Full Size Bed: Here is Whether Or Not To Buy It

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Full sized beds are loved for its roomy advantage. Wider than Twin by 15” and shorter than Queen sized by 5”, the full sized bed has a dimension of 54” X 75” that makes it roomy. It is the ideal choice for individuals who want their space, especially teenagers during their transitional stages. It could also serve as the ideal one for your guest room. Thus, if you’re looking for the right bed for your teenage daughter or son, full sized bed will be the right choice for you.

In this article, we are going to look at 3 different types of full-sized bed and we will review at least two different products under each category so as to give you a better picture on the subject matter. In addition, this comprehensive review will give you some of the pros and cons of each type of full-sized bed and why they are suitable for certain circumstances. Without much ado, let’s begin with the best full-sized loft bed and what makes them tick.

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Type 1: Full Sized Loft Bed

Loft beds, alternatively known as bunk beds, are ideal choices for small rooms. If you’re not intimidated by the idea of climbing a ladder to bed, they can make your small apartment spacious enough to accommodate other important items that would otherwise be left outside of the room. For instance, the space under your loft bed can accommodate your storage cabinet as well as your study table on which you can place your laptop or desktop computer.

Hence, they provide a great advantage for students who want to take advantage of their small hostel rooms. So, if you’ve been thinking of how to take the most advantage of your small-spaced room and you’re beginning to find this idea fascinating, then the following review will definitely prompt you to take action. Now let’s unveil to you two of the best loft beds that will give you value for your money without digging holes in your pockets.

DHP Abode Full Size Loft Bed

This product from DHP will definitely add aesthetic value to your room. Of course, this is just one of its numerous benefits as you will see below.

It can accommodate any full-size mattress. It comes with a slight slant front ladder making it easy for you to climb into bed. The features also include full-length guardrails for security and a full desk for paper works and study.

This product, no doubt, will appeal to you, not just for its aesthetic, but will impress you for its high-quality, space-saving and convenient features. In addition to these, this loft bunk bed also provides a comfortable sleeping alternative with a large and useful workstation, together in one.

The design conveniently features two ladders, on the front and on the side, along with upper guardrails for added safety as it makes it secured and solid on the ground. The model reviewed comes in a silver frame with black desk and shelves.

Overall, this full-sized mattress is practical and will add a unique impactful design statement for your room. Pros

  • Awesomely designed with a silver frame and black desk and shelves to add aesthetic value
  • Easy-to-climb front and side ladder and guard rails for upper bunk
  • Accommodates a full mattress
  • Full desk included
  • Perfect space-saving design
  • Choice of two colors available in this model: black and silver


  • It is not easy to assemble, you need more than one person to assemble it

Coaster Fine Furniture

This is another perfect choice for your teenage child as it features a comfy full sized bed and a spacious workstation which comes handy during study times.

It comes with built-in side metal ladders that make it easy for you to reach your sleeping arena while they don’t take much space. Its sturdy metal frame provides sufficient support while you sleep on.

The Coaster Fine Furniture Loft Bed is designed with a study desk to provide ample of space for studying, reading or playing on the computer. It comes with a keyboard trail.

Another benefit is how the Coaster Fine Furniture Loft Bed conveniently fits into smaller rooms with its space-saving metal frame design and the large shelf above the study desk. Its sturdy metal frame makes it supportive of your sleeping needs.

Overall, we particularly like this simple yet practical loft bed, as it is durable and solid through years of use, making it cost-effective in the long run.


  • Frees up space in the room by having a large shelf above the study desk
  • It is ideal for younger children and teens
  • Full-length guardrails on upper bunk for safety purpose
  • Study desk and keyboard trail
  • Fits a standard full-size mattress
  • Sturdy built-in ladders on the sides of the bunk bed for easy access


  • Cannot be assembled easily
  • Delays reported in delivery

Type 2: Full Sized Bed with Storage

Full sized beds with storage allow you to maximize the use of the space in your room to your advantage. Most of them out there let a lot of space under the bed frame to go unused or unorganized even when put to use.

Full-sized storage beds, however, come with pull-out drawers that provide the opportunity for you to use the space underneath your bed for storage purposes. With these drawers, you can easily store and arrange your shoes, sheets, clothes, and others items, while other space in the room can be used for other purposes.

So, they give you a 2 in 1 benefit. While you sleep comfortably, you also have your belongings properly kept safe in the drawers. Now let’s take a brief review of two of the best full-sized bed with storage you can find on the market.

Alegria 5654 Full-Size Storage Bed from Nexera, Natural Maple

Alegria is a great solution from a Canadian company with plenty of storage room.

It comes with 3 convenient storage drawers. These drawers are useful for storing beddings, clothes, toys, books and other miscellaneous items that may otherwise use-up the space in your room. Without such storage drawers, your small room will definitely look clumsy.

