Bevel Shave Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth Buying?

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Want to get the perfect item that meets all your grooming needs from countless options? Let us find out if Bevel Shave, a brand rooted in problem-solving, has something for you in the store.

Besides the fashion and beauty or cosmetic industry booming recently due to the inception of the pandemic, we should not lean on one side. I also agree that grooming is not only the biggest but also the fastest-growing business around the world. However, as people of color, men have the short end of the stick. Selecting the right tool becomes challenging. This is because there are plenty of options to choose from on the market.

Hence, it makes it difficult for men to find grooming items that meet all their needs but are also affordable. Therefore, today's review will cover Bevel Shave, a black-owned grooming brand. The company aims to offer solutions for men and provides a lasting solution to men who need access to all grooming essentials.

Though it has been around for some time, let us learn more about the brand and what they offer and evaluate it deeply from the customer feedback.

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Bevel Shave Review

Bevel is a reputable grooming brand that offers products designed for sensitive skin. The brand was established in 2013 to help cater to the needs of people of colour. It started way back by Tristan Walker under the umbrella of the new business known as the Walker and company. The founder was frustrated due to insufficient shaving options on the market that suit all black people's needs.

Then, he established Bevel to offer the solution. Though this company expanded with time to meet all marginalized societies' needs. To date, the brand has expanded to offer the service to all people of all races worldwide. Since the company specializes in shaving products, it was named the winner of the GQ's 2016 Grooming awards.

They now advertise their products alongside shaving products and are meant to work with coarse as well as curly hair without causing skin irritation and leaving bumps. Kiss goodbye to the dreaded razor burn. This is because Walker has brought a solution. He now offers quality and a stylish shaving system to cover the market gap.

Besides the shaving products, Bevel shave products have detailed instructions and tutorials on creating multiple styles or effective shaving. Even though brands started by selling their products on the online subscription-based system, they now have the products in numerous online retail stores, as we are about to discover. They also extended their product coverage from shaving to offering skin, body, and hair products.

While it is designed to provide men's products, we also found that women enjoy the services in the reviews. The brand has gained high-profile admirers online, such as Magic Jonson. In this review, we will only focus on the shaving line products. We will also dig deep into the promotion services, where to purchase them, look at the customer feedback and evaluate if the brand is worth the money. Before that, where are the pros and cons of the brand in summary?

Bevel Shave Pros:

Bevel Shave Cons:

Why We Like Bevel Shave?

Many online businesses are considering subscription-based services. The Same applies to Bevel, which started as a subscription-based, but has now grown and expanded to offer the  La Carte purchase. In later 2020, the brand also re-released its subscription packages. And during the time of writing this review, the company provided recurring delivery, which comes with the discounted 5% discount on the plan.

The brand offers products that cover all your grooming or shaving needs for black men and all races worldwide. From the reviews, we also realized that some women had praised the products for their efficiency and for smoothing the shaving process. The item starts from the beginning to the end of the shaving process. Here are the step-by-step items under each stage:-

The Bevel Priming Oil

This oil is meant to prepare you and make you calm. The Bevel shaving process is intended to prepare your hair and skin since it is alcohol-free. It is perfect for people with dry skin. It uses castor oil which is best for fighting infections. This process involves using olive oil, sunflower, and Lavender oils while soothing and moisturizing the skin. Hence it reduces irritation and itching cases.

Bevel Shave Cream

After calming and preparing your skin and hair, you now apply the cream that protects and moisturizes the skin. It helps treat your skin regardless of the situation and is sourced from the perfect level of aloe vera. Bevel Shave Cream is perfect unless water-based since it contains the favorite post-sunburn plant ingredients.

Aloe vera, together with comfrey extract, white tea, and shea butter, combines to not only soothe the skin but also moisturize it; where it comes with extra protective benefits; hence razor can glide on the skin like a surfer on top of a wave.

Bevel Shave Brush

Bevel Shave Brush is responsible for lifting the hair and exfoliating. Again, the brush bristles go the extra mile to whip the shaving cream while moisturizing the skin effectively. It also exfoliates all the impurities stored on the skin that is slewing away all the dead skin. Raising the hair makes the shaving process smooth. The website has a detailed tutorial regarding using the Bevel Shave Brush.

Bevel Safety Razor

This is a good product, especially when you want to prevent bumps for sensitive skin and evade irritation. It works a lot of miracles as protection is concerned. Though it is a single-blade, it avoids all the tendencies of the multi-blade razor, which is responsible for pulling out all hair hidden underneath the skin.

Instead, this razor is weighted; hence you can apply sufficient pressure on the skin by following the guidelines. The razor has a sleek design of a silver metal handle as well as a shiny silver head placed in the ocean. Hence it is easy to clean. Though to get the best result, we recommend changing the razor frequently.

Bevel Trimmer

If you prefer something other than a clean shaving look, then you can move ahead with Bevel Trimmer. The products are well known for their cordless power and consistency of up to  8 hours. It guarantees you a soft touch grip hence profound control. It features a T-Blade attachment for faster cutting due to more control. The item is also made to repel oil, build-up and dirt that might irritate.

Bevel Restoring Balm

This is the second last where the user can soothe and hydrate the skin using this restoring balm. You can avoid dry skin using this product since it's alcohol-free. The result of this is refreshment. The balm contains Jojoba, oil Oat Kernel, tea tree oil, and salicylic acid that prevents infections, inhibits irritation, hydrates your skin, and solves the clogged pores on the skin to let you have a soothing day.

