Frank Green Review: Find a Safe Place for Your Coffee!

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Are you searching for the surprisingly spill-proof, leak-proof, single push button top coffee cup portable for travelers? Then let us find out if Frank Green has a solution to your demand. They offer not only the best-selling coffee cups but also water bottles and cup holders. Let us find out more.

Enthusiasts go through a lot. But above all, nothing makes their day happy moment than finding a hot coffee on their cut. Yes, this is possible, especially with the increasing number of companies online that are becoming innovative with impressive ranges of water bottles and cups. Most of these firms are incorporating advanced technology and weird award-winning designs to create excellent brands on the market.

A good example today on the market is the Frank Green company. This firm has made most people worldwide happy with its clear plastic coffee cups with steer clear and ceramic coffee cups. But you do not have to worry when you are still new to the industry or you are here trying to find the details about Frank Green before getting their brand. We will give you everything.

In this Frank Greem review, we will give you detailed information about this company, their range of brands on the market, and understand why customers are surprised with the service. Therefore, get along and read us to the end. To get started, let us look at the history or company reviews first before going into the details about their products.

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Frank Green Review

Frank Green is a famous company that was launched back in 2013 and founded by Benjamin Young. Going back, Benjamin, as a young kid, used to feel the connection through the natural world. Later, when he grew up, he only realized that he was not delivering everything in his power to preserve the environment.

With time, Benjamin decided to set up his learned business knowledge and develop a multi-award-winning company with world-renowned items recognized because of their innovation, design, and functionality. Today, Frank Green has grown and offers chic, and other reusable drinkware important in helping customers worldwide reduce using single-use plastic. Their products come in different and customizable colors, durable materials, and limited edition designs, and above all, the products are sustainable and approachable from any perspective.

Take the time to go through their website. You will realize that the company is dedicated to delivering sustainable products and homes for the indigenous people and to offsetting carbon emissions to the environment. The purpose of this brand is very simple and put in an easy-to-understand mission " to stop the use of single-use plastic products." It has a big heart towards the mission. They mainly fight to achieve their goals by coming up with appealing graphics, smart features, and attractive designs to make it easy, encouraging customers to switch through with a lot of fun but convenience easily.

Besides having a huge audience on social media platforms, the first items of the company were the reusable cup of Grammys. They managed to win multiple awards like Eco innovations winner of 2018, premier design awards, Good design awards, and business of tomorrow 2018 winner with many more other awards. We urge you to keep reading our review to the end if you are trying to switch your mind. We will share detailed information abou the company, their products, and many other things. But hold on, let us go through some of the pros and cons of the company before Lil Wayne starts rapping.

Frank Green Pros:

Frank Green Cons:

Why We Like Frank Green

Frank Green Cups

The company offers multiple products, and Frank Green Cups is among the best-selling items. They understand that during the blistering sun season or hot temperature, any beverage that is cold or even hot can change from bad to good. But with the Frank Green Cups, things are different. Under this category, they also offer differentiated products, but all come with colorful classic smart cups, and you can collect them from their Disney store.

These include the Ceramic reusable cup, which looks like a small Bluetooth speaker made from 304 stainless steel, and they come in three sizes, both of which guarantee you foamy and hot concoctions at home and office. Secondly is the Tigger reusable ceramic cup, the most adored reusable cut globally. It can hold up to 10 oz of cold and hot liquid and then keep in through its vacuum-insulated ceramic and Tripple walled. It comes in a sunny orange as well as black graphic design, ready to brighten the day.

Frank Green Water Bottle

Another brand on the list is the Frank Green Water Bottle. It is a no-brainer today to select a reusable water bottle, especially with this condition. When you are sued to sup from single-use plastic, never hesitate to switch as this is the best option for you today. In this category, they also have some best-selling products that feature all licensed graphics, elegant, soothing colors, and collabs.