An interesting feature of this bed is that it gives you the flexibility of using either side of for your drawers. This feature enables you to place your bed on any side of the room you found desirable.

Alegria full sized storage bed is designed and manufactured in Canada with CARB/EPP/SCS/FSC Certified materials so it is environmentally and human-friendly. Shipment commences within 24-48 hours of placing the order.

Overall, a good quality and convenient full sized storage bed at an affordable price. Pros

  • Bed is reversible; drawers on metal slides can be put on the right or the left
  • Fits a standard full-size mattress
  • Can be paired with different Nexera full-size headboards to create a complete bed set. (sold separately)
  • Designed and made in Canada with CARB II/FSC Certified particle board and MDF materials.
  • Ships in 24-48H from order date
  • Made of Natural Maple laminate finish


  • Comes in extremely bulky shipping box

Alegria 5654 Full-Size Storage Bed from Nexera, Natural Maple

This product is your best bet if you really want value for your money.

Full mate’s bed offers superior comfort that guarantees deep and sound sleep. It measures 77 inches long by 56 inches wide by 14 inches high, which makes it ideal for kids, teenagers or even young adults.

It comes with 3 spacious drawers with wooden knobs to add additional storage to the bed box. So, if your room is not large enough, you can store-up some of your belongings in the drawer so as to gain some free space. You will also enjoy a 5-year warranty on this product.

All products from the company, including Full Mate’s Bed, are manufactured from certified non-toxic particle board and are endorsed by the US Consumer Product Safety Standards. Hence, if you choose this full bed with storage you will ensure a healthy and comfortable sleep. Pros

  • Made of composite wood panels that carry the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification
  • 3 spacious drawers with wooden knobs add additional storage to the bed box
  • 5-year warranty
  • Non-toxic particle board, approved by the US Consumer Product Safety Standards
  • Choose between Chocolate and White Wash colors


  • Some of the components are not properly labeled making it difficult to assemble
  • Perhaps not as easy to assemble, you can ask for expert assembly at an extra charge

Type 3: Full Sized Trundle Bed

Full-sized trundle beds might be the best option for you if you live in a small apartment where you don’t have the luxury of an extra bed to take care of friends and family when they visit.

They provide extra sleeping space for your guest when you have limited space and do not want to go for the alternative option of renting a motel. So, you enjoy the comfort of the main bed, while your guest enjoys the comfort of the trundle. Also, they can serve your household well if you have more than one kid. Here is a review of two best trundle beds.

Coaster Fine Furniture Mission Style Day Bed with Trundle, White

This product is a versatile home bed. It can be used for lounge purpose during the day, as a cozy spot to sleep at night, and for storage to make the most use of the room’s space.

It comes with a convenient trundle below the mainframe that allows you to easily accommodate an overnight guest. All you need to do is to pull out the trundle to create an extra twin size sleeping space.

The three spacious drawers underneath the trundle can be used to store shoes, clothing, extra linens, and other miscellaneous items. In short, this trundle bed allows you to make the most of your room. Pros

  • Suitable for afternoon lounge and comfortable for night’s sleep
  • Convenient trundle for an overnight guest.
  • Spacious storage drawers for storing household items
  • Efficient design
  • Free replacement parts
  • Choose between three colors the one of your preference: Black, Cherry, White


  • It is possible that the item will come in different boxes ships and may arrive separately
  • Screw heads are not canceled, which diminish its aesthetic value

Full Bed w/ Trundle by Poundex

No doubt, this elegant and classy bed from Poundex is sure to make an impression in your bedroom, guest room, or any living space in your apartment while saves space by having two beds in one.

It comes with soft curves and intricate lines on the headboard and footboard which combined with the creamy-white colored faux leather finish offer a sleek and modern end result.

It is also accompanied by a convenient twin trundle for accommodating extra family or guest overnight. The bed is made of hardwood that guarantees sufficient support and durability. This product is 8 inches tall while the trundle is 6 inches tall. Pros

  • Gives comfort while you sleep and a luxurious statement in your bedroom
  • Full sized bed with twin trundle for accommodating extra family or guests
  • Its sturdy hardwood frame construction with metal slats provides great support and durability


  • Rather difficult to assemble as it doesn’t come with instructions and might get tricky due to the different screw sizes.


Loft beds are great space savers but can be tricky to put together. Storage beds maximize unused space under the bed and offer flexible configurations. Trundle beds provide extra sleeping space for guests while maintaining a small footprint. Consider the pros and cons of each type to determine what will work best for your needs.

I hope this article will alleviate your trouble by helping you to make an informed decision about the best full-sized bed that will work for your unique needs.

If you can take your time to go through the features of the different full sized bed reviewed above, it will not take you much effort to identify the one that offers most suitable potential values for you, yet within your budget.

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