Charlotte Tilbury Review: Is It Suitable for Your Skin?

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Are Charlotte Tilbury products expert-approved and perfect for any skin type? Please read our extensive review article and uncover everything from the customer feedback to gauge the Charlotte Tilbury brand before commitment.

Indeed, it is evident that you treasure a good foundation. Many customers, especially our readers, have enough blank canvas to try different contour techniques with an imaginable range of finishes. Still, others prefer a mix of products to complete their beauty routine. Therefore, there are many other foundation brands on the market. While we have reviewed a lot, many other companies still have unmatched product ranges and guaranteed results.

We would also like to bring you Charlotte Tilbury's review, claiming to serve all people, including those with pale persuasion. We can confirm the quality check of almost all the boxes. However, let us find out from our expert research and experiment. We will explore the company overview, the best-selling products through the pros and cons, contact, and FAQ, and we will give our honest verdict from the testimonies.

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Charlotte Tilbury Review

Charlotte Tilbury is a cosmetic brand based in the UK and focuses on high-quality makeup products. The company was founded by a famous makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury, the namesake. Under the belt of the founders, this firm has recorded sensational development and accomplishments. Among the accomplishments are the global awards, as well as their reputation.

They have been featured in famous publications such as Forbes, Vogue, The New York Times, etc. Still, they have had a large social media presence with millions of followers on Instagram and thousands on their Facebook page. Many of the audience appreciates and treasures the celebrity makeup portrayed on these social media platforms, including Twitter.

Ideally, Charlotte Tilbury was established in 2013 through the one and only namesake, Charlotte Tilbury. The brand is based in London, her hometown city in England. Since its inception, these guys have made a big splash on the market. This is also facilitated by the power of the founder, who has a stable reputation in the makeup artistry or celebrity industry.

The company has a simple mission, goals, or vision. They aim to make every makeup product that serves every individual, including all skin types and people of all ages. They understand that through their makeup power, they can dominate the industry and become confident, robust, and reliable by the customers wanting to invest in the makeup styles and routines.

Today, Charlotte Tilbury is headquartered in  The Strand, Central London. Through the collection, the company features multiple glowing, matte, and shimmery cosmetics for any face. There are many more we would like to share. As a summary of Charlotte Tilbury, we have also concluded the overview by highlighting some pros and cons to compare.

Charlotte Tilbury Pros:

Charlotte Tilbury Cons:

Why We Like Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury company is dedicated to serving customers with effective, reliable, high-quality makeup and skincare products. The company features an extensive collection of products, each crafted to address target skin issues. Charlotte Tilbury gives you access to magical loyalty offers. It is an elementary reward program where you only need to create an account, earn coins, and then unlock the next levels of good rewards.

Charlotte Tilbury has all you need for skincare, gift cards, and makeup products in the product range. Gifts are available for any occasion; lately, they instructed the Mother's Day offers. Select any shade that matches your preferences. Charlotte Tilbury's website also enables customers access to the wedding, secrets, and tutorials to guide them through using the products.

The company also claims that when you log in, you can unlock all those magical products and rewards to enhance your shopping experience, especially tailored to you. The company, over time, has remained unique because of its focus on invention and creative vision. It has revolutionized the cosmetic industry with face products, and the founder has decided to use her expertise to develop transformative beauty tricks, tips, and related tools.

The company still pushes its boundaries and has recorded multiple awards and accolades for its influential work. Refer to their website for more awards and a lucrative product collection. Without wasting time, we will take our next move to highlight some of the best-selling products. These start from the makeup to the powder and liquid formulas. These best-sellers are here to guide you as the gist. Let us go through them together:

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation

This is the first product on the list of the best-selling products on the website. It is one of the award-winning 4 neutral products with buildable medium coverage. It is a perfect hydrating foundation recommended for attaining a healthy glow in your routine.

The 4 Neutral is the shade that enhances fair skin with neutral undertones. In simple terms, this means users get a cool and warm undertone, and when it is sunny, they turn slightly. You can grab it on a one-time payment or use the Klarna for installment payments without interest. The foundation is effective, with excellent customer ratings online, which speaks a lot.

