25 Raised Garden Bed Ideas (Inexpensive, Brick & Modern Layout with Pictures)

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Are you planning to build a home garden or renovate an existing one? Creating an aesthetic home garden while keeping costs low can be difficult. Here are 25 creative raised garden bed ideas that will add a distinctive aesthetic touch to your backyard garden without breaking the bank.

Planting in a raised garden solves most of the challenges of planting on the ground. Using a raised garden, for instance, will improve drainage and keep pests out of your garden. You can easily build a raised bed by heaping up the soil in a pile or using a simple box enclosure to contain the garden.

That, however, lacks any visual appeal and is dull. Fortunately, all you need to revamp your raised garden is a little imagination, some time, and persistence. Don't know where to begin? We give you 25 aesthetic and customizable raised garden designs in this article.

25 Raised Garden Bed Ideas for DIY Your Garden Design

The design of a raised garden bed depends on various factors, such as the size of the garden and the material used to build the garden. The following are some ideas we've cherry-picked.

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Inexpensive Raised Bed Ideas

Working on a low budget? Don’t worry; the following are some inexpensive raised garden ideas for you.

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1. Simple Cedar Garden Boxes

This might be for you if you want a simple, clean aesthetic look. One might lean the garden against the fence. An added benefit of this design is that there is a low risk of suffering from back strain. This is because the garden is elevated, so you don't have to bend as much. Cedar is a building material because it is aesthetically pleasing and prevents rot.

2. Two Tier Garden Beds

This is one of the designs that will give your garden a unique style and set it apart from the others. The garden is two-tiered, giving it a staircase appearance. The design is remarkable because you can group plants based on their height. For instance, you could plant the taller plants on the lower layer while keeping the smaller plants on the top layer.

3. Raised Bed With Benches

This design offers more functionality beyond containing the plants. Beyond the aesthetic value it brings, the design comes with benches all around. The benches can be helpful if you need a spot to sit down and relax while gardening. You may also relax on the benches if you wish to admire the beauty of the flowers planted in the garden. The garden is tall, so you won't have to bend over much to work in it, which is another excellent aspect.

4. Fenced Garden Bed

Do you have a pet that's a rodent? If you have a pet such as a rabbit or a squirrel, you should use a  fenced garden to keep them out. This garden is three boards high, offering significant relief from back pain and protecting your garden from predators. Typically, a wire mesh fence is used to enclose the garden.

5. Raised Bed Planter Stand

This would be the design to go for if you have limited space and only wish to plant small flowers or vegetables. It would be an excellent fit if placed on the front side of your porch. If you live in an apartment, your balcony would also be a perfect place for it.

6. Puppy Proof Garden Beds

Do you have dogs around? Then you could be aware of dogs' apparent propensity for digging. That can't be good for your garden, can it? Dogs and puppies must not be allowed in your garden. This is where this design comes into play. As implied by its name, the garden's principal goal is to keep animals away. This can be accomplished by using a higher raised bed that is out of the reach of your dogs.

7. Elevated Garden Bed

This simple design features a sizable wooden box standing on four legs. This will be a fantastic option if you want to keep your garden above the ground and pest-free. It also makes gardening easier since it is elevated from the ground. As a result, you'll feel more at ease weeding your garden in the summer, when weeds are frequently abundant.

8. The Square Foot Garden Bed

This is one of the more unique designs. It will be a great option if you don't require a sizable garden. What’s cool about the garden is that it has a frame laid over it. The frame delegates spots for planting specific plants. This facilitates the easy grouping of plants.

9. Curved Raised Button

If you have ample space and are looking forward to adding a little flair of design to your garden, this might be a perfect choice. All you need to do is place multiple rectangular beds together to create the 'U' shape design. Your garden will be neat, and you'll be able to keep different plants close together.

10. Pallet Planter

Pallets are a popular option when building sturdy structures. If you are a fan of building things using pallets, you should definitely consider using them to build a raised garden. Even though the garden might not be the most aesthetic one, it will be functional, and thanks to its raised height, it will make gardening easier on your back.

11. Straw Raised Garden

If you are looking for a simple raised garden that will not take up too much of your time in construction, you should consider a straw raised garden. The garden is easy to set up and dismantle. It is, therefore, a great choice if you do not want a permanent structure.

12. The Pallet Raised Planter Bed

Do you have some spare pallets lying around? You can put them to use by creating a stylish raised bed. The raised bed is functional and looks great at no extra cost. Just cut the pallets into the desired shape to create a unique design.

Brick Raised Garden Ideas

If you are looking forward to building a more durable garden bed, bricks might be the perfect material. Bricks have the added advantage that they are both aesthetic and natural. Bricks, therefore, do not negatively impact the environment. Below are some cool brick-raised garden ideas.

13. Recycle Mansonary Herb Garden

Do you have any unused bricks lying around? You can use the bricks to create unique and exciting raised garden ideas. The bricks are then filled with soil to hold the flowers or vegetables.

14. Keyhole Garden

This might be the perfect design if you want a fancier garden using bricks. The gardens are also high, meaning your vegetables will be safe from pets and pests. A Keyhole garden can be made by simply layering bricks on each other. This will also give the plants all the nourishment they need.

15. Concrete Vegetable Garden

If you live in an urban area with strict HOA guidelines, this could be the best way to have a neat garden bed. The concrete garden has the added benefit that it is sturdy.

16. Fence Edging

If you lived in a fenced space, you could build a narrow garden bed along the length of the fence. You can then enhance the garden bed by adding a few decorations and lights.

17. Corner Raised Bed

This might be a perfect choice if you have limited space and want an aesthetic garden. Even though the garden might appear small, adding more layers on top is possible. This will make the design more unique and will create divisions for creating different crops.

18. Spiral Garden

This is perhaps the most unique and eye-catching design. The garden is raised and has various partitions that can be used to grow various crops. However, you’ll need some masonry experience before building the garden.

19. Three-In-One

Why settle for one raised garden bed when you can have three? With this approach, you can maximize the space you have in your garden. You can also alter the height of the individual beds to create a more aesthetic design.

20. Circular Bed Garden

Bricks can be used to create all sorts of designs. A circular bed might be perfect if you are a fan of geometric shapes. The circular bed can then be surrounded by beds creating a unique style. This will make your garden bed aesthetic and eye-catching.

21. Bricks On The Ground

Not only can bricks be used for the construction of the garden beds, but they can also be used for the floor. This will add charm to your garden while making it look more consistent. If you want a more aesthetic look, you should consider using bricks of varying colours.

22. Separating Path

This is a perfect choice if you have limited space and your yard is fenced. You can use bricks to build two garden beds separating the path around your yard. Planting flowers on both sides will add an aesthetic touch to your garden.

Modern Raised Garden Beds

The following are some raised garden ideas that have a modern feel.

23. Hoop Garden Bed

This is a unique garden bed that protects your plants from frost. With other designs, there's not much you can do when frost hits. With this design, however, you only need to drop the lid.

24. Tire Garden Beds

This might be the best way to utilize your old car tires. It will also help you protect the environment from the pollution that would be otherwise caused by discarding the tires. After getting car tires, aesthetically arrange them and fill them with dirt. You can plant different crops in different tires.

25. The Raised Garden Bed Green House

This might be the perfect solution if you want a raised bed with a controlled environment for your plants. All you’ll need to do is add a steel frame to hold the plastic roof and sides.


There you have it! We hope that you have identified a design that inspires you. If you are looking for an affordable option, the best option would be going for wood as a building material. If you are, however, looking for a pricier and more permanent option, you may consider using bricks to build the garden bed.

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