Smart Nora Review: Is It Really Effective Against Snoring?

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Are you considering investing your bank in the Smart Nora and enjoying a silent night? Before taking the first step, we have some tips for you. Read our Smart Nora review article and learn more about the brand and its effectivenesses. Let us find out if these devices effectively reduce snoring among people.

Reports online state that 90 million American citizens snore at night. This statistic represents about one-third of the US population. There is nothing here now. The challenge is, how many snores are in your house? Therefore, when your answer exceeds zero, I will introduce you to one of the best anti-snoring devices.

Multiple companies claim to offer these anti-snoring tools to ensure you have a peaceful night—however, not all stick to the goal and the claims on their website. Smart Nora is a popular brand serving customers with effective and easy-to-use tools. These Smart Nora devices will help not just in restoring the quiet place but also in promoting peace at night. It is an accessory that does not need any complications.

So, if this is not convincing enough, keep reading our article to the end. We will explore, dig deeper into the Smart Nora brand, and issue customer feedback in evaluating if the company is worth investment. We will also go into guidelines on how to use it, from the setting up to the working mechanism. Will these Smart Noradeviecs stop me from snoring? Well, you will find the answer from experts and real-time experienced customers.

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Smart Nora Review

Even though it is a Kickstarter brand, Smart Nora has become successful in the field. They have also been featured in multiple popular publications besides growing quickly. Among them is Oprah, who seems to love the devices. Therefore, this company majors in offering anti-snoring devices to customers worldwide. This tech start-up is based in Toronto-Canada, and its anti-snoring devices are the first in the field today.

The company provides two unique devices, each with a pivotal role. The first customers are placed below the pillow, while the other is above the headboard. So, the headboard device, when it senses the snoring sound, triggers the one below to adjust or gently inflate the pillow to get a perfect sleeping position and stop snoring even before your partner realizes it or before you start snoring loudly.

The company boasts of having a small but unique team consisting of scientists, engineers, and designers who have combined the knowledge to come up with and develop these anti-snoring devices. The company works on achieving its mission and focuses on the happiness as well as the health of the customer more than anything else. The work culture of the Smart Nora has been featured on the MaRS.

One thing separating Nora from other snoring alternatives is simply the term movement. Other snoring methods rely on music. Where the apps wake the snorer, but this one moves your head to make sure you get the right sleeping position. Light sleepers understand how boring snoring is. Historically, this brand was first launched in 2015, and this was through the campaign immediately after gaining popularity.

Through the development and financial support that is funding, the company has grown and entered the market with full force in 2017 as a mainstream brand. Today, the internet has been buzzing about Smart Nora Since its inception in the industry. Customers are now eager to prove how a non-invasive device is capable of preventing one from a snoring state.

Smart Nora devices utilize the pressure technique while balancing the head and lowering and raising the pillow, which engages the throat to help prevent snoring. Though it's not doctor prescribed, we recommend visiting professional doctors for a prescription first. This is not a treatment for your sleeping apnea or any disorder; hence simply a device.

This far, you are working on how this device works, the features, and how to set it up; that is exactly where we are now headed. Keep reading along to the end. Many people have praised the favorable return policy and excellent customer support; let us find out the benefits and cons of this brand below.

Smart Nora Pros:

Smart Nora Cons:

Why We Like Smart Nora

Smart Nora as a brand is a Kickstarter brand that offers high-quality anti-snoring devices to customers around the world. While in some cases these devices fail to work, when used effectively, even without a doctor's prescription, they have proven effective. The company is here through the collaboration of high etch staff, experts, scientists, and engineers to help make your sleep at night peaceful with these innovative devices.

If you share a bed with a partner and you or your partner is a font of snoring, get these devices and simplify everything for the light sleepers. Compared to other anti-snoring methods, this device is less invasive.

Any sleeper can easily integrate these devices and rest peacefully at night. Remember that this is not a sleeping disorder treatment device and does not in any way help with sleeping apnea. Otherwise, the devices come with simple features as well as customizable settings to make conditions better based on your preferences.

How Smart Nora functions

When you purchase the MSmart Nora device, you will get 3 pieces in the package. Other than inflating bags, there are pumps and pebbles. These are packaged in a soft case during delivery, but the fold-over-the-top features grey fabric. In detail, we can also go through each feature and what it used or its functionality.

Smartt Nora Pebble: This small device resembles a computer mouse in shape and size. An anti-snoring device relies on this feature to listen to your sound or detect breathing to know when you start snoring easily. There are a few adjusting buttons beside the pebble, which enables users to adjust the sensitivity of their microphone. For instance, when your room is noisy, set the sensitivity to low but high sensitivity is recommended when the room is quiet.

It also contains a battery that remains active for at least 24 hours, and alongside, you will see the power cord which links the pebble with the pump. Due to advancement, the device also has a Bluetooth connection enabled, and one does not need a data cable to link with the pump. You can hide the pebble on the headboard or slightly above your head on the bed. Some people even place the device on the bedside table.

The Smart Nora Pump: The Smart Nora pump is kept in a soft case where customers can easily place it anywhere as long as it's close to the pebble microphone. In most cases, many prefer tucking it beneath the bed or sometimes beside the bed on the table.

