La Perla Lingerie Review: Is This Luxury Brand Worth the Price?

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Are you intrigued by the allure of La Perla's luxury lingerie collection and keen to absorb insights from testimonials before making a significant commitment? If so, allow yourself a moment to delve with us into the La Perla Lingerie Review. Together, we'll explore whether the brand truly stands as a paragon of elegance and superior craftsmanship worth your investment.

Many people have different preferences when selecting a fashion. While you prefer luxury in fashion, there are still many trends, unparalleled craftsmanship, and sophistication. This is especially the case when you think of the lingerie collection. In this article today, we will be looking at the  La Perla Lingerie review.

The company claims they have been on the market to redefine the sensuality legacy over time; we intend to explore the collection, designs, history, and testimonies. Therefore, keep reading our La Perla Lingerie Review in detail and choose based on the customer ratings.

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La Perla Lingerie Review

La Perla is a fashion brand that offers a classic and feminine lingerie collection. The company was founded in 1954 and has established a reputation because of its luxury women's intimate fashion that guarantees a timeless silhouette. Many customers adore the collection with lace. Today, La Perla has gathered thousands of followers on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

They have also been featured on popular media outlets like WWD, Vogue, Elle, etc. While the company was founded in 1954 by Ada Masotti, it has undergone a development phase to feature modern-day luxury lingerie alongside intimate apparel. During the established post-World War II era, many civilians were not into entrepreneurship, and no one cared about the economic instability.

Thus, through the dream of Ada Masotti, who is an Italian native, wanted to focus on the corsetry business based in her hometown. The company started its history with a small factory situated in Bologna. From Its reputation over time,  the brand created its name surrounding the innovation and craftsmanship of fine silk. Through the founder's skills in sharing expertise, she lifted her small business from the ground.

The company today has survived various lingerie trends on the market for centuries to the present market. Today, La Perla is committed to high-quality production, innovative designs, meticulous craftsmanship, and cultivating customers worldwide. The collection ranges from sumptuous silk to delicate lace, focusing on femininity, elegance, and essence.

In one of the quotes on the website, the founders state that they are still developing a lingerie production line. They have also been transmitting the creation spirits for every decade, which remains their secret key to success.

They also work alongside expert visual communication as well as photographers to stay committed and passionate in the line of production and achieve their goals. The history of La Perla is long, but we will also move a step further into the best sellers, testimonies, contacts, and many other sections. Before that, let us explore the pros and cons of the La Perla brand.

La Perla Lingerie Pros:

La Perla Lingerie Cons:

Why We Like La Perla Lingerie

La Perla, in the luxury fashion market, remains the leader. They are currently targeting to serve customers and offering historic services with guaranteed flexibility in adapting, transforming, and innovating to evade the competition force and overcome all societal obstacles.

La Perla understands the art of creating beauty, as seen in their craftsmanship. Their website features free care guides and size charts to help customers. They are also sustainability-oriented because they use eco-friendly materials in designing the apparel. Now you can enjoy expertly crafted Italian, not just Lingerie, but the collection today features swimwear and nightwear, which women experts make for women customers.

Understand that Lingerie is not just here to impress customers alone. These women's fashion designs are made to go beyond and boost confidence and highlight or uplift femininity. You are well taken care of with the right swimsuit, facilitating high self-esteem even in the functional department. If you want to try out the timeless silhouette for sticklers, La Perla is here.

La Perla Lingerie collections are profound because of the incorporated color and classic designs. That is a perfect alternative to the typical neo hue, bejeweled textiles, and many other cheetah prints. They have an extensive collection, but we will focus on the Lingerie today. In the next section, we will highlight some of the best seller's Lingerie for you to get started.

The Best Selling La Perla Lingerie

If you lack that unique, intimate department, we are here to guide you with perfect La Perla Lingerie And comp you through best-selling and customer favorites. This highlight is based on the customer ratings, the quality, and our hands-on experience. Here is some fine lingerie that ticks all the boxes.

The Balconette Bra in Off White with Leavers Lace is the first featured item on the website. It is well reputed and one for the limited edition that has been reimagined, upcycled collection with the conscious creative made to reduce environmental wastes. It captures the sensual sophistication and highlights the romantic Note Bianche, a collection that blends precious information and a modern silhouette.

It is crafted using a luminous shade of white with gentle support underwired. It also features a silk strap and keyhole detailing. They are perfect when you pair them with the thong and coordinated Brazilian Brief for elegance in your night and daily routine.

