Hello Products Review: Does It Really Work On Your Teeth?

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Want to revolutionize your hygiene game using fluoride-free taste and charcoal-activated or oral health products? Start your day with the Hello Products for the safety of your enamel. Let us find out if the Hello products work well on all users worldwide and what they have in store for you.

Because of the improving technology, health concerns are also arising as a negative effect. Most products now contain harmful ingredients that are not only harmful to your health but also not environmentally friendly.

However, recently, there has been an increased use of Charcoal products, which, to an extent, are safe but also promote pollution. But wait, these activated charcoal products are taking over the beauty industry. Most people have realized that charcoal can help carry out multiple tasks, such as removing toxins, oil, and dirt on your skin. The star ingredients are to date found in the markets as well as toothpaste and bar soap.

Also, note that active charcoal is not perfect when naturally used as a skincare product. This means it must be processed, leading us to our topic of today on the Hello Products. Hello is a popular brand that offers activated charcoal products that are fluoride-free and perfect toothpaste for whitening your teeth based on hygienic formulas.

Before going into details, let us go through the brand overviews and compare the pros and cons, leading us to the popular products in the next section.

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Hello Products Review

Hello Products is a brand that offers natural, green, or hygienic formulas that are sustainable and do not contain harmful ingredients. The company provides products from deodorant to toothpaste. You can also access all sorts of bathroom necessities under one roof.

Historically, Hello Products was founded by Craig Dubitsky, who is among the few founders who think beyond their capabilities. This guy was not pleased with the multiple products full of harmful ingredients and the number of unsustainable toothpaste on the market. Therefore, Craig had one dream: to revolutionize and innovate the classic minty spread. Therefore, this company was first launched in Montclair In, New Jersey.

Thus, Hello Products only uses natural or organic additives in coming up with these formulas while fighting to ensure that it remains eco-friendly. Even though a very small team inspired this company, it has been growing and expanding with its natural formula, which many people have found to be effective and important, as well as carefully and thoughtfully designed. The brand targets to make the world a good place, and friendship begins with your mouth; hence products remain naturally friendly.

From the online data, Hello Products has gained popularity from its massive audience based on social media handles. Due to its sustainability and vegan nature, the company has also been featured in popular publications like Forbes, Business Insider, etc.; it holds numerous awards, and one of its latest is the Best Green Beauty Award from Elle in 2020. To revolutionize the hygiene game, you must learn more about Hello Products. You will enjoy promotional services and spread the love with a brush.

In this review, we will focus on customer feedback in deciding if the products are worth the costs. Therefore, before moving to its popular products, let us summarize the pros and cons.

Hello Products Pros:

Hello Products Cons:

Why We Like Hello Products

All ethical shoppers have come across Hello Products on the market. The company ensures that all customers can access the careful bomb on every order. They offer a huge collection of products to select from, ranging from small items to the best toothpaste. And if you have been wasting time searching for these cruelty-free, vegan, natural, clean, and still eco-friendly products, this is the no-brainer choice.

The product collection involves lip balm to dental hygiene as long as you check out the good for your product page. All the deodorants, floss, mouthwash, etc., are naturally sourced in green stores and have a clean formula. If you want to purchase, there are two options: the best-selling individual products and the subscription-based package.

The Best-Selling Hello Products

The bestselling Hello ProductsHello products do not contain any toxic and addictive ingredients at all. This is because the company believes in natural botanical power but comes in two options, those with fluoride and fluoride-free products.

That aside, we have collected some of the best-selling Hello products in this section. If you do not want to waste time going through the whole collection, try out the famous Activated Charcoal Fluoride Free Toothpaste, which is purely made with charcoal ingredients but guarantees freshness and clean breath.

Besides charcoal, the product is mixed with spearmint, peppermint, and coconut oil for an extra refreshing feeling. There is Brightening Booster Toothpaste with White Turmeric that the brand claims can never interfere with your teeth since it is safe for your enamel through daily cleaning results in a vigorous reaction. Its ingredient is effective in fighting gingivitis and any gum infection.

