What is the Amazon Prime Shipping Club?

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As of 2024, Amazon is the largest online retailer. Every month over 100 million people visit the platform to buy products. Given the magnitude of Amazon's operation, scams aimed at unwary customers are easy to come by. The Amazon Prime Shipping Club is an example of such a scam.

Amazon Prime is a subscription service launched by Amazon in 2005. Perhaps best known for its expedited shipping, Amazon Prime comes with many other benefits and perks for its customers. Prime Gaming, Prime Video, and access to unique Prime Day Deals are just a few perks. Given Amazon Prime's massive list of benefits and services, you'd think the bluntly named “Amazon Prime Shipping Club” would be one of Prime’s products.

However, that is not the case. If you notice “Amazon Prime Shipping Club” on your credit or debit card statement, you might be the victim of an internet scam. If this is the case, don't be alarmed. This post delves further into the subject and demonstrates how to handle the situation.

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What Is the Amazon Prime Shipping Club?

Most people are surprised to learn that Amazon Prime Shipping Club is not linked with Amazon. Amazon Prime Shipping Club is a credit card billing fraud that charges your credit card on a monthly basis. If you notice “Amazon Prime Shipping Club” on your credit or debit card statement, you are more likely to be a victim.

The charges are, however, not the same for all victims. Some victims claim to have been charged $13, while others claim to have been charged considerably more. Only individuals who have an Amazon Prime subscription are affected by the fraud. Since it is a credit card fraud, Amazon will not be able to intervene. Customers must contact their credit card providers for further assistance.

Is Amazon Prime Shipping Club Part Of Amazon?

No, the Amazon Prime Shipping Club is not affiliated with Amazon. Perhaps it is bluntly named as it is to fool many unwary customers into believing that they are paying for an actual Amazon Prime product. It also seems to capitalize on the popularity of Amazon Prime's free shipping, as seen by the label “Shipping Club” in its name. Amazon will have no record of the transaction. If you fall victim to credit card fraud, you should contact your credit card provider immediately for help. Calling Amazon will not fix the problem.

How Much Does Amazon Prime Shipping Club Charge Monthly?

Because Amazon Prime Shipping Club is a fraud, your account will not be charged a given fixed amount of money as it would have been the case with regular Prime subscriptions. However, most consumers report receiving monthly costs ranging from $13.09 to $15.05. Scammers may bill their victims twice a month at times. The charges might come in several different forms. They might be modest sums of less than $3 each, enormous quantities of more than $15 each, or even two large amounts.

How To Tell If you Are Being Scammed By Amazon Prime Shipping Club

Customers may detect whether or not they have been duped in various ways. Contacting Amazon Support and inquiring about the charges is the most straightforward approach to determine if they are fraudulent. If Amazon assistance tells you that they don't have any records of the transaction in question, it's more likely that you've been duped.

Additionally, if you have an annual Prime membership but your billing records show monthly payments, it might indicate that you are a victim of Amazon Prime Shipping Club fraud. However, if you pay for your Prime membership every month, you may do some calculations to ensure the amount charged to your card is correct.

To do so, you must first determine if your state levies a tax on Prime memberships. Amazon will charge you for Amazon Prime as well as any applicable taxes. Prime subscriptions are taxed in several states, such as Alabama and Arizona. Currently, Amazon is required to collect a tax on Amazon Prime membership fees in 34 US states and the District of Columbia.

There is no sales tax in the remaining states! Based on your state's laws, determine how much your membership plus tax will cost. It's most likely a fraudulent transaction if the number doesn't match your statement.

Regarding the transaction's name, many scam victims report seeing the charge appear on their credit card accounts as “SHIPPINGCLUB”. Usually, if the transaction were genuine, it would be labeled “Amazon Prime” or something similar. If the name Amazon does not appear on your billing statement, this might be a red flag.

The only cards that seem to be impacted are American Express cards. If you are a Prime member who pays for your membership using an American Express card, you should review your previous transactions to ensure that you are not a fraud victim.

How Do I Cancel Amazon Prime Shipping Club

It is vital that you inform your bank or credit card provider as soon as you become aware that you have been a victim of online fraud. Contacting Amazon will not resolve the issue. You can lodge a complaint over the phone or through a formal report. However, there is no assurance that you will get their money back. The bank or credit card provider will issue you a new card and cancel the old one, therefore preventing further charges on your card.

Bottom Line

Amazon Prime Shipping Club is not affiliated with Amazon in any way. It is an online fraud primarily targeting those with a Prime membership. The amount charged on the victim’s cards ranges from $13.09 to $15.05 per month. At times the scammers can charge the card twice a month. The easiest way to tell if you have fallen victim to the scam is by contacting Amazon support and asking them if they have any record of the transaction.

If they do not, it is likely that you have been scammed. Unfortunately, Amazon will not be able to help you any further. You need to contact your bank or credit card company for further assistance. The bank or credit card company will issue you a new card to use, thus preventing any future charges on your card.

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