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Are you wondering if the MagicLinen products are out of this world or need a magic set of sheets for your room? Find your answer in the MagicLinen reviews. We will take you through the brand history, best-selling products, and many more at your comfort.

Some people have weird strong feelings concerning the linen products on the market. However, these customers never mind the brand or the company producing the products for the market. If you are into the magic set of linen products and do not know where to start, come in and read our review article. We will delve into the detailed MagicLinen reviews to actualize it as the best company offering one of the best and most reliable not only bath towels but also clothing, curtains, sheets, table clothes, etc.

We took our time to test the products from different companies, and here comes the MagicLinen review. We will go through various sections for easy understanding before giving you our recommendations at the end. Let's start with the MagicLinen company history without wasting time and go ahead with the best-selling products before someone clears the store.

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MagicLinen Review

MagicLinen is a home textile company that is well known because of its soft not only duvets but also linen fabrics. The company was founded by Vita Murauskiene, the current CEO, in 2015. The founder went around on the market, and after an unsuccessful search for soft linen on the market, she decided to craft little unique bedding sets originally meant for personal and loved ones' use.

The creative endeavor after that gained popularity for the brand, which has expanded to cover all the kitchen, clothing, and home linens. The products are manufactured in Vilnius, Lithuania, and these Lithuanian linen fabrics are famous for their high quality, performance, and old-school processes. This includes hemstitching and weaving. The company prides because on its strict and meticulous textile manufacturing processes. Today, MagicLinen targets providing customers with linens fitting any home vision based on their preferences.

This means you can customize the sets when you cannot get the sets that meet all your needs. Therefore, the MagicLinen company trusts that linen textiles must offer beauty and function to fall in love with their soft linen products. Currently, they are trying to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable. As you understand, manufacturing lines and fabrics is complex and sometimes calls for chemical use, harming both the earth and human beings.

They are also working on becoming more transparent on their manufacturing practices; hence most of the items are Oeke-Tex certified. It implies that the company does not use sketchy. Instead, they sourced the material from the family-run studio. Here, the linen is highly rooted in the Folklore, people, and mythology of daily activities. Additionally, the brand packages its linen products in environmentally friendly packs sourced from corn starch and bio-based polymer. This does not leave any hazardous debris compared to the plastic one.

Handcrafted items are vital even for customers with skin conditions that range from eczema to rashes. The items have impressed many people worldwide and have also been featured in popular publications like Elle, Vogue, and Business insider. The company has generated an extensive presence with an enormous audience on social media. Isn't that enough? Well, maybe we need to add the brand pros and cons before moving forward with the reviews to help you make a reasonable decision.

MagicLinen Pros:

MagicLinen Cons:

Why We Like MagicLinen

Mafgiclinen is a company that sparks the interest of anyone searching for high-quality linen products. This is the place to be about linen clothes, tea towels, and if you are looking for soft sheets. It is a perfect option if you are more into sustainable products that are eco-friendly to the environment, including packing to reduce carbon footprint emissions.

Therefore, the brand offers multiple options based on our reviews. There are numerous best-selling products online that they claim are durable, sustainable, and soft. In the next section, we are heading to some fo the best-selling linen products on the market.

MagicLinen Curtains

This is one of the must-have options for your home. The company promises you the curtain to tie the whole room while at the same time offering you privacy and shade. Some fo the options that customers love online are MagicLinen Tab Top Linen Curtain Panel which is simple and attractive and perfect for shielding the eye from the bright sunlight while giving you ambient lighting in the evening.

They come in 6 different colors, depending on your preference. MagicLinen Rod Pocket Linen Curtain Panel features pockets for the curtain rod instead of using the stands. It adds a traditional look to your home made with the natural fiber latch with dye.