The next best-selling La Perla Lingerie is the Brazilian Brief in Off White with Leavers Lace. Though the same as the above in terms of sophistication, this Brazilian Brief is designed with the delicate motifs of leaver Lace and is finished using Guipure embroidery. Then, it is cut with a flattering high leg. You can highlight the elegance underpinned when you pair it with the coordinating Balconette or the popular soft Triangle Bra in the wardrobe.

Taking a different direction from the most loved La Perla collection, we have a Red Silk Slip Dress with Frastaglio. Though expensive, they are available in multiple shades based on your preferences, from red to black. This slip dress captures the real, true spirit of the Italian heritage. It is defined by the antique florentine technique, which applies hand embroidery.

It is crafted using weightless silk satin to embody individuality and preciousness quality. It features the hand-placed frastaglio, which frames your neckline. Then, it is suspended from the two adjustable and elegant straps. It comes with an impeccable silhouette that glides on your body to highlight comfort and bring out the definition of beauty. They perfectly match the short robes.

We would also like to mention the Soft Bralette in Black - Online Exclusive among the Lingerie. This is exclusively online. It is among the simple day's collection, and the former Comfort Zone collection inspires the design. It blends not just simplicity but also luxurious comfort and a sporty silhouette.

It is made using eco-friendly and soft stretch cotton rib fabric and finished using the subtle tone-on-tone logo elastic. In the long run, it is cut to ensure flawless fitting and is mainly made to underpin laid-back looks softly—no more waste to the environment.

There also comes a Padded Bralette in Black with Leavers Lace. It comes from the Dreamland collection and is black, and its size varies from 32B to 36C. Its embodiment empowers femininity while highlighting sophisticated elegance. It combines the scene-stealing silhouette alongside the exquisite detailing.

Underwired brad, padded and gently sculpted, and finished featuring elegantly wide lace straps. It has delicately embroidered florals to give glimpses of the beneath and the skin. They are made to give unparalleled comfort, luxury, and beauty—the perfect underpinning for your valuable outfits. Complete your look by matching it with the Lace Thong and the Brazilian Brief.

The Lace Bodysuit in Black is among the best and most famous pieces of clothing we would like to mention. It also combines a flattering & flawless silhouette. This bodysuit is exceptional and a career that uses stretch leavers lace combined with delicate florals for a glimpse. It is then finished with lycra panels and a trimmed neckline. Enjoy the comfort of the scallop-edged cuffs, a backless silhouette, and embroidered adjustable straps.

Lastly, a long red silk robe with frastaglio sums up our list as the most expensive but most loved and luxurious piece to have. It is a Maison collection but has embroidered motifs featured on the tulle background in a silk-like shade. After that, I finished using the double fragment technique. Elegant and modern creation that highlights the exquisite and newest style on the website.

In your free time, you can explore the best-selling La Perla Lingerie and the Most Loved Collection. They also feature other apparel such as the Sleepwear collection, Swimwear, and beauty dedicated section. Lingerie consists of bras, bodysuits and bustiers, panties, garter belts, and shapewear. All these are on the website and sourced from different collections and models. You have the option to sort it out based on your needs.

When you think of anniversaries, birthdays, and honeymoons, La Perla is here to give you a perfect and seamless experience. If you want to make a one-time purchase, the company also gives you Gift and edit options for the season, Italian escape, at-home, bridal, and occasion edits.

Customer Review

We want to complete our La Perla lingerie review by extending our research to online ratings and testimonies. Numerous external sites give honest, hands-on experience with fashion brands. Mostly, people are extremely satisfied. Although the official website doesn't feature any reviews, we are able to source from somewhere else.

Starting with the Trustpilot, there is an average rate of 3.0 stars based on the 35 reviews; of the total, 31% gave it five stars. Sitejabber only has two reviews with four-star ratings, indicating that all customers are happy with their purchases.

Moving to Yelp, the site gets 18 reviews and scores 3.9 stars, which is an amazing experience customers had in the online boutique. Amazon presents a 4.8-star rating considering 42 global ratings on La Perla Lingerie and Desire. 83% of the customers are extremely happy with very minimal complaints.

Byrdie lists La Perla Lingerie among the best 16 sustainable lingerie brands today for lingerie gifts and all occasion edits. Likewise, Glamour also highlights this brand among the best 28 Lingerie brands to consider for date night just because of occasion shopping. It is ranked among the best luxury lingerie brands.