Bevel Shave Kit

The company brands this product as the complete shave system. as it gets, the kit is complete and accurate. It comes alongside all the shaving needs under one catalogue and extra 20 blades. Although 20 blades are not enough, they are good to start with.

Customer Review

Based on our brand review logic, we also had the next step of considering the customer rating online. We had to complement the fact that the company is promising the customers true things and offers what they claim from their website. The only solution is to look at what the experienced consumers say. We had to spend time going through multiple external review sites.

The first is Amazon, where a shaving kit for men scores 4.5 stars after 948 global ratings. This is excellent since 74% of the customers have it 5 stars, indicating that most are happy with the shaving products. Most people praised the brand for offering a long-lasting, affordable, and extensive collection of grooming items that meet the needs of all people worldwide.

On the AskMen website, the blog's author also gives a stand on the brand. After comparing the pros and cons of the brand based on the refill frequency, packaging, subscription management, and quality of the products, this brand scored a 4 stars rating. Other than the author's promo codes to potential customers, the conclusion or verdict speaks volumes about the brand. Here is the summary of the judgment:

"The grooming industry had been lacking Bevels products A shaving system meant to alleviate the trauma many men of color experience when taking a blade to the face, its razor and skincare products work well together to provide an excellent shaving experience.

In my opinion, the brass-weighted double edge razor is designed for flawless execution, performing close shaves without butchering my neck. Most importantly, the step-by-step instructions greatly help first-timers or dry shavers making the switch."

There is also an honest review on Insider where the author compliments the company and their product with the bottom line:

"Nothing surpasses the experience of a product being crafted just for you as a customer. That's exactly what an underrepresented demographic gets with Bevel. The products are intended for people of color, perform admirably, and are relatively inexpensive."

You can access many other reviews on the Fatherly website, Thing Testing, and even the Tools Of Men site. On Thing testing, the brand scores 4 stars after 4 reviews, while on Tools Of Men, the author is impressed with the products and guarantees smooth skin within 4 days. The packaging is also on another level and worth mentioning in this blog. Customers raise minimal issues, and these do not impact the brand's reputation.

Where to Buy Bevel Shave?

If you want to purchase the Bevel Shave products, kindly head to their website at and place your order. They deliver in the US as well as Canada. While researching, I also discovered that Bevel Shave products are available online. Though not all, you can buy some items from retailers like:-

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Is Bevel Shave Worth It?

From the above information and looking at the customers' feedback online, the worth of the Bevel shave products depends on the customers' needs. Therefore, if you struggle to fight skin irritation or even the bumps as well as the razor burns, this brand is worth the money.

They have high-quality shave products designed to offer solutions for all your needs. The pricing is dedicated to helping you save. Still, the company has multiple promotion services for customers. Though they ship to customers within the US and Canada, they also distribute their products through selected online retailers for customers outside the said regions.

The brand is worth the investment if your target is not a quick shave. Give it a try and enjoy the long-term benefits. They guarantee you comfort and the most cost-effective way to get cleaned up. They also have skin, body, hair, beard, and bundles of products with many gifts on their website. It's the gifting season. Treat yourself to a smoother and get moisturized skin within 4 weeks.

Bevel Shave Discounts

Bevel also has numerous promotions. First, there is a reward program through which all members are entitled to $10 off on their first orders. You also get one point for one dollar you spend on the website. Therefore, you can earn points from other activities, such as referring a friend or sharing the products on your social media platform. In reality, the points act as the brand promo code.

Hence, the more you purchase the products, your level increases with high points. At the time of writing this review, the brand had an offer of 15% off Becel exclusive offers for the products for a limited time. Get updated, and subscribe to the newsletter for all the updates and latest deals. The good thing is that when you find their newsletters and promotions annoying, you can unsubscribe anytime.

Bevel Shave Contact

If the review has yet to cover things you wanted to know, you can contact the brand for information. They offer multiple means you can reach them. That includes the email address at for general information.

If you need support, reach out to them at or press-related issues, then contact them at Still, you can also engage with them through their social media platform. The team is available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Subscribe and follow them for updates and inquiries.


Q. What is the shipping policy of Bevel Shave?

From online research, Bevel offers shipping to the US,  Canada, and America overseas. For standard delivery, which takes about 3 to 5 days, shipping costs $7.83, while express delivery costs $10.72 and takes 2 business days. Canadian customers must incur overseas shipping charges of $9.95, and its delivery takes roughly 3 to 5 business days. Members paid for the previous subscription plan for one shipping on their first order. We could not find out if the same applies to the upcoming shave club package.

Q. Does Bevel Shave offer a return policy?

As long as you place an order from the Bevel website, all the customers have 30 days to return the products with a guaranteed full refund. But from the information, we are yet to gauge if the near future cancellation of the subscription will still apply.


Though Bevel previously started as offering black men grooming solutions for smooth and beautiful skin without irritation, the company has expanded to offer skin, hair, and beard products and cover all races worldwide. If you have sensitive skin when you shave using a razor, then Bevel is here to offer you a solution today.

Their shaving items come in different styles and designs. Also, the company accompanies the product with detailed instructions for different shaving styles. These items are designed to offer services for people of color and also cost cheaply.

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