Amazon Prime Statistics 2023: How Many Amazon Prime Members are There?

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Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service from Amazon. It was launched in February 2005 with the aim of creating an online flexible shopping atmosphere globally. And with that,  thanks to the variety of perks it offers to its members, starting from free shipping,  unlimited music and videos, outstanding unlimited cloud photo storage, kindle books, Prime members deal, discount, and many more.

Although it had its own share of limited customers within the first year.  Its services skyrocketed over time. Amazon Prime has millions of subscribers now in several countries and many still subscribe to its membership. It is a go-to zone because as it evolves daily, so do subscriptions and as well as fast delivery.

Its success rate in the services rendered truly outweighs its cost. With Amazon Prime comes several subscription plans ranging from monthly to yearly. As an online shopper looking to outsource Amazon Prime, but in doubt, if it will be worth it, there is a 30-day free trial before deciding to be their member and shop with them.

The level of confidence in Amazon Prime has boosted its popularity by 90% and built complete trust in the mind of its subscribers. It has weekly benefits for its members. The Prime perk is just like black Friday and it is always during the summer period.

If you are someone looking for a diverse e-commerce store that will suit just fine. Amazon Prime is worth outsourcing. Here are the Statistics to guide you right. In this article you will learn about Amazon Prime Statistics.

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Key Amazon Prime Statistics in 2023

Top Amazon Prime Statistics & Facts

1. How Many People Use Amazon Prime in the World?

Amazon Prime has truly made a stand out among other e-commerce services globally. But the major weapon that skyrocketed them so much is the fact that they offer free shipping and delivery irrespective of your location within just 3-8 days. And fortunately, to have one close by, it could even be instant shipping same-day of ordering.

So, How many Amazon Prime users are there, and What is the total number of Amazon Prime Users Worldwide?

Amazon Prime subscribers around the world

As of 2018 Amazon Prime's worldwide users were 99.7 million. In 2021, Amazon reported over 200 million Amazon Prime customers globally. This is a significant rise from 2019, when subscribed members were getting to 150 million. Although Amazon Prime had thrived before now, its ability to deliver as promised gained good credibility.

Year Subscribers (globe)
2016 46
2017 66
2018 100
2019 120
2020 150
2021 200

[Source: Amazon]

Amazon Prime US subscribers

Year US Subscribers (million)
2016 38
2017 60
2018 93
2019 103
2020 118
2021 147

Sources: CIRP, Amazon

Amazon Prime Video users

Year Users
2019 90 million
2020 125 million
2021 175 million


2. What is the Demographic of Amazon Prime Users in the US?

The demographic here is capturing the US only because in terms of subscribed Amazon Prime members, they are way larger, and as well the country statistic of household usage as at last checked in 2020 is very exact and straight to the point. According to the latest statistics, as of January 2020, 81% of US adults aged 18 to 34 years were Amazon Prime members, representing an 11% jump from a 69% usage reach in February 2020. During the global coronavirus pandemic, Amazon Prime adoption rates increased across all age groups in the country.

Features Age Rank: 18-34 Age Rank: 35-54 Age Rank: 55 or above
February 2020 69% 63% 52%
April 2020 70% 63% 49%
June 2020 81% 68% 60%

[Source: Statista]

3. What is the Generated Revenue for Amazon Prime Subscription Service?

Amazon Prime, since launched in 2005, has been subscribed to by millions of people who in turn become members and help generate revenue. The services that generated this revenue include; prime membership subscription fees, audiobooks, music, kindle books, and video, among other services. As of last stated, the current Prime revenue is $25.21 million. Below is a screenshot of progressive growth from 2014 to 2020 to help you get a clearer view.

Year Amazon Prime revenue
2014 $2.76 billion
2015 $4.47 billion
2016 $6.39 billion
2017 $9.72 billion
2018 $14.17 billion
2019 $19.21 billion
2020 $25.21 billion

[Sources: Amazon, Backlinko]

4. How Many Countries Have Amazon Prime in 2023?

Amazon Prime has availability in many countries. As of October 2021, a statistical report shows that there are 22 countries on Amazon Prime. There are others but these are  the ones known and heard globally. These countries are Italy, Japan, the United States, India, France, Germany, Canada, China, Luxembourg, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Austria, Australia, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Brazil, and Spain. All the above-listed countries have Amazon and as well have users who subscribed for prime membership

[Sources: Amazon]

5. How Many Amazon Prime Customers Visit the Platform Every Day?

Online activities have gradually become part of 80% of the global masses' to-do lists right from login to various social platforms down to shopping online. Amazon Prime shoppers are crafty when it comes to e-commerce stores and the online store as well they want to patronize. They are satisfied buying from online outlets, even despite the high rate of online fraud is kind of rampant. Around 40% of Prime users visit the platform every day. However, 10% of the service members make a purchase every day.

6. How Much do Amazon Prime Subscribers Spend Monthly on the Amazon Platform from 2021-2022?

Amazon Prime has been known to come with benefit-based perks. Prime subscribers enjoy these benefits compared to non-prime subscribers. Growth in Amazon Prime memberships is the main engine behind the retailer’s online reign. Prime users are smart, many choose to subscribe to save money in the long term, such as by receiving items timely or being able to compare items and save money on delivery.

