in The Amazon Mystery Box?

The Amazon mystery boxes tend to contain assorted products, including electronics, beauty products, home equipment, toys, snacks,  collectors, and other accessories. As much as you will need to pay for the mystery box, you get higher-value products than you pay for.

However, you won’t know what is in the box when you make the purchase, but you will like almost everything you get there. Buying the Amazon mystery box is the way to go if you love surprises.

Some of the Amazon mystery boxes focus on one theme or different themes. Mystery boxes from reputable brands can even be used as gifts for your loved ones.

How To Buy Amazon Mystery Box

You can take these steps to purchase an Amazon mystery box you won’t regret.

Step 1: Search for the Amazon Mystery Box

The first step is to search for the mystery box or mystery boxes on the Amazon search bar. You will get some suggestions with the mystery box keyword. Choose the one that you want so that you can check which mystery box can have random items that you will love.

Try and check for items with the word “mystery box.” You might stumble upon some stunning random items.

Step 2: Read the product description

The product description can give you an idea of what to expect. They might even have provided information on the material or the number of products used in making the products. You never know what you will get there. For example, you can get 8 self-care assorted items in the box.

Step 3: Check the reviews

You should choose mystery boxes that have positive reviews. You can also check the comments to see the kind of things people get in that particular mystery box. They won’t always be the same, but at least you will get a glimpse of what to expect. Do they seem like items you will enjoy?

Step 4: Check the seller

Also, before purchasing, ensure you only buy from a high-rated seller. This ensures you only get quality items you can put to good use if the seller has high-quality ratings; you are assured of getting something great.

Also, top sellers end up having the “top seller” badge. Top sellers tend to have high sales, timely delivery, and great customer service. In some cases, the brands also provide information and images of the products to expect.

Step 5: Check the Price

Once you find the mystery boxes with items you would love, start to rule them out using the price. How much are you willing to spend on the item? Also, try to check whether the amount is worth the kind of items you will get in the box. If you can afford only $20, purchase a mystery box worth that; if you have more money, do the same.

The price tends to vary based on the value of the items in the box. If you want to spend below $30, consider checking beauty products, phone accessories, and much more; if below $40, consider kitchen tools, clothes, etc.; if below $50, consider more oversized products.

Step 6: Return policy

Another crucial thing to consider is the return policy. What if you get defective items? Can you return them? In most cases, the return policy is often for a minimum of 14 days to ensure you check the items thoroughly. If the return policy isn’t there, you better think twice.

Step 7: Add to Cart

Once you are satisfied with an item, add it to your cart and checkout. Also, consider the shipping cost to see whether you can afford it. Select your payment method and place your order.

The mystery boxes take about 1-3 business days to get shipped, but you can track them to see when to expect your mystery box.

Step 8: Unbox your item

You can unbox once you get the box to see what is inside. If you do thorough research, you will love what you get there. Also, remember to provide a positive review to the seller due to the great products at that affordable price.

You can even take pictures or a video while unboxing. You can also give people an idea of what to expect even though the boxes tend to have different assorted items based on the brand or seller.

Advantages of Purchasing Amazon Mystery Boxes.

Enjoy The Mystery Box Items At Home

There are a lot of advantages to having mystery boxes than you can imagine. However, always be cautious to ensure you buy from a reputable brand or seller to ensure the products are high quality. For example, if you decide to purchase skin care products, you need the ones that won’t affect your skin at all. Therefore, do your research well to get the best items of all time. Don’t miss out! Purchase your first Amazon mystery box today!  

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