The Facebook Page has 449 reviews, giving it an overall rating of 4.2 stars. A satisfied client recommended saying:

"La Perla has always been my preferred line of lingerie. It fits well and is quite lovely. I really enjoy the updated line, which gives me a beautiful décolleté despite my small size. The bustiers are also stunning. A few years back, there were outfits that I really liked... I wish more of them had been created, extraordinary material. Taste and sophistication endures the entire life."

The reviews online are mixed, but the general remarks indicate the company is worth the investment and high remarks for their designs, intimacy, extensive collection, personal edit option, gifts, and many more with Klarna's alternative purchase plan.

Where to Buy La Perla Lingerie

If you have made up your mind and are searching for a reliable place to order La Perla Lingerie, swimwear, or other apparel from the brand, this is the right place for you. The first place we encourage you to order from is the official website at

They have an extensive collection of Lingerie and swimwear apparel. You can also arrange for a visit to their physical stores. On top of that, dedicated customers can get access to La Perla Lingerie from online retailers. the apparel is available from reputable online stores such as:

Is La Perla Lingerie Worth It?

You might ask yourself if La Perla Lingerie is worth the investment. It is worth trying based on what we have seen online, the reputation, and the extensive collection the company gives you. Many people find it hard to stay away from temptation. The company ensures they offer you access to beautiful designs. The design doesn't feature any loud floral patterns or cheetah prints.

Online testimony confirms that the La Perla Lingerie designs are refreshing and charming. The company engages in sustainable practices, and some materials are eco-friendly. Considering the above alone, it is worth considering an investment in this brand. With daydreams like Daze, the quality is worth it, even though they are slightly expensive to some customers.

The company claims that it is a testament to both luxury and testament. Go for it and enjoy timeless elegance and impeccable craftsmanship. Add the pieces to the lingerie wardrobe and upgrade your experience in the fashion industry.

La Perla Lingerie Discounts

Many prefer brands with lucrative deals to help them save on their budget. Like other fashion brands, we also wanted to offer active offers, promotions, and discounts on the La Perla website. Indeed, the company promises customers based in the USA free shipping on all orders.

They also offer frequent sales services, which you can capitalize on. On top of everything, if you have a fixed budget, you can use Klarna as an alternative payment plan through interest-free installments. If you want future updates and access to the giveaways, you can easily subscribe to the company newsletter by entering your email address from their website.

La Perla Lingerie Contact

Do you still have a pending question about the La Perla Lingerie review? Then, we are aware that the above review missed something you wanted clarification on. In the research sessions, we went further to find a method through which you can contact La Perla's customer support team. Their website lists the email address where you can write a query and address it to the Still, they have the contact form on their website; you can fill it out and submit the concern to the team to review and reply.

More importantly, if you have an urgent question, consider calling the La Perla team through the official number at +1-877-305-7872. Lastly, you can engage with the La Perla team on social media platforms. They are active on the Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest, and X(Formerly Twitter). Collaborate with them, ask your questions and the rest.


Q. Where are La Perla Lingerie manufacturing facilities situated?

Based on the information in the sustainability section, it is clear that La Perla lingerie and other apparel are made from the facilities in Bologna, Italy, which is still its headquarters.

Q. Does La Perla apparel fit true to size?

In the testimonies and reviews online, many customers claim that the La Perla apparel fits true to size. However, regarding the Bra Cup, the sizing is different. Some customers complain that these bra cups are too large, while others mention that the bra cups are too small in terms of support.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the La Perla brand?

In the research, we were pleased to find out that the company guarantees US-based customers free express shipping on all orders—currently, the company ships to over 70 countries worldwide. With The available information, the company delivers within nine working days. Upon processing your order, before putting it in transit, the company will send you a confirmation email with the tracking codes to trace the whereabouts and get your package to the final destination.

Q. What is the return policy of the La Perla brand?

Although the company doesn't offer exchanges for returned items, they have a friendly return policy. All customers are entitled to a return window of 28 days from the date of purchase. Therefore, when you purchase the La Perla apparel and realize it doesn't meet your requirements, you can return it to the store. However, they will only accept returns if the apparel is still in its original condition. The company gives customers a free return shipping label to use. The initiating return process is simple. Head to the return portal or your La Perla account, and they will redirect you with the following steps.


La Perla is an Italian fashion brand that focuses on Lingerie and swimwear design. The Lingerie epitomizes the luxury feel, made for timeless elegance and top-notch craftsmanship. The company aims to transcend fashion trends. While the apparel is expensive, quality surpasses everything. We have covered all you need to know: history to the testimonies, bestsellers, lucrative deals, FAQs, contact details, and many more. La Perla Lingerie is worth an investment because of its beauty and captivating allure.

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