In this series, they offer Frank Green Love Island 25oz Original Reusable Bottle which has a white lid, clear as well as stainless steel straw and manufactured to be monogrammed where you can select the colors from bright gold, light blue, or soft pink. These are made using the B[A free, EU, and FDA approved materials.

Another category is Frank Green Minimalistic Minion Ceramic Reusable Bottle that can hold up to 20 OZ liquid. It features the bottom press lid, and customers can select based on their preference from the sassy pink and gold minion graphics. There are many other options, such as Frank Green Winnie the Pooh Ceramic Reusable and Frank Green One in a Minion Ceramic Reusable Bottle.

Frank Green Tea Infuser

Frank Green Tea Infuser is also a good option, especially with their capability to pull the favorite loose leaf and then the steep tasty cup. Hence, it is excellent for cutting down on waste as well as the steps where it fits nicely on the Frank Green cup budget. And the last option you can consider from this company is Frank Green Blushed French Press which is well known for keeping the flavor of your coffee intact in your canister with its steel mesh plunger.

Many more things make us select this brand among other competitors. Most customers have praised the brand for its excellent heat retention, flexibility, ease of use, leak-proof, and 12-month warranty policy.

Before we make a decision, let us listen to what the customers say about the products.

Customer Review

We have covered multiple details about Frank Green, and now we cannot end our Frank Green review article though looking at what the customers have to say. Therefore, in this section, we will highlight some negative and positive reviews online so you can wight them to know your stand. We have rounded up these customer reviews, and most of them spill the truth abou the brand.

We will start with Trustpilot, which portrays the true picture of the company. Their profile on Trustpilot shows the company has a star rating of 3.5 out of 5, which seems average. However, when you consider the positive and negative, you will realize that 47% of the total 459 reviews recommend using the product with 5 stars while only 37 gave it poor reviews. In the reviews, most customers based their views on customer support, products, quality, and many other metrics.

Among the reviews, one of the verified purchasers praised their customer support, stating, "Excellent customer service! My inquiry was responded with a direct down line apology, which was fantastic! The right item has been dispatched! Thank you very much, team. Two high five" But elsewhere, 37% that have complained raised the issues of the color mix-up, delays in delivery, and lack of dispatch notice to the clients. This seems that no one has complained about the quality.

The second website with reviews about this brand is Amazon. Here, we have found the comment on the 12 Oz smart cup, which has only scored 2 stars after 3 global ratings. That sounds bad about the company but let us take a closer look and see where there is an issue. One of the purchasers highlights the issues with the product statin.

This is the main issue with the brand, and most complain about the terrible quality, specifically the leakage. Maybe they got it from an unauthorized dealer. But we will move to a different external website and find out if this is true. We have to make a consistent conclusion based on different websites.

We then moved to the Glorious Day site and took a closer look. The author of the article rated the brand based on different aspects. First, the material gave it 4stra, general look 5 stars, drinking experience 3 stars, leak-proof 4 stars, heat retention 3.5, and overall, it got a rating of 3.75 stars. Then in the review, the author concludes,

"This is an excellent cup to use, especially while driving or simply to throw in your bag when on the go. I don't believe there is such a thing as the ideal cup (yet). So, I believe it varies depending on which aspects you prioritize more. For example, one person may prefer a heavier mug with excellent heat retention, while another may prefer the polar opposite. If you value the aesthetics of the products you use and require a leak-proof mug with adequate heat preservation, the Frank Green stainless steel ceramic mug may be for you."

That is awesome.

However, when you go to the Product review site, the product got 1.9 stars after 232 reviews, and it seems the brand is all crap, especially their customer support. This is where things go nuts. But if you go to website, you will find decent information about the brand. The author noted many positive things about the brand, such as mentioning “push top is simple to operate with one hand”  and was amazed by the perfect shape and for sure this product is a leak-proof design.

Besides the above sites, other external sites have highlighted the brand. These include the Two Small Feat and The Bircherbar. Looking at the reviews, most customers are fine with the products from Frank Green company. However, we have also noted negative reviews that do not count as a large percentage. If you have a budget for the item., then your preference will matter here. But again, let us keep reading and learn more about the brand.

