How Many Planes Does Amazon Have? (Fleet + Aircraft List)

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Discover the number of planes in Amazon's extensive fleet with our comprehensive guide. From cargo transportation to Prime delivery, we explore the significance of Amazon's aviation program and its impact on the world of e-commerce. Learn more about the impressive scale and logistics of one of the world's largest online retailers with our informative article.

The e-commerce industry continues to grow at a fast rate with the help of the internet. Amazon is one of the best e-commerce websites worldwide, with a growing customer base. Amazon prides itself on having a net sales revenue of over $ 469.8 billion from 2004 to the close of the last quarter of 2021.

Amazon’s achievements are made possible by its e-commerce platform opening international market opportunities. The fastest way that Amazon can deliver products to its worldwide customer base is via airplanes. Logistics matters are challenging for any organization.

Logistics can be more challenging if the organization relies on cargo planes to deliver products to costumes. Amazon uses planes to get products to its consumer base within the United States and outside its borders. You can read this article to explore the question, how many planes does Amazon have?

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How Many Planes Does Amazon Have?

In summary, the total number of Prime Air aircraft in service is ninety-seven (97). However, 18 more planes are yet to join the Prime Air fleet by the end of 2023. Prime Air is a growing logistical arm of Amazon, and the total number of aircraft in its fleet is bound to increase in the coming years. Amazon also plans to expand its delivery vans and trucks to aid the logistics efficiency of the company. Amazon intends to grow its logistics department to cement its place as the world’s leading e-commerce business.

Does Amazon Have An Airline Fleet?

Amazon does have an airline fleet to expedite its deliveries to the international market. However, Amazon's airline fleet only began in early 2016. Amazon has a small airline fleet to support its freight cargo. The Amazon airline fleet is known to many as Prime Air, and its logistical operations are something to be admired.

Amazon's decision to turn to an end-to-end logistical network stems from the idea that building an internal supply chain is cheaper in the long run for the company. Amazon started purchasing its fleet of aircraft in 2016, but it had earlier relied on leased planes to make deliveries to customers abroad. Below are other reasons that influence the decision to start Prime Air.

1. Lower cost

Starting a comprehensive e-commerce business with a logistics department takes time and resources. Most e-commerce businesses begin with the commerce platform and outsource the transportation to third-party companies.

However, it is expensive for the e-commerce business to sustain the third-party logistical company in the long run. Amazon has a stable e-commerce platform hence the need to expand to Prime Air to save costs. The expansion may cause more resources, but the company is in a better position to sustain the growth because it reports having $ 34.4 billion in net revenue as of 2021.

2. Control over speed and reliability

Speed matters when delivering products to customers. An internal logistics department can expedite the delivery of goods from Amazon warehouses to customers. Prime Air services are under the direct control of Amazon, thus eliminating the latency time when delivering products from Amazon to third-party logistics companies.

3. Control over the quality of service

Prime Air employees are vetted, hired, and managed by Amazon. The company ensures the quality of service. Prime Air ensures that products are handled carefully and get to their destination.

4. Cements the Amazon brand 

Amazon handles the e-commerce and logistics departments to ensure the company can control its image. The Amazon brand stands at $ 705.7 billion because it is a holistic e-commerce business.

A List of Amazon Aircraft

Below is a list of all the aircraft Amazon uses to deliver products to its customers.

1. Airbus A330-300P2F

The Airbus A330-300P2F is the latest Prime air carrier on Amazon’s portfolio. Prime Air has ordered a total of 10 Airbus A330-300P2F aircraft on a contractual lease from Hawaiian Airlines. The aircraft will start deliveries in late 2023. The Airbus A330-300P2F aircraft is a modern jetliner with a payload of 62 tons. The aircraft is a long-range aircraft with a maximum range of 6780 km.

2. ATR 72-500F

Next on the list of Amazon Prime Air is the ATR 72-500F aircraft. The total number of ATR 72-500F aircraft Prime Air uses is 5, and they are all in service. The ATR 72-500F aircraft have a lease contract from Silver Airways. The ATR 72-500F is a propeller plane with a cubic capacity of 2,666 cubic feet. The aircraft has a range of 1000 nautical miles with a maximum speed of 275 knots.

3. Boeing 737-800(BCF)

Third on the list is the Boeing 737-800(BCF) aircraft. Prime Air has a total of twenty-six (26) Boeing 737-800(BCF) aircraft owned by several airlines. Eight (8) of the aircraft are from Atlas Airlines, twelve (12) from Sun County Airlines, and six (6) from ASL Airlines Ireland. The Boeing 737-800(BCF) aircraft has a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) is 79,000kg and a maximum landing weight of 66,350kg.

4. Boeing 767-200

Fourth on the list is the Boeing 767-200 aircraft. Prime Air has twelve (12) Boeing 767-200 aircraft in its freight. The Boeing 767-200 aircraft are from two operators. Six (6) of the Boeing 767-200 aircraft are from Air Transport International, whereas six (6) are from ABX Air. The Boeing 767-200 aircraft has a maximum range of 7,130 km with a structural payload of 100,000 (Lbs).

5. Boeing 767-300ER(BDSF/BCF)

Fifth on the list is the Boeing 767-300ER(BDSF/BCF) aircraft. Amazon Prime has fifty-four (54) Boeing 767-300ER(BDSF/BCF) aircraft in service. Thirty-three (33) of the Boeing 767-300ER(BDSF/BCF) aircraft are from Air Transport International, nineteen (19) from Atlas Air, and two (2) from Cargojet Airways. Eight (8) Boeing 767-300ER(BDSF/BCF) aircraft await conversion before delivery to Prime Air. The Boeing 767-300ER(BDSF/BCF) aircraft is a long-range plane with a maximum range of  11,070km.


Amazon has an expansive customer base worldwide. Amazon delivers products to customers in almost every continent of the world. Supplying products worldwide can be challenging when it comes to logistical issues. Amazon relies on long-distance delivery methods like airplanes to deliver products. The above content has given you a detailed introduction to the number of aircraft owned by Amazon and the specific list.

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