Antiplaque + Whitening Fluoride Free Toothpaste does not even feature a whistle or bells. Still, it is cruelty-free vegan and contains natural ingredients though it is flavored with coconut oil, peppermint, and a tea tree. Kids are not left behind, so there is another popular product, Kids Fluoride-Free Toothpaste in Natural Watermelon contains natural addictiveness as a sweetener and is preferred by all candy enthusiasts. It is also complemented with the non-toxic soothing aloe vera ingredients to avoid cavities.

The list is long and involves the likes of the Activated Charcoal Extra Freshening Mouthwash, made with plant extract ingredients such as xylitol, tea tree oil, coconut oil, and sustainable bamboo. Last is Classic Toothbrush in Black, featuring tapered bristles but also has a sustainable bamboo that is burned into the activated charcoal. It comes complete with a tube ready for the daily routine.

The Hello Products Subscription Package

If you are still waiting for the dentist appointment for the next six months, the Hello products can help you get sorted and avoid any disapproving grimace. Therefore, when you want access to all oral and natural hygiene products, the brand has it all under one package subscription.

While customers can customize the package, it goes along with hydrogen peroxide that gives you the floss. You can also decide on the frequency of the delivery based on your needs, but it starts monthly. The package also comes with a free brush that will keep a dentist away from your life.

Customer Review

While Hello products offer customers access to a huge collection of amazing bathroom essentials, toothpaste, and mouthwash, we are yet to approve it without looking at the customers' feedback. Understanding what customers say is a vital step in making a choice.

Therefore, our research covered multiple external sites as well as the official website. In this section, we will start with the official website hello-products.com. The reviews on this site are amazing and indicate customers are satisfied with the products. Since there is a huge collection of products, each product has specific feedback.

To illustrate this, we have selected the most recent ones on the site. This company scores 4.1 stars out of 271 reviews on the activated charcoal whitening fluoride toothpaste. The customer on the site praises the company with the below statement:

"The notion of having toothpaste on the go in the form of small tablets is brilliant. Perfect for people who are short on time or dislike the shambles that comes with brushing their teeth. I like the boxes and how many you get. They taste great and wash your teeth. I've only been using it for a few days, so I won't speculate on its whitening abilities, but I've definitely seen it remove gunk from my teeth. I keep these with me at all times and use them on the go. Also great for traveling."

On Trustpilot, the company gets an average rating of 2 reviews, where it gets 3 stars. While on Amazon, the same activated charcoal Epic Teeth whitening fluoride toothpaste receives a 4.6-star rating considering 6659 global ratings. Out of these, 79% of the customers gave it 5 stars.

There is yet another curated blog on the Teen Vogue website where the author exhausts everything about the brand, especially the activated charcoal fluoride-free toothpaste. They praised how the paste considers the different mileage that customers have.

Though Glassdoor and Plants spark Joy have real reviews about the company and its respective products, Highya sums up everything by comparing the pros and cons of the products. And in the end, the two customer reviews accumulate up to 3.5 stars. This is a good step to greatness. A particular author on Yahoo also gives up a crucial review of the brand praising its vegan, cruelty, and paraben-free form.

Generally, customers online feel satisfied. Though there are a few issues regarding the customer's support, the products are effective and simple to use with guaranteed results as customer compliments.

Where to Buy Hello Products

There are so many places and stores where you can purchase Hello Products. Do you want to know? Well, the first place I recommend, unless otherwise, is their official stores at hello-products.com. This is where you will have a real collection, genuine products, and guaranteed lucrative deals.

However, as stated, there are multiple stores online. Thus, our research only managed to identify the below listed online retailers to have the Hello Products in the stores:

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Is Hello Products Worth It?

Hello products is one of a kind brand that considers our health and environmental concerns as our daily routine dictates. Thus, with their products, one must consider hygiene as well as oral care. The company emphasizes using natural, cruelty-free, vegan, and safe ingredients in manufacturing its products. Looking at the reviews online, the company has received numerous positive feedback highlighting different reasons.

Hello Products thus stands as a unique brand and guarantees all customers access to the refreshing break and clean, green, eco-friendly, and vegan -r environmentally sourced ingredients. The most important fact is that Hello Products has a very transparent mission.

