Walmart Bakery Cakes (A Full Guide)

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Are you planning a special occasion but need to know where to get a cake from? Walmart bakery has some great options, including custom-made cakes at a good price. If you would love to know which flavors they sell and how to order one, read this Walmart bakery cake full guide.

The Walmart bakery has a variety of cakes for you, depending on your preference. Walmart also makes custom-made cakes with the requirements you give to them. There are several flavors and frosting options you can choose to have on your cake. This full guide to Walmart bakery cakes will help you learn how to order cakes from Walmart, smash cakes and more!

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Can You Order Cakes from Walmart Online?

Walmart offers you various products you can buy online and have them delivered at your doorstep. But do they also deliver cakes? Although they don’t do cake deliveries, you can count on Uber Eats and GrubHub to deliver cakes from Walmart’s bakery.

Walmart takes at least 24 hours to prepare your custom-made cake, so you should enquire if any of these two delivery companies can manage a delayed delivery. Alternatively, you can pick up the cake from the store.

Which Walmart Stores Take Cake Orders?

If your Walmart store has a bakery section, they most likely take cake orders. However, to be sure, you can use the "store-locator tool" available on the Walmart website. You must then check the "Bakery" option to know if Walmart offers cakes in your location. You can still order online if your local Walmart does not have a bakery.

Buying and Ordering Cakes from Walmart

Many people now prefer a custom-made cake for their special occasion as they add the perfect glamour. The custom-made cakes need enough time to prepare to meet your expectations. For this reason, Walmart advises you to place your cake order 24 hours in advance so they can get enough time to prepare it.

Walmart Cake Ordering Steps

Step 1: Choose the cake size you want. Walmart offers you different custom cake sizes ranging from 18, 14, and 12, full sheet cakes and also 6″, 8″, and 10″ round cakes.

Step 2: Select a flavor for your cake. There are up to 6 different flavors available at Walmart.

Step 3: Choose an icing option.

Step 4: Lastly, a custom design for your cake.

Cake Options Available At Walmart Bakery

There are various cakes ranging from cookies, pre-made cakes, and treats that Walmart can customize to meet your needs. Moreover, you can get custom cake orders, cupcakes, Sheet cakes and round cakes. Walmart also allows you to order a themed cake of any cartoon design, Disney character, or sports team.

The Cost of Ordering a Cake from Walmart

Walmart bakery sells their cakes at a very affordable rate, and each price depends on the cake size. For instance, a 6″ round cake that serves up to 12 people costs $9.98, 8″ round cake that serves up to 16 people costs $12.98, and a 10″ round cake that serves up to 24 people costs $24.98.

You can also buy a 6″ full sheet cake at $10.98, cupcakes sell at $19.98, and decorated cookies at $1.00 each. Themed cakes take a lot of effort to prepare, so their prices are generally high, starting around $20.00, depending on how complex the design is.

Wedding Cake Flavors Available at Walmart

Walmart mainly sells chocolate or white cakes, the only flavor options available for cupcakes, although some locations also sell rainbow blast cakes, marble and yellow cakes. Besides the cake flavor, Walmart allows you to choose a filling flavor for layered cakes. Some of the filling flavors available are:

Frosting Cake options for Walmart Wedding Cakes

Walmart gives you only two options for their cake frostings: whipped icing and Buttercream. Some of the color options you can use include:

Does Walmart Allow Personalized Messages for Their Cakes?

Yes. Walmart bakery makes a cake for you with a personalized message of your choice. If you are making an online order, you will receive a box where you can enter your message, which Walmart bakery cake decorators will then write on your cake using safe food markers.

Adding a personalized message to your cake will also increase the cost of the cake; for instance, a filling can cost you an additional $3. The total cost of your cake depends on the decorations, fillings, flavor and size of the cake you order.

Do Walmart Bakeries Bake Cakes?

No. Walmart bakeries do not bake cakes. Instead, they receive the cakes and cupcakes when they are already baked. When the cakes arrive at their stores, Walmart freezes them, and when you make an order, they remove it from the freezer to decorate it for you.

Walmart receives sheet cakes from Pillsbury and round cakes from baking companies in Minnesota. It’s also important to know that most of the pre-baked cakes from Walmart contain Soy, wheat, eggs, coconut and milk. So, if you are allergic to any of these ingredients, visit your local Walmart bakery department to make the necessary arrangements.

Seven Types of Icing are Available at Walmart.

Walmart uses one of these seven icing types on its cakes.

Walmart Smash Cakes

It has become like a rite of passage for babies to celebrate their first birthday by smashing a cake. They get to smash the cake between their little fingers and enjoy it. Walmart has a great offer for you! When you order a birthday cake worth $14.98, they give you a free mini-cake with the same design you ordered for your kid to smash, and you get to enjoy the big cake.

Are Walmart Cakes Gluten-Free?

Unfortunately, Walmart bakery products are unsuitable for gluten-free individuals or vegans as they include ingredients like Soy and dairy. However, they sell gluten-free and vegan cake mixes you can easily make at home.

How Good are the Walmart Cakes?

Walmart is a large market retailer, so their bakery has skilled cake decorators who meet your expectations. When you look at the client reviews who bought cakes from Walmart, you notice that they are content with the taste and appearance of the cakes.

Moreover, Walmart cakes are available within a very short time. So, if you urgently need a quality cake, consider buying from Walmart.  However, you may find that the taste of a Walmart cake is different from that of a cake from a specialty bakery.

Does Walmart Bakery Accept EBT Payment for Their Cakes?

Yes. Walmart allows customers to pay for cakes at their bakery with EBT. It covers any food products for human consumption; cake falls under this category. If you have this card, you can buy any cake from Walmart for your occasion.


You can always go right with Walmart's custom-made cakes, regardless of the occasion. They are tasty, great looking, and are quite affordable too. Walmart has a special deal for those celebrating a kid's first birthday. When you buy a cake worth $14.98 for their birthday, you receive an exact mini version of the big cake for your kid to smash.

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