Sleep Number Bed Review: Is It Worth Buying?

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The best part of Sleep Number beds is that all the designs enable you to make adjustments to firmness level, weight support and comfort on each side of the bed as per the preferences of you and your partner. The beds are equipped with the FlexFit technology in the base that gives the excellent individual comfort to your body, and you can enjoy some quality relaxing time. These mattresses are also equipped with a feature that allows you to gauge the fantastic effects that they have on your sleep quality too.

Sleep Number is a well-known mattress and bedding company renowned for its innovative adjustable air mattresses, commonly referred to as Sleep Number beds. These beds offer a unique DualAir Adjustability feature, allowing couples to individually set the firmness of their respective sides of the bed, ensuring a comfortable night's sleep for both partners.

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Sleep Number beds are categorized into two main groups: 360® Smart Beds and Value Beds. The 360® Smart Beds consist of the Classic, Performance, and Innovation series, each offering distinct features and functionalities. On the other hand, Value Beds provide adjustable firmness, comfort, and support through a single remote control, without the automated sensors present in the Smart Beds.

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Different beds and mattresses have various purposes, and if you are not considering your intention to buy the mattresses, then you might end up buying a wrong bed for you altogether. Most of the people have to deal with this issue, and then they end up rating the product negatively which has an adverse impact on the brand standing too. Therefore, we are providing you with a list of preferences, and if they are yours also then, you should go for Sleep Number.

  • This mattress is ideal for couples who have different sleeping preferences. The bed doesn’t allow much motion transfer either to create any disturbance while you both sleep.
  • If you prefer different firmness or comfort level during day and night, then this mattress is best suited for you as it comes with an ability to adjust itself as per the needs of the user automatically.
  • These are a long-term solution for your ultimate sleeping and relaxing needs.
  • It is ideal for both, side as well as back or front sleepers because of different support level at each side.
  • IF you are looking for an expensive product that also decorates your bedroom with a beautiful, classy touch.

Key Characteristics of Sleep Number Bed

Sleep Number has two different types of beds in their collection: the Sleep Number beds and the 360 Smart Beds. Both of them are equipped with DualAir technology for you to make adjustments to the air within the bed according to your comfort needs. The beds are also equipped with five zones of contouring support. There are arrays of characteristics that the mattresses from Sleep Number have to provide you that ultimate comfort for which you and your partner crave. Some of them are listed as follows,

  • The beds are equipped with adjustable support on both sides, and this feature enables you and your partner to enjoy the rest in a customized manner.
  • The mattresses can conform to all your requirements and give you maximum pleasure whenever you want to crash.
  • These beds use air for support and for this reason you can adjust the comfort levels by removing or adding air to the bed with the help of the electric air pumps.
  • All of the components of the bed are made in the US apart from the air chambers.
  • Sleep Number is the brand that has been around for more than two decades, and it dominated the market of standard airbeds for regular use.
  • These mattresses are ideal for the people who have back problems because with the help of the air support adjustment you can reduce the pressure points and lower body stiffness effects.


Both the models of Sleep Number are equipped with outclass supportive technologies and they automatically adjust to your comfort needs. They also ensure cool and dry sleep dry along with proper body alignment. You also get to monitor the comfort level during your sleep with a mobile application. The mattresses can automatically adjust and contours your body to keep it aligned and prevent any sourness.

Additional advantage

The FlexFit technology of these beds is outstanding, and it enables the mattresses to stay fit on most of the bases and frames including box spring foundation, slatted base, platform bed and adjustable base. However, it is more suitable for the FlexFit plates and frames. The DualAir technology will be able to adjust itself with most of the types of structures which is an additional advantage.


The company uses the same technology to equip both its designs to cater your requirements. Their customer-oriented approach is the only reason why Sleep Number has gained so much popularity in the airbed market.  However, there are some slight differences between both the designs when it comes to materials used and the layers of both the models. The Sleep Number models have thinner comfort layers as compared to the 360 Smart models and this is the main difference between the two layers. Both the models are equipped with DualAir, and SleepIQ technologies and both the designs also feature the sleep surface with a capability of temperature balancing.

Sleep Number Mattresses

The Sleep Number Mattresses primarily focus on the feature of support and for this these designs have thinner comfort layers as compared to the Smart versions. The beds available in this range vary in their profiles primarily because of the comfort layer. Some of them are not equipped with a comfort layer in their construction while others have a FlexFit comfort layer that is 2-inch thick. This range varies in thickness from 8-inch to 14-inch. All the mattresses boast DualAir technology and also feature a breathable, soft knit fabric too. This knit fabric ensures balancing of temperature when you sleep on the bed and prevent you from waking up hot and sweaty. The mattresses are also equipped with separate zones for contouring support.

