Hairstory Review: *Pros and Cons* Should You Buy It?

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Are you looking for quality hair washing and treatment formulas for all kinds of hair? Let us help you learn more about Hairstory and the products they offer.

You will agree with me that the importance of keeping healthy hair cannot be overemphasized. A lot of people have been carried away by the need to keep their hair in good shape, clean, and glowing forgetting to pay close attention to the kind of hair care formulas they are using on their hair. Some hairs are full while some are scanty, some are extra dry and some are wet.

You need to first identify the kind of hair you have before you can know the best hair care product for you. There are indeed numerous hair brands in the market that offer different kinds of hair formulas. you must be able to filter the right one for your hair. There are certain features you need to look out for when searching for a good brand.

This is why this review will help you handle the issue of looking for the best brand as we introduce one of the best hair brands in the market. Hairstory is a brand that deals with hair care products that people can use to treat and wash their hair. It is made of quality ingredients. If you are wondering how this brand works, then you need to read this review to get all the necessary information about this brand. Knowing all these vital details will help you know how authentic this brand is.

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Hairstory Review

Hairstory is a haircare brand that offers hair washing and treatment formulas for any kind of hair. They care so much about transforming your hair into an admirable one, hence they are tagged “the no-nonsense hair care brand”. the kind of wash products they offer is beyond the regular shampoo you know. They offer waxes, sprays, and balms where only the necessary ingredients are used to get a faster result.

The brand has a satisfactory presence across well-known social media platforms. The brand has also been featured in so many publications such as The New York Times, Allure, Glamour, Forbes, The Cut, etc. This brand was founded by Michael Gordon who teamed up with Eli Halliwell in 2014. the story of this brand cannot be said without the mention of the Bumble & Bumble company where Michael and Eli were the owners and executive staff respectively.

The head office of this brand is situated in New York City. This review will highlight the pros and cons of this brand. The review will go further to evaluate reviews and ratings of their customers, the reason why we like using this brand, our verdict on how legit the brand is, the promos, discounts that are available to customers, how to contact the brand for more information, and so many more.

Hairstory Pros

Hairstory Cons

Why We Like Hairstory

One great feature of their products, in general, is that it is capable of bringing out the best in your hair. It is the same thing as using natural ingredients to treat and clean your hair. Make use of these products and get a shinier, clean, and healthy hair.

Customer Review

Just looking at the brand and the kind of products they offer, you can easily tell that the brand is a great one. Despite having this feeling, this review still wanted to hear from their customers. We wanted to know the thoughts and feelings of customers about this brand.

The analysis was based on the products of this brand, the features, how effective the formulas are, the policies that this brand offers, and the attitude of customer support on how they handle and manage situations when there are complaints. This review had to look for quality information on the rating and feedback from a customer from a reliable source.

This review sourced this customer review from the Hairstory website. Using their official website made us know more about this brand and even more about what the customers are saying. There is an average rating of 4.4-star rating for their combined products. Despite the rating being made on an individual product, we were able to make a proper analysis of the rating made by all of them so our review will be very easy. Most customers complimented their product for having very high positive effects on their hair.

This is the first time I am using a hair product that will make me skip oil formula when washing. It is an incredible product because it is highly effective. I will buy more of their products.

Where to Buy Hairstory

Get a special offer from the brand’s website or through online retailers

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Is Hairstory Worth It?

With the rating gotten from a reliable review website, we can easily say the brand is worth it. Looking at the things you can enjoy while using this brand, then you will agree with me that the brand is more than okay and worth a trial for intending customers too. The brand has enjoyed high positive reviews from its customers because their customers were satisfied with the kind of positive effect they saw after using the products.

Other policies of the brand further speak well of how the brand has been able to maintain such a big company. It is not an easy task to keep more than 80% of your thousands of customers very pleased. The few setbacks you might want to say about their product is that sometimes it will take a while maybe 1 week for your hair to get used to it. But it is not much of a problem because you should have a positive outcome. I will recommend this brand to you.

Hairstory Discounts

You can go ahead to enjoy some discounts when you are on a subscription plan

Hairstory Contact

If you have any questions or you want to inquire, you can contact this brand through the following means


Q. Is there any return policy in Hairstory?

The brand offers a 30 days return policy even if you have opened the product. And you will get a full refund if your claims are true. If you have not opened your product, you can exchange the item for another product within that amount if you want. They offer an exchange for unopened items.

However, if you received a damaged item, you can contact the customer support team to lay your complaint. The brand will not return any shipping fee and you will be responsible for the cost of shipping when returning. You can reach out to their customer support to start a return process.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Hairstory?

This brand offers to ship to the 50 states of America. You can also ship to other countries such as Canada, New Zealand, the EU, the UK, Australia, Iceland, and Norway. You will enjoy free shipping when you buy for the first time. Then they also offer free shipping when you are on a subscription plan. The shipping cost ranges from $4 to $6 depending on your location. The time of delivery also depends on your location. You can track your shipment by signing in to your account.

Q. How long will it take before Hairstory will start to work?

The brand has stated that the average time for the formulas to begin to work depends on the nature of your hair. Some hair is more porous than others. So it will take around 3 weeks on average.


It is great to take care of your hair. You might be having stubborn hair that the regular shampoo and conditioner cannot solve, this is where you need special formulas such as waxes, balms, washes, etc to help you fix your hair. This brand offers just what any kind of hair deserves. This review will help you make the right decision.

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