Corkcicle Tumbler Review: Does It Really Work Like a Thermostat?

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Is sipping cold or hot morning brew subpar in the regular cup? Try to be the go-to container without creating messy condensation with the Corkcicle Tumbler. Keep your favorite bevvy in the sweet spot. Read to find out more.

Regardless of your morning brew, whether hot or cold, it sometimes needs to improve the experience. Sometimes, the drink tends to make cold condensation on the glass based on the beverage's temperature. If you go online, many brands claim to sell containers perfect for keeping drinks at the right temperature to deliver maximum enjoyment. However, not all brands do deliver as they promise.

This makes us go the extra mile reviewing the brands, and in today's article, we will take you through the Corkcicle Tumbler reviews, which we have spent time researching and gaining experience with the products. Keep reading our article to determine if the brand is also offering fake Tumblers or promising what they claim to offer. Let us move into the brand overview, another relevant section.

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Corkcicle Tumbler Review

Corkcicle is one of our favorite online retailers that provides stylish as well as innovative barware, drinkware, and lunch boxes without forgetting other related accessories. This company collaborates with other famous brands to remain on trend regarding its exclusive collection of novelty items. The company has been online for a long and established a solid reputation online.

For this reason, they have been featured in famous publications like People, Elite Daily, and Pop Insider. And to Oprah Magazine, Corkcicle is one of the famous brands with impressive followers on Instagram. The company was founded to offer a chilling wine at an ideal drinking temperature.

Their flagship product embodies the Air in-Bottle wine chiller perfectly. This comes with an insertable and slender cooling feature with the cork top stopper. Even though Corkcicle is successful, founder Ben Hewitt established the prototype from his garage.

After that, in 2011, the founder partnered with Stephen Bruner and Eric Miller as entrepreneurs to establish ideas at the Atlanta Trade show. This is where Corkcicle was then invented to grow and become a brand. Since the time memorial, the company has expanded to sell a vast collection of trendy and timeless drinkware products.

Today, the brand sells products ranging from the Corkcicle wine Tumbler. To make things much better and more manageable, it offers installation payment through Afterpay services. Hence, purchasing products is not complicated.

They have targeted to improve the product collection shortly considering their decor on the elegant canteen, steamless wine cups, tumblers, as well as mugs. It is also good to mention that Corkcicle remains environmentally friendly, which means their product design has reduced impact on the planet due to their reusable nature.

This article will focus on the Corkcicle Tumbler and other linked accessories. We will dive deep into various sections, including best-sellers, customer ratings, and discounts they offer their customers. Here is the round-up on the pros and cons of the brand.

Corkcicle Tumbler Pros:

Corkcicle Tumbler Cons:

Why We Like Corkcicle Tumbler

Corkcicle sells numerous containers, bottles, tumblers, and other related accessories. These include lunch boxes, bottles, and mugs to store cold and hot drinks. The brand has many tumblers and other products to help you enjoy Coffee, chilled drinks, and liquor. Therefore, looking at the Corkcicle best seller would help create a picture of why we like the brand.

You will also understand the brand's features, ingredients, and services. Beforehand, the brand also offers after-pay plans on its products. Regardless of the budget, you can always taste the Corkcicle Tumbler and other accessories without instant payment.

Bestseller Corkcicle Canteen

Corkcicle does not only sell tumblers, but initially, it has a massive collection in the canteen, which is effective in carrying around any favorite drink in any style or size you wish. In our research, we came across a few best-selling Corkcicle canteens. Corkcicle Classic Canteen is travel-friendly, has triple-insulated coffee containers with wide mouths, and can keep your drink cold for 25 hours maximum while hot for 12 hours.

Another triple-insulated canteen is Corkcicle Metallic Canteen, but it is sleek and oversized in size and comes in 4 finishes, all featuring silicon at the bottom. Nest is Corkcicle Poketo Canteen obtained through the collaboration of Corkcicle with the LA-based stational firm -Poketo.

It has the same features as BPA -a free, screw-on cap, slip-proof silicon, and triple insulated. The last and most famous Corkcicle best seller is Corkcicle Origins Canteen, which has unique finishes made with the earth's raw elements.