These guys offer a huge collection of oral products ranging from charcoal-infused formulas to Unicorn-Inspired toothpaste. There is something in store for you, regardless of your preferences.

Thus, when you have been searching for family-friendly oral products as a perfect alternative with guaranteed artificial ingredients, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and stretchy additives, then Hello Products is here for you; the brand is worth your money. You need to check out their lucrative deals as well. This leads us to the next section.

Hello Products Discounts

There are numerous promotions that Hello Products provides to all customers. This is why we took the time to go online and find all the company's deals for you. The first thing is their 10% off on your first order when you sign up for a newsletter from their official website. Also, free shipping on orders from $30 and above is one of the discounts you can get from a cosmetic brand.

The next move to save on budget is Affirm as an alternative payment plan for those with a low budget on the products. This company still has the last chance offer that guarantees all the customers' discounts that go upto 75% off. Another thing is that you are guaranteed to get two free brushes on all the orders you place on their official website.

Moreover, when writing this review, we also spotted an offer that customers can save 20% to 50% off for their next dental appointment if they sign up for the dental pass plan. So,e of the brand's gift sets and bundles are also sold at a discounted price. You need to check out this, as well as the frequent ales. Or, subscribe to the new3s letter and stay informed of all the deals.

Hello Products Contact

Hello products offer comprehensive services we could not cover in this review. Therefore, if you have a question regarding the brand, you can address it with the team. Equally, jump to the FAQ page and find out if not answered, then follow them on their social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. from there, you will be able to interact and get your concerns sorted.

Otherwise, on their website, the guys have listed other contact options. There is a phone number to call 855-hi-hello. You can also send them an email address to hi@hello-products.com. There is also an option to call the founder, who is available on skype for consultation anytime. Equally, pass your message through the contact form on their website. The method you select to contact them depends on your preferences, but you will have issues resolved.


Q: Who is the owner of the Hello Products brand?

While we have done detailed research, the above article indicates that Craig Dubitsky owns Hello Products. However, it is currently run and operated by the minor coordinators and sales managers who act as a team.

Q: Where does Hello Products company manufacture their products?

If you visit the Hello Products website under the FAQ section, it becomes clear that they manufacture their products in the US. This is where their manufacturing plants are located.

Q: Are Hello Products products not only vegan but also safe for humans?

Even at a quick look on the Hello Products website, they stated that they rely on not only natural ingredients but also their products are cruelty-free, vegan, and clean. And in addition to this fact, the company is certified by the Leaping Bunny. The brand does not believe in toxic additives but aims to give customers a natural taste and feeling from the plant extracts.

Q: Do professional dentists recommend Hello Products?

The company, in fact, was awarded the American Dental Association Seal of acceptance award, and this alone is a clear indication that dentists recommend Hello Products to people around the world. In addition, the products are also certified and recommended by medical professionals as they meet all the ADA rules because it helps nurture oral health.

Q: Who does Hello Products target to serve on the market?

The products are made to serve all ethical shoppers around the world. Therefore, all people fighting to do away with the toxic ingredients in the household are encouraged to go to this oral care store to take care of the necessities in the bathroom. The brand has products for both genders, adults to children, as it depends on natural ingredients with no side effects.

Q: Where do Hello Products ship its products to?

First, we are happy that all US-based customers enjoy the Hello Products free standard shipping on orders totaling $30 and above. Every purchase also comes with gifts, and orders typically take a maximum of 5 businesses to reach your destination. Immediately after the company dispatches the order, they send customer tracking and confirmation mail through email. However, it is unfortunate that the company does not offer international shipping services.

Q: Does Hello Products have a return policy?

The good news is that Hello Products comes with a window of 30 days to return the products to the store. But from the online data, we did not find any relevant information on if they have the free return option. But, for further details and to initiate the process, use the above contact information to reach out to the technical team.


Hello products is a popular brand that believes oral products are ideal for healthy and natural teeth compared to conventional. Their whitening products depend on charcoal ingredients that are efficient and safe. The above reviews covered everything you need to know about the brand's history, the best-selling products, customer feedback, and discounts.

At this moment, we have evaluated its worthiness to the customers. Because of the multiple positive reviews on the Hello products, we highly recommend their products for Oral care bathing products.

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