It comes with an AC adapter, enabling it to connect to the wall socket. In turn, the aAC power adapter changes the pebble, powers it, and pumps. On the pump, you will also notice a small control menu that allows users to set the intensity of inflation, ranging from high to low. Different people have different preferences.

The Smart Nora Inflating Bag: This bag fits under the pillow of your choice, but as we mentioned, the most recommended pillow is a queen. It uses a thin as well as clear plastic tube to connect to the pump. So, immediately the pebble microphone senses snoring, it starts inflating this bag, which rocks the pillow and moves you to the right position from the snoring state. This bag, when it inflates, it gains a tube shape.

Therefore, inflation depends on the preferences you select for low. It ranges from 1-4 inches and goes on to high inflation. Many people have performed research and studies on the functionality of the Smart Nora devices. In conclusion, most of the experiment results in a positive conclusion regarding its effectiveness in solving the snoring issues among the snorers and partners.

Some research indicated that snoring increased sleep capability by 2 0% while partners increased sleeping ability by 31%. Still, 30% of the snorers get released after sleep, while 33% of the partners also feel relaxed. You can find detailed reports online and verify these findings. When writing this review, we are inclined to state that the Smart Nora device is not that cheap.. one unit will cost you $359.99.

However, considering the discounted pricing, these devices cost 329.99 bucks, a winter saving. There are also other promotions ongoing on the site which you can capitalize on and further reduce the cost of the device. The good news is that the company also offers Affirm as the alternative payment option through installment.

For instance, you can pay 113.32 bucks monthly for the next 3 months, 58.09 monthly for 6 months, or prefer to use 30.511 bucks monthly for the next 12 months. The above prices are subject to changes in the future. Also, note that all these plans go with 20% APR. So, if the device does not meet your requirements, you have 30 nights as a trial period, and when it fails, return to the store. Many customers have praised the support team for being faster and simpler regarding the returned items.

Customer Review

Most customers believe in evidence, and so do we. This forces us to go into detail about customer feedback. Thus, there is numerous customer feedback online recommending Smart Nora devices.

The official site shows the brand has received numerous positive feedback and is still counting. Out of 1484 reviews, the company has a 4.8-star rating. The number speaks volumes about customer satisfaction. A single customer sums up the feelings of everyone that shopped at the store:-

"I've been using Smart Nora for more than a year & a half because it's helped me stop snoring." When Nora senses this, it begins slowly elevating the pillow. Installation & operation are both simple. The price is really low, especially if you love your wife and want her to sleep without being disturbed by snoring:)." also reviews these anti-snoring devices, and the author compliments that the Smart Nora works as promised on the site. Being a frequent user, the author recommends the device with no regrets.

Heading to the Snorelab site, there are buzzing customer reviews, and the website ranks the device for offering a revolutionary snoring solution that is non-invasive. From the brand overview, the author details how it works, and the editor is so happy with the tire return policy and the amazing comfort of switching off the device.

We also had time to analyze the Trustpilot feedback, which got 4.4 stars rating after considering 68 reviews, and 63% of these customers gave the company 5 stars.

On the PCMag, the company scores 3 stars which are average. The author highlights the issue of the device being intrusive based on the pillow you are using but praises the ability to reduce snoring, the money-back guarantee, and the sound detection power of the pebble microphone.

Sleep Polis is the next external site with a 4.8-star rating. The author clarifies everything from what is inside the box to the setup and the working mechanism. The sensitivity customization and other features amaze the author, and they recommend it to anyone that snores or has a partner who snores at night. The verdict complements:-

"Smart Nora is a creative device, non-invasive, and quite comfy!" despite its effectiveness in keeping my spouse from snoring was hit-or-miss, my search for the ideal anti-snoring technology persists!"

Sleep Foundation still adds the analysis by considering the features, performance, customer experiences, warranty, and favorable shipping policy. Amazon has a 3.4-star rating after 406 global customer ratings on the store. Thus, multiple reviews online are positive.

Although the devices are not meant to treat sleeping disorders, they effectively manage snoring in the house at night and create a peaceful environment for light sleepers.

Where to Buy Smart Nora

We had an easy time locating multiple stores online from which you can purchase the Smart Nora devices. These popular anti-snoring devices have taken over the market due to their unique functionality. Within a click, you can get all the collections of the Smart Nora tools through their official store at

You can enjoy multiple lucrative deals here with the option to use the financing services to get the 20% APR. otherwise, our review also noted that the Smart Nora devices are available in partner retail stores such as:-

Is Smart Nora Worth It?

If you have difficulty with a snoring person in bed or have these issues but need to try a better option to prevent it, Smart  Nora is here at your disposal. When snoring deprives you of sleep, get this solution regardless of the price, but you will get relief. We know that not sleeping comes with multiple health concerns, irrespective of age. So when other methods fail, Smart Nora is the way to go for the snoring solution.

This brand is worth checking out and is likely what many people have been waiting online to get. However, this is not a sleeping disorder treatment; rather, we would like to recommend visiting a doctor for cases like sleeping apnea. There is also multiple positive feedback online pressing these Smart Nora devices.