The Best-Selling Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

Besides the above items, Corkcicle offers customers the perfectly crafted whiskey wedge, old-fashioned double glass designed with freezer-strength galls, and spacious to hold large ice format. It contains silicon ice to place on the top of your glass. The other famous product from this brand is Corkcicle Cigar Glass, a hand-made whiskey glass with a built-in cigar rest.

Corkcicle is also well known for selling Corkcicle Classic Tumbler, which is reliable, simple to operate, and chic for your ready Coffee. It comes in 8 unique colors. But virtually, this bottle is unbreakable because of the presence of a shatterproof lid as well as durable materials.

In our research, we also came across Corkcicle Coffee Mug, which is triple-insulated, made using stainless steel, and comes with a clear sliding lid to make sipping simple. However, this can only hold hot beverages for up to 3 hours and comes in 16 designs.

On the list, you will never miss out on Corkcicle Origins Tumbler, an excellent compromise that falls between the mug and bottle. Still, the brand has 3 sizes: a shatterproof sliding lid, slip-free silicon bottom, and an insulated interior. The list is endless, but the most important is the Corkcicle Stemless Glass Set which, with it, you will never regret hosting a party.

This is classy and remains sturdy enough to withstand accidents. It is double-walled with insulated glass to help retain drink temperature. With this in mind, it takes us to see what the customer has to say about the products and the company.

Customer Review

To complete this Corkcicle Tumbler review, we also had to supplement with something from the experienced customers with the products. We also encountered many other external review sites from the official website to present you with accurate information that portrays the company's reputation.

We will only focus on the external website, and we start with Amazon, where this brand gets 3.9 stars after 39 global ratings on Insulated stainless steel bottles. The item is mainly praised for its quality, efficiency, and simplicity. On the Best Product website, the author reviews the best-insulated wine tumbler from this company as her essential morning sidekick item. as part of the challenges, the author gives us the solution she got using the Tumbler in the below statement:

"The Corkcicle Insulated Wine Tumbler is ideal for drinking coffees at any heat, and it's far more convenient to hold."

NY Times also reviews the 3 best tumblers, while on Kettle Mag, the author details the performance and the practicality of this company's products. Then, in the end, the author recommends saying:

"Overall, I strongly advise the Corkcicle to anyone seeking an excellent travel flask or a unique gift idea. Corkcicle also sells whiskey wedges and wine coolers, which I may try when the weather gets warmer!"

Summing the review list, we have the Know Wines website, and the author gives a detailed review of the Tumblers and compares it with the Yeti wine tumbler in the below verdict:

"The Corkcicle Wine Tumbler is a good option for those who like the YETI Wine Tumbler but prefer a tumbler with more color and design options. This Tumbler is also a good option if you want a stainless steel, vacuum-sealed wine tumbler with a lid to keep your wine cool while keeping out bugs, mud, and pool splatters."

The above reviews indicate that customers are satisfied with the Corkcicle Tumbler and other accessories. Mostly, they praise the delivery, simplicity, colossal collection, guaranteed temperature management, design, styles the company offers, and many more. Even though we noted that the tumblers are not 100% leakproof, they are fighting to amend this and achieve perfection.

Where to Buy Corkcicle Tumbler?

In their online stores, you can purchase all the Corkcicle Tumblers and other products from this brand. Access them on for legit, authentic, and affordable collections. However, our research also noted that Corkcicle Tumbler and other related accessories are found in online retailers. This is important when the company does not ship to your location. Therefore, checkout these online retailers and place an order:-

Is a Corkcicle Tumbler Worth It?

Corkcicle Tumbler reviews confirm that the brand is worth the money. We have concluded this after looking at the online customer feedback from different external sites. We discovered that customers are satisfied with the collection of products from drinkware to Tumblers, accessories, and many more that are worth the money.

Many customers on their platform and form online are pleased with the tumblers as well as canteens, especially with the overwhelming design where the manufacturer has in mind things like practical application and aesthetics.

