Does Walmart Ship to UK? (Try This Instead)

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Explore whether Walmart offers shipping to the UK, the procedures involved, and any associated costs or restrictions. Stay informed on international shopping options.

Walmart does not deliver directly to addresses in the UK. However, this doesn't mean that the allure of Walmart's offerings is out of reach for United Kingdom residents. As a UK resident, there are workarounds that you can use to have your favorite products from Walmart's online marketplace shipped to your UK address.

Several package forwarding companies, including MyUs, Shipito, and Stackry, can ship products bought from Walmart to any address in the UK. However, this service will cost you anywhere from $15 to $100. Sometimes, you might incur over $100 depending on the type of goods and the forwarding company you will use. Keep reading to learn how to ship Walmart goods from the US to the UK with zero headaches. But first;

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Why Doesn’t Walmart Ship Goods to the UK? 

Despite its global presence and expansive product range, Walmart doesn’t ship goods to the UK for various reasons, including;

So, how can you shop at Walmart and have your goods delivered to the UK? Here’s how;

How to Ship Walmart Goods from US to UK

Here are painless steps to ship Walmart goods from the US to the UK and get your hands on those coveted products:

Step#1: Choose a Reliable Package Forwarding Company

The package forwarder you will settle for determines how soon you will receive your Walmart goods and the overall costs of your Walmart shopping. Compare different package forwarders by reviewing their pricing policy and online reviews from past clients. The reviews are available on public forums like the company’s social media page and website.

Some of the best parcel forwarding companies you can use include;

The companies above will give you a US-based address to use as your shipping address when purchasing items from Walmart.

Step#2: Proceed to Shop from

After selecting your desired items from the Walmart marketplace, key in the US-based shipping address provided by the forwarding company as your US home address. Proceed to checkout. In most cases, the address will be that of the package forwarder's warehouse.

Step#3: Wait for the Package to Get to the Warehouse

Walmart will take 2-5 working days to ship your items to the provided address (warehouse) within the US. The shipping company will share photos of your delivered products as soon as they are delivered to the warehouse.

At this point, be keen on the photos; check out for damages on the image before the products are shipped to your physical address. You can request photos from different angles to ensure the parcel is in good shape.

Step#4: Choose a Shipping Package

The forwarding companies offer different shipping packages ranging from economical to expensive ones. The economic packages are slow, while the expensive ones are expedited; choose one that suits your budget! The regular delivery times to the UK can range from 2 to 21 days. However, the delivery time can be shortened if you ship time-sensitive products.

After paying for your shipment, the company will issue you a tracking number.

Step#5: Wait for Your Items to Be Delivered

While your Walmart goods are in transit, you can monitor the shipping progress through the tracking number. In case of delays, you will still use the tracking number to launch a complaint with the shipping company.

Be available to receive your package as per the estimated delivery time by the forwarder.

Enjoy your Walmart goods in the UK!


You will be responsible for any charges applied to your international shipment, including import duties and taxes, depending on the value of your shipment.

Shipping Walmart Goods to UK: How Much It Will Cost You

Different package forwarding companies offer various pricing structures for shipping Walmart goods from the US to the UK. The total cost depends on several factors, like the package forwarding service you choose, the weight and dimensions of your shipment, and the shipping method you opt for.

Even though the prices vary, you can expect to be charged from $15-$100 and above to have your Walmart shopping shipped to the UK. You can use shipping rate calculators (most shipping companies have it on their website) to find the exact amount you’ll be charged.

Heavier items and short delivery timelines will make your shipping fees expensive. Therefore, take note of the delivery charges viz a viz the value of the products you buy.

How to Ship Walmart Goods to UK at a Lower Rate

There are a couple of shipping strategies that you can employ to enjoy low shipping costs of goods from Walmart US stores to the UK. They include:

1. Sign up for Walmart+

This membership plan offers Walmart shoppers same-day delivery at no cost, provided the orders are above $35. Besides the same-day delivery, the plan offers free delivery services on all orders. The Walmart+ plan costs $12.95/month.

By subscribing to this plan, you will have your Walmart goods shipped to your package forwarding company address at no cost. You will only cater for the shipment charges charged by the shipping company.

2. Check out Walmart's free shipping promo codes

You don’t have to subscribe to Walmart+ to enjoy free shipping. Watch out for free shipping promo codes on Walmart’s offers page.

3. Avoid shipping during holidays

The holiday season is the picking season for shipping companies. Shipping your items from Walmart US to the UK during the picking season will be more expensive than shipping on normal days.


Even though Walmart is a renowned retailer in the US, a brand known for its fast and efficient delivery services, the retailer does not deliver to the UK. However, you can use shipping companies in the US to have your Walmart-purchased goods delivered to any address in the UK.

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