How Much Do Amazon Drivers Make? (Here Is What You Are Interested In)

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Amazon is a massive company. And, on top of that, Amazon is the biggest company in the e-commerce industry by far. Whatever you need to do with Amazon, you will need to have the job of a driver to make your delivery a reality. So, it makes you wonder. How much do Amazon drivers really make? What is their salary? How much money should we expect?

Amazon drivers do well because the demand for home deliveries is growing. Home delivery and E-commerce is not slowing down. All in all, Amazon is booming in a massive way. But before you find out more and apply, there are two big challenges and questions to answer:

  1. How much do Amazon drivers make?
  2. How does that pay change for Amazon drives around the world?

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How Much Do Amazon Drivers Make?

This is a big question for anyone, and the Amazon driver position is key. When you work as a standard Amazon driver, expect to get around a minimum of $15 for an hour worked. It is implicit, but alongside this hourly wage, you get more and more advancement potential, as well as opportunities for higher earnings based on experience.

Amazon Wage: Amazon drivers expect to get around a minimum of $15 for an hour

Amazon drivers may have high expectations, but the salaries or hourly wages may surprise you. For example, even as much for anyone working for local delivery service partners but still deliver with Amazon. These are drivers that are referred to as  DSPs, an abbreviation for delivery service partners. These drivers work for themselves instead of directly with Amazon.

Like Amazon drivers, a driver that is contracted would make a minimum of $15 per hour. Any type of driver would get this wage with opportunities for higher earnings based on experience and all.

Amazon Driver Pay Structures

Amazon pay changes depending on who you work with overall and if you work with Amazon specifically. For example, this may exclude those who are employed by Amazon Delivery franchises. Depending on a variety of factors, the rate of pay will change and be higher even in certain cities. Why?

Because if you drive in the USA, then there is a chance you may get a higher hourly wage. Why? Because of the minimum wage laws in the United States. For example, wages in the USA may be modified due to cost of living and some governments mandate a certain wage. So, if the minimum wage is higher than the Amazon wage, then you get a higher wage in the United States. It all depends on where you live in the USA.  in the vast majority of United States cities, but if you live in an area with a higher cost of living, there’s a good chance you’ll earn more.

Different Market Pay Rates for Amazon Drivers

Depending on where you are, you will make a different amount of money. Wherever you need to expect some differences. For instance, Amazon delivery driver job descriptions list driver jobs in San Francisco or other cities in California with a starting wage of $20 per hour. On the other hand, a city like New York has wages starting at $17 per hour in total.

All in all, with schedules, you have to be selective as to what kind of shift you want to do as a driver.  Moreover, Amazon drivers have the ability to make a higher income. For example, you are able to get a drivers position earning up to $25 per hour in total.

Amazon Driver Rate Varieties and Yearly Salary:

If you take the averages from everywhere in the United States and the world. An Amazon driver's American salary in the United States runs the gamut from $9 to $45, depending on your route, the hours of your work schedule, and of course location.

All in all, the average or median salary for Amazon Driver is around $75,154 USD for the whole year. The demand for drivers is high because of the up and down and mostly demanding schedule of deliveries.

The pay goes up when drivers are scarce and hard to find. So, the process of delivery becomes extra hard and requires drivers, thus increasing the need for drivers immediately.

Payments Over Minimum Wage During High Seasons

You will find a lot of salaries go up during the high season as well. It is why the shopping giant Amazon is always increasing its workforce. At one point even increased the workforce by 50% as recently as 2020. You will get more when the demand is higher for drivers.

For example, Paying over minimum wage to start is common during high periods around Christmas or post-Thanksgiving for Black Friday in the United States. Moreover, Amazon may very well offer benefits for full-time employees and paid time off, which are hard to pass up during high-stress periods.

Benefits of Being an Amazon Driver

One of the biggest and most important advantages of working as an Amazon driver is the flexibility it offers. A benefit that makes many drivers is simply the ability for drivers to feel their schedule is in their control.

For example, when you work as an Amazon driver, you are able to choose to work as much or as little as you desire. Deciding on what to do as a driver can be hard, but Amazon gives a lot of hope to any and all drivers who want to work and get a worthwhile salary or payoff.

All in all, with schedules, you have to be selective as to what kind of shift you want to do as a driver.  Moreover, Amazon drivers have the ability to make a higher income. For example, you are able to get a driver's position earning up to $25 per hour in total.

Another big advantage of being an Amazon driver is the company’s reputation and great appeal. Many people simply want to be part of Amazon because of its name. Why? Simply because  Amazon is a popular brand with a great and efficient image. This massive appeal of the company does make the drivers happy. Overall, it gives and provides drivers more job stability and security.

Why are Amazon Drivers Important?

Amazon drivers are undeniably crucial to the company's operations. Their role isn't just a necessity; it's fundamental to Amazon's promise of fast two-day and same-day deliveries. In essence, without drivers, Amazon's entire business model would falter.

Drivers are the backbone of Amazon, ensuring that packages reach every doorstep. They are a pivotal part of the package delivery process, a fact that Amazon takes great pride in, given its expansive global network.

Whether engaged full-time, part-time or through the Amazon Flex contractor program, these drivers handle 'last-mile deliveries'. This means they transport orders directly from local warehouses to customers, playing a key role in fulfilling Amazon's commitment to its users.

Amazon Delivery Driver Benefits

As a full-time Amazon delivery driver, expect some perks. As a driver, you are able to get employee benefits that are possible for eligible family members.

Benefits of Amazon Drivers:

Overall, Amazon DSPs offer competitive benefits in job listings. There is an expectation you will get advantages and benefits if you don’t work directly for Amazon.

Amazon Driver Job Stability

E-Commerce is here to stay. And Amazon will dominate the marketplace for eCommerce and delivery. If the last few years for sure have shown us that people love online shopping. This trend will not go away, so Amazon's job stability is guaranteed for sure.

Also, the job market will stay very strong because it relies on convenience and ease for the customer. Why? As a customer, you want something that is fast, easy, and of course, convenient. As well, an Amazon shipment or any online purchase is the best solution to a crowded and competitive supermarket amid a changing world with epidemics, war, and inflation.

Lastly, as people become less social, then people will go ahead and start to look for ordering more from home. This is a fact because when people don’t want to go out, then ecommerce goes up. And what’s better than having your packages brought to you by your Amazon driver?

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