Where to Buy Frank Green

Though few people are complaining about the brand and their drinkware, most people make purchases. Therefore, for you to be able to get the genuine products shipped to your location, we would like to recommend that you make an order from their official website when possible. You can access the whole collection, and their monogramming services are best for the love island line. Start shopping today from their website.

Otherwise, you can also get access to their products on other online retailers such as

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Is Frank Green Worth It?

Frank Green offers drinkware items and accessories, which range based on the colors. Also, genuine customers offer you the customization option with multiple styles. And in our reviews, Frank Green score high.

They come with many other admirable features like multiple options, friendly customer support, multiple award-winning brands, and enrichment of sustainable materials which are FDA and EU-approved. The company has been around for a long time, and based on the customer reviews, we think it is worth trying. We also appreciate their cup styles and water bottles which are perfect for travelers and other people around the world.

Frank Green Discounts

Through their products, we sourced their website for any discounts. After that, we realized that the best method to access their discounts and get alerted about the coupon codes and flash sales is by subscribing to their newsletter.

Otherwise, they offer free shipping regardless of the location as long as you place your first order above $125 on Frank Green products. Keep checking for good future deals to help you save some bucks.

Frank Green Contact

This far, we hope you have everything you should have about the brand on the market. However, if you still have another question to settle, then you can contact the Frank Green firm customer support. They offer multiple means through which you can contact them. First, you can write them an email address and send them via Fill in the contact form on their official website, or even contact them through snail mail at 3213 west wheeler street and post the address on 404 Seattle WA 98199 anytime.


Q. Where is Frank Green made?

Frank Green is a transparent company, and from the reviews, it is clear that most of its products and materials are created in Melbourne, Australia. However, some other materials are manufactured in China, but according to their drinkware data, they are locally manufactured, which is important to the brand.

Q. Does Frank Green leak?

It is also clear that Frank Green cups and other products are leak-proof. However, there are a few instances where you might find this leak. Such includes when you overfill to pass the max fill line, when a hot beverage creates steam and pressure when there is a loose fixture on the lid, or even if your straw is not fitted properly. But the brand is leak-proof.

Q. Are Frank Green Cups Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, and specifically, the tap-to-pay and the original plastic bases are safe and have push-button plastic lid designs. However, stainless steel with ceramic dishwashers is not safe.

Q. Are Frank Green Cups Leak Proof / Spill Proof?

We must mention that Ferabnk Green is an award-winning brand, and its products are designed to be leak and spill-proof. Therefore, there is a need to dissemble to clean them every time and makes sure they are correctly fitted by testing them before using them on your journey.

Q. Can Frank Green Cups Be Microwaved?

There are parts of the Frank Green drinkware that are microwaveable. However, others do not require a microwave to shoot their lightning bolt. Especially the lid and cups are not microwaveable.

Q. Which Frank Green Cup Is The Best?

Based on our opinion and the above reviews, the best Frank Green cup on the list is the ceramic cup. This is because of multiple reasons we have covered in our article. Some of them are EU and FDA-approved, durable, and keep your beverage hot for a long.

Q. Can You Put Hot Water In Frank Green?

Sure, you can put hot water in the Frank Green cust that is vacuum sealed; hence can sustain the heat while keeping water hot for a long time. Therefore, to get the best out of the cut, avoid opening the lid unless you want to drink your beverage or hot water to get the best out of the cut.


Frank Green offers great cups that are efficient for travelers and, on other occasions, to keep your beverage hot for a longer period. The company also offers other drinkware products, accessories, and other related items/. Above all, it is one of the award-winning brands on the market that is sustainable, FDA and EU-approved, and made from stainless steel, making them durable. Even though they have some drawbacks, most customers are happy with thei products worldwide. The choice depends on your preference. Go and give it a try today.

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