Do You Tip Amazon Fresh Drivers? (Is It Mandatory)

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For most Americans, tipping culture is second nature. Failure to leave a tip in a restaurant can come out as rather rude—especially if the customer service was excellent. But what about Amazon Fresh drivers? Should you leave a tip, and if so, how much should you tip? Find out by reading on.

Yes, you should leave tips after ordering groceries using Amazon Fresh.  Obviously, leaving a tip is not mandatory. It is, however, encouraged to leave a tip, especially if the deliveries are made in early or late hours. So how much should you tip the Amazon Fresh driver? The default amount is $5—you can, however, tip any amount. Amazon does not take any amount of the tips given to the drivers.

Tips are also a significant part of the driver's income, which is why tipping is encouraged. You should not be pressured to tip a given amount; this is because the driver does not know the amount tipped by the customer. If you frequently order from Amazon Fresh, this piece explains how to tip appropriately so that it goes to the driver.

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How Much Should You Tip an Amazon Fresh Driver?

If you wish to tip an Amazon Fresh driver, the recommended tipping amount is $5. Consequently, a $5 tip will be automatically applied at checkout. However, this does not mean you have to tip $5; you can change the amount to any you like. Alternatively, you can choose not to tip at all. As a rule, you should consider tipping anywhere between 15% and 20%.

Amazon Fresh drivers are similar to waiters in a restaurant in that they both work in the service industry. Tips, therefore, form a significant part of their earnings. If you tip in restaurants, it would also be good to tip Amazon Fresh drivers. For this reason, a 15-20% tip is advised for delivery drivers because that is the amount that would be left over after eating out.

Additionally, when deciding how much to tip your delivery driver, keep in mind that they earn a meager hourly rate and rely significantly on gratuities from clients. Additionally, the delivery drivers do a lot of manual work that involves loading and unloading orders and driving for long hours. Therefore if the driver provides excellent customer service, ensure that you give a tip as a token of gratitude.

Does The Driver See The Tipped Amount?

Amazon Fresh drivers can not see the tipped amount. What the driver sees instead is the subtotal amount inclusive of the tip. The final amount is not broken down. In this way, the customer’s privacy is protected. It is natural for you not to want the driver to see the amount you tip to them.

The drivers can only see the total amount they have made from tips at the end of the day. The tip subtotal displayed at the end of each day helps drivers to see how much they made in tips without having to look at the individual tip increments or which customers left tips compared to those who didn't.

Does Amazon Deduct A Portion Of The Given Tips?

No, Amazon gives all the tipped amount to the Amazon Fresh driver. Tips given to customers form a large part of the income earned from Amazon Fresh. Since every driver receives the total amount of gratuities given by customers, it's crucial to do so whenever possible.

By ensuring that their employees receive the gratuities they receive from clients, Amazon is able to maintain a low baseline for the hourly wage of their drivers. This is an excellent method for increasing drivers' income without raising their pay. Therefore, tips have the potential to considerably boost or significantly decrease a driver's revenue.

How To Tip An Amazon Fresh Driver?

Tipping an Amazon Fresher is easy. To do so, follow the detailed guide below.

Step 1: Log into your Amazon account to begin purchasing Amazon Fresh products.

Step 2: When you're done shopping, click the cart icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

Step 3: After you provide your shipping information and billing details during checkout, you'll be able to view the pricing structure.

Step 4: There should be a space labeled "Tip" at the very bottom of your pricing structure. If you do not adjust the default tip amount, which is set to $5, then that is the amount that will be processed.

Do not forget that the checkout page allows you to alter the monetary amount of your tip. You can make the tip smaller, get rid of it entirely, or make it bigger.

How To Change The Tipping Amount

Due to the default $5 tipping amount, most people don't realize they can change the value to any amount they want to tip. To change the tipping amount, follow the guide below.

Step 1: Follow the guidelines outlined above on “how to tip.” Once you are at the tipping page, click on the button labeled “Edit.”

Step 2: After being redirected, you'll be able to choose the exact amount of the tip you'd like to offer your driver.

In the event that you would like to alter the tip amount you included with your order, you will have up to 24 hours to do so once the transaction has been completed. You, therefore, have ample time to change the tip amount.

Why Is There No Tip Option

At times, the tipping option might not be available. If this happens, it may be because you are using a gift card for payment. Amazon does not give you the option to tip if you pay using a gift card. Because Amazon gift cards can only be used to purchase Amazon goods, they cannot be used to tip drivers. This issue can, however, be easily solved by paying part of the bill using your credit card.


Tipping Amazon Fresh drivers is possible and can be easily done on Amazon when placing your order. The default tipping amount is $5. However, this value can be changed to any value you want. Tips comprise a significant amount of a driver's salary, so it is encouraged to tip them whenever possible.

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