However, these tools are not effective for all customers but only for selected groups. Otherwise, most reviews online highlight the benefits of these tools and their simplicity in setting up and starting functions without much requirement. Still, if the device is not pleasing them, you can request your money or a refund. The company ensures the products are available to the consumer on its website and online retailers.

You can enjoy free device shipping if you are based in the US. This also covers Alaska, Hawaii, Canada,  as well as Australia. The tool is packed in a felt box which is efficient while traveling. The products come with 30 nights for trial before the brand terms it as final sales.

In fact, the Smart Nora devices also have a one-year but limited warranty. This is protection against defects from manufacturers. Therefore, anytime you get the snoring challenges, we suggest you give Smart Nora a trial and find out the best if it works for you.

Smart Nora Discounts

During the time of writing this review, Smart Nora had not any promo code on their website. But in the winter, the brand offered $30 off on the anti-snoring device with the promo code Winter Deal. Otherwise, this is the time to kiss goodbye to all the snoring challenges by signing up and purchasing the products with guaranteed discounts of 20 bucks off.

The product also has a 30 nights trial and a money-back guarantee window. Still, under discounted prices, you can easily save 10% on the orders when you purchase the products. There is also Affirm as the alternative payment plan.

This method lets people pay as little as 33 bucks monthly and own anti-snoring devices. We highly recommend signing up for the latest deals and updates for future lucrative deals. Every customer loves discounted prices and other promotions from such brands. Be on the lookout for instant discounts.

Smart Nora Contact

When you visit the Smart Nora Website, you will easily spot the lice chat support icon. You can contact the support team anytime they are available. Still, this review wanted to find out the alternative contact means available for the customers to seek help or have the queries sorted by their experts.

Thus, you can fill out the contact form online and submit the request, which these guys will respond to you through email. Going ahead, the Smart Nora support team is available on various social media platforms, search and socialize on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., anytime. You can also watch the youtube tutorials for guidance if you get stuck with the procedure.


Q. Are Smart Nora devices effective with any available pillow?

The design of the smart Nora device is compatible with any pillow. This does not matter the filling or the pillow size. At any position, customers can still utilize the device. However, when you want perfect results, the brand highly recommends using the Smart Nora devices alongside the queen pillow.

Q. Does Smart Nora have customizable settings?

The inflatable pillow inserts are adjustable. Therefore, customers can customize their preferences for the high loft to medium and low while sleeping. Also, there are 5 settings to select from on the pebble settings. There is an option to change the sensitivity on the microphone to the high background sound, but in the quiet room, you can put it at the average. A delay feature also gives customers up to 30 minutes before falling asleep.

Q. How Do I set the Smart Nora device up and running?

There are three basic features on the Smart Nora devices; these are the Base, Pebble microphone, and inflatable pillow insert. Thus, start by installing the pebble microphone on the headboard or wall at least 10 inches above your head while sleeping. You can achieve this by utilizing the screw or adhesive strip. Then slip the insertable insert into your pillowcase. Then make sure you connect the tube to the base, which should be on the floor and out of sight.

Q. Do Smart Nora devices need a professional prescription?

From our point of view, the device doesn't even need a doctor's prescription. This is because it is not meant to treat sleeping disorders like apnea. This is ranked as a device not within the replacement for the prescribed treatment to help reduce the snoring sounds and make the night soothing.

Q. Do MSmart Nora devices make noise while operational?

If you are a light sleeper, then the time the pump engages, you can easily hear it and wake up; however, people tend to get used to these slight noises made by the pump or the moment of the pump. Therefore, the company insists that customers try the device for 7 days and get used to it or adjust their senses to the sounds.

Q. Does Smart Nora help in treating apnea?

Always remember that Smart Nora devices are not designed as medical devices. Thus, it is not effective in treating the sleeping apnea condition. If you must appear, consider visiting the doctor or professional health officer to help you with the treatment.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Smart Nora?

Smart Nora offers international shipping. The good news is that shipping can take 3 to 5 business days to deliver, but it is free if you purchase from their official website. However, the company does not ship to postal address (PO) boxes.

Q. What is the return policy for Smart Nora devices?

From the information on the website, Smart Nora offers a favorable return policy. Thus, these guys give customers a window of 30 days from the date of purchase to test the device, and if it's not meeting their expectations, they can return to the store. While some have complained about the customer's support, the team guarantees a refund on the returned devices, making the brand more transparent. Remember that return shipping is free if you want to return the device.


So far, I hope you understand the SMart Nora brand and how its anti-snoring devices work. The company has multiple positive reviews, and customers were impressed with the complimentary free shipping and return policy but also  30 days free trial window. The devices, though, are ineffective in helping prevent snoring for all people; most have termed them effective.

The company offers international shipping and many payment options. Anyone can get the machine and set it up and running, even with a fixed budget. If you want to have a peaceful night with no snoring, try the Smart Nora device. However, the above review insists that MSmart Nora devices are not meant to heal any sleeping disorder, and it does not need a prescription to use it. Give it a try, and enjoy your night.

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