360 Smart Mattresses

On the other hand, the 360 Smart Mattresses from Sleep Number is fitted with the sensors that detect all your movements when you are sleeping and automatically make adjustments accordingly. These modifications are made in firmness and comfort level as well as the support system. With the help of these changes, you can sleep and relax blissfully throughout the night. This range also features the separate comfort levels on both sides so that you and your sleeping partners can have a good time without compromising on anything. The 360 Smart bed ranges are equipped with thicker comfort layers as compared to the Sleep Number range. The 360 Smart range have comfort layers ranging from 5-inch to 7-inch while the overall profile remains in the range from 11-inch to 13-inch.

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Comparison between the Two Models

Both Sleep Number mattress and 360 Smart mattresses are equipped with almost the same features. However, a slight difference comes when we talk about the support layers. The support layers available in Sleep Number range vary from 3-inch to 7-inch. However, there are no support layers in the 360 Smart ranges. The 360 Smart mattresses are equipped with automatic features to adjust and contour your body shape and provide you with information about your sleep quality. The thickness level of both the ranges also differ slightly because Sleep Number beds are available in thickness ranging from 8-inch to 14-inch while 360 Smart beds are only available in 11-inch and 13-inch depths. The 360 Smart mattresses are not available in Twin sizes with dimensions of 38-inch in width and 75-inch in length.

Customized Comfort with Air Technology

All Sleep Number mattresses come equipped with an air pump and remote control, facilitating personalized comfort by allowing us to add or release air. This unique air-based technology empowers individuals to adjust the firmness of the mattress to our preference, with a range from 0 to 100 in increments of five. Some noteworthy features of Sleep Number beds include their ability to contour to body shape, temperature regulation, and the integration of SleepIQ technology, which tracks sleep quality and patterns.


Airbeds are capable of providing the user with instant adjustment to the firmness levels of the bedding and Sleep Number is no exception. Most of the consumers of this brand appreciate the firmness adjustment feature that it has to offer them. Nevertheless, it does take some considerable amount of time until one finds the exact level of firmness from a mattress. The firmness levels of Sleep Number beds are highly adjustable due to the air chambers that are present in these beds. Both the sides have a separate set of air chambers so that you and your partner can relax easily without a disturbance.


Making adjustments to the comfort level is the reason why Sleep Number is considered one of the best in the industry. In addition to the firmness, you can also control the comfort level on both sides of the mattress individually for yourself and your partner. You can achieve this with their DualAir technology, moreover; you can also gauge the comfort level with the help of the sensors that can provide you with your sleep data a mobile application that you can install on your iPhone or Android device. Using this app, you will be able to assess your sleep quality throughout the night.  


Sleep Number Mattresses provide exceptional support because different designs come with varying support layers. This feature puts this brand among one of the best in the industry. The density and thickness of these mattresses even differ from one another because the company has made separate models based on the support levels its customers prefer.  The Sleep Number C4 bed is equipped with 3 zones of contouring support while the P5 models have 5 zones of contouring support, on the other hand, i8 boasts 7 zones. You can choose one that aligns with your needs. These different support layers keep the foam in proper shape without any sagging plus; it also has a soothing effect on your body as it stays in correct position as long as you are on the bed.

Value for money

Both the ranges from Sleep Number boast the latest technologies and high-quality techniques of preparation to ensure that you have a comfortable sleeping experience. These mattresses provide an excellent temperature regulation features along with perfect firmness and support levels.

Furthermore, keep your body aligned and handling the pressure points well are some of the added advantages of the Sleep Number mattresses. Sleep Number beds are also equipped with an additional technology layer that senses your movement while you are asleep and provides the information to you on your comfort level with the help of a mobile app.

These mattresses range from $500 to $5700 with variations in the layers. The perfect balance between the budget and the features available ensure that you get the value for money that you have paid. The price ranges are different for both models and for various sizes and are listed below,

Sleep Number Mattress Pricing

Please Note: The prices you see have been recently updated, but are subject to change due to promotions and other factors. Consequently, we can't guarantee real-time accuracy of the prices. Be aware that costs and product availability may vary over time. Please refer to our Price Disclaimer for more information.