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette

It has impressive customer ratings. With this kit, you are guaranteed to save up to 10% off the magical eyeshadows. It features two iconic palettes, and the option depends on your preferences. When purchasing, customers can select their preferred shade from the available choices. You can also pay through three interest-free installments with Klarna. The eye kit is conic and features on the list because it is taking over the market.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

It is the customer-favorite Charlotte Tilbury cream on the market today. A perfect 50ml moisturizer and one of the award-winning products. It guarantees every individual immediate skin revival and is recommended to help you glow, plumb your appearance, and smoothen the skin. You can decide to engrave and get one of the unimaginable gifts. The cream has outstanding testimonies. Although slightly expensive, it is worth it, and you can grab one through Klarna for your dream dewy glow.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

It is an ideal filter with the four medium guarantees. It is a glow booster featuring olive shades to give you a medium skin tone. It has also gathered a 4.6-star rating online, which is tempting. However, there are also other skin tones you can select from. They start from the fair to the 8 deep. Every checkout gives you two free samples for your usage.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray

It is another award-winning Charlotte Tilbury product under the featured beauty list. The setting spray is not only waterproof but also lightweight. You can easily prime as well as use it to set up your makeup, lasting for 16 good hours. This is the time to decide and lock up the appearances with the help of the Airbrush effects.

It is 100ml original with spectacular ratings, and you can grab it with the Klarna when operating under a fixed budget. It has an uplifting and floral scent for the customer to get the sensory and olfactory experience. It also features soothing aloe vera, which is ideal for hydration.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Blush & Glow Kit

This is the last option for the best Leleign Charlotte Tilbury blush and accessories. However, you must understand that this is an exclusively limited edition kit. The kit contains the mini pillow alongside the much-praised matte blush wands, an ideal combination to highlight and beautify the pillow talk effects. It is only available online, and the Matte Beauty Blush is among the award-winning Charlotte Tilbury products.

For any holiday party, this is a versatile travel-size tub you need to access the Blush and Glow gift set. In the above section, we have highlighted a few of the best-selling Charlotte Tilbury products. They are the most loved and award-winning cosmetic products, from the magic cream moisturizer to the  Hollywood Effect flawless filters. They both guarantee individual starlit skin in a matter of seconds.

Many other best-selling products are universally flattering. They are the must-have on the list. Among others, you can also check out the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Poreless Skin Secrets, The Hollywood Contour Duo, Pillow Talk Makeup bags, Charlotte Tilbury Mini Pillow Talk Lip Kit, Airbrush Flawless Finish, and many other products. Overall, Charlotte Tilbury's cosmetic products are perfect for everyone since the company is visioned to remain inclusive regardless of age and skin type.

Is Charlotte Tilbury Cruelty-Free?

Charlotte Tilbury products are cruelty-free. And lately, these guys announced that their products are approved by the Cruelty-Free International Leaping Bunny program and hence ranked as cruelty-free. The company never tests the products on the animals. The brand has maintained its cruelty-free dedication since 2013, when Leaping Bunny provided a confirmation.

Customer Review

While we have seen that the Charlotte Tilbury brand offers impressive and lovely cosmetic products, we also wanted to go deeper and learn from the honest customers online. We tried to consult many external sites, and the results are still perfect. The company seems worth a click.

Trustpilot presents us with 9833 reviews that gather 4.5 stars, one of the excellent ratings for such a company. Many people are delighted, giving 82% five stars. Most people praise the customer support team for prompt responses to the issues raised. On the Sitejabber, there are only 20 reviews that, in the long run, highlight a rating of 2.75, and a few customers raised issues, especially return-related, which the end was resolved.

Thing Testing also gives the brand a 4.4-star rating based on the feedback of 17 customers. Many people praise the product for its confidence-boosting capability. One of the customers spills the truth in a statement:

"Charlotte Tilbury provides a magnificent aesthetic solution through elegant packaging, creative formulations, iconic lipsticks, an irresistible glow, iconic eyeshadow palettes, skincare synergy, and excellent customer service."

The brand's red carpet-ready products make it a favorite among those seeking elegance and sophistication in their beauty routine. Charlotte Tilbury is more than just a makeup company; it offers a transforming beauty experience. The commitment to quality, the creativity in packaging, and the innovation in formulations all contribute to an aesthetic ritual that is both luxurious and uplifting."

Navigating to the Instyle, there is an in-depth review, and editors give an honest experience using the products. Another place that evaluates the Charlotte Tilbury Foundation if it's worth attention for your needs is Byrdie. It also goes more profound than the blog on Lindsay Silberman. The author here shares her best products and experiences from the company, giving us a verdict.

The external sites are so many, not short of the Refinery29 recommending that the brand is worth a hype. While on Elle, the author tries out five products to guide us. Also have time to evaluate the honest article and impressions displayed on the Who What Wear, Good Housekeeping, and lastly on the Ashley Brooke Nicholas.

Many customers only seem extremely satisfied. They have praised the support team, high-quality products that guarantee efficiency, glowing, and the majority have a fantastic shopping experience.

Where to Buy Charlotte Tilbury

You don't need to struggle when it comes to where to purchase the Charlotte Tilbury products. These cosmetic products are all over the internet. However, we would insist on first considering the official stores at

The brand has made it easy for more diverse access, and you can grab some of the products from online retailers. some of these include:

Is Charlotte Tilbury Worth It?