Yet they are frequent spenders. According to a 2021 survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CRIP), the average amount an Amazon Prime member spends every year is around $1400, while the non-prime subscribers spend $600.

[Source: Los Angeles Times]

7. What is the Percentage of People that Subscribed to Amazon Prime Because of Its Free Shipping?

Shipping has always been the main reason why many don't purchase things online. This is one advantage Amazon Prime has over other e-commerce stores. A survey statistics show that 88% of online shoppers like to purchase something on Amazon Prime because of its fast and free shipping as well as the variety of choices for finding your desired needs.

The number of Amazon Prime members was also important for this survey’s purpose, as 65.7% stated that as the main reason. Cost, easy return process, and vast online experience were also ranked high for over 40% of customers.

[Source: 99Firms]

8. What is the Number of Amazon Prime Users for Video Streaming in 2023?

Video streaming has become widely heard and used right from the time Netflix decided to make an expansion regarding its video-on-demand performance in 2007. And the touches made by Netflix really turn out well and generated huge income. Amazon Prime is known for its diversity, and is not left out on this as well.

Amazon Prime Video came after Netflix as the second most used and second world largest video streaming service worldwide. While Netflix is ranked first with 201 million subscribers, Amazon Prime has 117 million users globally.

[Source: Statista]

9. How Much Revenue Was Generated on Amazon Prime for Video Streaming in 2021?

With the global recognition of Amazon Prime video streaming services, revenues have been generated hugely on this service. As of 2021,  According to assessments, Prime Video generated revenue of $3.6 billion in 2020. The platform’s long-term goal is to be out there too among top-rated video mainstream channels and still get noticed. Statistics have also shown that Amazon Prime has millions of videos streamlined in its streaming platform. Their diversity has really gained them huge subscribers.

10. What is the Expected Reach of the US Amazon Prime Household in 2025?

With the largely use of Amazon Prime within many countries, the US is said to be at the top as it spreads around and is well expected to grow and attract more membership subscriptions as time goes on. As the growth of the internet increases, so does Prime usage in US households. Up from 163.5 million in 2022, the number of Amazon Prime members in the United States is projected to reach more than 176 million users by 2025.

[Source: Statista]

11. What is the Expected Reach of Amazon Prime Users for Video Streaming by 2026?

Amazon Prime, being known for its diversity, has been investing in content creation and video production with different formats that are not available on other platforms. There‘s no doubt Prime Video‘s effort and approach to the user experience will keep the platform‘s digitally going upward for years to come. The number of subscribers Amazon Prime is expected to hit by 2026 is 243 million. And reviews had shown it's growing toward it.

[Source: Comfy Living]

12. How many Amazon Prime Users will Subscribe to Unlimited Music Service in 2022?

The music streaming market is one big place music audiences love to be most time. It grows globally as Cloud made changes to the digital music experience. As of 2020, there were over 400 million subscribers worldwide, of which Spotify and Apple Music have been the leading platforms in a very competitive market. Still, Amazon prime hit it huge in 2019 by becoming the fastest-growing music streaming service. Statistics have shown Amazon Prime has 56 million subscribers and a 14% share of worldwide cloud streaming services.

Amazon Music vs. Spotify vs. Apple Music vs. Youtube Music (subscribers)

[Source: Musically, The Verge]

13. What is the Global Amazon Prime Day Sales?

Every year, Amazon organizes a sales event like a black Friday many know of for their members. Prime Day is a two-day sales program and is designed to support Amazon Prime growth. In 2021, buyers spent over $11.9 billion, representing a 7.7% year-on-year increase in sales.

This prime day is exclusively meant for Prime members. Due to the global pandemic of 2020, the Prime Day sale shifted from its usual midsummer slot to mid-October. According to Amazon, over 250 million items were purchased worldwide during Prime Day 2021.

Year Gross sales on Amazon during Prime Day
2015 $0.9 billion
2016 $1.52 billion
2017 $2.41 billion
2018 $4.19 billion
2019 $7.16 billion
2020 $10.39 billion
2021 $11.19 billion
2022 $11.90 billion

[Source: Enterprise Appstoday]

Amazon Prime Day Sales in US

Year Gross sales on Amazon during Prime Day (US)
2016 $0.99 billion
2017 $1.59 billion
2018 $2.62 billion
2019 $4.32 billion
2020 $6.17 billion
2021 $7.31 billion

14. How Much Did Amazon Prime Users Save for 2020 Prime Day?

Prime Day is a two-day event that is always organized into a summer version of Black Friday in terms of discounts, promotions, and offers. Because of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, it was rescheduled to 13-14 October.

The event which took place was held in 19 countries globally. While customers wait patiently for that, they save a good amount to enable them to get the best of Prime Day which only comes once a year.

The money saved by consumers was $1.4 billion through various products. The US report shows that the most purchased product was electronics, as it had 32% of shoppers on its sales.


Amazon Prime is a service offered to subscribed members and comes with so many outstanding perks, such as shopping and entertainment benefits. This service has over 200 million to its name thanks to the free easy shipments and deliveries of products.

Before now, people found it difficult to trust online shopping if not for any reason, but for the fact that they have to pay not just for the product, they bought but as well upon receiving. And this Amazon Prime is offered for free. This article is fully researched with the statistics that can help you make better judgments of Amazon Prime.

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