How Often Should You Change Your Pillow

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Undoubtedly, after a tiresome and hectic day, everyone wants to spend their time in a cozy bed. In this regard, a peaceful sleep correlates with your mattress and pillow. Due to this fact, most of you may stay in bed for a longer period of time than at your office or in your car.

However, if the material of your pillow is not appropriate, then several health problems can occur. Eventually, you will wake up complaining about a neckache or stiffness.

It depends on two factors; you may have chosen the wrong pillow, or you may have avoided changed your cushion for years. To prevent this situation, you need to know how long do pillows last.

There are indicators that show how often to replace pillows. Whether or not you have any padding, the inner filling tends to degrade with time. Its shape deteriorates and causes sleep apnea, stiffness, and headaches.

Additionally, your pillow is responsible for giving you acne. Therefore, before it makes you unhealthier, change your headrest today. In this piece, you will learn about the durability of various types of pillows.

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Pillow Type Suggest Change Every
Memory Foam 2 .5 years
Polyfoam 2 .5 years
Down/Feather 1 .5 years
Polyester and Down Alternative 6 months to 2 years
Latex 2 to 4 years
Buckwheat 3 years
Pillowcases 1.5 Years

Validity of Memory Foam Pillow

In the world of pillows, memory foam pillows let you sleep in peace. The headrest contains what is known as viscoelastic, with a filling of polyurethane to elevate its viscosity.

You will be surprised to know this pillow was created by NASA, and after they created it, memory foam started gaining in popularity due to its benefits. The viscoelastic foam pillow adjusts itself according to your body shape. Due to this, you will not experience a stick neck or back in the morning.

Aside from this, memory foam is reactive to temperature. Thus, exposing it to a hot or cold environment makes it hard. It is essential to replace your memory pillow after 18-36 months.

Life of Latex Pillows

Most of you are probably using latex or non-latex pillows of various brands. The primary element of latex headrests is a natural polymer. In most of cases, latex is extracted from rubber plants and trees.

The properties of latex cushions are remarkable, and they help in protecting your health. Unlike a non-latex pillow, they do not contain bacteria or fungi. Instead, latex foam pillows can inhibit the growth of dust mites, mildew, and molds.

Additionally, you can wash your latex headrest whenever it becomes dusty. However, do not try to clean in using a washing machine, but instead do it by hand. If you are successful in caring for this pillow, then it can last from 3-5 years.

Longevity of Polyester/Synthetic Cushions

Polyester is yet another common type of pillow that contains man-made filling. The filling of the pillow results in it having another – the synthetic cushion. It is true that the longevity of the pillow depends on which type of pillow you choose.

In particular, there are two forms of polyester filling. However, it is smarter to pick the high-quality polyester pillow that has a lifespan of 2 years.

The life expectancy of a polyester cushion will increase when you wash it 4-5 times a year. If you are thinking about buying a polyester pillow, then select the one that has 500 gsm of filling.

Life of Down Pillows

Down pillows are suitable for those who want gentle and soft pillows. The undercoat of down pillows is fluffy and feathery. Though down pillows are expensive, they are manufactured with high-grade material.

In most instances, down feather pillows are responsible for causing allergies. The reason for such allergic reactions can be either mold or dust mites. With the passage of time, down pillows become contaminated and can have a severe impact on your health.

You need to replace your down cushion every six months to sleep without restlessness.

Longevity of Wedge Pillows

Do you experience acid reflux and heartburn during the night? If you said yes, then the solution is the Gerd wedge pillow. The condition known as Gerd arises mostly in pregnant or overweight women.

In addition to victims of Gerd, those who have asthma or diabetes should buy a wedge pillow. You are probably questioning how a pillow can treat your asthma or acid reflux. In this regard, this cushion works by elevating the upper portion of your body. This way, the acid does not proceed to the esophagus when you place the wedge pillow on your side.

Unfortunately, it will lose its original shape after some time. Thus, the life expectancy of this cushion is about a year.

Validity of Microbead Headrest

As the name suggests, the microbead pillow contains tiny beads of white color inside of it. It is another type of headrest that is famous for the provision of substantial support. While you travel, the microbead headrest can be your companion, as it is firm. Along with this, microbead pillows are therapeutic and heal various medical conditions.

It is the safest option for those who want to get rid of allergies and acne. However, if you are allergically reactive to synthetic material, then you should not choose this pillow.

The lifespan of the microbead headrest is many years, depending on its care and maintenance. Just like the polyester pillow, selecting the appropriate quality for the microbead cushion makes a massive difference.

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After considering all factors, it is apparent that the better the filling is, the longer the lifespan is for pillows. On the other hand, replacing your favorite pillow is not an easy task for a majority of people.

However, to make the quality of your life productive each day, it is beneficial to replace your pillow. For this reason, this article has covered various types of pillows and their life expectancies.

The longevity of memory foam and latex pillows is higher than other types of pillows. Therefore, you can spend your money on these two instead of changing your pillow each month. Also, these cushions will help you avoid bacteria and mold.

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