How Long Does It Take For Walmart To Ship? (You Might Be Interested In This)

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Discover the average shipping times for Walmart orders, factors affecting delivery speed, and tips to ensure your items arrive as quickly as possible. Learn more now!

Walmart is one of the world's largest online retailers and a trusted brand. It offers buyers various merchandise choices at great prices and over 1 million items in stock. For many people, shopping at Walmart for products online is the way to go.

They want to avoid handling bags of heavy items and prefer to get their items delivered directly to their doorsteps. But how long does it take Walmart to ship? Read on to find out.

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How Long Does It Take For Walmart To Ship?

On weekdays, orders placed before 2 pm can be expected to arrive within 2 business days (e.g., orders placed on Friday before 2 pm will arrive on Tuesday). You can also get next-day or same-day delivery from Walmart for as little as $10 (or it's free if you're a Walmart + member).

Sometimes, there may be delays due to weather or other outside factors. In other cases, there may be delays due to limited inventory availability. Items subject to frequent demand and high customer return rates may take processing longer than average.

For orders placed after 2 pm on weekdays and weekends, orders are generally delivered to customers in 1-3 business days. This time frame does not include weekends or holidays. Please allow additional shipping time if you are ordering from different states.

Why Does Walmart Shipping Take So Long?

Walmart shipping takes longer than Amazon delivery, which consistently delivers packages through same-day or next-day delivery, which is faster than Walmart shipping. Walmart shipping may take longer because Walmart uses a third-party provider, such as FedEx, to deliver packages (among their network of trucks and drivers).

When you order from Walmart, you must wait for the package to be shipped out by Walmart's shipping partners before another party can deliver it. Consider placing your order in advance, so you don't have to wait too long for your package to arrive. The advantage of Amazon lies because it does not rely on third-party delivery providers.

A sophisticated delivery network developed by the company recently enables it to deliver products faster than Walmart. Walmart has approximately 40 dedicated fulfilment centers for e-commerce, compared with Amazon's 110. As a result, Walmart's shipping takes longer than Amazon's.

How Can I Get Walmart To Ship Faster?

The Walmart customer may want their order to arrive in less than two business days, which is understandable. There is a fee of $7.95 or $9.95 for same-day delivery. For Walmart + members, who pay a fee of $98 annually or $12.95 monthly, same-day delivery is free. Some customers can pick up certain items online and pick them up in-store the same day.

Others have to wait until their order arrives at the store. Some items are not available for same-day delivery, but it is possible to get them within two days if there are no other delays in shipping or receiving them at the store level. Some items can also take longer to be shipped because they are heavy or bulky or require extra packing materials and boxes to keep them safe during shipping.

How Is Walmart Next Day Delivery Shipped?

Rather than shipping orders from multiple stores or distribution centres, next-day orders are shipped from a single fulfilment centre. The label 'next-day eligible' will be displayed on the product page online for items available for next-day delivery.

Only select ZIP codes are eligible for next-day delivery. The cost of same-day and overnight shipping is included in the price of your order if you choose these options at the checkout. Besides free same-day and overnight shipping, you can save more with free store pickup or free returns on eligible items.

What Is The Walmart Shipping Fee For Orders Under The $35 Minimum?

The shipping fee of $5.99 is charged to customers who are not Walmart+ members on orders below $35. In addition, Walmart has a free shipping policy on all orders over $35.

Under this policy, customers can enjoy free standard shipping provided by USPS. They will charge the customer only the taxes and duties from their state or region of residence and any local taxes if applicable (e.g., sales tax).

Does Walmart Offer An 'express' Delivery Service?

Walmart customers can enjoy express delivery for $10 on top of their existing delivery fee, meaning eligible orders and items arrive within two hours or less. The $10 fee is already included in the Walmart + membership, so you will not need to pay it separately! Express delivery is a great option for ordering groceries but is only available for some products.

Customers also have to meet certain requirements to qualify for this service. If you want to take advantage of this service, here are some things that you should know: If you're a Walmart Plus member, you can select this option when you place an order online or by phone. You'll be able to choose between two delivery times: first-in-first-out (FIFO) or last-in-first-out (LIFO).

What Is The Process For Getting Groceries From Walmart Delivered To Your Address?

You can order groceries from and deliver them to your home or office. You can choose from over 1,000 items, and deliver them to your door if you order them online. The process for ordering groceries from Walmart is pretty straightforward. Here is how to:

Is Online Shopping With Walmart Safe?

Shopping online with Walmart should be as safe as in-store shopping as long as you follow the important safety tips. The company also has a solid reputation for security and customer service. They have policies that protect users from fraud and work hard to protect your personal information.

Can You Tip Walmart Delivery Drivers?

Walmart delivery drivers are allowed to receive tips from customers. Tip fees are considered separate from delivery fees. Customer tips are entirely voluntary. The company does not collect or report any data on how much was given to the driver and how much was kept by the driver.


Walmart offers many shipping options for its customers. However, the time it takes for the company to ship a package varies depending on the methods chosen. The most popular option is to send the package to a nearby store for in-store pickup, where orders are ready within a few hours.

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