MagicLinen Dresses

The brand also sells dresses to make your home cozier, with popular dress selections. Their design is easy breezy, and excellent for daily activities. The best-selling dresses on the market are MagicLinen Royal Toscana Linen which features loose fittings cut and a high-low hem excellent for casual tasks with effortless vibes. It is a fresh design and fashionable, but we recommend sizing down because the dress runs large.

MagicLinen Jumpsuit

This is another flexible option to go for. The best-selling is MagicLinen Jumpsuit Annecy, a loose jumpsuit from the company with side pockets and lightweight fabrics, and it is perfect for summer because of its breathability. Most people prefer it because of the flattering waist cinching, and you can put it on even during Impromptu brunch dates or cocktail evenings.

MagicLinen Duvet Covers and Sheets

There are also Duvet covers and sheet sets on the market. These are the bedtime essentials, and the famous dove cover is MagicLinen White Linen Duvet Covers that go well with the white sheets. MagicLinen Pom Pom Trim Linen Duvet Cover also adds to the beautiful bedding options with adorable trims. For the sheets, we came across MagicLinen White Linen Flat Sheet, MagicLinen White Linen Fitted Sheet, etc.

They also have the Aprons like MagicLinen Pinafore Cross Back Linen Apron on the market. All the above products from MagicLinen are made4 with high-quality European fiber to ensure you have maximum comfort, durability, breathability, and even coolness for any season.

Customer Review

Customer reviews are one of the exciting sections of the MagicLinen reviews. Here, we will cover everything concerning the customer's feedback on the brand's services. We will start with their official website,  then proceed to external websites like amazon, Trustpilot, insider, Etsy, Real simple, and even Sleepsherpa. There are criticisms online, but we will compare both to arrive at a substantive decision.

On their website, we can also come across multiple rev3wis for different products. For the general reviews, the verified buyers on the platform complement different aspects of the company. One of the current buyers states:-

"The linen & seamstress work is of high quality. This linen was not thin and flimsy like other more expensive linen dresses I've bought. This purchase has exceeded my expectations. I should mention that I haven't worn the garment yet, so it hasn't been cleaned. I'll be curious to see if a washer spin changes the shape aRead more about The quality of the linen and seamstress feel. Thank you very much."

From the statement, it means that when ordering, go for the one size down. But customers are impressed with the quality. The company has recorded  7925 reviews scoring 4.8 stars out of 5, which is excellent.

On Trustpilot, where things go upside down. There are few complaints, but still, most of the clients are satisfied with the quality. Thus, the brand gets 3.3 stars after 123 reviews. Happy customers express their feelings by saying,

"Clothes made of high-quality linen. Stunningly beautiful! I'm very pleased with my shopping. I will place another order in the coming years. Efficient transport service."

Heading to the Insider, Sally, the author of the publication, reviews the linen sheets and presents a clear picture of the brand with a mixed-up review of the products. Still, on the Sleepopolis website, the author gives the brand a rating of 4.6 stars praising the durability, value, calm nature, trial period, material, and comfort.

On the Etsy site, there are also impressive reviews and customer ratings. Out of the 121001 sales, the company still has a five-star seller rating based on the rave reviews, speed replies, and smooth shipping. You can also head to Amazon for outstanding reviews. Here the Duvet cover has a 4.7 stars rating after 4 ratings.

Suppose you compare the above rating with the author rating on the Real Simple and Sleepsherpa website. In that case, you can conclude that the MagicLinen brand is outstanding, with excellent customer ratings. Though complaints are raised, they are minimal compared to the five-star ratings online.

Where to Buy MagicLinen

If you have decided and want to get MagicLinen products or clothes, you must be looking at where to purchase the brand online. The most reliable and efficient place to place an order is the official MagicLinen website. However, the items are available on retail sites online. These include:-

Is MagicLinen Worth It?

Getting the right soft sheets or home items online sometimes becomes complex and requires extensive research. However, when it comes to the MagicLinen brand, they guarantee you not only well-made items but also beautiful and fit to any kitchen or home space. Therefore, looking at the brand reviews, we can conclude that the company is worth your money.