Size Model Price
Twin C2 $499.99
Twin C4 $1099.99
Twin P5 $1299.99
Twin XL C2 $599.99
Twin XL C4 $1199.99
Twin XL P5 $1499.99
Twin XL I8 $2599.99
Twin XL ILE $4149.99
Full C2 $699.99
Full C4 $1249.99
Full P5 $1724.99
Full I8 $2874.99
Full ILE $4424.99
Queen C2 $899.99
Queen C4 $1599.98
Queen P5 $2099.98
Queen I8 $3299.98
Queen ILE $4899.98
King C2 $1399.99
King C4 $2099.98
King P5 $2599.98
King I8 $3999.98
King ILE $5599.98
Cal King C2 $1399.99
Cal King C4 $2099.98
Cal King P5 $2599.98
Cal King I8 $3999.98
Cal King ILE $5599.98
Twin XL P6 $2349
Twin XL I7 $2899
Full I7 $3174
Queen P6 $2799
Queen I7 $3299
Queen I10 $4799
King P6 $3399
King I7 $3999
King I10 $5499
Cal King P6 $3399
Cal King I7 $3999
Cal King I10 $5499

Don’t Sleep Hot

Sleep Number beds ensure that you get the fresh feeling while you sleep in them for the night. The comfort layers along with the soft knit fabric do not allow you to sweat during the night. It also helps in preventing odors with its temperature balancing sleep surface. The temperature regulation feature prevents your body from gaining excessive heat or retaining it throughout the night. The top cover is also made of high-quality knit fabric to keep the temperature balanced. Most of the airbeds don’t come with such feature where the mattress automatically maintain and control the body temperature throughout the time you spend in it, but Sleep Number mattresses are equipped with automatically maintaining the temperature for your comfort.

Motion Transfer

Due to the separate support level on both sides motion from one side does not transfer to the other side, which is a huge plus for both you and your sleeping partner. However, with that being said, there is a very slight movement that gets transferred from one side to another if a person gets out or gets in the bed. Therefore, if your partner moves a lot during sleep, then you should get this mattress as it prevents most of the movement to be transferred from one side to the other.


Airbeds have the issue of odors because they lack breathability and also don’t regulate your body temperature while you sleep. However, the airbeds from Sleep Number only show some signs of smell in the first few days and after that everything gets back to normal.  It is due to the breathability of the mattress as well as the temperature regulation feature.

Durability & Longevity

The strength and longevity refer to the how long mattresses can hold up to the regular use without deteriorating or damaging something. It is where the company has to work and emphasize more. Due to the DualAir technology, there are plenty of air chambers present within the mattress, and due to regular use, they tend to wear out pretty quickly especially if the bed is used roughly.

Shipping, Warranty, Trial of Sleep Number Bed

The company provides transportation and assembling services wherever Comfort Service SM Home delivery is available. The company does not offer free shipping service because there is a unique requirement for shipping, handling and assembling. The delivery will be made in 4 to 6 weeks.

The Sleep Number mattresses come with 25 years of limited warranty based on non-prorated coverage. Moreover, Sleep Number does not accept any returns or exchanges on upholstered collection at all. The policy is strict because all the mattresses are shipped and assembled based on the requirements of the customers. They also provide their customers with 100-Night Trial, and these features are enough for your peace of mind.

Sleep Number as a company ensures that it makes all its products by following the environmental regulations and for this reason, they also don’t use any harmful chemicals or any hazardous manufacturing methodologies for the development purposes.

Assessing Customer Experiences and Expert Evaluations

Sleep Number mattresses have garnered positive reviews from both customers and experts alike, particularly for their comfort, support, and customization options. However, preferences for firmness can vary among users, and some may find specific models to be either too soft or too firm based on their sleep positions and personal tastes. Selecting the right Sleep Number bed entails considering individual requirements and sleep preferences.

Final Verdict

Sleep Number beds provide a diverse array of choices to accommodate a wide range of sleep styles and preferences. With their adjustable air mattress technology, they offer a balanced blend of comfort, support, and pressure relief. When seeking the ideal Sleep Number bed, it is pivotal to factor in sleep position, firmness preferences, and any additional features that contribute to enhanced sleep quality, such as cooling capabilities or premium materials.

The Sleep Number mattresses and beds are among the best quality products in the industry. The automatic adjustment features of firmness, support and comfort levels are a rare commodity and you won’t find these characteristics in many brands. You can conveniently monitor your sleep comfort , and the mattress is ideal for couples because it comes with different support levels at both ends . These beds come at a high price, but they also provide excellent value for your money.

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