Should I Tip Amazon Prime Now Delivery Drivers? (Here Is What to Do!)

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Amazon Prime Now is a delivery service that offers delivery on tens of thousands of products. The drivers who drop off the packages at your home make extra money, but do you need to tip? Learn if it is common or expected and how much you can tip by reading this article.

Amazon Prime Now is a service that allows you to order groceries and other items from your local store and have them delivered within a certain timeframe. If you use Amazon Prime Now, you probably already know it's an amazing service.

However, if you are not familiar with the service, this post will brief you on whether or not you should tip Amazon Prime Now delivery drivers. Keep reading to find out…

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Should I Tip Amazon Prime Now Delivery Drivers?

Tipping drivers is a great way to show your appreciation for their service. Amazon Prime Now delivery drivers are not obligated to receive tips, but it is recommended that you tip them when they arrive at your door with your order. It is customary to tip between $3 and $10.

If you're not sure how much to tip an Amazon Prime Now driver, consider using this formula: 10% of what you spend on your order. If it's a particularly large order or if there are multiple items in your order, then you should consider increasing your tip amount accordingly—but if it is just an average delivery, then 10% should be sufficient.

You can also fail to tip if you feel that the service was not up to par or you would like to make a statement about how much you value Amazon Prime Now delivery drivers.

How to Tip Amazon Delivery Drivers

Amazon has a built-in tip option, but if you prefer not to use it (or if you don't want to use any automatic system), you can skip that option and leave a tip directly on your order. The amount is always up to you—at least 10%-15% of your total order, though some people like to tip more or less depending on their mood.

Amazon's official policies do not allow drivers to accept cash upon delivery. However, they do allow customers to leave tips in the app. This way, you can express your appreciation for the service without breaking any rules or getting into trouble with Amazon for tipping with cash.

When you use Amazon Prime Now or Amazon Restaurants (including Whole Foods), you pay an additional delivery fee on top of your order total. That fee does not include a tip for the driver, so if you want to leave one, you'll need to do it directly through the app.

There's no right or wrong way to go about it when tipping your local grocery store or restaurant delivery driver. If you're feeling generous, try giving them $3-10 as a token of appreciation. That's usually enough to get the message across that you enjoyed their service and want them to know how appreciative you were

How Much Do Amazon Prime Now Delivery Drivers Make?

Amazon Prime Now offers a fast, convenient way to get your favorite products delivered right to your door. But how much do Amazon Prime Now delivery drivers make?

The average salary of an Amazon Prime Now delivery driver depends on where in the country you live. Still, many drivers make around $12-$14 per hour, depending on how many deliveries they have to make each day. In 2018 Amazon raised its minimum wage to $15 for U.S. employees, so delivery drivers see a pay rise as they get more experience. Drivers still greatly appreciate tips after driving around in their cars all day, especially during the holidays.

Amazon Prime Now delivery drivers save you the time and stress of going into the store for your groceries or other items, which is especially helpful during busy times such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Christmas shopping season.

Drivers are paid by the hour and must have at least one year of experience in the field and a good conduct record before applying for the position.

What Do Amazon Prime Now Drivers Do?

Amazon Prime Now is a fast, free two-hour delivery service that lets you order from Amazon without leaving the comfort of your home. You can get everything from groceries to everyday essentials delivered directly to your door within an hour or two.

If you're an Amazon Prime member, you can also get free same-day delivery on tens of millions of items. And if you're not yet a member, you can sign up for free l and take advantage of this amazing service.

Drivers are tasked with picking up items from store shelves or the backroom and delivering them to you within two hours, which is the timeframe that suits your schedule. They often have multiple deliveries at once, so they can get everything done quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality or service.

With access to super-fast delivery on demand seven days a week from early morning until late evening, there's no reason to wait for what you need.

The service is available in over 50 major metropolitan areas across the United States and Canada, including New York City and Los Angeles. Drivers usually receive an alert when they have an order nearby so they can locate it quickly and complete the delivery as soon as possible.

Bottom Line

If you want to leave a tip, you can go into the app and tap on the "Tipping" icon in the top right corner. You will be prompted to enter an amount, which you can then send using your credit card or PayPal account. While the amount of your tip is up to you, it's recommended to leave something like $3-$10 per order. You can show your appreciation without breaking the bank or going overboard on the tipping front.

You don't need to feel bad if you don't want to tip. It's not expected and won't make any difference in how well your delivery goes.

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