They provide all the sustainable items to the market. These products are all gentle to the skin and soft on the touch, making them a perfect linen choice on the market. The brand is also working to establish a robust reputation online for the benefits of the products. While there are a few raised concerns from the customers, you can see them as criticisms arising from the shipping and services.

The customer support team simply resolves these challenges. Others are based on the look and touch of the linen product. The company also offers a wide selection of products, and if you cannot locate the desired linen items, you can order the custom item that meets your needs equally. We cannot hesitate to give the brand two thumbs up for the service and product quality.

MagicLinen Discounts

There are also a few discounts the company offers customers. First, when you sign up for the email newsletter on their website, they guarantee to offer you 10% off on your first order from the website. Therefore, this will update you with all the promotions and discounts shortly. Besides, they also offer free shipping on orders costing $50 and above. Besides these, our research could not find any other discounts on the platform at the moment. Hopefully, there are more to come in the future.

MagicLinen Contact

If our article has not covered everything you wish to know about the brand, you can contact the MagicLinen customer support team. The company provides multiple means through which you can contact them for support.

These include the telephone number. Therefore, when you are based in the US, you can contact them at (312) 847-9050, and in Europe, call +370 697 44004.

Still, you can reach out to them via the email address If that is not enough, you can fill in the online contact form or engage with them on their social media platform accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Their office hours range from Monday to Thursday, from 12 am to 10 am CST, while Friday, from 12 am to 9 am CST.


Q. Who owns MagicLinen?

The current CEO, Vita Muraukienne, has been the founder and owner of the company since 2015.

Q. Where is MagicLinen based?

The brand MagicLinen is based in Vilnius town in Lithuania. Therefore,m all the products are designed and manufactured in this city.

Q. Does MagicLinen fit true to size?

Indeed, a few of the MagicLinen products run large.l This means that it is recommended that you go for the one size down for perfect fitting. Head to their products page for the specific measurements of the items.

Q. Where is MagicLinen made?

The entire collection of MaginLinen products is designed and manufactured in a family-owned facility in Lithuania.

Q. Do the MagicLinen sheets come with a sleep trial?

The MagicLinen items come with a 30 days sleep trial on sheets. Therefore, you have 30 nights to text the items in your home before deciding to keep them; however, after 30 days. You cannot return to get a full refund. During the holiday season, then you have a 60-day sleep trial period.

Q. Are the MagicLinen sheets hypoallergenic?

Sure, the MagicLinen sheets are hypoallergenic fabric. They are also OEKO-Tex certified, meaning they do not contain allergic dyes or hazardous particles.

Q. How do I clean the MagicLinen sheets?

From the reviews online and details on their website, customers are recommended to handwash or even use a machine on any linen sheet set. However, when using the machine to wash, ensure you wash separately from other fabrics and use Lukewarm water to apply on the gentle cycle with mild detergent. When you want to wash your hand, use a bucket and lukewarm water, add a teaspoon of the detergent, and soak it for athletes for 10 minutes. Swish and rinse to remove the soap and dry it on low heat.

Q. What other linen bedding products does MagicLinen sell?

Besides linen sheets, the MagicLinen brand offers duvet covers, kitchen, home products, blankets, and other items.

Q. Do the MagicLinen sheets come with a warranty?

The brand does not have a standard warranty. However, when they deliver a defective item, you can return it for a full refund, which covers the handles and shipping charges. Therefore, you must contact the support team within 30 days of product delivery to plan for the refund and pick it up from your home at no cost.


MagicLinen is a reputable online brand offering worldwide soft, beautiful, and baltic line products. All the products and packaging are eco-friendly. It has established a strong reputation online for its high-quality linen items, which are certified by the OEKO-tex. When you want to enjoy the dreamy sleep-cation reminiscent or enjoy linen products at an affordable price delievered to your doorstep, look no more other than MagicLinen line products.

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