Charlotte Tilbury's dedication to the cosmetic industry makes the brand worth attention to. The company has established a global presence and success because of its high-quality products. Their production line is simple, easy to use, reliable, and perfect, with guaranteed results. Charlotte Tilbury also offers an extensive collection of products targeting different skin conditions.

Therefore, if you are looking for fabulous products that are also effective, inclusive, and original, Charlotte Tilbury is worth the investment. Though some people have complained about delayed shipments, the quality and dedication of the company make up for all the challenges. We also recommend ordering from the above-partnered retail, ESR, if you are cautious when ordering online.

Still, they sell these products online and are available for in-store purchases worldwide. Because of the easy accessibility, efficiency, and multiple positive customer feedbacks, Charlotte Tilbury is worth it for the beauty game. This can be an excellent option for your beauty routine.

Charlotte Tilbury Discounts

Every individual prefers promotional and lucrative deals when shopping online. Charlotte Tilbury is never excluded from the offers, as well. Thus, we spend some time researching available discounts and promotions. The result is impressive. The company guarantees free shipping when you click and collect orders totaling £49 and above.

You can refer your friend, and for every successful referral, you are guaranteed to get the magical £20 off the first order of £100, and your friend is also guaranteed to get£20 off. As a newbie, you can also subscribe to the newsletter, which helps you save and unlock access to other lucrative deals. The company sends you secrets after every 3 to 6 months on top of the 15% off on every order.

Besides, the company claims that for the next order, you are entitled to get 10% off and have a chance to receive live updates about the products and sales. However, there are restrictions here that you need to consider. Customers can unlock more magical coins when they join the loyalty program.

The loyalty program has different levels, and they can redeem them for more rewards. Multiple easy-to-collect loyalty coin methods, like creating an account, earn you 210 loyalty coins. Get access to the gift cards, and at the checkout, you can select the two free samples of your choice. To save time, follow these guys and sign up for the email listings to get updates and deals in the future.

Charlotte Tilbury Contact

There is a very high chance that our Charlotte Tilbury review above has not answered all your questions. Thus, if you have an issue with the brand or need clarification, the Charlotte Tilbury support team can guide you. You can use many methods to contact them, and based on what they listed on the website, we recommend calling them for an urgent response. that is  through +1(855) 528-8495. 

The site also features a live chat functionality, which is ideal for everyone. In addition, you can engage with the team through WhatsApp on the number +447584659697. If that is not worth it, then consider filling out the online form on their website and submit for the response. The team is available from 8 am to 6 pm the whole week. As the last option, the company has active social media platform accounts. You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, X(Twitter), and many more to get updates, ask questions, and get alerts.


Q. Where is the Charlotte Tilbury brand headquartered?

In the above article, we see that Charlotte Tilbury company is headquartered in London, UK, which is still the founder's hometown.

Q. Are Charlotte Tilbury products toxic or vegan?

Though many people and the brand confirm that they have unique vegan products, not all are entirely vegan. They have multiple vegan products. Though it is not the most toxic brand, it is also not a clean brand per se in the makeup industry. They offer a large percentage of the products, which are plant-based and vegan.

Q. Is Charlotte Tilbury approved for mature skin?

Navigating through the Charlotte Tilbury website, it is clear that the company features a section that sells products targeting the mature skin type. This should not give you any issue.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Charlotte Tilbury brand?

Though the company has multiple brand websites that target each region, such as the UK, US, Canada, etc, we only based our shopping experience on the United States Charlotte Tilbury website. At the moment, there are four primary shipping methods customers can select.

American-based customers can choose the standard ground shipping, which is exclusively free, and delivery takes 3 to 5 working days. The second method is Express shipping. This method is also free for orders surpassing a particular threshold; anything below it will be charged an $11 fixed rate. Meanwhile, the delivery takes 1 to 2 working days to arrive at the destination.

Q. What is the return policy of the Charlotte Tilbury brand?

Based on the return policy section online, Charlotte Tilbury guarantees customers a full refund without charging customers any extra charges for return shipping here. That applies when you have received a product that is not satisfying. Initiating a return policy is so easy. You have 30 days to make the return, starting from the date you purchase. With the refunded cash, you can buy anything else if it makes you happy.


Charlotte Tilbury is a famous cosmetic brand that gives customers an extensive collection of timeless beacons of beauty products. The products are made through precision blended with elegance to guarantee customers a competitive, transformative experience in the cosmetic industry.

Based on customer testimonies and history, the company promises customers radiant confidence, hence worth adding to your routine and elevating your beauty. Beyond makeup, Charlotte Tilbury helps enhance your natural beauty with every product designed with efficiency to deliver.

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