The metals used in designing the tumblers are BPA-free, the exterior appearance is unique, and many people are amazed at the temperature management capability of these products. The tumblers are not only perfect for cold water but also good for your favorite drinks as well as practical when you are a slow-sipping coffee drinker in the morning.

This is the of the fantastic products, and companies aim to attain their bottle to become 100% leakproof. However, it might get scratched when it comes into contact with a different surface. Therefore, we recommend going for these products, enjoying the often sales promotions, and capitalizing on their afterpay services to taste them. The company also offers free returns, and you can gauge different sizes online. It is worth checking out this brand.

Corkcicle Tumbler Discounts

In this review, we also researched the lucrative deals Corkcicle offers customers. This is relevant since it's one of the methods customers capitalize on them to save on their budget. The company is not excluded from the rest, and there are massive promotions. For instance, all new customers are guaranteed 10% off on the first order. Remember that this is only applicable if you sign up for the email newsletter.

The company also offers free shipping in the US; there are afterpay services as the alternative plan. And on its sales page,  the company offers multiple discounted tumblers and other accessories. The discounts go up to 60% off on orders. Just subscribe to their newsletters to get all updates and the latest deals. Once they drop off, go shopping for delivery to your place.

Corkcicle Tumbler Contact

Possibly, we missed something in our Corkcicle Tumbler review article. Therefore, to get more clarification and have a burning issue that needs urgent help, the Corkcicle Tumbler support team is available to sort you all your worries. There are many means of reaching out to them. The first is through the phone call at 866-780-0007, which is operational from Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST.

You can also fill out the contact form on their website for a swift response as soon as the support team gets the query. The last option is following them on their social media platforms. These guys are active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. follow and engage with the support team and influencers for the marketing crew.


Q. Where is the Corkcicle manufacturing facility located?

From the data online, the brand designs its products from Orlando, Florida, manufactured in the facilities distributed in the factories found in China. They also add that the factories behind the products are all audited, but ethics, environmental compliance, as well as general safety.

Q. Can I put Coffee in my Corkcicle?

As stated in the above article, Corkcicle has numerous products for handling hot Coffee or any beverage. For instance, the classic coffee mug. The brand promises to help ensure that the products maintain their ideal drinking temperature for up to 3 hours.

Q. Can I store my Corkcicle in a fridge?

You should not store the Corkcicle items in the fridge because they are insulated to keep beverages and drinks cool for hours. And if you want to keep the content beyond the normal state, then you can reduce the temperature of the insulation to make it more incredible.

Q. Can I keep my Corkcicle items in a microwave?

All Corkcicle items are manufactured using stainless steel except for the glassware sets. Therefore, these products do it have microwave safety, and anytime you store them, they can explode.

Q. How much volume of water does Corkcicle usually hold?

All the Corkcicle items vary in terms of size. Therefore, a standard bottle or Tumbler can carry up to 16 OZ of water or any beverage.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Corkcicle company?

As of the moment, Corkcicle delivers items within the US alone. There are many shipping options that Corkcicle offers customers. The first one is standard FedEx, which takes 6 to 9 business days and costs you $7; FedEx ground shipping costs $9 and takes 5 to 7 business days; then, FedEx overnight costs you $30. From the information on their website, all orders received after 1 pm EST are processed on the next business day because the brand doesn't ship products at the weekend. Immediately after the company receives your order, you can start tracking the progress.

Q. What is the return policy of Corkcicle company?

The company offers free shipping to all customers based in the US. Note for the return to be processed, the item must be returned within 30 days of purchase. It must also remain new and unused within the original package.

Return products are simple as long as you are on the return page, enter the order number as well as the zip code, and include the initial receipt in the packing box. Then proceed to drop the product at the UPS shipping center and check the mail for the refund, which takes up to 14 days to process the returned order.


To date, Corkcicle tumblers are among the best and most popular tumblers on the market. The items are stylish with huge collections and modern looking and come in unique shapes and sizes to perform different functions. For keeping cold or hot ]benverage, Corkcicle tumblers are the best.

In the above article, we have covered Corkcicle tumblers review to help you make an informed decision. The company offers numerous shipping options and a favorable return policy. It is worth trying and enjoying discounts and promotions to save money.

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